19950326 Brigada Today

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Brigada is free (though you still have to pay your normal email charges, of course).]












WE'RE GROWING! ... & GOD IS AT WORK AROUND OUR WORLD -- It's plain to see the Spirit is at work around the globe! He is awakening us all of the need for prayer, personal renewal, and cooperation in finishing the task! Brigada is only a symptom of a much greater movement... but look at the growth. Below is a chart with the number of 'subscribers' to the top level of Brigada (this Brigada Today update).

4 weeks ago: 58

3 weeks ago: 76

2 weeks ago: 95

1 week ago: 106

Tuesday: 135

Today: 234!!!

234 people -- missionaries, church leaders, mission agencies, mission executives, mobilizers, anthropologists, professors, world Christians! Thanks for being a part of this network.

NAVIGATION MAP -- Below is a chart to point to the conferences established thus far. Each line represents an entirely different conference, with an entirely different set of participants. You can be a member of more than one conference, but to do so, you must subscribe to each conference individually. Subscribing to the top level Brigada conference does =not= automatically get you mail from each of the subgroups. (If it did, you'd go crazy with mail!!! [grin]) Remember that you can determine the name of any conference by starting at the top and left and working over. To subscribe to any of the conferences below, just send email to hubatxcdotorg with the word "subscribe" followed by the conference name (include the hyphens in the conference name, but lose the quotes in "subscribe"). For example, to subscribe to the first subconference listed, your message to hubatxcdotorg would read,

subscribe brigada-albania-durres



Brigada (234 have subscribed to this top level conference, "Brigada")






















NEW CONFERENCES SPAWNING -- ... as fast as we can produce them! During the coming week, we hope to launch requested conferences for...

*** Turkik peoples, with George Livingston and Dan Davis

*** The national publication, _Prayer Alert_, by Eddie Smith

*** Crimean Tatars (and the work in Simferopol, Ukraine, itself), featuring on-site missionaries in Simferopol, Ukraine)

*** Makua People of Tanzania and Mozambique

CHRISTIAN INFORMATION NETWORK SHIPPING NEW BOOK -- They're working around the clock... three brave souls who are putting the needs of 100 Gateway Cities above their own! Thanks to the staff at CIN, thousands of new _WindoWatchman_ books are being shipped out this very minute to points around the globe. The new 240-page volume profiles the life and times of the people of the 100 Gateway Cities, making it immensely easier for us to pray informedly for the people we're learning to love, even though few of us have met them yet! If you haven't already ordered one, contact CIN at

11025 State Highway 83

Colorado Springs, CO 80921

Tel: 719-522-1040 Fax: 719-548-9000

Tell them you heard about it in Brigada! Copies are $10 in the USA.

INPUT NEEDED FOR MEETING WITH GLOBAL MAPPING AND ADOPT-A-PEOPLE -- One week from today (on April 7th at 3pm), a Brigada representative will meet with a VP from Global Mapping and staff from the Adopt-a-people Clearinghouse to brainstorm about how we would propose to make People Profiles and City Profiles available online via Brigada. We need your help in determining what would be the most useful approach. Send email to DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg with your ideas. Pray for Bill Dickson of GMI, Eric Derry of Brigada, Bob Binkley, and hopefully others from the AAP Clearinghouse, along with others who can attend the brainstorming session at the AAP Clearinghouse's office in Colorado Springs. As of today we were also hoping for someone from the Christian Information Network to help give input regarding the 100 Gateway Cities "Praying through the Window II" Campaign. [Example...

***a) Should we go ahead and set up a conference for each of the 100 Gateway Cities, in anticipation of awakenings in interest for each, or should we wait until someone =asks= for creation of such a conference?

***b) Should we focus on developing the People/City profiles in ascii text only, or should we prepare Microsoft Word for Windows versions and post them as well?

***c) If Marv Bowers has his way (and we all pray to God that the Spirit will empower him to do so! :-)), there could conceivably be "200+ profiles prepared by mid-May." [By the way, let's all pray that God will empower Marv to be able to pull this off -- scanning, OCRing, and cleaning up those thousands of pages will =not= be an easy task.] Should these profiles all be listed under the top level "Brigada" subdirectory/conference, or should a special "peoples" conference be created as a file storage area?

WHAT'S THE WORLDWIDE WEB -- To understand the item below, we probably all need to be caught up to speed on the worldwide web, or WWW. The WWW is a kind of graphical user interface to what we're already doing on Brigada. Right now, to get a copy of the new profile on the Ishilhayn people of Morocco, you send a [fairly exact] command to a [fairly unforgiving] hub computer on the INTERNET, then wait a few minutes for the profile to arrive back in your email box. For some, this might be all the service ever needed. Others, meanwhile, are longing for a graphical way of doing things... in much the same way that Windows has provided buttons to click for those old cryptic DOS commands. Well the WWW automates the process of getting files, sharing maps, drawings, and photos, and navigating conferences and forums. All it takes is a click of the mouse and you could jump from a people profile index over to Morocco then over to the Ishilhayn. No commands to type. No email to wait for. The downside is you need something called a WWW browser (like Mosaic, Netscape, or NetCruiser). Right now, it appears that relatively =few= people among our 234 Brigada participants have the capability to use the WWW. However, that's about to change. =Very= soon, America OnLine will add that service to its list of menu choices, and Compuserve will follow shortly thereafter. In addition, when Windows 95 becomes available (in August of this year ... or next :-)), =everyone= will have a browser =built in= to the operating system!!! By =then=, Brigada wants to be ready to automate much of what might seem difficult to some users, a hassle to others. So read on to the following item!

BRIGADA LAUNCHES EXPERIMENTAL WORLDWIDE WEB HOMEPAGE! -- Just ten days after formally "opening its doors" on the INTERNET, Brigada has now launched its own WorldWide Web page. Though still in development (we have a hunch it will =always= be developing!), it is already functional. However, uses should note that ponters and the actual site address could change as we continue to develop the concepts and the best approaches. For now, point your WWW browser to http://www.xc.org/Brigada/brigada.html and look to the future! [Thanks =loads= to Bob Sutterfield, the folks at Morning Star Technologies and CrossConnect for their help in launching this project. Like many others, I'm convinced God has prepared Bob "for just such a time as this".] Watch for future development on how this www page could help you get people and city profiles, networking information, and conferencing capabilities. If you have ideas on what this page should contain, email DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg.

NEED A FREE EMAIL COMPUTER? -- Send a message to James Thornberry at jimtatgoldendotncwdotnet and ask for information about Computers for Missions Int'l. They are a ministry which specializes in gathering by donation computers, parts, and software to put together systems to give to missionaries in the field free of charge. They are currently asking for any used, new, or "spare" pc's to use in the work of the ministry. In addition, they would like the names of missionaries that might have a need that we can help with. [Thanks to Ron at MissionNet for this item!]

NEW PEOPLE GROUP PROFILE POSTED -- Add the Ishilhayn to the list of people profiles that can be electronically downloaded via Brigada. Thanks to the Adopt-a-people Clearinghouse for making these available. To retrieve this new profile, (assuming you're already subscribed to Brigada) email hubatxcdotorg with only the following line in the body of the message:

get brigada peoples-morocco-ishilhayn

Thanks to Marvin Grooms at the CC/CC Missions Resource Center for keying in this and the other People Groups we have posted as sample electronic copies.

ARABIC PEOPLE CONFERENCE READY FOR BUSINESS -- Bill Kelly's goal is manyfold. He wants to see an exchange of information sources, as well as information itself. He wants to share/learn where are the good ftp sites, lists, etc, that will help us learn more about Arabic peoples. In addition, he would like to see mission agencies discuss their various philosphies about showing God's love, launching new thrusts, and how those thrusts integrate with Arabic peoples' visions of who they are and where they're going. Bill says, "The Biggest question for me personally is how can individuals "plug in" in

an active way, rather than just passively reading prayer newsletters? What sort of innovative ideas are being used to moblize the resources of the laity?" To learn and share with Bill, join Brigada-peoples-arab by sending email to hubatxcdotorg with only the following line in the body of the message:

subscribe Brigada-peoples-arab

19950319 Brigada Today

BRIGADA TODAY -- 24 of March, 1995

News and Notes about Brigada

Compiled by DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg

[Note: Please forward or pass this Brigada Today to as many people as you think might be able to see a future in it! To subscribe, send email to hubatxcdotorg with the one line, "subscribe brigada" in the text of the message (without the quotes). Subject is irrelevant. Brigada is free (though you still have to pay your normal email charges, of course).]


NAVIGATION MAP -- Find out what's "down under" the top level...


BRIGADA'S FUTURE -- What will God do?


NEW ON BRIGADA -- Look who just stopped by to join up!

NEW TO BRIGADA? HERE'S THE CONCEPT -- Networking at it's best...





