Last week during our “Launch” week (the week during which we train our newest mission recruits with Team Expansion), one of the participants was recounting the story that convicted him to enter missions as a career. He mentioned that he was serving on a summer internship in Asia. In talking with a couple of nationals he had just met, in an effort to learn more about the culture three, he asked them what the typical local might think of Jesus. As the answer came back, he came face to face with how desperately some people still need the redeemer. When they answered, they said, shaking their head, “Jesus? Who is he?”

With all of today’s communication systems, media, and the Internet, perhaps it’s hard for us to digest the fact that there might still be some 2 billion people who still, for the most part, remain in that same situation. Yet it’s true. And from that moment on, this new recruit made up his mind that he would live his life, God willing, to reduce the number of people in that situation the best he could.

Interested in learning more about that need? There are a number of great media sources listed in the response comments to a recent BackPage request on our Brigada “Brigade” site at:

As you scan down the page, please take a moment to give thanks for all the folks that have worked to produce these and other resources so we can “get the word out” about the remaining need. As for me, I ended up using a resource at

called “Lost People.” It was quick, easy-to-download, generic enough, yet specific enough, quick enough, and people-oriented enough to try to get my point across.

I’ll also mention that one Brigada participant (only one) questioned my desire to find such a video. His basic tenant was that I must be out of touch with the need if I don’t understand that it can’t be reduced to a 3-minute video. I understood his criticism and thanked him for it. Still I need to provide this particular church with a resource, so … something tells me that maybe he didn’t understand the context. The truth is, many of us, when we come in contact with a deep heartfelt need, probably react similarly. How would we ever show that desperate situation on a video? And if we did, would it be manipulative? … crass? … or somehow dishonest? I guess for me, I go back to Jesus’ response in Matthew 9, where he saw “sheep without a shepherd,” wept, then immediately told the disciples to pray to the Lord of the harvest that He would send workers. That’s exactly what I was hoping to do — in effect, transport the congregation to truly *see* that scene of sheep without a shepherd.

By the way, the church decided to study the world and adopt an unreached people group somewhere. With the Lord’s help, there will someday be a handful (or maybe *tons*) of previously untold people who stand with white robes on judgment day — because that church decided to try to make a difference. Huh. What’s not to like about that? :-)

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OK… I’ve got 48 hours to find the very best video in the world to mobilize a church of 1500 to raise the bar for missions in their congregation. The video should be short — maybe 3 minutes is perfect. It should be snappy and fast-paced. It should not be a “branded” appeal. (In other words, it shouldn’t be seeking to raise money or recruits for any one specific agency, project, or people.) Instead, it should prompt a church to want to do more for missions. It should inspire them to believe that the task is *doable*. It should help them get a glimpse, though, of just how much yet there is to do. When viewers finish watching the feature, they should *gulp* because of the tremendous “task remaining”, they should be sobered by the depth of the challenge, but they should be excited to get involved in what their church is doing to change the world… starting with one people group or city.

All that in 3 minutes. Can it be done? Do you know of such a video? We need it by noon Friday… so that means ordering it Thursday if we have to express mail it into Louisville… or better yet, downloading it on Thursday, end of the day. Is it doable? Does one exist? Don’t be humble if you’re the producer… we need this baby ASAP. Thanks for any help you can give!!!

If you know of any such resource … or anything *close* to it… please leave a message by clicking to:

Thank you so much. I’m desperate. :-) Either way, the site should become a virtual cornucopia of great mobilization videos. Check it out!


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