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2019/06/09 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Get Trained Among UPGs Before Serving Among UPGs
2) Unleash the World of Missions
3) Gmail Users: Help Brigada Find it’s Way Into Your Primary Folder
4) Has Anyone Tried this “Air B&B for Cars?” (Turo.com)
5) Zúme Course Continues Moving Forward (Web-Driven DMM Training)
6) Have you Wished You Could Help the Uyghur People in China?
7) Next Time You’re Considering that Big Chunk of Raw Marmot Meat…
8) What Will We Do Without Darwin?
9) Global City is Still Searching for a Diaspora Worker in Dallas
10) GACX Forum Awaits Your Discovery of Disciple-making Movements (DMM)
11) Enlarged Edition of More Disciples Live on Amazon (Kindle/Printed)
12) Amy Young Hits a Home Run with Her Article: Sabbath as a Missionary
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: Rebuilding Notre Dame – Which Design do You Favor?
15) Closing Stuff

1) Get Trained Among UPGs Before Serving Among UPGs

GFM still has openings for their August and January missionary training programs in Atlanta, GA and Richmond, VA. Get classroom instruction along with practical hands-on disciple-making experience/mentoring while serving refugees/internationals from UPGs. This is an excellent way to get the tools and equipping you need to thrive in cross-cultural ministry. Also, check out their new SLICE program in India including strategy, language (GRPA), identity/platform/visa, culture training while experiencing Jesus.




2) Unleash the World of Missions

JAARS has an incredible 70-year-legacy of supporting Bible translation and life transformation. JAARS Fellows invites the next wave of Christ-Followers, to fill key roles at JAARS in Accounting, Aviation, Digital & Social Marketing, HR, Multi-Generational Engagement, Safety Coordination, Technology, Education and Museum Programming. JAARS Fellows receive professional and spiritual mentoring as well as pay, housing, and meals during their 11-months of collaboration. Check out details at




4) Has Anyone Tried this "Air B&B for Cars?" (Turo.com)

Evidently, many Turo owners share their cars because they want help with the payments. They average sharing around 9 days/month – so they can drive it the rest of the month. The whole thing is connected via an app (think Uber). Special insurance covers against theft and physical damage. Travelers then “rent” the car like they might rent an Uber ride, except in this case, they’re driving it! Has anyone in the Brigada family ever tried this deal — driving or car-loaning? It seems promising.




(Good work suggesting this item, Tina!)


5) Zúme Course Continues Moving Forward (Web-Driven DMM Training)

Most disciple-making movement (DMM) trainers would say that live training is always preferred. But for places and times when you simply can’t go personally, Zúme offers an excellent training option. It’s a web-driven, life-on-life experience among 4 to 12 people, guided by online tools and short (3-5-minute) videos. Over 5,000 people from 107 countries have already registered to check it out. Over 1,000 of those have finished through the 9th session (out of 10), meaning that Zúme has already spun out over 5000 hours of training — and all the training is offered free of charge because of donors and volunteers. The course is already available free of charge in 9 languages, including English, Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Indonesian, Somali, Spanish, Telugu and Thai. Other translations that are very close to finishing include Italian, Swahili, Portuguese, Mandarin, French, and Cantonese. Lao, German, Korean, and Turkish are in the pipeline. If you want to translate Zúme, a kit of help files is available. It can take as little as 3-5 months with the right people. If you’d like to sponsor a translation, the typical cost is around $7500. Learn more and get started in your own sample DMM training group at…




6) Have you Wished You Could Help the Uyghur People in China?

All of us (except for those who have been hiding under a rock on Mars?) have probably heard by now that the Chinese government seems to be engaged in a campaign to reprogram and/or ethnically cleanse the Uyghur people who live within mainland China. Have you wished you could make a difference? Do you wish you could intervene? Now you can. Watch this quick video — the pray like crazy. It’s the most strategic step we could take.