NAVIGATION MAP -- From 58 three weeks ago, to 76 the following week, to 95 last week to 106 today, Brigada (the top level conference in the map pictured below) continues to grow. (We officially "opened for business" this past Tues., March 21st, the first day of spring. One participant wrote that God was bringing new life all throughout his creation, both in nature and online! For that may He be praised, because He alone is worthy.) Below is a chart to point to the conferences established thus far. Each line represents an entirely different conference, with an entirely different set of participants. You can be a member of more than one conference, but to do so, you must subscribe to each conference individually. Subscribing to the top level Brigada conference does =not= automatically get you mail from each of the subgroups. (If it did, you'd go crazy with mail!!! [grin]) Remember that you can determine the name of any conference by starting at the top and left and working over. To subscribe to any of the conferences below, just send email to hubatxcdotorg with the word "subscribe" followed by the conference name (include the hyphens in the conference name, but lose the quotes in "subscribe"). For example, to subscribe to the first subconference listed, your message would read,

"subscribe brigada-albania-durres"

(without the quotes).



Brigada (106 have subscribed to this top level conference, "Brigada")























ANSWER TO LAST WEEK'S PUZZLE: MEANING OF "DAG" -- Last week, at the close of the "Interview with Bob and Steve" of Morning Star Technologies, we asked if anyone could guess where the name "Dag" originated. ('Dag' is the name the guys gave to the computer that handles all Brigada conferences.) There were several guesses, but no one came through with the correct answer. As Bob put it, "'Dag' is the Hebrew word used for the "great fish" in Jonah 1:17ff. That fish was God's agent to carry His servant Jonah to a far-off land, to do the cross-cultural ministry God had planned for him. May this modern Dag be so used to enable His workers to carry God's grace to the unreached peoples of the world!"


BRIGADA'S FUTURE -- We asked Pete Holzmann for his 'take' on Brigada's future. Pete serves as the Technical Advisor to the International AD2000 Leadership and the Coordinator for the AD2000 & Beyond Assessment Task Force. He's been studying interactive technologies for several years now, with a view of how they can best serve AD2000 leadership. According to Pete, "Brigada is one of the needed cooperative efforts for enabling leaders to improve communications among working groups." He then added, "In fact, Brigada will be one way that you can find out about additional AD2000 efforts in that direction." Keep in mind that AD2000 & Beyond is a movement, rather than a tight-knit organization. But what Pete seems to be saying is that he believes God will use Brigada as a key part of the puzzle uniting various global partnerships that form through GCOWE tracks and related AD2000 efforts. Join us in praying that we'll all be good listeners for God's global plans.


ADOPT-A-PEOPLE CLEARINGHOUSE CROSSES ANOTHER HURDLE -- This past month, the AAP Clearinghouse crossed a significant hurdle. For quite some time now, Marv Bowers, a computer specialist from California, has been intending to move to Colorado to assist the Clearinghouse in scanning in the AAPC People Profiles so that they would be available electronically. Finally, just last week, Terry Riley told Brigada that Marv has succeeded in making the move! The Clearinghouse has =tons= of profiles on paper in filing cabinets there in Colorado. Marv's plans call for a two part plan. Not only will the =thousands= of profiles be converted to an AskSam database for use on a local CD-ROM reader, but more importantly for Brigada's use, the text will be converted to ascii, after which Terry and the Clearinghouse plan to make the profiles available online here on Brigada. You can already practice implementing this approach by downloading our 'test profiles' today! If you're a Brigada subscriber, send email to hubatxcdotorg (Compuserve users, don't forget to preface this with INTERNET:). In the body of the message, put any one or all of these lines:

get brigada peoples-india-bhumiji

get brigada peoples-india-magahibihari

get brigada peoples-iran-qashqa'i

get brigada peoples-ivorycoast-jula

get brigada peoples-mozambique-ndau

These profiles were manually transferred to ascii by volunteer Brigada participant, Marvin Grooms, who operates the CC/CC Missions Resource Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. (Thanks Marvin!) That'll give you a small taste of the =thousands= of profiles that should someday be available in this same fashion, if and when Marv is successful! Pray God's richest blessing on him, his ministry, and family. We need his work fast! [grin]


NEW ON BRIGADA -- Added this past week were several very key participants. Kay Hiramine is Peter Wagner's special assistant. Dr. Wagner's office, in Pasadena, CA, oversees the United Prayer Track for the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. For example, out of that office has come the 'sponsorship' and some of the leadership for programs such as "Praying through the Window" (both in 1993 and now in 1995, with the 100 Gateway Cities). Also added this week was the Sentinel Group's office in Lynnwood, WA. We've been watching their output for quite some time. Those familiar with Sentinel will immediately recall the new city/nation profiles that give prayer needs and key details about a particular unreached area (Thanks to Brigada user Steve Burris, of Fuller Seminary, for sending in samples to Brigada). Their research and presentation is first class. Also added was Phil Elkins -- see more about his work later in this bulletin.


NEW TO BRIGADA? HERE'S THE CONCEPT -- We hope Brigada can serve the Lord by being a place to meet others who share a common concern for a specific city or people, a forum to search for others who are wanting to be used by God to make a difference. Brigada provides tools to get answers =today= about people, tribes, castes, kindreds, & cities -- and the connections to meet those set on reaching them. Naturally, like any 'new business', we've just opened our doors, so the dust is still settling. It'll probably be well after May (and GCOWE) before we'll be able to see the full extent of how God can use this service. But you can already begin working today! If you'd like to see how, just check out the Albania-Durres conference, or ask Jeff Pike about his Missions Mobilizers sub-group. And the "practice" we get now will help us know how to set up the networks of tomorrow.


LOOKING FOR A FUND-RAISING IDEA? TRY ANDREW WOOD'S RIBBON! -- Thanks to Brigada user Andrew Wood (who is making a difference in the former Soviet Union today!) for pointing out a useful tool from _52 Ways To Teach Missions_ (San Diego: Rainbow Books, 1994). It's actually a very simple way to garner the participation of a whole department or congregation or even group of congregations. Get some ribbon (heavy gift wrap ribbon works best, 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide). Cut the ribbon into one yard lengths and distribute one or two yards to each class, group, or person you'd like to involve. Each day or week, he/she/the group attaches nickels, side by side, along the length of the ribbon, until the entire yard (or two) is full. Pull together 100 volunteers to collect a yard of nickels and you will have raised $210! If you can find a group of congregations to do a whole 'mile' of ribbon (1,760 yards -- that's a lot of nickels!), you'll have $3696! Try it and let us know how it goes!


MISSIONS TRAINING RESOURCE CENTER NOW ON BRIGADA -- This week's featured participant is Phil Elkins, recently subscribed from the Missions Training and Resource Center in Pasadena, CA.

Brigada: "Phil, tell us what you do in Pasadena."

Phil: "I am president of the Mission Training and Resource Center in Pasadena, Ca. For fifteen years we have been designing and operating special training programs for missionary pre and in-field needs."

B: "Give us an example of how this Center can assist in actually fulfilling the Great Commission."

PE: "We operate a training center in Central Asia for those planning to work in that area of the world. In Los Angeles we annually conduct an intensive experience based training program for prefield missionaries."

B: "What do you cover? What do your California students do, for example?"

PE: "They live and work among their target field peoples in L.A. and start learning the language skills necessary to acquire language proficiency. They are assisted in developing cross-cultural communication skills, interpersonal relational skills and church planting skills. We also have a process of working on spiritual formation."

B: "Who can participate?"

PE: "We work with agencies, formed mission teams, and local churches."


TOOL OF THE WEEK -- KEEPING OUR PROMISES -- This past week, someone asked me, "Doug, you seem busier than ever. Does your family ever see you?" Thanks in part to Promise Keepers, I think my family would tell you that they see me more than ever. If you haven't taken a look at the 7 Promises that a Promise Keeper makes to God and his family, take a look at them, as given in the book, _The Seven Promises of a Promise Keeper_ (Colorado Springs: Focus on the Family Publishing, 1994)....

A Promise Keeper is committed to...

1) "... honoring Jesus Christ through worship, prayer and obedience to God's Word in the power of the Holy Spirit."

2) "... pursuing vital relationships with a few other men, understanding that he needs brothers to help him keep his promises.

3) "... practicing spiritual, moral, ethical, and sexual purity."

4) "... building strong marriages and families through love, protection, and biblical values."

5) "... supporting the mission of the church by honoring and praying for his pastor, and by actively giving his time and resources."

6) "... reaching beyond any racial and denominational barriers to demonstrate the power of biblical unity."

7) "... influencing his world, being obedient to the Great Commandment (see Mark 12:30-31) and the Great Commission (see Matt. 28:19-20).

