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(Thanks to Mark, who researched and compiled this information on Simple Mission Displays.)

Greetings fellow subscribers to Brigada! I have been a happy missionary recipient of for some time, and when I had a resource need and wrote to for help, I was very appreciative of the many responses. Doug Lucas asked me to summarize those responses, so here is a resource on missions table displays for those missions ministries looking for one (like I was):

Here is a list of the places that can provide missions displays for tabletops and the like. I found the price range to be anywhere from $100 (4 panel folding display with a translucent header) to $149 (, who has a college student son who assembles them for $149 and uses the funds he raises to get through school), to $250.00. ( tells me that much of this info is also on his website,, under the link "displays for missions".

Complete Resource list, in no particular order, assembled from many e-mails I gladly received:

All of the nine companies and ministries above were recommended by brethren who had good experiences with them, so it doesn't appear that there are any losers here.

PS for sentimental reasons, I will probably help out the college guy. Why? I'm not far from Michigan (we're based in Chicago) and I have a 22-year-old son in college too, that's why! :-)

Blessings in Jesus' name, God prosper all of your ministries in 2004 like never before,
Mark Simpson/River of Life,
Rio de Vida Ministries (