8) Help the Brigada Family Learn about Mapping Apps

This past week, we began digging deeper about how to map unreached peoples, or unreached cities, or — whatever needed mapping. If you or your org have resources, tools, advice, or instructional resources — or if you would be willing to consult on this kind of opportunity, please jot a comment after the web version of this item during the coming week. We’ll try to share some of these mapping possibilities next week!

11) Have you Tried Trello Lately?

I continue to be amazed that a program like Trello exists for free. It’s a top quality outliner, brainstormer, and documenter — and it can accommodate multi-user participation simultaneously, even if the participants are on opposite ends of the globe. It’s encrypted, secure, and is being developed by a highly respected team of top-notch developers. And like I said — it’s FREE. There are also great apps for one’s iPad or SmartPhone. Try it.


13) We Get Support From…

…A donor in Orange, CA, to the tune of $50 this past week, but asked us to keep the identity anonymous. God be praised!
…Catalyst (Newtown, PA) for their gift of $40 and their solid work in mobilization, training local churches, and believing the Great Commission can be completed!
… An anonymous web-based donor who gave $100 this past week, just to be a True Fan of Brigada! God bless you!!!

14) The BackPage: Help Design a Wholistic Church-planting Track?

Last week, I was asked by a wholistic mission conference (whose meetings take place in the spring) to serve as “Dean” for a key track dealing with “staying focused on discipleship and church planting while instituting wholistic health concerns for a community.” This is a very relevant and deeply interesting topic to me so I’d love to get this right. So my question is, in your opinion, what should be the bullet points for such a track? For example, would you start with the biblical basis for both topics, then transition to the practical “how to” do the two in tandem, then look at a few case studies illustrating when it’s been effective and when it’s not gone so well? How would you structure the outline. I believe we’ll have 7 sessions. To give your input, just click “Comment” below the online version of this item. And thanks in advance for your ideas.

15) Closing Stuff

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Brigada Today — 2013/07/07

Search Brigada’s 18+ years of archives — 100% ad-free due to gifts from True Fans of Brigada

In this edition:
1) “20 to 30 New Engagements Every Day [Among the Unreached]”
2) Bible Recordings Can Be Created Online
3) EdenRidge Offers New Cabins To Missionaries While Stateside
4) A Better Sandwich: How do YOU Build a Culture of “Others”
5) Free literature for Fulani people
6) If You Present Data, You Will Like Infogr.am
7) And You Thought Pinterest Was Only for College Girls?
8) Your Thoughts on the Discovery Bible New Testament?
9) Use This Tool with a Family that Has Experienced Loss
10) Kindle App Speaks both Windows and Mac
11) “Too Soon to Celebrate, Too Soon to Quit [Loving Muslims]
12) Discussion on Learning Leaders Merits Another Look
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The BackPage: Is Email Broken?
15) Closing Stuff

1) “20 to 30 New Engagements Every Day [Among the Unreached]”

This past week, as I was monitoring a set of conversations about unreached people groups, the thought occurred to me to give God praise for the fact that his eternal plan of redemption keeps on pushing forward regardless of any earthly campaign or individual. I listened as one of the foremost researchers of our day reported that every day, he “hears about an average of 20 to 30 new engagements among previously unengaged and unreached people groups.” Like many of us, he is working behind the scenes to connect these new troops to existing outreaches, where they exist. If you thought we were working in a time when fewer and fewer missionaries were departing, perhaps that rumor has been oversold. Another friend pondered, “I just feel that the cause of these unengaged is kind of more our responsibility than His in a sense, you know? Until we get there. . . He can’t do what only He can do. It’s almost like He can’t engage them, and we can’t reach them. We can engage them, and He can reach them. … We CAN finish this minimum apostolic prerequisite of being incarnate among, and until we do that, a people is both unreached and unreachable.” These saints and dear friends aren’t in it for the notoriety or the fame. They serve our living God and those who have never heard of Him. They deserve our prayers and our highest levels of energy to forge on in completing the task that Jesus gave us so long ago. May God strengthen them, and all who come behind them.

2) Bible Recordings Can Be Created Online

bible.isFaith Comes By Hearing has created a website where speakers of under-resourced languages may audition and then record Bible portions from the comfort and security of their office or home.


VirtualRecording.com allows you to send a voice sample, and reviewers might give you a role in a Bible recording. If you are not selected as a reader, they can use your help as a reviewer or language expert. VirtualRecordings allows Faith Comes By Hearing to record Old Testament books and do other recordings they wouldn’t have the resources to do on location.Recordings are released as part of the Bible.is smartphone app and bible.is website.


(Thanks Tony!)

3) EdenRidge Offers New Cabins To Missionaries While Stateside

eden ridgeOn the Cumberland Plateau near Crossville, Tennessee, EdenRidge provides a place 10 minutes off I-40 for missionaries and their families to truly rest while on furlough. The cabins, built in 2012 and 2013, each include beds for four, a fully-outfitted kitchen, a spacious living room and a washer and dryer. A bunkhouse with eight beds is also available on the property to accommodate larger parties.
An endowment fund covers missionaries’ rates, making the cabins free for up to two weeks a year.

To learn more about the cabins, check availability, and schedule your stay, visit


or contact the owners at

4) A Better Sandwich: How do YOU Build a Culture of “Others”

subwayI have a confession to make: I’m fairly much obsessive-compulsive about Subway (the sandwich shop, not the underground trams). I take a lot of razzing for being O.C. about a fast-food joint. But my son seems to understand. This past week he pointed me to an interview explaining a bit about how Subway sandwiches have become so delicious. (Thanks Caleb.)


If you’ve ever eaten at Subway, you might know how great of a job its leaders work to insure that every single sandwich is uniformly perfect. By contrast, if you’ve ever led a team, an organization, or a company, you know how hard it is to build a unity of purpose and a uniformity of accomplishing it. It only takes one single sandwich shop to repulse a customer. That happened to my wife this past week. She ordered (in one of our many Subway stops on a trip to northeastern Ohio) a Subway with spinach which, upon further examination, looked fairly spoiled. (OK, I’m being generous. It actually looked like a bad case of food poisoning.) The lady who had made our sandwiches had, from the beginning, seemed a bit sketchy. “Do you want the avocado on your meat? …or on the bread,” she had asked me. (How do I know? You’re supposed to be the “sandwich artist.”) By the time she figured out the cash register, our Subway order had probably taken 30 minutes. I admit: It was not a pleasant experience. But the terrible quality of the food left my wife with a jaded impression of my favorite restaurant chain. Sadness.

My hunch is, the same thing can happen when one of the missionaries in your organization doesn’t have answers for a prospective supporter. Or the member of your church is a bit unsure of the future of your congregation. So the question becomes, How do YOU build camaraderie, teamness, and, just as importantly, a culture of “others-centeredness.” Got any testimonies or surefire approaches? Can you recount a case study like the video of making [good] sandwich at Subway? If so, please click “Comment” following the online web version of this item. We’d love to hear your input. Thanks in advance for taking time.

5) Free literature for Fulani people

The Fulani people of West Africa live as far west as Mauritania and Senegal, through to N Cameroon, N Nigeria, and even as far east as Sudan, with many in France and other western countries. SOON Ministries offers free outreach papers that cover almost all the diverse dialects across the region.


SOON Ministries also produces free outreach papers in easy-English, African French, and Swahili:


And they are urgently needing new fulltime staff for their Derby UK HQ office:


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