5) Resources for Christians in Education —

Transforming Teachers has a large collection of articles, links and downloads in a variety of languages for Christian teachers who want to relate all of life and learning to God and His word. You can download a free copy of the Visual Valet: Personal assistant for Christian thinkers and teachers at




(Note: This URL will likely ‘wrap.’ You can try reassembling it, but if you have difficulty, just find it at the Brigada site, where you can click to your heart’s content.)


For permission to reprint the book, contact Harold at hklassenatteachbeyonddotorg .

6) Ten Reasons You Should Consider a Kindle —

The Amazon Kindle is a popular electronic reading device, but is it a tool for missionaries? Brigada participant, Jonathan, says yes. He recently wrote, “If you want to travel light and save some money, take a look at the Kindle.  In comparison to the popular Apple and Android tablets, the Kindle is a “poor man’s tablet.” While it cannot do everything a tablet can do, it can do several important things for less money.  With a long battery life, e-ink display, Wifi and free 3G, and the ability to read your PDF and Word documents, it is worthy of your consideration.”  Read more from Jonathan at…




7) Short-Term Team Medical & Trip-Cancellation Coverage —

Do you need short-term team international travel medical insurance with a “trip-cancellation” option? Good Neighbor Insurance can now provide this coverage for teams. The rates are excellent with standard benefits.  For more information contact

jeffatgninsurancedotcom or call 480/813-9100. Toll free in USA: 866/636-9100.

8) Orality Movement Search Engine —

Here’s another specialized missions search engine by Phronema.Org. This one is for resources related to the Orality Movement. So if you search for something like “water stories” you will actually get a meaningful result from a missions perspective. There are also search engines for Missions Research, Holistic Ministry, Cybermissions and Mobile Ministry. Its free and its at




if you have an orality related website and want it included just send an email to John at


9) New Devotional Booklet Aimed at Igniting Giving —

The ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) has released a devotional designed to inspire Christians to give generously. “Igniting a Life of Generosity” by Chris McDaniel serves as a Scripture-based guide givers can use to tackle the frequently misunderstood topic of giving. It’s an insightful devotional that will help readers develop a practical and personal theology for generous giving. Readers will be challenged to become more cheerful givers. The devotional is divided into three sections: Corresponding Scripture references anchor each day’s main thought, and insightful questions help readers to more deeply consider the material.  This is a great resource to distribute to your friends and supporters.  They are available in packs of 5, 30 and 100 or can be customized with your imprint and a discounted rate for 500 or more.  To obtain a copy of “Igniting a Life of Generosity,” visit




10) Learn to Tell Stories that Captivate Listeners and Win Hearts —

Experience 5 days of Bible storying in beautiful Orlando, Florida with Campus Crusade for Christ and then you’ll be able to train others. This trainers training October 10 – 14, 2011 is for individuals, churches, and mission agencies.  The workshop begins at 6pm on Monday and ends at noon on Friday.  The cost for on-site lodging, meals, materials, and airport ground transfers is $350 per person. For details visit



12) The BackPage: How Can we Start Prayer Networks? —

Lately, I’ve watched with earnest interest as a friend of mine has launched a fairly successful prayer network for a land beset by topsy-turvy governmental changes. So, you see, in the midst of a roller-coaster swirl of emotions and hearache, he captures a meaningful moment to forge global gatherings of praying saints. I love it. In fact, while others complain, fret, or stew, he’s redeeming the time to recruit prayer partners for the network he serves. *Most* recently, he started documenting some of his steps, in hopes that he might replicate the idea in others. You can read all about his proposals, practices, and prayers by navigating to…




Or, you can start the discussion here, if you’d rather. Just click “Comment” below to leave a question or a recommendation. And thanks in advance for any input you can give! Either way, your input won’t be forgotten. In fact, the word on the street is that JoshuaProject.net is going to take the hubpages document (and comments) and work them up into a guide to help Unreached People Groups and cities.  They’re also going to help pray’ers identify and connect with existing prayer partnerships like Pray4Tunisia, the one described in the hubpages doc! Cool results!!!

