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In this issue…
1) Muslims are leaving Islam: How should the church respond?
2) More Help for Preparing Teachers Heading Overseas
3) FreeConferenceCall.com is Giving GoToWebinar a Run for the Money
4) Calling all Storytellers: Give us Your Best Story Set Collections
5) Mindmapping Software Will Help You Get Your Head Together
6) Missions Book Wrapped In Science Fiction
7) “Jesus Was a Refugee,” by Patrick Johnstone and Dean Merrill
8) Scripture Prayers for the Peoples of the World
9) Have you Read “Global Church Planting?” What did you think?
10) With Valentine’s Day Approaching, Try this Free Bible Study on Love
11) Seminar on “Target Hardening and Resiliency”
12) Debriefing Opportunity in March
13) GMI Releases Cool New InfoGraphic: “Ambassadors”
14) The Backpage: The Hofstede Center Can Clue You In
15) Closing Stuff

1) Muslims are leaving Islam: How should the church respond?

horizonsHorizons International’s Legacy Conference is coming up June 23-24, 2016. Organizers hope it will provide insight and resources for helping the millions of Muslims who appear to be leaving Islam in their hearts, even though they don’t know what’s next. You’ll hear from plenary speakers like Nabeel Qureshi, Abdu Murray, Jay Smith, John Span, Georges Houssney and Don McCurry. Their goal? Equip you to lead lost Muslims to salvation in Jesus Christ and to refute the cultural seductions of the spirit of the age. Register now and receive Early Bird Pricing:


3) FreeConferenceCall.com is Giving GoToWebinar a Run for the Money

First, let me confirm — we still have our monthly subscription with GotoWebinar. And yes, we just ran a webinar this past Thursday for 50 people using Cyrix’s flagship webinar product. But the more we look at FreeConferenceCall.com’s offerings and the more we try them out, the more we’re wondering — why are we dumping $100/month with Cyrix when the folks at FreeConferenceCall.com have put together a stupendous product for free? Yes, our GoToWebinar subscription will allow us to pull together [literally] 10,000 listeners for one event. But admittedly, the largest true webinar we’ve ever staged barely hit 70 viewers. (We once partnered with a local church to stage a broadcast that drew 10,000 viewers. Once. But we used uStream for that anyway. So again, why are we keeping this GoToWebinar deal?) FreeConferenceCall.com doesn’t require attendee downloads, they’re free for up to 25 users (which takes care of many needs) and they added screensharing earlier this month. They have cool apps for multiple devices. Videoconferencing is free (for a limited time). Cyrix — please hear us well: We’re about to jump ship. Try them. See what you think. Please comment about your experiences.


For mission-types, if the quality is good enough, the name says it all. Check out their features at…


4) Calling all Storytellers: Give us Your Best Story Set Collections

For those interested in orality, there’s nothing like crafting a great story precisely for the relevant context. And one of the most effective ways to prime the story-crafting pump is to study existing story sets that others have crafted. If you have a great collection of stories, please click comment below this item on the web. Here are two to get us started.



Where do YOU go for story sets?

6) Missions Book Wrapped In Science Fiction

canmar passing

canmar passingFrom a leading authority on orality (Mark Snowden) comes “Canmar Passing” – a wild ride to bring hope to a people group who have rejected literacy but need to hear and act on the Story of Hope that will save them from destruction. The plot sounds like something straight from Redbox: One of Jupiter’s moons has been knocked out of its orbit by a deadly asteroid cluster kicking thousands of humanoids into space. When our world learns the moon is headed directly toward Earth, an astronaut team tries to reach them. When they are trapped, new Ambassadors jump onto Canmar as it passes Earth. You’ll have to read the book for the full story. It’s available in paperback and on Kindle at:

7) “Jesus Was a Refugee,” by Patrick Johnstone and Dean Merrill

jesus was a refugeeWe have to admit, when we see the name, “Patrick Johnstone,” we pretty much look for the “Buy now” button. Has the guy ever produced anything that was bad? So we’re drawn to the new GMI Digital Single, “Jesus was a Refugee” as much by the author’s name as we are by the title. Learn more about the plight of migrants while you’re tuning up on your Bible knowledge (about refugees in the Bible). Check it out at…