Of course, it's the number 7 that originally caught my eye, but loving my wife and kids -- and investing in them daily -- has become kind of an addiction for me... and a healthy one, I believe. I coach two soccer teams (one for each son), leave a love note =every morning= for my wife, and swap one weekday workday for every weekend travel day spent on the road. I've not "arrived," but God is teaching me a lot about the years of time I wasted without knowing my role and responsibilities as a husband and parent. Only through his grace and power can I write to you today. As a matter of fact, my time is gone. I have to leave right now to go demonstrate Brigada to my sons' Christian School!!! [grin] Have a great week!

19950312 Brigada Today

BRIGADA TODAY -- 17 of March, 1995

News and Notes about Brigada

Compiled by DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg


*NAVIGATION MAP -- Two conferences reach the "100 zone"!


*WORDS FROM A NEW USER -- N. (name withheld by request) , from the Cities Network

*"FAMOUS PARTICIPANTS" -- Look who just subscribed...

*IDEA DEPARTMENT -- In-Quoting effectively

*TOOL OF THE WEEK -- "Who" and DMIS's Dave the Answer-Pointer-Man!

*FILES OF THE WEEK -- New People Profiles on line!

*INTERVIEW WITH BOB AND STEVE -- Who or What is "Dag"?


NAVIGATION MAP -- From 58 two weeks ago, to 76 last week, to 95 today... Brigada (the top level conference) continues to serve additional missionaries, mission executives, mission educators, church leaders and World Christians. We're now in the final stages of testing, ready to actually 'announce' the service publicly early next week. Probably on Monday, faxes will be sent to some 450 key leaders with the hopes of establishing all the more linkages via Brigada. Below is a chart to point to the conferences established thus far. Remember that you can determine the name of any conference by starting at the top and left and working over. To subscribe to any of the conferences below, just send email to hubatxcdotorg with the word "subscribe" followed by the conference name (include the hyphens in the conference name, but lose the quotes in "subscribe" and, of course, drop the numbers in parentheses that follow the conferences below).



Brigada (95)

|-albania-durres (17)

|-albania-durres-ftf (4)

|-argentina-laplata (14)

|-colombia-bogota (3)

|-ecuador-guayaquil (5)

|-orgs-missionmobilizers (20)

|-teamex (100)

|-peoples-arab (2)

|-kazakh (4)

|-latam (7)

|-prayer-mobilizers (13)

|-prayer-requests (2)

|-projects-brigada (13)

|-cells (5)

|-lex96 (15)

|-security (5)

|-pubs-globalprayerdigest (15)

|-missionfrontiers (11)

|-ukraine-kharkov (9)

|-ukraine-kharkov-ftf (11)

|-uruguay-montevideo (20)

FTF CONFERENCES SHOW THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME -- This past week, participants in two conferences (for Durres, Albania and Kharkov, Ukraine) simultaneously came to the conclusion that they really needed two different conferences (each). One would serve the general public, to exchange prayer requests, reports, and 'public' releases. The other, the "Field Task Force" conference, would serve a much narrower audience and would, for the most part, be a private "invitation only" conference specifically geared for solving field issues that were more sensitive in nature. On these latter conferences, only the overseeing church and/or mission leaders would be invited on board. The new conferences were launched and are already in use by the leadership of these two innovative fields. Thanks for the 'user feedback'! Now that we've seen Kharkov and Durres conferences at work, we figure that many new "adoptions" will probably prefer a similar setup.

WORDS FROM A NEW USER -- N. (name withheld by request) works with Viv Grigg on the Cities Resource Network for AD2000 & Beyond. He wrote this week, "I'm glad for the contact and the warm welcome and the insights that will come from more than one head trying to think about how to be strategic in the 10/40 window. I'm thinking that the way that Brigada could be most helpful to me is to be sounding board for new ideas and strategic thinking. This could be a brainstorming, logistics testing ground for especially rapid deployment of resources to fast openings that happen in politically difficult countries that are termed "Creative Access Countries". My thing is to do God's thing at whatever the cost, realizing that we are in a war and that casualties are a normal part of the attrition of gaining the victory for the Kingdom. But I don't want to always move unilaterally, without the confirmation of the other parts of the body of Christ represented in the parachurch movements and the local and denominational churches arrayed over the vastness of our planet. The second important aspect of that which is needed form Brigada is the research to move wisely and forth rightly into the territory that isn't always controlled by our King Jesus. Thirdly, is the continued communications support to report and infuse the church with up to date information that shows the advances and attrition rates and the call up of new recruits and resources to further the perimeter of gain for Christ. These are my quick thoughts and if they could be aired to see if others also see it this way I'd appreciate that. Yours in Christ and pressing on, N. (name withheld by request) " Thanks Norm!!!

"FAMOUS PARTICIPANTS" -- I know, I know... we're all the same in God's eyes. But there's just something exciting about seeing some of the names in the "who" list for Brigada (for more info., see "Tool of the Week" below). For example, does the name "Kaleb Jansen" ring a bell? [Hint: Go check your coffee table for the most innovative and colorful cartographic missions masterpiece money can buy!] Or how 'bout "Eddie Smith" [a la US Prayer Track Leader fame...]? And don't forget Michael Jaffarian [who works each day beside David Barrett, author of a humble little volume known simply as _The World Christian Encyclopedia_], Mark Wilson and Bev Pegues [Co-Coordinators of the "Praying Through the Window II" campaign], Leonard Tuggy [with merely a few decades of mission leadership behind him]. There are others... but that's probably enough for now. After all, we're all the same in God's eyes. :-)

IDEA DEPARTMENT -- "In-quoting" can be a helpful process when returning email replies, especially on Brigada conferences. The trick is knowing how much to quote! If your email software doesn't have an automatic quoting function, you might have to use the mouse to select the message, copy it to the clipboard, then paste it into the body of your reply. Insert something like a double brace "<<" at the beginning and end of the comment you're quoting ">>". That way other readers in the conference will know the difference between the original message and your reply. Be sure to try to leave the original writer's name in a "From:" line somewhere at the top. Many automatic in-quoters insert a line such as "You wrote" or "You said:". If you're replying to a message with multiple requests or questions, you might want to separate the message into sections, dividing each by the << >> braces mentioned above. IMPORTANT: Those paying for the message by the byte (especially the overseas users) will appreciate it if you quote =only= the portion of the original message necessary to give the context of the original question... no more, no less. Users all over the world =dread= seeing a stack of three or four in-quoted messages, copied lock, stock and barrel into the next reply! :-)

TOOL OF THE WEEK -- Want to get a list of the individuals on your conference? Just send email to hubatxcdotorg, fill in the subject with whatever you want, then enclose two words in the body of the message: "who brigada" (without the quotation marks). In a few minutes, the hub computer will send you back a complete list of your co-conference participants!


There's another tool we'd like to mention this week and that tool is actually a person. He's David Nesmith, who works the Directory of Mission Information Services, founded by Global Mapping as a kind of "point-to-the-right-answer-desk". Dave is very forthright about the fact that he won't always know all the answers... but that's really not his job anyway. His job is to know where you can =find= the answers! So try him out. Next time you're trying to figure out where the Yalunka live, or how to get in touch with so-and-so who wrote such-and-such, or where to go to find what-cha-ma-call-it, send Dave email at dmisatgmidotorg. From personal experience, I can tell you you'll be glad you did! He has yet to come up empty-handed with my own queries! :-)

FILES OF THE WEEK -- Thanks to Marvin Grooms, of the CC/CC Missions Resource Center in Cincinnati, Ohio! He's heading up a committee charged with posting People Profiles on Brigada and he's been at work this week. Take a look at the following profiles now posted in the Brigada conference section (top level):






(To retrieve a copy for yourself, send email to hubatxcdotorg, then fill in the subject with whatever, then, in the body of the message text, write "get brigada peoples-mozambique-ndau", substituting the file name for the profile you desire, without the quotation marks. Note that you must have already subscribed to Brigada for this function to take effect.) As time permits, Marvin and his growing team of volunteers would like to post dozens... or maybe hundreds :-) of profiles for worldwide use. They can be refreshed with updated information from anywhere in the world, and new insights can be appended to the info. that Marvin has already posted. Be patient as formats and spacing issues are resolved... but you can start enjoying instant-access to the peoples of the world from your own keyboard today! Thanks to the Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse for unselfishly making these and other profiles available to the missions community at large!

