7) Receiving applications for ACMI Executive Director

The Association of Christians Ministering among Internationals (ACMI) is a network of those working with international university students and scholars (ISM). ACMI is looking for an Executive Director, a person of integrity and high moral character who will be responsible for maintaining the vision of ACMI and working toward the fulfillment of its mission. The candidate will need to demonstrate skills in communication, leadership, cross-cultural sensitivity, and administration in order to effectively fulfill ACMI’s mandate to become a globally networked, multi-generational association of Christians that increases effectiveness, promotes unity, and provides resources for the worldwide ISM community. If interested, write
acmisearchcommitteeatgmaildotcom for more information and an application. Applications must be received by June 1.

8) Accordance Finally Coming out for Windows

Mac users have long held that Accordance is the best Bible software – period. According to David, a Brigada participant, it is “beautifully done, filled with resources, and has features not found elsewhere.” The great part is — Windows users, who have had to use the product through an emulator, will soon be able to buy a Windows-specific model. Learn more at…


(Thanks David!)

9) How to End Terrorism

I’m so tired of terrorism. I remember early on, hearing George Bush say, “We won’t quit until we defeat terrorism.” I would hear him say that and I wanted to believe him, but I remember thinking, “How does that work? Because — these guys are basically stateless. If you destroy one cell, won’t there just be 5 more rise up to take its place?” Here we are, more than 10 years later, asking the same questions. Does anyone out there know how we can truly stop terrorism? I mean end it for all time?

10) Learn to Teach English in Chiang Mai

Asia’s Center for TESOL classes in Chiang Mai, Thailand (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) conducts intensive, five-week courses leading to a TESOL certificate. This certificate is supported by Cornerstone University of Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. For the first three weeks the classes are Monday-Friday, 8-4. For the last two weeks, the classes are 8-12, followed by a two-hour practicum in the afternoon or evening. This totals 120 hours in class and 20 hours of practicum (10 hours observing and 10 hours teaching. Learn more at…


12) Make a Connection with your Muslim Friend at the Connexion Conf.

If you’ve never attended a Muslim Connexion conference, featuring Dr. Don McCurry, it’s not too late. But you’ll need to scramble. We just heard about this literally this morning. It’s May 17-18 at Southwest Bible Church in Beaverton, OR. You could still catch the Early Bird Special registration price (until May 11) which is $40 for a single, $60 for a couple and $20 for a student. Learn more at


13) We Give Thanks…

…for ACMI, who empowered the global ministry of Brigada with a $25 gift this past week.
…for another anonymous Brigada reader — for a gift of $25. Thank you.
…the Brigada reader who started a contest on 99Designs, crediting Brigada with the referral, which resulted in a $50 gift from 99Designs! Whooooo-hoooooooooo! :-) If you’d like to start your own logo contest at 99Designs, please consider using this link to get going:


It won’t cost you anything. In fact, it will SAVE you $50 in the admissions cost! One personal friend recently wrote, “I think the new logo nails it… that it’s communication-based [newsletter] that helps individuals and should be forwarded, that it advances the conversations and the kingdom, people-based,… [and] BTW I love 99designs as well so good choice!” We think so too … and thanks for the encouragement!

… Mission Network, Mount Vernon WA, a Golden Fan of Brigada, for the gift of $100 this past month. They have set up a recurring $100/month gift with the hopes that others will be inspired to do the same. Thanks Mission Network!!!
… World Outreach Missions, Lawrenceville, GA, for their regular $200 gift to Brigada. We’re grateful!!!!!

14) The BackPage: More on “Small Unreached People Groups”

We’ve got a great friend who does research on unreached peoples. He saw our item about unreached people groups with smaller populations in the Apr. 14 edition (“The BackPage: Your Thoughts about the “Small Tribes”).


