9) Thank you Lord… and Thank you Brigada Participants —

Here at Brigada, we’re always humbled, sobered, and inspired when people chip in toward the expenses we have in sending out Brigada to 10,000 participants each week. This past week, Insurance Services of America (ISA) sent $127.42 as a thank-you gift for the Brigada participants who had traveled safely and securely, with the assurance that they were covered in case the worst happened (or even if their next flight canceled). If you’d like that peace of mind, the source to which we turn again and again is ISA. They cover missionaries and cross-cultural travelers of all kinds at…




There are plans, brochures, applications and pricing. It’s all there.


We’re also grateful to the Mission Network, Anacortes, WA, for another monthly gift of $100 to undergird Brigada’s global ministry! If you or your church would like to add Brigada to your monthly budget, that would be awesome! And please let us know if you’d like us to visit you in person. We’ll do whatever we can to make it happen. We recently asked the folks at the Mission Network why they, in fact, give each month to Brigada. We were both inspired and encouraged when they answered, “One of the main reasons we give each month is because we think many others could be doing the same. We hope our small gift will inspire them to step up to the plate and do likewise — to propel Brigada well into the future.”


Now — drum roll — based on the $7310 that Brigada Participants have spent on Logos Research Systems products using Brigada links over the past quarter, Logos just sent a thank-you check, totally unsolicited and unexpected, for $1096.58! Can you believe it? First, it tells me that you guys are studying a lot of Bible passages!!! Second, it says something about your willingness to invest in quality tools. And third, hats off to Logos for their willingness to thank the Brigada community for its combined interest! So please… please know that when you use these Brigada links, you’re empowering the Brigada community to keep pumping out resources to screens all over the world on a regular basis. And don’t forget to stop by




to see if there are any Bible study materials that will help you, your family, your church, and/or your mission. God bless you!!!

10) The BackPage: On Volunteerism —

Recently, I joined some 30 other Christian workers for a week-long course designed to help us learn how to work more effectively with volunteers. Now, granted, I’ve been trying to raise up volunteers since the mid-80’s. But I still feel I’m missing something. Why do they volunteer? And why do they keep volunteering? What kind of personality… What kind of service… and What kind of thought processes cause a person to decide to serve totally without regard to receiving anything in return? Those are questions I asked. I know that the workshop attempted to answer them. But I still remain somewhat perplexed — because, in my humble opinion, I didn’t discover any magic wands.


What about your organization, church, or agency? Is there any “magic wand” you’ve discovered for recruiting, retaining, and empowering the best volunteer base ever? If so, and if we promise not to interfere with your operation :-), would you mind sharing the best secrets you’ve learned? … or at least, the some of the lessons you’ve learned along the way? If so, we’d all be incredibly grateful. Just click “Comment” below — and you can comment anonymously or by name. Thank you for any help you can give.



1) ESL Teacher for Thailand, Asia —

World Outreach Missions, Inc. is seeking an individual who is proficient in the English language and can be certified to teach ESL/EFL in the School in Thailand, Asia. If you are interested please send your information to

infoatworldoutreachmissionsdotorg or

adminatwocfanusadotorg. You can also call 011-770-934-1347. This position while remain open till position is filled.


2) DTS: Discipleship and Missions Opportunity —

Youth with a Mission in Lebanon, PA, USA offers a Discipleship Training School in beautiful “Pennsylvania Dutch Country,” a historic missionary sending region. DTS has 12 weeks of teaching followed by eight weeks of hands-on international ministry. YWAM emphasizes God’s holiness and love, hearing and obeying God’s voice, intercession for the nations, Godly relationships, and fulfilling the Great Commission. The upcoming DTS runs August 27, 2012 to January 25, 2013 and includes a unique “Finish the Task” conference featuring some truly radical missionary speakers. YWAM Lebanon welcomes “youth” of all ages! Find application and details at



3) Up in a down economy: Logos riding wave to new heights —

As countless companies struggle to stay afloat in a sinking economy, 01Logos Bible Software is staying atop the tumultuous seas. Its most popular product, Logos 4, has become the premier go-to vehicle for electronic Bible study for millions, and its industry-leading free Bible app for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Android-enabled devices has gained great acclaim in the digital world. Opening the door on new ground with the recent launches of two award-winning products, Proclaim church presentation software and Vyrso: Christian Ebooks, Logos is emerging as a leader in other markets. Kirkdale Press also recently set sail as yet another innovative Logos branch, setting the ebook publishing industry standard thanks to Logos’ 20 years of expertise in digital production. Not lifting its ramp yet, Logos is rolling out two new products that are forecasted to draw multitudes. Faithlife.com is the new cutting-edge Christian social network setting up to make the faith-based world in social media take an “about-face.” Faithlife is intimately linked with the one-of-a-kind Faithlife Study Bible – the world’s largest study Bible, containing more than 2.2 million words – which is constantly expanding with new study notes, articles, maps and media. Learn more about Logos products at the following link.