INTERVIEW WITH BOB AND STEVE -- You've heard about CrossConnect, but who is MorningStar? Well this past week, we climbed in our van and made the trip to Columbus, Ohio, to find out! (Actually, I had to preach about 10 minutes from the MorningStar office and it was on the way! :-) ) We were able to interview two of the technicians who do the 'hands-on' maintenance of the computer hub (or 'server', which they affectionately refer to as, "Dag") that Brigada uses for its magic. Bob Sutterfield and Steve Neruda, along with their friend Karl, work for MorningStar Technologies in Columbus. (Note that Dag itself is owned by CrossConnect, an organization based in Colorado; but because of the unique connection offered by MorningStar, CrossConnect actually bases "him" [Dag] in Columbus. Thus, CrossConnect workers 'telecommute' to work everyday from Colorado!) Thanks to the courtesy of Bob's management team and company ownership, MorningStar makes available Dag's hardwired connection directly into the spine of the INTERNET at state-of-the-art speed ... and they do it free of charge! We all owe a big thanks to the folks at MorningStar [subliminal commercial disclaimer: If your college or agency ever needs equipment for hooking into the INTERNET, Bob and Steve can talk to the management at MorningStar and get you great prices on the hottest stuff on the market. -- end commercial :-)]. I asked Bob about possible limits to Dag's capabilities, if Brigada continued to grow. He replied with a wry smile that we weren't even beginning to tax the system yet. When I explained that someday there might be literally hundreds of church networks, communicating with majority world believers from around the globe who had come alongside them to reach unreached cities and peoples, he just kept on smiling. "See, that's why we, along with CrossConnect, have been trying to prepare this capability all along! All this equipment is just a bunch of wiring unless there are real people like you all who come along and find a use for it! You all are the reason we're here!" Bob and Steve work long hours for MorningStar, then stay even longer to do volunteer work to maintain "Dag". When there are inevitable hardware failures, special software jumps in to spool Brigada messages to alternative servers at other sites. Once Steve and Bob get Dag back on line, the computers at the other sites begin unloading back to Dag the messages they've been storing up. In this fashion, even if there are problems, we suffer little if any, data loss. Getting all this equipment to work together is truly a ministry for Steve and Bob (and Karl, whom I didn't meet personally). God has gifted us with a wonderful bunch of colleagues... ready for action, finding fulfillment in helping us accomplish the visions God has imparted to us. So when you pray later today, please lift them up and ask God to give them extra strength! We're counting on them to help us with future expansion!!! :-) One last question -- a kind of contest. As we mentioned above, the Morningstar gang and the CrossConnect crew all refer to the server as, "Dag". We'll give extra points to the first Brigada participant who can figure out where they got that term... Just send your best guesses to DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg. And Bob and Steve... no fair giving out hints. "Neither the employees of Morningstar nor CrossConnect, nor their families can participate in the contest." :-)


19950305 Brigada Today

News and Notes about the Brigada Network

Compiled by DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg


*NAVIGATION MAP -- 7 new conferences launched!!!

*IDEA DEPARTMENT -- Prepare a "key file"

*GROWTH GROUPS -- Top level adds another 20 participants in one week!

*WHAT'S THE BEST EMAIL TO USE WITH BRIGADA? -- Some services surveyed


*TOOL OF THE WEEK -- "Light the Window" will set fire to your group!

*FILE OF THE WEEK -- The unreached peoples of the 100 Gateway Cities


NAVIGATION MAP -- Remember that you can determine the name of any conference by starting at the top and left and working over. To subscribe to any of the conferences below, just send email to hubatxcdotorg with the word "subscribe" followed by the conference name (include the hyphens in the conference name, but lose the quotes in "subscribe" and, of course, drop the numbers in parentheses that follow the conferences below).



Brigada (58)

|-albania-durres (14)

|-argentina-laplata (13)

|-colombia-bogota *

|-ecuador-guayaquil *

|-orgs-missionmobilizers (15)

|-teamex (79)

|-peoples-arab *

|-kazakh (3)

|-latam *

|-prayer-mobilizers (9)

|-prayer-requests *

|-projects-brigada *

|-cells *

|-lex96 (10)

|-security (3)

|-pubs-globalprayerdigest (5)

|-missionfrontiers (4)

|-ukraine-kharkov (3)

|-uruguay-montevideo (17)

* Conferences marked with an asterisk are brand new this week!

IDEA DEPARTMENT -- Want to save time? Prepare a special "key file", made up of the Brigada conference names and/or commands that you are likely to use most often. Participants using a word processor such as Winword can then prepare a macro that automatically opens the file for 'read-only' reference, then use the Tools-Customize option to put a 'hot button' on the tool bar that executes the macro. In this way, with the touch of a button, you'll bring up your "key file", allowing you to select and copy conference names then paste them into your email application to eliminate all that manual typing each time around.

GROWTH GROUPS -- Have you noticed that we're growing??? Last week, "Brigada Today" celebrated 58 users in the top level conference of Brigada. Now, just 7 days later, that figure has climbed to 76 and is still growing! And we haven't actually announced the service publicly yet. Probably on Monday, we'll be sending faxed announcements to hundreds of missionaries, mission executives, and church leaders. Many are not on email at this time. Their ramp to Brigada will be steep and they might need your help to get started. If you see a new Brigada user struggling to get going, please lend a helping hand. And if there's someone you know who should be on board to network with others, please let them in on the concept!

WHAT'S THE BEST EMAIL TO USE WITH BRIGADA? -- Any email application will do. As long as your service can send and receive messages to/from the INTERNET, you'll be in great shape. However, some applications do seem to mesh with the INTERNET more effectively than others. (Please note that this has =nothing whatsoever= to do with Brigada in particular. We're describing general features of the communications service itself.) For example, America Online is basically a good choice for Brigada users, since you'll have 10 hours of "free time" each month and unlimited messaging to the INTERNET without paying a dime extra. However, AOL has, during the past few weeks, experienced days where their gateway to the INTERNET has operated so slowly that INTERNET messages sometimes required up to 3 hours to arrive... even from point to point within the USA! During =one= day last month, there was such an increase in traffic that messages spooled to storage hard drives and weren't even delivered until the next morning! (This is definitely the exception, rather than the norm; most AOL traffic to and from the INTERNET takes about 5 minutes!)

But American Online isn't the only service that will provide trying times for Brigada users. We've recently seen INTER-nauts refer to Compuserve as Compu$pend :-) (Thanks Rob Slade!). Compuserve charges 10 cents per message for each message users =send= through its INTERNET gateway =and= charges the same for messages received! =However=, note that users get a flat base rate of 90 such messages =free= each month. So, if you're receiving a "Brigada Today" each Friday, plus an average of 2 or 3 other INTERNET messages per day, odds are your Compu$pend bill will still be the normal flat rate of $10/month. However, if you start sending/receiving 10 INTERNET messages per day, you might want to switch or add a service that lets you work more affordably.

There =are= other alternatives. Those with heavy INTERNET work loads might consider using Netcom, a true INTERNET hook up, complete with its own "NetCruiser" graphical interface, the service of choice for Brigada participants Steve Burris and Eddie Elliston, both of Fuller Theological Seminary. Though the service is $20/month, there are no charges for INTERNET messages and off-peak time is unlimited (40 hours peak time provided free). Once Netcom upgrades their email software to allow for off-line composition of messages, this will probably be the top INTERNET service in the nation. (Those interested can dial 408-983-5950 for more information; and yes I do use Netcom but no they don't give me any kind of premiums for recommending them :-).)

In the end, the choice must be yours. If you're new to the INTERNET, but already have an email service-provider, it's probably better to wait a month or two to gauge the cost of your present setup. If you're just getting started, and want the cheapest start-up costs on INTERNET, go with America Online (800-487-0588). If you're determined to try Compuserve and use discipline when sending and receiving to the INTERNET, call 800-487-0588. In addition to these, the 'big three', you might scout around locally to see if there are other providers in your area that offer an even better alternative.

BRIGADA PARTICIPANT OFFERS FREE BIBLE STUDY -- Thanks to Warren Dowd (wdoudatbgadotcom), who is offering a free correspondence course verse-by-verse Bible study. Write Warren directly if you're interested. He reportedly has more than 900 signed up, ready to begin Titus in the next few days.

TOOL OF THE WEEK -- This week's special tool for mobilization is "Light the Window", a new video produced by CBN, distributed by Christian Information Network (11025 State Highway 83, Colorado Springs, CO 80921 -- Compuserve: 73422,3471; INTERNET: 73422dot3471atcompuservedotcom or call (719) 522-1040). "Light The Window" tells the story of Praying Through the Window, a global prayer movement sponsored by the United Prayer Track of A.D. 2000 & Beyond. To fulfill the Great Commission, the Praying Through the Window campaign is asking that prayer would be focused on the nations of the 10/40 Window and the Gateway Cities within these nations. By viewing the video, you'll learn how you can join the millions of Christians who are part of this worldwide prayer movement. It's first class and comes (on the same tape) in two different lengths (11 min. and 27 min.). A more official press release is slated for March 24th, but you can order from Bev Pegues at CIN today. The tape is copyrighted by CBN. Please tell her you read about it on Brigada!