8) Scripture Prayers for the Peoples of the World

Praying Scripture is praying God’s way. “Scripture Prayers for the Peoples of the World” is a very cool 24-page booklet with scripture prayers declaring God’s truth over peoples living in falsehood. Unlike many prayer resources that share demographic data or prayer points, this tool is different in that it allows you to insert the name of a people group into scripted prayers oriented in the Biblical text. When praying the text, you can know with full assurance that you are praying that which is on God’s heart. With scripture prayers superimposed on full color images, this booklet is available for USD $7/copy ($5/copy for bulk orders over 10) plus shipping. View sample pages at

or email resourcesatReverbNetworkdotorg to place an order. We LOVE this idea and we can’t wait to try it!

9) Have you Read “Global Church Planting?” What did you think?

Let’s try this: Let’s do a real-time, real-live Brigada book review from the Brigada family. In this way, hopefully, we’ll get a realistic picture of what the book is like. Can we start with Global Church Planting by Craig Ott and Gene Wilson?


The standard review snippet says, “Combining substantive biblical principles and missiological understanding with practical insights, this book walks readers through the various models and development phases of church planting. Advocating methods that lead to church multiplication, the authors emphasize the role of the missionary church planter.” But what did YOU think of the book? Just click “Comment,” if you would be so kind, following the web version of this item. And thanks in advance for your candid and honest appraisal.

10) With Valentine’s Day Approaching, Try this Free Bible Study on Love

love studyHere’s the perfect lead-in for Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14th). It’s a Bible study on love, complete with a free downloadable (8 meg) PDF study guide. Learn more at…

The approach revolves around a look at the four Greek words for love, capturing biblical and life insights from each topic. Better hurry though: The group study starts Feb. 1st.

11) Seminar on “Target Hardening and Resiliency”

Morton Security Solutions is now offering the Target Hardening and Resiliency Seminar for Faith Based Organizations throughout the next year, starting in April 2016. They will be offering a resident course in Phoenix, AZ but will also travel to fit your schedule and location (internationally as well). This seminar is about empowering people to keep going no matter where, and is relevant to long term missions and well as short term trip leaders. They have had great success in the past and the information as well as scenario-based training has kept people from making catastrophic mistakes while in foreign locations.

Click here to find out more:


12) Debriefing Opportunity in March

Are you looking for a debriefing event in the eastern United States? Paracletos will be hosting “Recalibrate!” in March for 18 adults (no children). Five days of group and personal debriefing (similar to DAR) and quality accommodations will make this a first-rate experience for those who wish to share their story with people who care. Details can be found at


13) GMI Releases Cool New InfoGraphic: “Ambassadors”

missiographic_ambassadorsGlobal Mapping not only makes maps but does research too. In partnership with the Center for Mission Mobilization, they’ve just released (this week!) a new “MissioGrapic” to help you understand the cultural distance you (or someone you love) will need to cross in order to reach another part of the world. Check it out at…


Note that you can download it as either a PDF or JPG and… hats off to GMI: They appear to be making this available for free, bless their hearts, in partnership with the Center for Mission Mobilization.

14) The Backpage: The Hofstede Center Can Clue You In

We know about the miles between two lands geographically. But what about culturally? Enter the Hofstede Center — based in Finland. At their site, you can study your own country’s typical profile. (Granted, the profile is by NATION rather than people group, so it’s somewhat of an average.) And you can also ‘compare’ that profile with that of another nation — take your pick! You can even take a PERSONAL profile to see how you stack up next to your nation’s typical culture. The premise behind the site is anchored in the research of Professor Geert Hofstede (naturally, from Finland), who studied and wrote about the impact of national culture on organizations and corporations. It’s all rather fascinating — and it has big implications for cross-cultural travelers.

(We picked up on this site from the new Missiographic from GMI. See item #13 above. Thanks GMI — and the Center for Mission Mobilization!)

Do you see this impact (from your home nation) affecting your work? Do you think it’s a bit of a misnomer to talk about a “national culture” as opposed to your ‘people group’ or tribe? Please click “comment” following the web version of this item to tell us more. And thanks in advance for your participation in Brigada!

15) Closing Stuff

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