8) Team Expansion’s Member Care Person Compiles a List of Resources

And wow — is it ever good. The great thing is — she is openly willing to share her work with any and all. The report includes groups who do coaching, counseling, and debriefing. She lists resources for eating disorders, marriage, and MKs. There are groups and books for reentry, resiliency, teamwork, and training. And there’s a lot more than that. See the full report here:




Thank you Jenny.


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  1. Christina Reply

    The organization CCEF (Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation) offers rich, biblical resources for life’s simplest and most complex issues. Not specifically geared toward missionaries, but missionaries would definitely benefit. https://www.ccef.org

    Also, a ministry called Redemption: Twin Cities (Minneapolis, MN) offers biblical counseling both in-person and online, including from a counselor who is an MK.

  2. Marlene Reply

    We recently went through and updated an older copy of this that we had because we found that some of those listed no longer existed and that there were many more resources to add. Is this a revised list? It’s so helpful to have this to give to Missionaries!

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