8) Suppose You Wanted a List of Missions Conference Speakers…

Where would you go? That’s what one Brigada participant is facing. Diane wishes there was a kind of clearinghouse for interesting mobilizers and itinerant speakers. One might argue that Perspectives could provide such a thing — but remember that many excellent speakers aren’t necessarily the type to teach a two-hour academic class (even if it DOES help mobilize people to missions). So — IS there such a thing? If not, how might we make one of those? Comments? Thoughts? Please let us know you’re ideas. Thanks! (Just click comment after the web version of this item.)


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  1. Richard Goodall Reply

    God is good.Praise His Name!
    I would consider my name going on such a list. Right up front I can say that I don’t require a gift or emolument for speaking. My work has been church planting in Japan since 1960. I’m 86 so not able to stand for hours on end handing out tracts as I once did. But I still minister the Word in Japanese or English. The latter is with a New Zealand twang. I would need the lowest fare from Japan and very simple accommodation.My body has been used for burglary so can fit anywhere. My 6 children aged 61 down to 49, are all still in Japan working more or less for the Lord. One granddaughter, (out of 13) Harmony Goodall has American citizenship and is on staff at CFNI in Dallas. Denomination is my weakest point. If I said it is the same as George Mueller, you might not understand, but let’s say Open brethren, preferably with a small b to foster unity among the saints. “That they may be one, as we are.” John 17.

  2. Richard Goodall Reply

    I forgot to say, part of my story is in a book called, “Good God:the Goodalls”, from Castle Publishing, Auckland NZ. It’s available to read free in Kindle Books I think. It’s the story of my 7 brothers and sisters. My full autobiography is only in Japanese. Sorry.

  3. Justin Schell Reply

    The hardest part to this will be “who is the gatekeeper?” Perspectives has their database, and it has some vetting included, which would be needed, but only Perspectives instructors are included which means you’re missing some great folk. Though if they shared a list of all instructors rated 4+ stars, that could form a good beginning. Of course, they can’t do that without permission, so it would be an undertaking. I think Brigada could feel free to start developing their own list of “known” and excellent speakers, and perhaps inviting some trusted friends to add names. It would grow fairly quickly I’m sure. I’m happy to suggest a few.

  4. Rich Collingridge Reply

    JAARS.org offers great missions speakers.

  5. Michelle G Lapp Reply

    Our whole U.S. Mobilizing Team has on-field experience and is poised and willing to be a resource for this kind of thing! Please let me know how I can be a help in making something like this happen! We’ve been praying for such a networking spirit within the Body to equip and mobilize those God is raising up to WHEREVER He chooses to send them!
    Michelle Gennaro Lapp
    AIM Southwest Mobilizer

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