6) New Prayer Website —


WEC International has launched a global prayer community,




an online presence encouraging around-the-clock intercession for the nations. GlobalPrayer365.com connects people to pray in unity and passion for the nations by providing free prayer resource and tools. The site provides topics for prayer such as national leaders, conflicts around the world, poverty, natural disasters, and provides links to Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation. Users will find maps and videos to guide them into more informed prayer for the world. It is a partnership between several leading mission agencies and connects with other praying people through the site’s prayer wall and forums. Users may reserve their time slots to pray for the world, and know that they are praying in one accord for the nations. Check it out today!


6) New Prayer Website —

7) What’s an Unconference? —

There is no plenary speaker, and no workshops (at least none that are planned beforehand, though certainly some spontaneous ones will develop throughout the day). According to some, getting energetic people together to dialogue energetically about all of our mutual passion and the Great Commission should, in and of itself, “send most of us into missiological orbit!” That is the plan for this Unconference. The multiple subjects discussed at the event will be discerned through a feed-forward approach prior to the event. The venue is Jaffrey, NH on October 15, 9-3. Check out:




to find a document with more information about the conference — I mean unconference.  You can also email


8) TESOL training course in Chiang Mai —

From October 3 until November 4, 2011, in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Asia’s Center for TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) will be conducting an intensive, five-week course leading to a TESOL certificate.  This certificate is supported by Cornerstone University of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.  For the first three weeks the classes are Monday-Friday, 8-4.  For the last two weeks, the classes are 8-12, followed by a two-hour practicum in the afternoon or evening.  This totals 120 hours in class and 20 hours of practicum (10 hours observing and 10 hours teaching. The same course is taught once a year in Manila (April/May). Contact Melody Kuka,

infothaiatactesoldotcom , for more information

9) Global Study Seeks Church-Planting Teams —

Here’s a global research project that is seeking church-planting teams as a special focus for study. To be included, your team needs to be:

* Experienced:  Teams that have been functioning for at least one year.

* Missionary: Teams that are working in a culture other than their own, with plans to develop national leadership for the church.

* Church Planting:  Teams actively working to establish a church capable of reproducing a culturally relevant ministry with its own leadership.

* Teams:  Teams with a designated leader.

* English speaking:  The research will be conducted in English.

* Internet access:  The research will require internet access and email capability.

10) We Give Thanks… —

…For those who help us pay the bills and inspire us to keep on pressing forward with Brigada. For example, this past week, we received a $100 encouragement gift from a Brigada participant in Vienna, Virginia, and another from CRAM Worldwide, on the web at…




whose leaders have been hard at work in Asia since 1970. We’re also grateful to Hoops for Hope International, on the web at…




They recently purchased a Clover website and, as a result of their purchase, Clover itself sent a $200 gift to Brigada! Are you interested in learning more about Clover’s offerings? Just visit..




11) The BackPage: GoogleApps’ Bias Against Those Who Take a Stand —

Hats off to GoogleApps for developing a great suite of online “software-as-a-service” applications. They emphasize speed, clarity, simplicity and effectiveness. And then, of all things, they give away their services to non-profits. At least they give them away to *some* non-profits. Unfortunately, if you’re a church or missions agency (and you’re willing to be honest about it), you can forget about any special recognition. You see, GoogleApps has a stated position against any organization or network that “presents religious content or proselytizing” on its website. In fact, they won’t even help you if you’re a typical school or orphanage. Now granted — they have the right to provide or deny services to anyone they choose. Just sad that they represent a segment of today’s society that is showing bias against the church, against missions, and against taking a stand for a global belief system.


To test their stand, we applied to GoogleApps, hoping the published stand was perhaps a strong disclaimer that would give them the right to rule out hate groups and the like. But sure enough, not long afterward, we received the rejection notice with a reference to their ethics page.


I’m not sure churches and organizations can do anything about the position Google has taken. But please hear me when I say — they’re big. Their position will certainly impact certain groups, who, on certain issues, will want to be like them.


We live in a changing world. In former days, taking a stand for one’s faith was pretty much respected by all, even if some didn’t agree with the stand. Unfortunately, something has eroded that respect. Modernity is taking aim squarely in the eyes of Christianity and any other religion that seeks to reproduce itself in any way.


Do you have an answer for the GoogleApps stand? Do you have a solution for reversing the posture that it represents? If so, please (please!) speak up. Just click on “Comment” immediately below. We’re eager to hear your ideas — not because we’re wanting something for nothing, but because it’s unsettling now to be part of a class of organizations and networks who don’t qualify for a service because of our religious stand. Your thoughts?