He wrote this past week, “I am the researcher for many people groups with my org. A couple of years ago we put out a warning… If you field people do not validate ZERO population people groups by X date we will delete them from our list. Deleting does not remove them forever. It just takes them off of what is visible to people. I personally am thinking this way. If it is a people group that does not exist anywhere else then a population of 1,000 is a good cut off point. If the group is over 1,000 then we need to look harder at them now. But if the PG is a diaspora group like the Persians in Belgium then 5,000 would be a better cut off amount. If you take a mega-city like Moscow or Istanbul and you allow for 50 member people groups to make our list then suddenly a hundred people groups might need to be added to current lists. The larger question that the above research exercise underscores is “Does this people group warrant a unique CP strategy?” That is a hard judgment call that few want to tackle. It looks bad to ask that question. But field experts need to share what they think on that question to help steer pre-field people or senders. A diaspora portion of a people group of 2,000 may not need a unique CP strategy because they can be reached via the city strategy. But a unique people group in its homeland that is 1,000 members may be overlooked or not naturally welcomed into a local CP work.”

Actually, now that I’ve considered it, I think his thoughts are right on track. Your thoughts???

He added, “And about your person. That person investing time researching becomes a front liner for research. Most of us field people will do the same steps your friend did. Cleaning up an old entry and suggesting they be deleted is valuable service in the Kingdom. Why not encourage your friend to suggest that the people group get deleted from the lists. Joshua Project and others like me listen to such advice.”

Do you agree or disagree? Should we begin recommending that JoshuaProject.net “clean out” people groups that are 1000 and down? I’m leaning that direction. I’m afraid they will be just too hard to find — unless there is very specific documentation in existence about them. Your thoughts? Please click “Comment” below the web version of this item.

15) Closing Stuff

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Brigada Today — 2013/04/21

Search Brigada’s 18+ years of archives — 100% ad-free due to gifts from True Fans of Brigada

In this edition:
1) Catch the Archive Recording of the Global Prayercast
2) What’s the Best Guide to Arab Culture & Islam?
3) Global Prayercast uses Talkshoe for Free Phone Conference
4) Is there a Forum Specifically for Missions Mobilizers?
5) UDisciple iPhone app
6) Don’t Let Power Failures Threaten your USB’s Survival
7) Crisis Consulting Does Email Updates
8) The Case for Missionary Care
9) Crescent Project Offers Training in Islam
10) “Train and Multiply” Launches Facebook Presence
11) Exciting news about graduate online/distance equipping!
12) YWAM Lebanon Pa Announces its Upcoming Schools
13) Oral Dramas to teach HIV prevention
14) The BackPage: Why Does this One Local Church “Get It?”
15) Closing Stuff

2) What’s the Best Guide to Arab Culture & Islam?

One of our Brigada participants wrote this past week wondering what might be the best guide to Arab culture and Islam. One of the churches with whom he is partnering is looking for something less on how to evangelize and more on how to get know, how to connect, and how to avoid insulting. What resource would you recommend? If you have an idea, please click “comment” below the online version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help you can render.

3) Global Prayercast uses Talkshoe for Free Phone Conference

When the Global Prayercast launched on April 15, technical organizers chose Talkshoe for their system of choice as a channel for prayer leaders to hear cues from directors.


Shane, the lead tech on the project, chose Talkshoe because of its simplicity, its capacity to hold up to 250 callers, and its price (or lack thereof). Talkshoe’s basic service is free, but there’s a premium service called “TalkShoe Live! Pro” that adds quite a few bells and whistles. Apparently, the company is hoping to make its money off of upgraders, because they seemingly promise in their privacy policy not to sell customers’ personal information. Either way, if cost is a factor, it might be worth a look.

4) Is there a Forum Specifically for Missions Mobilizers?

This past week, a Brigada participant asked if there was any specific online forum (other than Brigada, of course) specifically for Missions Mobilizers. We knew about the Catalyst e-zine at…


But we wondered if there was some kind of regular physical gathering, or at least a regular online get-together of mobilizers around the world. If there are, and if that’s public knowledge, would you use the comment box below to share more information about it please? Thanks!

5) UDisciple iPhone app

Tim, a colleague here at Team Expansion, showed me this past week the little iPhone app that T4T has put together called uDisciple. (It’s at least available for IOS; check your own phone operating system to see if it’s available in your own smartphone’s OS.) It’s pretty cool. About two-thirds of it is dedicated to orality, providing a couple of major sample story sets that one could memorize and retell. But there’s also a section designed for Training 4 Trainers implementers. It essentially provides quick notes to remind trainers about lesson plans for 11 major sessions on everything from baptism to the Great Commission. I love it… and hope we see more of this sort of thing in the future. Learn more about all the other resources offered by T4T here…


(Thanks Tim!)

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