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Mark and his friends at Missionary Health (Insurance Services of America) can set you up with international health, life and/or travel insurance needs for both short-term as well as long-term stays. If you’re a missionary . . . or if you know one . . . Mark can probably save you — and him/her — some money. Meanwhile, you’ll be helping Brigada too!
Jeff and Doug at Good Neighbor Insurance can get quotes from eight different international health insurance companies for international health and life insurance, short-term, long-term and short-term team mission trips. Get group insurance quotes for small and large groups, plans for non-Americans coming to the USA and Americans living in most USA states.

Communications is run by a missionary family and offers a worldwide, international phone service with the cheapest country-to-country international long distance rates I’ve seen. If you are living overseas or call people living abroad then visit this site.

CommunicationsBlessed Hope
Blessed Hope is a Christian owned US long distance service with cheap rates for people living in the USA. Get 4.9 cents per minute interstate rates with no monthly or hidden fees. If you are paying higher rates, then visit this site.

CollaborationCentral Desktop
Central Desktop provides a great batch of services for the team or organization wanting to collaborate on goal-setting, milestone-tracking, group-calendaring, and joint task-listing. This is the service that Brigada & Team Expansion use throughout the year. Give them a try. Even if all you do is register for a free trial, Brigada still gets a $2 gift for your efforts — and it really is truly the service Team Expansion & Brigada are using at this time. Also get web-conferencing and voice conferencing for 10 people, built into the service!

Communications – Global Airtime –

This is a great service for anyone wanting to keep in touch while traveling abroad. They provide a Global SIM card that can be used with any GSM Tri or Quad band phone to travel just about anywhere in the world. You will save as much as 90% or more on cellular calls while traveling abroad. BEST OF ALL they will assign you a local U.S. number to take with you so that friends and family here in the U.S. can easily keep in touch with you without making an International Long Distance call. Find out more by visiting their website

TravelMission Travel — Christian owned and operated travel agency exists to save missions time and money through discounted international airfare. Supporting missionaries, churches and mission organizations, focuses on the Great Commission and helps those serving around the world. Dedicated to supporting global missions, qualifying groups of 10 or more may also be eligible to receive contributions from owners. Also email

or call 1-888-849-8850 in the USA.

Books — William Carey Library – — This book source, which has been publishing missions books since the 1960s, seems to keep the best books of all. All the hard-to-find stuff as well as the hot-off-the-presses stuff… it’s mostly all right here.


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23) We try to major in items relating to unreached peoples and/or the challenges of reaching them, along with helpful tools and resources to make it all work together.

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25) Note that you can now collect instant feedback on your item. Just ask readers to click on the word, “Comment” below the item text. In this manner, there’s no need to wait for some kind of “compilation in two weeks,” as we used to have to do in the past.

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About Brigada…

Brigada is a web journal offering resources, strategy tips, tools & “hacks” to Great Commission Christians. It is edited by Doug Lucas, Team Expansion, Louisville, Kentucky, USA. Here’s a very brief history:
Since January 25th, 1995, the weekly Brigada Today email journal has been informing Great Commission Christians about our great global quest: giving hope and help to those who need it most. During its initial 3 or 4 years, Brigada sought to create email discussion groups that would unify like-minded pilgrims in reaching specific pockets of people. Thankfully, now there are several specialist websites dedicated to that task. In more recent years, Brigada has honed in on what it always did best for Christians in God’s Great Cause:

  • Identify & promote helpful resources, conferences, websites, agencies, individuals, etc.
  • Analyze & capsulate in layman terms the current trends in global mission, along with their potential impact on the world of missions
  • Challenge & motivate evangelical Christians toward greater involvement in finishing the Task of global evangelism — to seek to inspire others to help in passing the baton of responsibility and initiative in world evangelism, to form a kind of “brigade” so that, shoulder to shoulder, we can finish the Task that Jesus assigned us in Matthew 28:19-20.

Today there are about 10,000 subscribers of our weekly publication who, together, make up the Brigada family of participants. May God grant all of us wisdom, insight, and energy to keep on sharing hope and help to those who need it most!

Here at our new “Web 2.0” site, we have, in a manner of speaking, re-created history, posting every past edition of Brigada Today via this blogging approach as if they had been written this way all along. The real truth is that the original versions of these Brigada Today editions were sent out as emails, then logged to the web in a completely different format. Beginning June 28, 2008, we recast them here in this new format, which includes multiple new tools such as all-site searching, date sorting, commenting, and much more.

Thanks for being part of the Brigada family!

Welcome to Brigada!

In November, 1994, Doug Lucas was asked to serve as President of “Envision ’96”, a global missions conference which was to occur in Lexington, KY, Nov. 4-6, 1996. In the run-up to this event, Doug and his sidekick, Eric Derry, conducted focus groups throughout the country to discern how the convention might best serve the global missions enterprise. As a result of all the dreaming that went on in those brainstorming sessions, Doug launched Brigada in January, 1995.

In Doug’s keynote address on the opening night of Envision ’96, he called for networks of churches and agencies to “adopt” unreached people groups. Behind him were 1739 large placards, each containing the name of one of the least reached people groups being highlighted by the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. He asked audience members to approach a giant “Adoption Center” to the right of the stage, where Eric was standing by with a staff of volunteers, ready to record the “adoptions. Hundreds responded… networks launched… and unreached people around the world heard, many for the first time, the saving message of Jesus Christ.

From those beginnings sprang the Brigada vision of linking together a “brigade” of people (“Brigada” is Spanish for “brigade”), all banded together for the sake or reaching the world’s lost. Since 1995, Doug has compiled a simple, text-oriented email called “Brigada Today.” What began with a network of 2 people has now expanded to a readership of over 10,000, not including visitors to the newly-refreshed Brigada website.

Doug has always said, “The measure of Envision ’96… and the measure of Brigada… will not be seen by crowds in convention centers or pages on websites. The real measure will be changed lives, new churches planted, long-term networks launched.

That’s the magic of Brigada. Join the momentum. Pray for energy for the Cause. Participate in reaching the unreached today… and you’ll be carrying forth the tradition of Brigada.
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