For more information, contact


mediaatlogosdotcom or 800-875-6467.

5) Resource to Encourage Missionaries: Free Download —

The Bible study guide called “Finding Strength for the Journey,” a tool for member care or personal encouragement, can now be downloaded for free.  The author drew from experiences as a missionary when writing this study guide on topics such as perseverance in hardship, dealing with depression, handling conflict, and benefit from trials. One missionary writes, “I have been able to relate to it more than any ‘stateside’ Bible study.” You can download it or order hard copies at




While there, check out Janice’s newest book, “Steppes of Faith,” another resource to encourage and ch

allenge. One reviewer says this “compelling narrative leaves you laughing, crying and hopeful at the same time.” It can also be downloaded as an e-book, ie. for Kindle.

7) Conference for Short-Term Mission Leaders —

Every October STM leaders from around the world gather to grapple with where God is leading and how missions can be improved. Whether you are an educator, agency executive, church pastor, host-receiver, or team leader, the Forum exists to renew your soul, equip your ministry, and expand your vision. Join this vital ongoing conversation on the role of short-term leadership in global mission! For more information, check out FSTML’s website,



8) What’s Your Favorite Patriotic YouTube video? —

Are you from the USA? If so, got a favorite video that you like to share for July 4th? Please click “Comment” below and provide the link and title. But sure to note the full URL, as well as the best application for the video. Warning: Please provide just one URL per message. Thanks in advance if you can help.

10) The BackPage: Facing the Demons in the Storm —

I’ve just returned from a Prayer Journey to Japan. On a dark and stormy night, we hiked up to the Shinraku-ji Buddhist Temple near the town of Komoro. The gusty wind and dark shadows only served to accentuate the forces we imagined. Maybe we weren’t imagining. Eph. 6:12 reads, “For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” I’ll never forget that prayer service as long as I live. It felt as if we were going up against dark forces — forces that had ruled Komoro for centuries.


I’m finding that this whole concept — that of facing the powers of the dark side, in the storms of life — can either build our faith (as we realize the opposing side is fairly powerless in the face of how great God is) or test it (if we’re convinced otherwise). So I’m wondering: Is there a possibility that you have a testimony of facing one of those dark forces in a prayer time, at one time or another? And if so, would you be willing to share it — in confidence, if you like? Just click “Comment” below and you’ll be guided through the sign-on process. We won’t distribute your address to ANYONE. But even better, if you work hard you should be able to write up your testimony as an anonymous contributor. Please write these as if they will be used for a national publication informing people of effective prayer-walking and “praying onsite with insight.” Just click Comment to get started. As readers share their testimonies, you’ll be able to read them along with the rest of us, instantly. (Note: Be careful about sharing URL’s in your answer (especially multiple ones). That tends to trip the alarm that maybe you’re a spammer.)

1) Teach in Arabia —

The WellSpring Project is looking for eight missional and qualified elementary and early childhood teachers, primarily singles and teaching couples, to teach in the Arabian Gulf in an American school owned by a Palestinian Muslim owner. WellSpring’s relationship with these owners has resulted in a request for teachers “with the same heart as you”. The expected reporting date is August 24. For more information send a CV and cover email explaining your interest to


2) Experiencing Prayer Days and Short Retreats —

The October 2012 Experiencing Prayer Days and Short Retreats will be held at the White Oak Conference Center near Winnsboro, SC (close to Charlotte, NC). The Short Session will be October 3-8, and the Full Session will be October 3-12. Participants will have a special time before the Lord, and will also learn how to facilitate prayer days and retreats for others. Some scholarships are available if needed. For the detailed Overview and Application Form, contact


3) Insurance for Travelers’ Gear —

Good Neighbor Insurance now provides personal property coverage for cameras, laptops, iPads, iPhones, musical instruments, e.g. all kinds of personal property items.  An easy online enrollment process is available at




(Note: This last link will “wrap.” If you have trouble copying it and pasting it into your browser, just log on to Brigada today online and find this same item posted there. We’ll make sure the link works on our site. Thanks.)


For more information contact

dougatgninsurancedotcom or call 480/813-9100. Toll free in USA: 866/636-9100.

4) SEND U Training Resources —

Ministry, leadership and life training can be hard to come by on the mission field. So SEND U, the training department of SEND International, has many training resources available online. These resources are designed specifically for SEND missionaries but are available, and useful, to any missionary. It includes articles on coaching, church planting, team building, marriage and family, and much more. Visit the SEND U site to get started,



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