2019/09/22 — Brigada Today

Compiled/Edited by Doug Lucas and Tina McCormick, Team Expansion
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In this issue…
1) Wow — This 2414 Book is Stupendous (“A Testimony to All Peoples”)
2) Catch the Missio Nexus “Future” Conference via the Videos
3) Hands-On Media Ministry in a Mobile World
4) Remember that Carrie Osgood Map of World Religions?
5) Your Take on this Online New Training Course for Short-term Teams?
6) CareCon: Empowering You to Serve Your Global Worker
7) CMI Foundational Coaching Skills
8) Help Your Parents Plan for Educating Their MKs/TCKs
9) TESOL Training in Thailand and the Philippines
10) Hispaniola Prayer Conference
11) Discover App Turkish
12) Planning Your Next Vacay to Saudi
13) We’re Grateful for…
14) The Last Bit: The Tension Between Relief and Local Economies
15) Closing Stuff


1) Wow — This 2414 Book is Stupendous ("A Testimony to All Peoples")

You can buy it at…


But did you ever hear the phrase, “You never get something for nothing?” I’m afraid 2414 is out to break the mold. Their new book, “2414 — A Testimony for All Peoples,” which is intentionally posted online absolutely free of charge and it’s packed FULL of vision, scripture, case studies, and helpful tools. Compiled by top-notch trainers (Dave Coles and Stan Parks), it’s actually a collection of a TON of articles and training pieces. And you can find it TODAY on the web for free in all its 345-page splendor simply by browsing to:




You’ll learn about church-planting movements (CPM — otherwise known as disciple-making movements or DMMs). You’ll see how groups of all kinds fit in with that strategy. You’ll read about case studies, movements in the Bible, and lessons learned in the American church and with agencies. Plus you’ll be able to acquire all kinds of helpful tools for your own work. They could have asked $20. But they didn’t. Get the printed version for $8.52 and the Kindle version for under $1. Or just download the PDF version for free. It’s your choice. Well done, 2414!


2) Catch the Missio Nexus "Future" Conference via the Videos

Didn’t make it to Florida last week for the Missio Nexus “Future” conference? Did you make it, but Ed Stetzer talked too quickly and said too many important things for you to write everything down? There’s hope and help. It’s all located at…




Most sessions were recorded. All you have to do is join. Just listening to all these sessions is worth the price of admission. It was a fantastic conference loaded with tons of helpful material. You’ll be glad — even if you have to attend “virtually.” Thanks Missio Nexus!


3) Hands-On Media Ministry in a Mobile World

This online course is designed for field workers, missions media practitioners, and leaders. The five-week mentored course with Keith Williams of Mobile Advance starts October 29. Get more information and registration at




Qualifying students are eligible for a one third tuition discount in a Masters or Ph.D. program at Biola University’s Cook School of Intercultural Studies.


4) Remember that Carrie Osgood Map of World Religions?

We keep seeing that Carrie Osgood map of world religions. (Recall that we referenced it in the 2019/03/31 edition, item 6, “Carrie Osgood Might have Created the Most Interesting World Map Ever.”)




The press she’s getting via the World Economic Forum site continues to be played in social media.




Some missions agency has probably already hired her as their new researcher to give Justin Long a run for his money. : )



5) Your Take on this Online New Training Course for Short-term Teams?

Wondering about your view/input on this new online training course for short-term teams.




Obviously, there’s a bit of a cost involved. We’re thinking… $24 for each team member will add up. (But perhaps it’s not unreasonable since, buying a decent-sized book would have cost $15 anyway, right?) If you’d like to preview the fundamentals of the course, you can jump straight to:




and you can see the pricing page here:




The designers are great at responding personally if you have questions. But our question here is — what do you think about the format and the content? Please click comment after you’ve reviewed the material. Thanks!



