9) What Kind of Drama Sets Off Your Embarrassment-Sensor?

Over the past few days, we’ve heard from multiple individuals that there are certain kinds of drama that set off a kind of “embarrassment-on-behalf-of-the-Body sensor.” For example, if a video presents Islamic immigration as something horribly wrong — whereas you’re happy to have Muslims moving nearby because you can’t wait for them to encounter Jesus as the one who can take away their sins. But when you hear that drama in a video about Islamic immigration, you’re just … a little… embarrassed on behalf of Christendom? Does that happen to you? And what sets it off in your own life?


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  1. Valerie Reply

    Missionary friends/colleagues who post anti-other-religions stuff, who post way-out-there political stuff on FB. And the worst: posting fake “news” without even thinking of checking on it first, just because it agrees with their opinions.

    What kind of testimony are they giving?!

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