2) Finally Found "Mobile Passport": Can Beat "Global Entry"

On a recent trip back from out of the country, I happened upon a Customs and Border Protection officer in a bad mood. She wanted to see an I.D. card for Global Entry. She was bound and determined not to allow me in the rapid queue unless I could produce an I.D. (not my passport) or the “Mobile Passport app.” It was the first time I had ever encountered such a thing. But try as I might, upon my return, I couldn’t locate any kind of partner app with my Global Entry status. Then, yesterday, I happened to see a note about a Mobile Passport app in an email from Justin Long (Thanks Justin!). Justin cited this guy’s article…




and I realized — this could be the app for which they were asking. We’ll never know for sure. Either way, for $15 per year, you can store your info in the app and be ready yourself to find out next time you enter the USA. It appears to be both cheaper and easier than Global Entry. The question is — will it work. Do you have experience with the Mobile Passport app? If so, would you please jot a note in a comment following the web version of this item?


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  1. William Reply

    I’ve used Mobile Passport 4 times already and my wait has been less than 7 minutes each time. Super easy and most US international airports have it. Detroit is one exception. I highly recommend it.

  2. David Reply

    Used the Mobile Passport app on our last reentry (MCO – very crowded with pax) and had absolutely no wait. Worked perfectly. That will change as others pick up on it.

  3. Bill Reply

    I just used this returning from Asia into RDU. I’ve never had such an easier entry than when I used this App!!! Highly recommend it. It’s free for like 24 hours or more, so you can use the trial period and then cancel your subscription till the next time you leave the country.

  4. at Reply

    works great using the free version

  5. Ed Reply

    Read the comments on the Google Play Store. Mostly one star complaints that the free version is useless. I’m a Global Entry guy, not inclined to switch.

  6. David M. White Reply

    I have both (free app for mobile passport) and use whichever looks like it well get me through quicker. Several times that has been mobile passport. Global Entry still gives me TSA precheck and Sentry, so I won’t get rid of it, but mobile passport is nice.

    • Anthony Parker Reply

      I have used Mobile Passport in the past and it appears the paid option is new. When I used it, it was completely free. When there is a dedicated Mobile Entry line at immigration, it can greatly speed up the process. If not, then there is only a slight advantage. I still use Global Entry, but it’s not always as speedy as one would hope.

  7. Eric Swensson Reply

    I use the free version since Jan 2019 without any issues. Two minutes at my home airport, JFK.

  8. Dave Welsh Reply

    I have used the free mobile passport app for a couple of years (don’t have global reentry} and it has saved me a lot of time clearing customs and immigration.

  9. Keith Reply

    I use the free app regularly, Always go to the head of the line

  10. Russell Reply

    I’ve used the Mobile Passport app several times, and it has greatly expedited my re-entry into the US. I highly recommend it.

  11. Lindsey Sprague Reply

    I’ve used the free version and have had a great experience. It was super quick and easy. I was the first person in the line and was there mabye 3-5 minutes.

    • Editor Reply

      Thanks for all these responses on the Mobile Passport app!

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