3) What Makes for a Great Landing Page (on a Website)?

If you were asked that question (you just were), how would you answer? This came up recently with the Communications Team at the org I (Doug) lead. They studied long and hard how to configure a landing page. Only you (the viewer) can tell the truth. What do *you* want to see? How do you want to be directed? What are some of your pet peeves about landing pages for mission organizations and churches? You can see the route our Communications Team took at…




But we’re still curious — what’s *your* opinion on what works and what doesn’t? (Please — if you have a moment … click comment and give your best advice to all the communications people who might be reading this item.)


3 Responses to 3) What Makes for a Great Landing Page (on a Website)?
  1. Eddie Reply

    Ask for as little info as possible. first name and email address alone, if possible.

    People are skittish about their security.

    Only one option. Enter info and hit subscribe.

  2. Neal Pirolo Reply

    Your three rotating images on the home page go too fast! Your pull down (white on black) is too stark. A lot of asking for money struck me!

  3. Laura McKown Reply

    My job requires me to view church websites (and sometimes missionary websites), my biggest pet peeve is not being able to find the pastor’s (or missionary’s) name and contact information (phone and email) on the landing page.

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