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2019/05/19 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion
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In this issue…

1) Christian Comic Tracts You Can Share with Others
2) For Those Now Nervous at WhatsApp: Where’s the Privacy
3) What Makes for a Great Landing Page (on a Website)?
4) Rats. Another Drought in Somalia. Bringing About Another Famine.
5) New Book: “Christ in Me: The Life Story of AB Simpson” Available
6) Having A Hard Time Finding Missionary Candidates?
7) Seeking DMM & Other Resources in Arabic
8) Is BlessEveryHome Kind of “Creepily-NSA” in Your Opinion?
9) What Kind of Drama Sets Off Your Embarrassment-Sensor?
10) Receive Personal Coaching from Coaching Mission International
11) Do You Need Insurance, Short- or Long-term? This Place Can Help
12) Is Missio Nexus Becoming the New ACMC? Finally.
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: These “7 Ongoing Elements” of a Movement are Great!
15) Closing Stuff


2) For Those Now Nervous at WhatsApp: Where’s the Privacy

Someone recently suggested in a Brigada comment that readers who are getting nervous about WhatsApp (after a pesky hacker coded a way to use WhatsApp to spy on anyone with WhatsApp installed on their phone) might ought to try Signal (another app). Of course, in the James Wolfe investigation, the FBI was apparently able to decode and view his Signal messages too. So — wow. What does that leave? Is nothing sacred? At least, in a 2016 case, Signal’s developer (Open Whisper Systems) reportedly had no record of messages on file — which is the preferred scenario. This story at Wired.com recommends viewing Signal as one tool in the toolbox. But still, we remain skeptical, at best.




3) What Makes for a Great Landing Page (on a Website)?

If you were asked that question (you just were), how would you answer? This came up recently with the Communications Team at the org I (Doug) lead. They studied long and hard how to configure a landing page. Only you (the viewer) can tell the truth. What do *you* want to see? How do you want to be directed? What are some of your pet peeves about landing pages for mission organizations and churches? You can see the route our Communications Team took at…




But we’re still curious — what’s *your* opinion on what works and what doesn’t? (Please — if you have a moment … click comment and give your best advice to all the communications people who might be reading this item.)


5) New Book: "Christ in Me: The Life Story of AB Simpson" Available

If you’d like to get the jump on “Christ in Me,” the new book about A.B., you can. We got hold of an advance copy and — it’s incredibly well-researched and reads very smoothly. It has all the details to make you feel like you were there, walking beside this great missions pioneer. There are lots of pictures and personal stories. Even if you have never heard of A.B. before, you’ll still appreciate his walk and witness. The thing is, it’s not even available yet from the publisher – but the author has been kind enough to offer it exclusively to Brigada by writing him directly. Can you believe it? Just email David himself at

antiochguyatverizondotnet  (antiochguyatverizondotnet)  

He’ll need $15 plus shipping and handling. If you’re a fan of A.B., of course, then you will want this book.


6) Having A Hard Time Finding Missionary Candidates?

Brigada featured this book before but now it’s available in audiobook (for those of us who prefer to listen to a book). “Commission To Every Nation: How People Like You are Blessing the Nations,” a US and Canada based interdenominational missionary sending agency, doesn’t advertise or recruit but has found a way to find a steady stream of missionary applicants. The founder explains what they do that is working for them. Check it out at



7) Seeking DMM & Other Resources in Arabic

24:14 is currently compiling resources from teams, churches & organizations to share with the broader network to help launch disciple-making-movements and training hubs across the globe! As they do this, they have received a specific request for resources sharing about DMM principles specifically in Arabic, & they’d love to see if any Brigada subscribers have any! If so, please click comment, if those are publicly available on the web, and share the URL. If they’re not publicly available, please email

morganat2414nowdotnet  (morganat2414nowdotnet)   with those Arabic materials/resources or connections to translators.


8) Is BlessEveryHome Kind of "Creepily-NSA" in Your Opinion?

