7) Could This be True? "Spiritual Encouragement and Counseling, Free?"

And get this — it’s not via Zoom. This is reportedly “providing on-site emergency, active, and pro-active.” Has anyone used this service and, if so, could you anonymously or otherwise share how it went? Remember — you don’t have to leave your name in a comment and the email address will only be seen by the Brigada editing team (two of us) and we won’t tell. Promise. Just seems … unreal. That they’ll like… parachute in to help you, if you have a problem serious enough to call them? That’s so WILD! Testimony anyone?




Note that they can also help with staff retreats. (Thanks for the tip, Jenny!)


3 Responses to 7) Could This be True? "Spiritual Encouragement and Counseling, Free?"
  1. Kim Kargbo Reply

    It is unreal! The link doesn’t even work!

  2. Editor Reply

    Works for us here, Kim. Maybe try again after you’ve verified internet connectivity?

  3. Joel Hogan Reply

    The link didn’t work for me either and my internet connectivity is fine. If WITS is the organization I think it is, the services are excellent. WITS is an acronym for “walking in their shoes”.

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