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15) Closing Stuff

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14) The Last Bit: Help us Figure Out Hong Kong Please

You know, to me, one of the hardest geographical challenges in the world is figuring out the mystery that is Hong Kong. How could a piece of China be a British colony — then not so much. And what happens when all these citizens fight so hard to become so Western, then they suddenly are reattached to mainland China, so mainland China pretends to let them remain as a special economic zone, but then, not. And then, most recently, the CEO of Hong Kong (appointed by mainland China) sets about to pass a new set of laws that would extradite Hong Kong citizens who were activists, advocates and even foreign nationals into mainland China — so as many as 1/4 of the entire population took to the streets in protest. So finally the CEO drops the proposed law (for now), but people keep demonstrating. And one of the main “unofficial anthems” of the entire protest is the song, “Sing Hallelujah to the Lord.” How can all this be? Would somebody please explain Hong Kong to us? Do you know of an article or book that makes this easy? If so, please click comment after this items on the web and help us out here. Because at first glance, to me, Hong Kong is an enigma.


Learn more about the protest (and the anthem) here:




You can pray for Hong Kong with greater insight at your church or group using this Prayercast video…




13) We’re Grateful for…

…a $20 gift from a regular Brigada donor at Finishing the Task. We’re so grateful for the partnership Brigada can enjoy with friends at FTT. We pray the Lord will speed along the fulfillment of the vision for which FTT exists. Learn more at…




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9) Malenovice: A Great Place to Stage Your Next Retreat

Our org just staged an event at Malenovice, a retreat center in Czech operated by Josiah Venture. They don’t know yet that we’re mentioning their retreat center in Brigada. But the truth is — it was a great site. In fact, for groups of up to 100 adults or so, it would be perfect. Because our event grew to double that size, we had to involve additional properties for overflow housing. We also had to double-shift our meal times. But if your group will max out at 100 or so (or less), Malenovice would be perfect. It’s affordable, the staff are incredibly servant-hearted, the facilities are top-class clean (no bugs), and the setting is amazing ( Learn more at…




7) Help Telios Law find an associate attorney

Telios Law PLLC is seeking an associate attorney with 3+ years of experience in relevant areas. Telios Law is a MissioNexus member organization based near Colorado Springs. It works with religious organizations, primarily on business policies, religious freedom, child safety, human resources, employment law, and international questions. It advises on and supervises many child abuse or other misconduct investigations. Follow this link to a full position description:




6) A New Focus: 30 Days of Prayer for the Buddhist World

By now you’ve probably participated in a “30 Days” campaign for the Muslim world. But this brand new campaign puts the spotlight on the *Buddhist* world. It doesn’t matter whether or not your group or church has workers there. What matters is that we care about Buddhists and want to see them reached. Order your heavily discounted copies at…




Keep in mind, there’s no set time frame of the year (like Ramadan) for this campaign. You can start it on any date you choose.


5) Open Suggestion to ICCMers

Every year, I.T. professionals from mission orgs around the world gather to help one another move forward in information technology questions, cyber-security issues and more. This emphasis on international Christian computing is a primary force in helping Christian I.T. professionals stay current and informed. Now, Missio Nexus is offering them and others additional options. This year’s Missio Nexus conference will feature an information tech special field of study in the Mission Finance and Administration Track. Learn more at…




4) Foundational Coaching Skills Asia

Foundational Coaching Skills provides high-quality, affordable coach training to help missionaries, team leaders, ministry directors, and others to implement the use of coaching skills in their ministry. The 12-month online and 5-day on-site offers opportunities to experience coaching for your own life and work and immersion in a five day, hands-on, highly interactive on-site workshop introducing coaching and coaching skills. Learn more at…




3) "Pray Now Pray Boldly" Seeks Prayer in the Marketplace

God has been stirring the marketplaces around the world to bring His Kingdom through everyday believers. But as this happens, we are reminded that every major movement of God is rooted in extraordinary prayer. So, how can we be a part of what God is doing?


“Pray Now Pray Boldly” is a newly launched global prayer movement seeking to transform individuals, families, organizations and communities through persistent and fervent prayer. It is made up of a diverse remnant of zealous and bold Warriors of God, banded together to restore God’s Kingdom in the marketplace. We are called to pray, to recruit others to pray, to equip new “chief prayer officers”, and to empower multiplying generations to do the same.  If you would like to learn more about joining a group, starting a group, or connecting your existing group to an informal community of like-minded folks, visit




2) 7 Steps to No Regrets (the book)

What would a life without regrets be for you and/or those you love? Find out from Robert Rogers, who, in 2003, lost everything he cherished – his precious wife, both sons, and both daughters – when he and his family were swept off the Kansas Turnpike into the deluge by a flash-flood while driving home from a wedding in Wichita.




1) Medair: Recruiting to Fill Vacancies in Global Humanitarian Effort

Medair is a humanitarian organization inspired by Christian faith to relieve human suffering in some of the world’s most remote and devastated places. They bring relief and recovery to people in crisis, regardless of race, creed or nationality. To join the Medair family, please refer to




to view their current vacancies. Before you apply, they ask that you please ensure you are fully aware of the Medair organizational values.


2019/06/23 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion

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In this issue…

1) Medair: Recruiting to Fill Vacancies in Global Humanitarian Effort

2) 7 Steps to No Regrets (the book)

3) “Pray Now Pray Boldly” Seeks Prayer in the Marketplace

4) Foundational Coaching Skills Asia

5) Open Suggestion to ICCMers

6) A New Focus: 30 Days of Prayer for the Buddhist World

7) Help Telios Law find an associate attorney

8) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai.

9) Malenovice: A Great Place to Stage Your Next Retreat

10) Considering Teaching English Online as a Ministry?

11) Day of the Christian Martyr

12) Raising Your MK to Pass Tests Like a Boss

13) We’re Grateful for…

14) The Last Bit: Help us Figure Out Hong Kong Please

15) Closing Stuff


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