FILE OF THE WEEK -- You've seen the list of 100 Gateway Cities, but have you seen it cross-matched with unreached people groups in those cities??? Neither had World Vision's Unreached People expert John Robb... so he asked Southern Baptist researcher John Gilbert to prepare one. Because both these men are involved in helping fine-tune Brigada, we saw early copies of the list as it was being readied for publishing. This interesting approach takes the new fascination with a city-by-city look at the globe and combines it with the proven focus of viewing the world through 'people group' eyes. For each city, John Gilbert has listed the 3 or 4 priority unreached groups which live there. And now, Mark Wilson, who is one of the two coordinators for the 100 Gateway Cities Project, has shared the final list and made it available to Brigada users (thanks to Mark, John and John for using Brigada!). To obtain your own copy, just send email to hubatxcdotorg, placing the following line in the body of the email message:

subscribe brigada

get brigada 100-gateway-cities-peoples


The list will come running into your email in-basket in about 5 minutes.

NEXT WEEK -- An interview with two of the fellows who give on-site service to the computer server that handles all of the Brigada conferences. They share their vision for the future... and that's where we're all headed!

[Did someone forward this note to you and not give you instructions as to how you can start receiving "Brigada Today"? Simple. Just look above to the item, "FILE OF THE WEEK". Follow the instructions to get the file and you're in business. You'll get the file =and= start receiving "Brigada Today" in your own in-basket automatically, each Friday morning. Questions? Write DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg]

19950226 Brigada Today

News and Notes about Brigada, Your Gateway to Missions Networking!
Compiled by DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg  (DougLucasatxcdotorg)  
[Pass this issue to a friend! To subscribe, see instructions at end.]

In this issue….



Two Brigada conferences — the top level “Brigada” and “Brigada-Albania-Durres” continued to expand with 26%+ growth this week, bringing their conference size to 58 and 14 respectively. Others came alive with first real activity. For example, if you’d like to subscribe to The Global Prayer Digest Online (which has come alive this week — thanks to Elise at the US Center!!!), the conference name is brigada-pubs-globalprayerdigest. (Tack @xc.org onto the end of any conference name to get the conference address.) So, e.g., to subscribe to The Global Prayer Digest, just send email to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with the message
subscribe brigada-pubs-globalprayerdigest

For more information on this process, see “NEW CONFERENCES BRING NEW GROWING EDGES” below
OR check out the list here on our Web server: List of Current Brigada Conferences



Why not forward a copy of this update to a friend who might be interested in Brigada! Also, you could start a special subdirectory on your PC called c:\brigada and in it, start a file called “BrigToda.doc” or something similar. Each week, when this message comes in, just call up the file and add the current week’s message onto the end of BrigToda and you’ll always have the latest information on Brigada and know exactly where to find it! Want to start by calling in the previous “Brigada Today” issues? They’re archived in the Brigada file area. (Send email to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with the sole line,
filelist brigada

and in a few minutes, you’ll receive in your ‘in-box’ a list of all the files stored in this area. You can then send email back to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with the line,
get brigada brigada-today.950224

substituting in the name of the file that represents the issue date you’re looking for
OR check out the list here on our Web server: Issues of Brigada Today



During the past week, seven new conferences were created, though as of this morning, we are still waiting on CrossConnect to complete the associated “hub logistics”. (Note: Creating a new conference consists of two steps: [1] the set of commands that designs the framework and [2] the code that allows the conference to function on the hub. The first step is relatively easy. The Brigada Coordinator performs those commands and it normally takes no more than 30 minutes. The last step requires actual coding by CrossConnect staff people and normally delays the ‘birth’ of the conference by about 2 days. Under particularly heavy work loads however [as in this past week, when CrossConnect staff people were involved in helping launch a new server at MAF headquarters], the delay can be longer.) We’re hoping that the following conferences will be ready for use by next Tuesday or Wednesday:

  • brigada-colombia-bogota — featuring updates and prayer requests from field workers such as Mark Dempsey regarding new church planting in this city of 8 million people where the number of evangelicals is below 2%. Requested by field workers.
  • brigada-ecuador-guayaquil — where the number of evangelicals is, again, below 2%. Requested by field workers.
  • brigada-peoples-arab — to begin general brainstorming and dialogue regarding how to speed along appropriate care and concern to this, the remaining largest block of unreached people. Requested by Bill Kelley on behalf of many others.
  • brigada-peoples-latam — to provide a forum for discussing missions resources and outreach ideas to the remaining nonChristians in Latin America. Requested [repeatedly] by field workers.
  • brigada-prayer-requests — specifically for the posting of special prayer requests. Note that this will allow the prayer-mobilizers conference to focus on networking and mobilization ideas for congregations and movements. Requested by Dave Butts.
  • brigada-projects-brigada — to provide a forum for Brigada volunteers (conference “Moderators”, “Reporters”, “Consultants”) to exchange ideas, report problems, ask questions, and encourage one another. This will be the “Op Center” for the Brigada network. Requested, among others, by our CrossConnect staffer, Jonathan Marsden.
  • brigada-projects-cells — To allow those who are applying the cell group church planting approach to dialogue and exchange ideas on a more personal level than that allowed by other cell church mailing lists.

These new groups will bring the total number of Brigada conferences to 20 in all! Once these conferences are launched, you’ll see them in the list when you send email to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with the following text in the message body:

OR check out the list here on our Web server: List of Current Brigada Conferences

In addition, if you’re slated to be Moderator for one of these conferences, you’ll receive email confirming your ‘subscription’, along with the standard “welcome message” for that new conference. So be patient! CrossConnect will come through!



This conference is set to come alive this week, with input from Albania Field Coordinator, Eric Derry, fresh back from crisscrossing Albania on a strategy/planning trip with on-site personnel. You can write Eric at EricDerryatxcdotorg  (EricDerryatxcdotorg)  


Having consultants like World Vision’s John Robb online in Brigada can multiply our resources exponentially. As MARC’s Unreached Peoples Researcher, John tries to act as a catalyst for forming relationships that can be beneficial across the board to many in God’s kingdom. For example, this past week, noting Bill Kelley’s interest in Arabic peoples here on Brigada, John sent a note to Bill and Doug Lucas about a certain George Livingston who was trying to facilitate the formation of a network of churches that could launch a project for Turkic people. We contacted George and found him very eager to work together with the Brigada concept. His organization, Global Consulting Group, is at work full-time to draw attention to 10/40 Window opportunities and networking to reach them. George is at Compuserve 73124,2120. Thanks John Robb!


Out of the blue this past week, we received a call from a Mrs. Arlien Spring. Turns out that she is the Coordinator of the Mission Frontiers Vision Network. Several years ago, she began making the 100-mile drive to the US Center to do volunteer work there and has become a permanent part of the US Center staff. Someone had faxed her a copy of the ‘vision’ paper on Brigada that we circulated early on. Little did anyone know that she had been praying for the development of Brigada ever since. Why did she call? She wanted to know the name of Doug’s wife and sons because she felt that he would be attacked, along with those who were close to him, specifically because of the potential that Brigada held for reaching unreached people and cities! Right there on the phone, she started reading from Psalm 78, encouraging us to have “Faith, Obedience and Dependence on God”. She said that in the past, when God’s people didn’t trust Him to work out the future, little would happen. But during the times that they were fully dependent on him, amazing things took place. Her encouragement was to fully depend on God — then she broke right into prayer for Brigada. Our sense was, with this lady praying for Brigada like this, what might God do???!!! Thanks Arlien! [She’s getting an email connection specifically to keep in touch with Brigada’s growth so she can pray all the more effectively for the work of God around the world!]


If you’re in a meeting with someone and they happen to mention, “Oh yes — I’ve been meaning to get a copy of those 100 Gateway Cities [which are the target of prayer for the October ’95 “Praying through the Window” prayer Campaign]. Are they available online anywhere?” Look no further. Tell them to send email to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   with the following lines in the text typed into the body of the message, exactly as they appear below (Compuserve users will need to send to INTERNET:hubatxcdotorg, of course). The last line gets a help file with more information:

subscribe brigada
get brigada 100-gateway-cities.txt
get brigada help-detailed

That’s all there is to it. The list of 100 Gateway Cities will come right into the email in-basket!

OR check out the list here on our Web server: List of 100 Gateway Cities


NEXT WEEK — A review of “Light the Window”, the new video on the 100 Gateway Cities!


[Did someone forward this note to you and not give you instructions as to how you can start receiving “Brigada Today”? Simple. Just look above to the item, “FILE OF THE WEEK”. Follow the instructions to get the file and you’re in business. You’ll start receiving “Brigada Today” automatically.]