1) “What Missionaries Ought to Know” Revised: Free Download —

Ron Koteskey added three more chapters to “What Missionaries Ought to Know…” this summer, so the e-book now has 52 chapters. It is also now available for your E-reader in both MOBI (Kindle) and EPUB (Nook and others) formats.  If you have an old edition with less than 52 chapters or want an E-reader format, you can download them FREE at:




2) Here’s a book worth reading! —

Useful for member care, discipleship and personal growth, it contains biblical lessons learned in 30 years of outreach in a tough Musl*m context. The book, Knowing jesus is Enough for Joy, Period! includes chapters on spiritual warfare (a bit differently presented), 4 types of faith, transforming worship, confessing in layers, journaling, discerning motives, nurturing our first love for Jesus and mediation. It is both biblical and very practical with lots of real life illustrations.  From a reader in Uzbk-stan “I am currently reading through the book you wrote. I am being blessed by it tremendously. It is on my ‘read it again and again’ book list.” The book is available in paperback and ebook (Kindle, Epub and PDF formats) from:




It is also available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


Author will contribute $1 to Brigada for each book bought by Brigada readers from the above web site. (Thanks Steve!!)

4) Looking for a way to send Video-email? —

I was, believe it or not, because of a very special follow-up program we have going on here at Team Expansion. That was when I stumbled on…




Now the good news is — there’s nothing to pay (ever). So this won’t cost you a single peso.  But the other good news is — it works! There’s nothing to install (so you don’t pick up any spyware or malware of any kind). In fact, you don’t even have to install a plug-in (although the company has written one for Google’s Chrome browser, which is, interestingly enough, what I started using just 2 weeks ago). Likewise, your recipient doesn’t have to pay anything — and there’s nothing to install on the receiving end either. So it’s extremely low footprint, but extremely high touch. Basically, it’s better if you try it for 30 seconds. Then click “Get link,” then send the link to your favorite friend, supporter, relative, or — alternatively — to your enemy. No matter what you’re communicating to whom, it’ll always be just a tad better with some free video to go along with it. (You can record up to a 10-minute message for free — as many times, and to as many people as you like. Think Skype voicemail, without the cost and without the executable.)

5) Voicethread.com: Finally a free app to share your story —

There are a couple of sites on the internet that have attempted to provide a means of telling your story via pictures and voice. Few have gained traction. Brigada participant, Phil, recently tipped us off to one which might be the game-changer. (Thanks Phil!) Check it out at…




It’s fast, responsive, and easy — and best of all, it’s free. You can tell your story with uploaded videos, webcam captures, voice memos via microphone, and even telephone. There are, of course, some limitations to the free account. You’ll be limited to just 3 Voicethreads, 30 minutes of video commenting, and a storage ceiling of 75MB with a filesize limit of 25MB. However, free is free. :-) Besides, the “pro” account gives you unlimited Voicethreads, unlimited video commenting, 10GB of storage and a 100MB filesize limit — and it costs just 59.95/year. Setting up an account is easy and doesn’t require verification. You’ll have your first online presentation in no time. You can even end your slide program with a sunset! :-)

6) Updated “Wellness Checklist” Helps You Track Member Care —

Phil from MAF recently updated his Wellness Checklist. See our past reference to this handy-dandy member care tool at…




Now you can download an updated version of the tool at…




This new version is improved in several ways, including the fact that it’s now easier to print-and-carry (so you can work in the field without a computer, if needed). I can’t figure out a reason why on-field member care workers would *not* want to use this tool to assist cross-cultural workers (of all kinds) in adapting and living effectively overseas. It’s exceptionally well done. Thanks Phil!

8) New “forafriend” site Offers Encouragement —

Support, encourage, and spread love with a small gift. Forafriend.com is a new way for missionaries to share their mission, passion, and everyday life, and a new way for believers to discover and become connected with missionaries around the world and their work. Forafriend enables people to encourage and support missionaries financially by giving for small, specific things that the missionaries themselves have indicated they use regularly in their relational ministry, along with a personal message. Forafriend provides tools for missionaries to connect with their forafriend supporters. Forafriend is committed to the great commission and supporting and encouraging those who are living it out around the world, while also protecting security & privacy.


Check it out and spread the word:





infoatforafrienddotcom for questions or more information.

9) New Prayer Website —

WEC International has launched a global prayer community,




an online presence encouraging around the clock intercession for the nations.


http://www.globalprayer365.com connects people to pray in unity and passion for the nations by providing free prayer resource and tools by providing topics for prayer such as prayer for the nation’s leaders, conflicts around the world, poverty, natural disasters, and provides links to Operation World: The Definitive Prayer Guide to Every Nation. Users will find maps and videos to guide them into more informed prayer for the world. Users may reserve their time slots to pray for the world, and know that they are praying in one accord for the nations.

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