12) Budget-Friendly Retreat Locations?

Ashley recently wrote, “Sometimes Google isn’t that helpful when trying to find a location overseas to hold a worker retreat. What budget-friendly and/or missionary-friendly locations do other Brigada readers use? Particularly in Europe, North Africa, and Southeast Asia? And how many people can they accommodate? Thanks for your help!” Let’s throw a couple of ideas out there for Ashley by clicking “Comment” following the web version of this item. Thanks!


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  1. Catherine Reply

    I haven’t been myself, but Lee Abbey in the UK provides this service at reduced rates for missionaries. Don’t know if anything in £ counts as within a budget though…

    • Ashley Reply

      What a LOVELY location! Probably outside our budget especially when you account for transportation from London, but a great recommendation. Thank you!

  2. David Knauss Reply

    LifeImpact.care – has many locations and their website also has a resource page with many more…

    • Melissa Reply

      Yes, I was going to also recommend Life Impact Ministries. As a family, we have been to the Oasis in Slovakia. :) https://lifeimpact.care/oases-booking/

      • Ashley Reply

        What a great resource–thank you for sharing! This is definitely one to bookmark.

        Unfortunately it seems that most of their oases and other recommended properties are primarily geared towards individual families. I am hoping to find recommendations for locations to host a retreat for 40-60 people in Europe/North Africa or 15-25 people in Southeast Asia. Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated!

    • Somebody Reply

      What are the rates like at these places? I don’t see anything on their website.

  3. David Eugene Bosworth Reply

    AMG International has a camp/conference facility within 10 minutes of the Athens airport with affordable rates for missionary conferences. We have hosted numerous organizations over the years sized up to 100, depending on the type of accommodation needed. (Have situated larger groups in resorts nearby for training/refresh conferences, up to 600.) Also can arrange visits to Athens, Corinth and other biblical sites, which is very meaningful for missionaries. Contact David Bosworth at AMG International for further info if we can serve you in this way.

    • Ashley Reply

      Thank you David, I will keep that in mind! For the meeting I’m currently trying to find a locale for, there are no budget ways to get from where our people are coming from to Athens–flights are pretty expensive. It would be a great location if we were coming from north or east from you.

  4. Missy Reply

    Finca Naundrup was a great location for our church sponsored worker retreat in Malaga Spain. Great for budget too.

    • Ashley Reply

      This sounds like a great option–I’ve already contacted them. Thank you!

      • Amy Reply

        This one looks awesome

  5. Tan Man Reply

    Rainbow Paradise Hotel, Penang, Malaysia
    Contact me for a great price five days conference. Next to a beach. Great pricing. Lots of room. Main Conference room can hold 400-600. They can divide that room into smaller units. Lots of breakout rooms. We use only 6.

    • Editor Reply

      Thanks David. We’ll try it!

  6. Chris Reply

    Check out https://www.rizalrec.com/ (Philippines just south of Manila). We’ve used them for conferences of over 400 people. Great people.

    • Editor Reply

      Thanks Chris! We’ll check it out!

  7. Ronnie Reply

    Can accommodate up to 100 people.
    During quieter months (March, May, September, & November) groups are welcomed.
    One large meeting room on the 2nd floor with elevator access.

  8. David M. White Reply

    I used this place for a conference for 50 people in March, and it was great! Right on the beach and fantastic prices all-inclusive!

    Nuba Hotel Comarruga
    Lydia Alonso, Sales Manager

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