19950219 Brigada Today

BRIGADA TODAY -- 24 of Feb., 1995

Compiled by DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg


"PLEASE =DO= HIT THAT REPLY BUTTON... -- ... if you'd like to send a message to the folks in your conference. Last week's item, "Please don't hit that reply button," gave at least a couple of participants the mistaken impression that if you reply to a Brigada message in a particular conference, your reply will be sent to Brigada participants throughout =all= conferences. NOT! Each conference stands by itself. If you've subscribed to one, you've not subscribed to all. So if you're a part of the brigada-prayer-mobilizers conference and receive a message from that conference, when you reply, it will go only to the members of =that specific conference=.

NAVIGATION MAP -- Here's a look at what' been established during our month of 'beta-testing'. Remember that you can determine the name of any conference by starting at the top and left and working over. For example, if you'd like to subscribe to _MF_ Online, the conference name is brigada-pubs-missionfrontiers. Tack @xc.org on any conference name to get the conference address. Then, e.g., to subscribe to _MF_, just send email to hubatxcdotorg with the message
"subscribe brigada-pubs-missionfrontiers". Following each conference in parenthesis is the number of participants as of today, Feb. 24. Obviously, this is for reference only and need not be included in any command or message.



Brigada (46)

|-albania-durres (11)

|-argentina-laplata (12)

|-orgs-missionmobilizers (15)

|-teamex (79)

|-peoples-kazakh (3)

|-peoples-latam (to be added this week)

|-prayer-mobilizers (9)

|-projects-brigada (to be added this week)

|-lex96 (10)

|-security (3)

|-pubs-globalprayerdigest (5)

|-missionfrontiers (4)

|-ukraine-kharkov (3)

|-uruguay-montevideo (17)

CROSSCONNECT SENSITIVE TO USER FEEDBACK -- We're finding the folks at CrossConnect to be very sensitive to user input. For example, a couple of new Brigada participants 'replied' to the 'Welcome message' for their conference, thus unknowingly replying to the 'hub' computer, sending a ton of 'command lines' for the computer to go berserk over! CrossConnect listened and responded with new code that automatically sends such unknowing replies to the conference "owner" (the person in charge of overseeing that conference). Thanks Jonathan!

BRIGADA-ALBANIA-DURRES -- At last night's meeting in Louisville, the Northeast Chr. Ch. formalized its relationship with Team Expansion in adopting Durres, Albania, for the purposes of helping plant a new indigenous church planting movement there. The church has contacted David Foglebach in Detroit, a specialist with Muslims there. They will be working with David and Eric Derry to put together a 'first step' project with Albanians in Detroit this summer. This is an open conference in which anyone may participate.

BRIGADA-PEOPLES-KAZAKH -- The December issue of _The Kazakh Partnership_ has been placed in the file area of this conference. The Kazakhs are up and running!

BRIGADA-ORGS-MISSIONMOBILIZERS -- What was only an idea in Jeff Pike's head last week is reality today! Jeff Pike's entire AD2000 committee is now subscribed and ready to roll. Jeff and the others in his AD2000 & Beyond Track are committed to helping mobilize a new wave of missions 'movers and shakers' throughout the globe! Welcome to Brigada!

KHARKOV AND MONTEVIDEO CONFERENCES READY FOR ACTION -- Previously, when Larry Griffin or John Bliffen wanted to send news regarding the outreach in Montevideo, they would send their message via Compuserve to a "group" setting in their WinCim address book. But that meant that every time someone new wanted to be added to their list, they had to make sure to remind each other to update address books manually -- NOT a good use of a missionary's time. But that's a =great= use for computers! From now on, the brigada-uruguay-montevideo conference list will maintain the mailings =for= them, totally automatically. Would-be subscribers can just send a message to hubatxcdotorg with "subscribe brigada-uruguay-montevideo" in the body of the message, while Larry and John go make disciples! :-)

YOUR INPUT NEEDED -- Next week, we're planning on announcing Brigada publicly. If you have suggestions or comments regarding how or in what way Brigada should expand, send them to DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg. Thanks!

CITIES AND PEOPLES -- Over the next few months, and especially following the Global Consultation on World Evangelization and "Praying Through the Window II" this fall, God will be raising up networks of churches, agencies and individuals to form new outreaches to the unevangelized peoples and cities of the world. When that happens, it is our prayer that Brigada will be ready to serve as a piece of the communications puzzle for this vast international array of workers, resources and information. Remember that we're hoping that Kingdom citizens from many majority world countries will be on board, serving side by side with us. Many of them -- =MANY= of them have access to the INTERNET now. Brigada permits them to integrate information and ideas regardless of the specific type of email or INTERNET hook-up they have. It will take =work= . . . but the pay off is increased mobilization and synergy worldwide. We're hoping that for each newly adopted city or people, we can add a corresponding email network on Brigada to provide a forum for that group to share news and brainstorms. This will also provide opportunities for involvement for many workers who otherwise might have stayed in the fringes. Stay-at-home moms, retired persons, and college student-volunteers can collect and distribute information that =everyone= can use. Adopt-a-People Profiles that were once hiding out in filing cabinets can be posted for =anyone= to access =immediately=, at very little cost to the Clearinghouse or the user. With a simple 'send' to one address, conference leaders can communicate with participants all over the world. Pray that God will bless this new vehicle and its future.

NEW CONFERENCES TO BE ADDED -- After receiving requests from several missionaries in Latin America, Brigada will be adding a conference this week specifically allowing for networking and sharing of resources among missionaries in Central and South America. In addition, we'll be adding a new brigada-projects-brigada conference that focuses on the development, staffing and future of the Brigada concept itself!

FILE OF THE WEEK -- Curious about where the name, "Brigada", originated? Download the file that has the answer. It's a great way to learn how to 'get'! Just prepare a new entry in your emailer's address book entitled "Brigada Hub". The address should be

hubatxcdotorg (Compuserve users should use INTERNET:hubatxcdotorg). Then send a message to that address with the following text in the message body:

get brigada why-the-name-"brigada".txt

You can use this command in any conference on Brigada. Once again, the format is:


Try it... and find out why we're Brigada! Remember to match the exact case on file names! (In most cases, files will be posted in lower case.)

February 24, 1995

19950212 Brigada Today

BRIGADA TODAY -- 18 of Feb., 1995

Compiled by DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg




BRIGADA-ALBANIA-DURRES -- Northeast Chr. Ch. Adopts Durres

BRIGADA-PROJECTS-LEX96 -- 20,000 in Lexington???

BRIGADA-ORGS-TEAMEX -- 85 Participants Already!





NEED HELP? -- "Get" it when you want it!

PLEASE DON'T HIT THAT REPLY BUTTON... -- ... until you're sure you want to send a message to people all over the world! Throughout the network of Brigada conferences, if you 'reply' to a Brigada mailing, remember that your message =bounces= to every subscriber! If that's what you want, it can be great. But if you actually wanted to send an individual, personal note, it can be very embarrassing!!! :-) A word to the wise....

BETA MONTH RAPIDLY DRAWING TO A CLOSE -- Just ten days until we begin announcing Brigada publicly (March 1). Yet even though Feb. is a 'test month', some are already beginning to make good use of Brigada's networking capability...

BRIGADA-ALBANIA-DURRES -- (12 participants) The Northeast Chr. Ch. in Louisville, KY, came "on-line" today in the person of Lisa Middleton, the new Missions Secretary for the church (MiddletonLataoldotcom). Lisa will be coordinating communication to and from the Missions Team, chaired by Randy Gordon. The church has invested the past 3 months in prayer and preparation for "adopting" Durres, the second largest city in Albania. This Thursday, they sign the 'adoption papers'!!! :-) When they brought Lisa on board, they included Brigada as a major piece of her job description. Already today, she's busy shuffling messages and decisions back and forth between on-site workers in Durres and the Missions Team. The church wants to build a strong prayer ministry in preparation for their next phase of development, a short-term thrust in Detroit to work with ethnic Albanians that will hopefully result in a new Albanian outreach there.

BRIGADA-PROJECTS-LEX96 -- (9 participants) Planners and implementers are continuing an on-going discussion in this conference area to prepare for a giant missions mobilization campaign that will hopefully result in some 20,000 believers gathering in Lexington, KY, on Oct. 31, 1996. Their goal??? To help make sure there is "A Church for Every People" by Dec. 31, AD2000. The next 18 months will be key if the project is to succeed and the participants of this conference are determined to seek God's heart in making it happen.

BRIGADA-ORGS-TEAMEX -- (85 participants) This conference by far has the most participants, having moved its weekly HeartBeat On-Line news update to Brigada just 10 days ago. Each Thursday morning, all participants receive an update edited by Team Expansion's International Services office in Cincinnati, OH, then bounced via Brigada to missionaries and supporters throughout 11 countries, serving among some 16 people groups.

OTHER CONFERENCES READY TO ROLL! -- Through the next few days, several other conferences hope to fire up on-line, and with structures and practice sessions already in place, all the lights are green!