1) A New Community Development DVD Curriculum —

Here’s a new Community Development DVD study solution, available in multiple languages.  This is a revolutionary new curriculum designed to help lift communities out of poverty. Imagine taking the cumulative knowledge of doctors, nutritionists and agricultural experts, who have worked among the world’s poor, and pooling that information into a single, practical and easy-to-use video curriculum in numerous languages.  To purchase or learn more, see…




(Thanks to the folks at Win Ministries for supporting Brigada this past week with a nice gift! This bumped them up in the queue and also bumped them up in the table of contents!)

2) Share the Best Missions Mobilization Video You’ve Seen —

Give us your best shot: What’s the best video you’ve seen to stir hearts and minds toward mission? For example, here’s a YouTube link that will lead you to MUP’s video, “Unreached: Did you know?”




It’s fast-paced, with hundreds of images from among the actual unreached. Hats off to MUP for publishing it. What about you? What’s your favorite? (Click “Comment” below this item on the Brigada website and list your link, source, or sighting. And thanks to Betty, Team Expansion’s VP of Prayer, Ops, and Personnel, for reminding us of this MUPs video.)

4) Which VPN Service-Provider is the Best This Month? —

I jest, but it’s almost that bad. For example, in February, the folks at Lifehacker voted Witopia as the #1 VPN service-provider, but around that same time, Barracuda spam prevention devices decided not to let any of Witopia’s connections enter a Barracuda-protected network. Bummer. My prediction is, unless Witopia can strike a deal with them, it’ll cost them a huge percentile of their customer base. (It did me, for example.) It’s enough to make a user switch  — period. But wait — some might wonder, “What’s a VPN?” Basically, it’s a tool that lets you create an encrypted “tunnel” through which your internet content can flow… until it reaches the “exit point” for whatever VPN service you’re using. For example, I’ve recently switched to StrongVPN (which Lifehacker readers voted #3, by the way), and they have exit points in 15 countries. With many services, you get to choose your exit point. At least that way, you can get your internet traffic out of, say, a country that wants to “see” your data and into the “clear” — maybe the country where you live. In StrongVPN’s case, for example, they’re based in the USA. But you can choose VPN service-providers based in lots of other countries all over the world.


So which is your favorite and why? Just click “Comment” below and tell us about it! This is a rapidly-developing field; we’d better pay attention to it. Apparently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was recently browsing — and hacked — at a public wi-fi hotspot. (This guy went to Harvard?) I guess it’s time we *all* get VPN’s. (And hats off to “K,” at our North African desk. :-) He’s the guy who brought this topic up to us this week.)

5) Check out or Add to the Movies That Can be Used for Debriefing —

Our series on “movies that can be used to debrief missionaries” has attracted some major attention. Check it out at…




Be sure to offer any additional suggestions you’re using. (Disclaimer: If you suggest an R-rated film, please provide details about any raunchy stuff it includes. Best bet: leave off the R-rated stuff and keep it all family-safe.)

6) Connect with Other Like-minded Workers Via Finishers.org —

Finishers Project




was formed to connect mid-life adults with global impact opportunities for God.  Finishers does not send people themselves, but they presently partner with over 80 other sending and mission service organizations.  In addition to an on-line database for individuals seeking service opportunities, they hold regional events to help seekers understand how they can transition from a career to a ministry.


If you were hoping to catch an upcoming Finishers’ Forum, unfortunately, you just missed it. But you can mark your calendar for the 2012 Forum in Detroit. Learn more at…




If you need more information than what is on the site, use the tool at


8) Apostolos: A Conference for Pre-candidates —

Apostolos is a conference for apostolic young adults to come together and learn from those who have gone before. They’ll hear from several career missionaries about their journey, the wisdom they have gained, and their advice as to how the next generation should go forward. Apostolos is for those 18 – 35 who have already made a decision to commit their lives to expanding God’s Kingdom at the frontiers. Apostolos tackles issues from the Western Perspective and is intended from those leaving North America to serve cross-culturally overseas. For more information, see




The dates are August 11-14, 2011. The location is the U.S. Center for World Mission campus, Pasadena, CA.

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