6) CareCon: Empowering You to Serve Your Global Worker

CareCon is a five-day conference designed by the Frontiers USA Member Care Team for pastors, church staff, family members, ministry partners, and anyone who wants to support global workers. This conference will help you: prioritize the most fruitful care strategies, gain fresh ideas as you network and interact with other church and missions leaders, and build better relationships with your workers. It’s slated for Mesa, AZ, April 27 – May 1, 2020. You can learn more at…





7) CMI Foundational Coaching Skills

CMI’s Foundational Coaching Skills training program is the starting place in CMI and will open the door to their advanced training modules and your future in Coaching. They had live workshops planned in Chiang Mai, Thailand during 2020 beginning February 10-14. There’s also a Teleclass that starst October 9, 2019. The language is English. Learn more at …





8) Help Your Parents Plan for Educating Their MKs/TCKs

“Education Planning for Families in Transition” is an affordable, online course for your agency’s TCK education consultant. Your agency’s consultant will be trained in how to guide parents regarding TCK issues and educational options.  By the time your consultant is done, he or she will know how to help each family develop an education plan for their each child. Find out more at




or contact the organizers at

EducationPlanningattckconsultantdotorg  (EducationPlanningattckconsultantdotorg)   .


This program is sponsored by the Professional Association of Cross-Cultural Consultants in Education.

9) TESOL Training in Thailand and the Philippines

English can become a ministry platform for much of the world. But the folks at the Asean Center for TESOL want to help your work be exemplary for Christ. They offer an intensive, five-week certificate course in Chiang Mai, Thailand, including 10 hours of practice teaching to non-native speakers. Learn more at




or write

infothaiatactesoldotcom  (infothaiatactesoldotcom)   .


10) Hispaniola Prayer Conference

Here’s an invitation to all Christian ministries on the island of Hispaniola to come together for a time of prayer, encouragement, and collaboration. It’s slated for February 20-21, 2020 at the Hodelpa Garden Suites Golf and Convention Center. The goal is to bring all Christ-followers together to believe God for a Jesus transformation of the island. For more info, contact

bartowbarahonaatgmaildotcom  (bartowbarahonaatgmaildotcom)   or call 770-881-6621. Tickets are $12 and are available at…




13) We’re Grateful for…

…the $50 gift from a super, kind-hearted Brigada participant who said he was simply “thankful for all the hard work.” Whoa — that’s a super encouragement. Admittedly, as we write this edition, we’re racing the clock prior to catching a flight for a weekend missions rally. At this very hour, we’re super-encouraged because a reader who cared. God bless you!!!


…the $20 from a staff member at Finishing the Task who wants to help urge along the mobilization ministry of Brigada in Jesus’ Name for the sake of unengaged peoples. God bless you!!!


Want to join these partners in helping Brigada through 2019? If so, just click “Donate” at www.brigada.org, or mail a check payable to Team Expansion (Brigada), 13711 Willow Reed Drive, Louisville, KY 40299. Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so, for USA citizens, your gift to Christ by writing a check to Team Expansion is tax-deductible. Thank you, in advance, for your partnership!


14) The Last Bit: The Tension Between Relief and Local Economies

There are times that our efforts to do “relief” can clash with local business people. Have you ever thought about it before? Someone ships in a container of clothing, gives it away at a local church, and three local clothing shops go out of business because they can’t compete with “free” clothes. This past week, a Brigada participant named Jen wrote to us about this idea. She wrote in regard to free handouts (shipped in as a form of relief) and we’ve adapted her comments here for a broader audience. She wrote, “Who are we to bring in these items to hand out for free and put local people out of business?  I live in Mali, West Africa, one of the poorest countries in the world, and everywhere I go there are guys on the corner selling inexpensive things. For the locals, they cost less than $1 (I have to pay $2 😏). Even at that low price, those vendors are making a living somehow. Who are we to come in and undercut their livelihood? I’ve never been in a Malian village that didn’t sell basic clothing items and where therefore someone was depending on selling these items to feed his family. But if some mission team came in with free clothing items for everybody, I suspect his kids would go hungry. I feel this way even about larger scale items. A few years ago I heard about an org that distributed the most basic wheelchairs in Ghana. If Ghana is anything like Mali (and they are in fact more prosperous), there are local blacksmiths who build perfectly adequate wheelchairs, and have the capability to repair them. I couldn’t help but wonder if the org would need to fly in repair persons for their fancy wheelchairs (or if they would simply be discarded as so often happens here when foreign imports break). How many more wheelchairs could have been provided if they had used their funds to buy locally (cheaper than imports PLUS you save the cost of air freight) and deposit funds for maintenance with a local partner?”


What’s your feeling regarding the tension between relief and local economies? How do you know “when helping hurts” (to quote Fikkert’s book title)? How do you avoid hurting those who try to help locally? Please click comment if you have advice. Thanks in advance for your help! (And thanks, Jen, for your pondering!)


15) Closing Stuff

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