BRIGADA-ARGENTINA-LAPLATA (12 participants) heard from one of the on-site workers today. BRIGADA-PEOPLES-KAZAKH (formerly BRIGADA-CENTASIA-KAZAKH -- please make a note of the name change), BRIGADA-URUGUAY-MONTEVIDEO, and BRIGADA-PUBS-MISSIONFRONTIERS are all experimenting with first 'posts'. BRIGADA-PUBS-GLOBALPRAYERDIGEST is already functioning, though on a practice basis. Still, you can 'get' Friday's reading from the Global Prayer Digest (17 of Feb.) by joining and 'get'ing GPD.950217. (Note the upper case on GPD. On file names and commands, case =is= significant. We're currently evaluating the use of upper CASE ... in this case.)

BRIGADA-PRAYER-MOBILIZERS SUBJECT OF A DREAM! -- (7 participants) Lynn Heatley takes her prayers seriously. That's why not more than a month ago, when she woke up in the middle of the night with a 'start', she wrote down her feelings right then and there. She had dreamed of a greater involvement in prayer than ever before. And that's saying a lot for a young woman who is about to invest in office space in Chino, CA, specifically for the purpose of networking and mobilizing more prayer for worldwide Christian outreach. We met Lynn last December and were impressed with her vision. That's why we sent her a fax regarding Brigada last week, hoping she'd give input as to how we could inspire and motivate all the more prayer involvement throughout the land. But we hadn't heard about the dream. You see, in the dream, there was one word that kept coming back to her. "And when I woke up," Lynn said on the phone earlier this week, "I had that one word on my mind." The word? [Twilight Zone music in background] .... "Brigada," says Lynn. The Brigada networks had already been buzzing for a full week before the call. Hmmmmm........ See Lynn soon on the BRIGADA-PRAYER-MOBILIZERS conference. And if you haven't stopped by for the "muslim-prayer-guide", get it today. It's not too late to begin the 30-day prayer emphasis being sponsored by agencies and churches throughout the globe. The electronic version is ready for 'get'ing.

HELLO NEW FILES, HELLO NEW SUBSCRIBERS -- There are now 38 participants in the 'top level', "network of networks" BRIGADA conference (=this= one). This conference will be used for general updates and announcements that seem to relate to the over all network as a whole. 17 files have been posted, featuring everything from testimonies about the possibilities for Brigada (by the likes of individuals with names like Robb, Rowland, Pemberton and Stearns!) to a complete chart of the 100 Gateway Cities (for "Praying through the Window II" this October). You can get an annotated member directory, a brief explanation of why we proposed the name 'Brigada', pick off the original 'Brigada White Paper', and even 'get' a special tool that let's you send binary files via Brigada's text based email system!!! (uuexe521.bat, 52K, documentation included; note that both the sender and receiver will need this batch file.) New subscribers include Bible translators (like Dr. Rondal Smith of PBT and Ron Rowland of SIL), more overseas missionaries (like Dr. Doug Priest of Massai missions fame, now based in Singapore with Christian Missionary Fellowship, published by William Carey AND Viv Grigg with AD2000's Cities Resource Network), researchers (like John Gilbert, Southern Baptist Global Research Coord.), professors (like Dr. Eddie Elliston, Assistant Dean at Fuller's SWM, and Steve Burris, Distance Learning Coord.) and missions strategists/facilitators (like Dave Nesmith of Global Mapping's DMIS, and Elise Christol, who provides tech. support for the Research and Development arm of the US Center)! And there are more! (Just send a "who brigada" message to the hubatxcdotorg computer address for a full list.) But keep in mind that the real "roll-up-your-sleeves" work won't be occurring on this 'top' level (Brigada). It'll be occurring in the new "cities" section that Viv Grigg will be helping get under way, or among participants of Jeff Pike's new "AD2000 Mobilizing New Missionaries Network USA" due to be launched next week, or in Dave Butts' and Lynn Heatley's Prayer Mobilizers' conference, or in any one of the new "peoples" areas (like the Kazakh conference that John Robb recommended). If Brigada is to really be effective, we'll have to =make= it work. It won't happen automatically! So thanks to all who have jumped on board... It seems like we're ready to see some networking like never before. Korea here we come!!!

BIG THANKS TO JONATHAN MARSDEN AT CROSSCONNECT -- We continue to be baffled by the many skills and energies of Jonathan Marsden, who has served as our primary support specialist at CrossConnect in Colorado. (Although the Brigada hub is actually located in Columbus, OH, Jonathan and the CrossConnect staff 'telecommute' each day from the Rockies! You'd never know it by how fast he delivers tech support for this venture!!!) Without the help of JM at XC, we'd never have been able to get this far... and we'd shudder at trying to face the coming week of new start-ups! Join me tonight in praying for Jonathan's 4-year-old son, David, who is still recovering from a 104 degree fever he dealt with yesterday. And while you're at it, please thank the Lord for Jonathan's friendship and partnership in this new venture.

NEED HELP? -- "Get" the brand new file, "help-detailed" if you'd like a 4-page explanation, complete with a 10-point outline to handling the commands and structure of Brigada. The file is ready for use, but still "under construction," so input is welcome! If you want the 'quick start' version, just get the subset, "help". For those still getting used to the Brigada approach to 'get'ing files, send a message to hubatxcdotorg (for Compuserve users, that's INTERNET:hubatxcdotorg) that has the following line in the body of the text:

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get brigada help

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to the hub computer. Good luck!!!

18 of Feb., 1995

19950205 Brigada Today

In this issue….



Received the following from G. R. (email address ommitted for security), who serves with Frontiers. My question to him was whether or not we could set up something like the brigada-albania-durres conference for a Muslim field and not risk compromising security. You can see that he actually seems to favor emailed stuff over and above fax, phone, or air mail! I’ve written him back for the encryption routine of his choice. Picked up a resource tonight judging the relative merits of various encryption programs and hope to test a few here in the next couple of weeks. Here’s GR’s reply:

Your question about security and safety is a broad one and I am not sure what you are after.

If you are looking for heavy duty personal safety, terrorist threat, etc., Contingency Preparation Consultants, (805) 647-4329 are tops as far as I know. They do workshops, training, put out literature and maintain a good bibliography.

If you are talking mail into limited access areas, plain envelopes, no postage meter use and have someone who is security conscious read before mailing. Words that show a group or organization at work, talk politics, talk evangelism, church planting, etc. (changing the national religion or ways), use “Christian vocabulary”, ask how many were saved etc., discuss organizational news or church news regading the addressee are out.

Do not mail religious material or items unless asked. Ask people in the field what security rules they want you to follow. Phone and fax are similar to mail. E-mail is similar but can be encripted and with passwording, compression, etc. is relatively safe. Hope this helps, GR



We recently wrote John Robb to ask these questions: “[Doug’s original note to John]

As you might recall, our original time line called for going “public” on April 2nd. At this point, I’m feeling we might be able to better that milepost, aren’t you? Maybe we can shoot for March 1st now to open the conference up broadly? That’ll give us still another month to work out the kinks and get some flow going. We picked up the Argentina conference today. That’s La Plata, the city that Pete Wagner and company visited over the past few years. We also heard back from the Kazakh Partnership Letter editor and they’re going to try to scan in their newsletter to produce ascii text. If we can pull it off, that’ll give us the Kazakh start that we need. I believe we’re at the point that we can go to the Crimean Tatar group now…. Still, don’t let me rush us if you feel we ought to hold back some more … I have a tendency to want to move fast on this kind of thing…. :-) Thanks again for your help!

John Robb just replied, “Doug, You are the best one to decide the time. If you have enough feedback and are satisfied that you have all the bases covered, then go ahead. Perhaps a pilot version, more scaled down could be launched first to see how it works and to get the bugs out of it.


Based on John Robb’s input, we’ll be immediately launching a kind of “pilot version” of Brigada, with plans for a full implementation some 60-90 days from now.


You can request a list of active conferences by sending a message to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   (without the braces) with a one-line message: conferences

In about 2 minutes, you’ll receive a reply from the hub with all conferences listed. You can then subscribe to any of the other lists using the same approach. Send a message to hubatxcdotorg  (hubatxcdotorg)   and write in the body (not subject) of the message:

subscribe brigada-albania-durres
subscribe brigada-projects-lex96
subscribe brigada-orgs-teamex

The “end” is optional but recommended, esp. in the cases of services that put a ‘signature file’ on the end of your message.



The APNU (La Plata) is soon to come on board Brigada…. Watch closely for announcements about brigada-argentina-laplata, which should be added within the next couple of days. The email updates that have been going out solely via Compuserve will now be broadcast from the CrossConnect server, and allow all the more dialogue and exchange afterward!


Contact World Christian News for more copies…. 719-380-0505.