7) Next Time You’re Considering that Big Chunk of Raw Marmot Meat…

…see if you can fight off the urge. Marmots are large rodents with (evidently) lots of yucky germs in their innards. At least that’s what one couple found out when they the raw innards (a ‘home remedy’ practice said to be good for your health). They were both dead a week later from a disease often referred to as “the plague.” Bottom line: Let’s *cook* those marmots next time you want to try them.




8) What Will We Do Without Darwin?

Could we ask a question? Does the scientific community (as you know it) still accept the theory of evolution? If not, how will we explain the “origin of the species” without Darwin? Has there been any other theory advanced lately to pick up what Darwin had tried to do (explain where we get so much and so many Precambrian life so quickly? Has anyone else advanced an idea explaining our origins? See, as a backgrounder, this article:




(Thanks Tina!)


9) Global City is Still Searching for a Diaspora Worker in Dallas

Here’s a unique opportunity for a person with an interest in diaspora and immigrant populations in a place like Dallas/Fort Worth. Global City has teamed with a local church to offer a base salary and a particular approach with immigrants. If you might consider such an opportunity, write


jaredlooneyatglobalcitymissiondotorg  (jaredlooneyatglobalcitymissiondotorg)  


for a ministry description and more details. The position is still open. (Thanks Andrew!)


10) GACX Forum Awaits Your Discovery of Disciple-making Movements (DMM)

Shouldn’t you be there? Every moment of the 2019 GACX Global Forum, Sept. 24-27 in Dallas, is designed to increase the speed and scope of discipleship-driven church multiplication by:


*** sharing ideas and opportunities

*** learning from others’ experiences

*** building intentional collaborations.


You can register today for “Compelled” at…




11) Enlarged Edition of More Disciples Live on Amazon (Kindle/Printed)

The Revised First (Enlarged) Edition (available now in both print and Kindle) builds on the initial version by adding Questions for Discussion at the end of every chapter, as well as at the end of the book as a whole. Colleges and universities, as well as discussion groups and adult Bible fellowships, will find these questions useful for assigning homework, as well as for facilitating discussions during group meetings. This version also supplies other helpful tools not included in the first edition, like a complete list of sample “Shema” statements designed to act as “filters” for persons of peace (people who seem especially ready to discuss spiritual things and could influence others to do the same). Finally, this new Revised First Edition makes helpful tweaks in dozens of paragraphs to make the resource even more helpful for individuals who want to apply the material right away. When it comes to multiplying disciples, leaders, churches, and movements — getting started is sometimes the toughest challenge. “More Disciples” helps you figure out exactly how to start. It explicitly contains backdrop information on every tool presented in the Zúme disciple-making movement (DMM) course so it’s designed from the get-go as a great companion guide to Zúme in general. Find the Revised First Edition in print at:


Remember — the book’s purchase price could be viewed as a donation to disciple-making movements since any and all proceeds will go toward translating Zúme into other languages and sponsoring live trainings for believers in frontier situations, among unreached and unengaged people groups. The author makes nothing.)


13) We’re Grateful for…

…a $50 gift from a Brigada participant who loves the work that GFM is doing around the world among unreached peoples. Thank you! Learn more about their training ministry at…




Want to join these partners in helping Brigada through 2019? If so, just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!


14) The Last Bit: Rebuilding Notre Dame – Which Design do You Favor?

It’s been a hoot to see all the incredible designs flowing in from inventive (if not radical) people for Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. One designer proposed constructing a huge rooftop pool on the rebuild. Another proposed a zero-footprint parking garage above a structure VERY similar to what stood before. Yet another proposed a rocket-launching facility, high atop the building. What would be YOUR favorite option? What kind of use would YOU propose for Notre Dame. Why do *YOU* think it should be rebuilt the same as it was before — or differently? Regardless of all our opinions, it looks like conservatives have won out. A recent Senate decision has opted to rebuild it “in its last-known visual image.”




15) Closing Stuff

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