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2019/07/14 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) GRC Announces Fall Group Sessions at Reduced Rates
2) “How to Pray” (the book), by Pete Greig
3) These “Flash Card” Prayer Guides Can Light Your Prayer Path
4) 188 Million Emails Per Minute: (And Most of them in my inbox)
5) Last Year We Cited This Video on Unreached Peoples… It’s Good
6) Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills Once and For All at This Conf.
7) Coming Back from the Field? What About a Stop in Cyprus : )
8) It’s Not Too Late to Catch One of these Great PreConferences
9) We Asked for Input on the Mobile Passport App Recently…
10) How to Coach Financial Support Raisers
11) There are 13 Responses to Budget-Friendly Retreat Locations
12) Catch These 3 Books on Disciple-Making Movements as a Set
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: Please Help us Understand Madrasas
15) Closing Stuff


1) GRC Announces Fall Group Sessions at Reduced Rates

Led by licensed counselors, these intimate groups meet on a variety of topics. The 10 week, 1.5-hour sessions are held over secure video for a fraction of individual counseling costs. They are designed as group process, not therapy groups. There will be an educational component and include an opportunity for group discussion and reflection. Topics include: Boundaries – Men, Boundaries – Women, and Help Me Help Others. Registration closes 8/31/2019. Learn more at…




3) These "Flash Card" Prayer Guides Can Light Your Prayer Path

“Keys to the Kingdom” is a line of Scripture-based, topical prayer guides that are on small cards attached to a key ring. Developed and written by prayer leader Dr. Terry Teykl, the idea of the format is to have these prayers handy for the user. The key rings allow them to be hung in many locations where the user might see them regularly and be reminded to pray the prayers.


The Scripture-based prayers will teach the user both how to pray God’s Word back to Him and how to pray beyond simple fix-it prayers for a situation to cover a target with prayer for God’s purposes. See samples and/or order at…




4) 188 Million Emails Per Minute: (And Most of them in my inbox)

We’re serious — 188 million emails per minute. That’s the current status on the internet. And in that same minute, if you can believe it, YouTube users watch 4.5 million videos. How is it possible to watch 4.5 million videos every minute? Just check out the next silly cat video and you’ll see the high quality digital content that’s drawing all those eyeballs. Learn about these and all kinds of other amazing “big data” equations/stats by checking out the article at…




(Justin, thanks for alerting us to this page!)


5) Last Year We Cited This Video on Unreached Peoples… It’s Good

We mentioned this video last year

( www.brigada.org/2018/08/26_24374 )

But you know… it seems even better in 2019. Would you have 4 minutes in your church to show this? What if every church in every country would make this video available to its members? How might this change the way we give to missions?



First, you have to watch it. Will you?


(By the way, thanks to Kelly and Michèle for bubbling this video back up in their last email update.)


6) Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills Once and For All at This Conf.

This October 17-23 is a Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS) workshop, hosted by International Training Partners and SIL. It is located in south Dallas (Duncanville), Texas, USA. If you desire biblical tools for improving your relational skills and creating life changes (in an interactive adult learning style), then SYIS is a great workshop for you. For more information and/or registration, email

carolmatitpartnersdotorg  (carolmatitpartnersdotorg)   . (Thanks for alerting us of this conference, Jenny!)


7) Coming Back from the Field? What About a Stop in Cyprus : )

If Cyprus sounds wonderful to you this time of year (or any time of year, for that matter), check out A Lodging Place Cyprus. It’s located 30 minutes from the Larnaca International Airport in a village called Kalavasos.  The focus of ministry is to provide a place of rest, spiritual retreats to connect with God, debriefing and counseling. Learn more at…




If you’re coming for rest, retreats, counseling or debriefing, you can stay there for the cost of your donation to the cause. (Thanks for drawing our attention to this resource, Jenny!)


8) It’s Not Too Late to Catch One of these Great PreConferences…

Check out all the great pre-conferences kicking off just before Missio Nexus. For example, how about the one on Wednesday, 1:00 – 9:00 PM, entitled, Standard Introductory Workshop, presented by Kathy Mort, Tory Ruark & Randy Schmor. The SIW is a seminar designed to help people understand how they can incorporate and achieve competence in all Seven Standards of Excellence, a code of best practice for short-term mission practitioners. MISTM-grid theory and the supporting principles behind the standards are reviewed. This workshop would be applicable for church and organizational staff members, mission committee members, and team leaders who want to take a comprehensive look at excellent short-term mission trips. Learn more at…




9) We Asked for Input on the Mobile Passport App Recently…

Not long ago, we asked for input on the Mobile Passport App. (Thanks to all those who responded!) See the original item at…




I (Doug) downloaded the app and paid the in-app fee for the ability of the app to “remember” the data I fed into it. Upon reentering the USA, I showed my phone to the rep at the immigration hall and was indeed ushered to a special line. In my case, I ended up having to stand for around 7 minutes. Perhaps it was still faster than the longer line (where people were filling out the forms on the electronic kiosks), but in my case, it would have been faster to use Global Entry. It was a 60-second walk-through at this particular immigration hall (in Minneapolis). So Mobile Passport might be good for those who want to save the $85 — but it won’t get you TSA-Pre on all your flights AND it might not clear *quite* as quickly as Global Entry would. Learn more at…




10) How to Coach Financial Support Raisers

Coaching Financial Support Raisers in Ministry is now available on Amazon in paperback print edition as well as eBook. This practical guidebook is a crucial resource that lets anyone learn how to coach, walk alongside, and provide consistent accountability to support raisers as they prepare for ministry. It’s designed for organizations, churches, and individuals. Anyone can impact the nations by being a coach, and now you have the guidebook for it!




12) Catch These 3 Books on Disciple-Making Movements as a Set

Amazon says these three books are frequently bought together… “The Kingdom Unleashed,” “From Megachurch to Movement,” and “More Disciples.” See them at..




You can get the entire set of 3 books for under $50. And after all, as a follower of Jesus, what’s the one thing you can take with you from this life to the next? The answer: More Disciples. In the book by that title (More Disciples), you’ll learn about every tool that’s presented in the Zúme web-based training experience, so More Disciples is a good option if you’d like to see what’s in the Zúme course too.


13) We’re Grateful for…

…the $50 gift from a big fan of GRC. Learn more about how they might help you or someone you know at



Want to join these partners in helping Brigada through 2019? If so, just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!

14) The Last Bit: Please Help us Understand Madrasas

Have you ever studied these Madrasas or religious schools in Islam? We searched for a polite and fair explanation. Here’s one sample we found…




But even in this most cordial explanation, we still remain troubled. Notice how the article points to the fact that these Islamic religious schools tend to teach concepts such as holy war — and some even teach students to dislike (or hate) Western ideals. This prayercast helps bring critical issues into focus:




Would you pray with us that God will guide the religious leaders in these schools? Pray that Christians can better understand how to relate to this kind of teaching, offering positive alternatives that aren’t judgmental or biased but still bring openness to following Jesus as Lord.


What’s YOUR take on Madrasas? Feel free to write anonymously if you prefer. Thanks for your response.


15) Closing Stuff

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