Last week, we featured the website, BlessEveryHome, which tells you the names of your neighbors (apparently by compiling publicly available databases). But some commented that it felt a little creepy seeing all that personal information so … out there. What’s your take? Do you feel that, since these data come from databases which are already public anyway, it’s no big deal? Or do you think it should somehow be restricted to some kind of members-only viewing? Your take? Please click and comment if you have an opinion. Feel free to do so anonymously if you desire.


9) What Kind of Drama Sets Off Your Embarrassment-Sensor?

Over the past few days, we’ve heard from multiple individuals that there are certain kinds of drama that set off a kind of “embarrassment-on-behalf-of-the-Body sensor.” For example, if a video presents Islamic immigration as something horribly wrong — whereas you’re happy to have Muslims moving nearby because you can’t wait for them to encounter Jesus as the one who can take away their sins. But when you hear that drama in a video about Islamic immigration, you’re just … a little… embarrassed on behalf of Christendom? Does that happen to you? And what sets it off in your own life?


10) Receive Personal Coaching from Coaching Mission International

CMI will match you with a professionally trained, experienced life/leadership coach who shares your faith and values and understands the unique challenges of working cross-culturally. Your coach will walk alongside you providing perspective, support, and encouragement as you identify your change goals and then form and walk out a plan to attain them. To learn more about getting your own Personal Coach, click to…




11) Do You Need Insurance, Short- or Long-term? This Place Can Help

This past week, we received a note from a great friend of Brigada who had a family coming in for 9 months from another land. And obviously, they needed insurance while they were here. It’s not so easy to find affordable, good medical insurance for citizens of other lands. But we asked the folks at…




And sure enough, they were able to offer several options. Please make a note of the URL in case you need something similar in the future. And thanks to Adam and all the folks at Missionary Health! (Truth: They send a gift to Brigada sometimes — but it’s never something we ask them to do. The truth is, we think of them because they somehow have put together great policies. And then, after the fact, they’re also great friends. : ) )


12) Is Missio Nexus Becoming the New ACMC? Finally.

Finally, somebody might be stepping up to the plate to fill the gap for what we all used to call, ACMC. Have you seen, for example, the Missio Nexus media collection at…




It’s HUGE!!! And look at some of those titles! For example, “Mapping Church Missions: A Compass for Ministry Strategy.” This is *exactly* the kind of title ACMC might have produced back in the 80s. Unfortunately, as we’ve mentioned before, ACMC is no more — but Missio Nexus …. IS! : ) Hats off to Ted, Annette, and all the folks at Missio Nexus for filling this void.


13) We’re Grateful for…

…the Brigada reader who sent a $50 gift because he is a big fan of making Christian comics available to the unreached and will do anything possible to get them into the hands of people who need them most. Thank you!!!


Want to join these partners in helping Brigada through 2019? If so, just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!


14) The Last Bit: These "7 Ongoing Elements" of a Movement are Great!

Recently, we went through coaching with Chris Galanos, the author of “From Megachurch to Movement,” and in his training, which he says is taken mostly from Stan Parks, he keeps cycling back to “7 Ongoing Elements” that pretty much have to be happening if a movement toward Christ is to occur. (Compare these to Garrison’s 10 Universals.) The 7 elements are:


1. Focus on God’s Word

2. Multiply extraordinary prayer

3. Cast vision

4. Train believers to go out among the lost

5. Go out among the lost

6. See groups start

7. Ongoing coaching (which could also be viewed as peer mentoring)


The more we interact with these, the more comfortable they feel. See how everything flows from the Bible as the first source, then prayer as the connector — which gives way to God-inspired vision, which leads one ultimately to conclude that training believers to go out among the lost is ultimately the very best use of our time. And then the rub comes. After all these trainings, we have actually to *do* what the training teaches us to do!!! That’s the tough part. But if we *do*, and if God decides to bless (His call), then we will see groups start (at least eventually). Either way, we’ve noticed clearly that, without that ongoing coaching or peer mentoring, it’s incredibly hard to keep going — and it’s also hard to know what to *do*! So these make such great sense! Well done Stan Parks… and well done Chris.


Your thoughts on these 7 Ongoing Elements???


15) Closing Stuff

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