Check the lex96 conference tomorrow for an update on today’s focus groups in Lexington. If you haven’t subscribed, you can do so and still catch the next posting.


Check the durres conference tomorrow for an update on the Northeast Chr. Ch. and its ‘next steps’ regarding the adoption of the second largest city in Albania. Feel free to subscribe.


Check the teamex (Team Expansion) conference for the HeartBeat On-line on Thursday. Those who have subscribed will automatically be dropped from the weekly direct mailings.


Post an item as high in the chain as you feel it has relevance. If it’s “durres-specific”, by all means, use that conference. If it’s general for all to see, post it here to the Brigada general conference. But please do not post in more than one location. You can mention a ‘teaser’ or tickler to draw attention to action on a sub-conference. Currently, “Brigada” is the only conference that is moderated, meaning that your posts are viewed first, then approved and posted publicly. All others at this point post immediately directly from your screen.

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19950129 Brigada Today

In this issue….



to pull together the people, the resources, and the networks to complete the task of reaching a particular city and/or people group with the love of Jesus Christ.


to form “conferences”, overseen by a moderator (insuring integrity and safety for those in creative access situations), that will allow for pooling information, prayer requests, possibilities, people, plans, projects. This will happen through the magic of the INTERNET and put the information right into your email ‘inbox’, thus relieving you of the need to go search for it ‘somewhere out there.’


Brigada is currently in the development stage. Among those who have been approached for input are John Robb and MARC, Viv Grigg and the Unevangelized Cities Track, Terry Riley and the Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse, John Gilbert and the Foreign Mission Board of the Southern Baptists, Pete and Jonathan at CrossConnect, and many others. In fact, if you’ve got feedback, please send it to brigadaatbrigadadotorg  (brigadaatxcdotorg)   and we’ll build your ideas into the future! Who knows what God will do!?!


Sali Berisha on 25 January proposed setting up private radio and TV channels to offer a broader and more impartial dissemination of information, Reuters reported the same day. Berisha said the present state-run radio and TV stations should be turned into public institutions partly subsidized by the state but not responsible to it. He added that this measure “will also influence the quality of the existing media.” Albanian Television has been broadcasting 16 hours a day via satellite since the beginning of 1995. The opposition claims that Albanian radio and TV are controlled by the ruling Democratic Party. Although current legislation does not permit private radio stations, several pirate stations are already broadcasting.
– Fabian Schmidt
(The above should not be republished without permission of OMRI.)


You are invited to join tens of thousands of Christians all over the world, for one month of prayer for the Muslim world, January 31 trough March 1, 1995. Each year the number of churches and believers participating in this prayer event grows. This prayer event coincides with the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a month of prayer and fasting observed by all Muslims. You are not being asked to observe the Muslim fast, but to use this time to pray for the Muslim world. There are one billion Muslims today. Most have little if any Christian witness in their midst. Less than 1% of the global missions force is deployed among this 20% of the worlds population. There are many reasons for this great disparity, but prayer is the first step in turning barriers into opportunites. For more information, write DA Drachenberg 73053dot3137atcompuservedotcom  (73053dot3137atcompuservedotcom)  .


(The following was just rec’d from David Nesmith DAVEatgmidotorg  (DAVEatgmidotorg)  , who staffs Global Mapping’s Directory of Mission Information Sources. The investment of energy represented in David’s reply is a tribute to how strongly he believes in the vision behind the mission of Brigada. I hear him saying that this project needs to go forward and that he is very much willing to work with us to make it happen. I hope you’ll join me in thanking God for David’s input… and pray with me that we can come up with concrete responses to the opportunities and challenges he signals. Doug)

In the vernacular of Madison Avenue, you have run it up the flagpole–I salute it. I think your time schedule is unrealistic, but go for it. …

We will work alongside whoever and whatever is involved in the product’s delivery. We will do all within our power to help move it along, within the limitations of our resources. (This is my heart response; I really don’t know what that means in specifics.) I cannot conceive of not working with it since it can help accomplish my own DMIS mission.

… Consideration could be given to posting the newsletters on on-line services such as CIN and even CompuServe. All back issues could be archived for late comers to download. The master file (wherever it is) could be accompanied by a search engine which would enable the user to choose to search for keywords and download pertinent portions rather than the whole thing.

Consideration could be given to producing it in geographic segments. The idea here is elastic but the principle is that individuals could focus on certain areas of high interest.

… Consideration could be given to designating certain people or organiza- tions as the focal point (or clearinghouse) for specific topics. There could be clearinghouses (or nodes) for topics like Islam, urban, shanty (or garbage dump) ministries, evangelism crusades, maritime ministries, people groups, India, community development, refugees; the list could go on and on. News items could be channeled through the nodes on their way to the final compiler, thereby minimizing the compiler’s burden. It would also produce a better product if an expert in that topic was responsible for it.

The research track coordinators of AD 2000 would have worthwhile input to the project.

This cannot be solely a Western product. It must have Two-Thirds World participation and input. It should be translated into other languages after the trial period works out the bugs and it becomes a going con- cern. This may present a content challenge but one which can be solved.

I must readily admit that I am prejudiced, subjective, and partisan with this idea. It will help to accomplish my DMIS purpose. I want to hitchhike on it and help make it work. DMIS is most willing and eager to serve as a node on the network and to otherwise cooperate in any way that will help it to accomplish its purpose.

I would support and work with it even if there was not a DMIS but my participation and outlook on it is understandably colored and molded because of it. …

Let us reject out of hand the notion that it won’t work. The resources and the technology are with us. The only preventive factor is the lack of our will and desire to make it happen. High-tech is handing us a golden opportunity. Let’s grab it!

I must temper my enthusiasm with the reality that says, “Is this God’s time for this?” That is an honest and legitimate question, but one which I feel can be misused to knock ideas whose time has come. Let’s ask it honestly, seeking His true leading.


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01/04/2009 — WE OWE A DEBT OF GRATITUDE… — To the folks at Missionary Resources Connection, who became a “True Fan” of Brigada by sending $100 this past week! Thank you MRC!!! Also becoming new “True Fans” were friends in Fresno, Phoenix and Bosnia, both of whom sent $100. Another friend from Oklahoma City sent a $50 gift (also much-appreciated). We’re so very thankful to finish 2008 in the black (first time since we started in 1995) and begin 2009 with a positive balance! Additional gifts came from new friends from Greer, SC ($50), a veteran of 36 years ministry with Wycliffe ($50 as well), and a great friend from Partners Int’l — who gave $200, become *2* True Fans in one!! (See the item about them above.) So we are amazed, sobered, encouraged, and pumped! Thank you!!! This maxes out the matching giving from the international church in the Middle East (Thank you!) and also starts us out on a great footing for 2009. Once again, this is the first time in Brigada’s 14-year history that we’ve been able to meet our financial needs. May God be praised for the faithfulness for all His people!

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In short, you’ll find just about every kind of medical, travel, life, and medical insurance imaginable, including special policies specifically for missionaries. What’s more, they make a special gift to Brigada in your name when you purchase coverage from them. So thank *you* for checking them out.

Thanks, too, for a $100 “True Fan” gift from Evangelism Resources. See the entry above about their work… and thanks to the leadership at Evangelism Resources for partnering with Brigada!

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and the fantastic outreach opportunities provided to him via Wycliffe Associates


11/09/2008 — Tonight we salute Mark in Nebraska, our newest “True Fan” of Brigada, having sent $100 this past week. Another True Fan this week: Corbie and the folks at Alaska Mission for Christ, who also sent $100. Click on “photos” there to see their slide show. Tim wrote a note that he was a True Fan “wannabe” :-), having sent $50. The truth is, we value any gift, regardless of size! Both of these guys can deduct this gift from their income tax. In fact, for those who send their gifts by check, we send out a tax-deductible receipt without you even having to request it. (Those giving through the online means get an email thank-you, and can request tax-deductibility if they desire it.)

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*** The anonymous recruiter with MAF who wrote this past week to say, “Hey Doug, Just sent a “true fan” donation. I’m a long time (since 1995) reader). I like Volleyballs. Merry Christmas.” Hilarious! Well thanks to you… and to the persistence you’ve shown to stay with us all these years. As you know, 1995 was the year we *began*!!! I remember well that it was an MAF volunteer who originally helped us ramp up the web-page version of these newsletters. In his honor (he is now deceased) and in Brian’s honor, would you have a moment to stop at the site for MAF, winner of the 2008 ‘Passion Award’, given by Servant Christian Community Foundation “for MAF’s outstanding commitment to furthering the Gospel.”


You can even request a free copy of “Jungle Pilot” there.

10/26/2008 — Recently, we received $50 from missionaries
in Ukraine (Thank you!) and $30 from a great friend in Loomis, CA (We
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focused on unreached nomadic people groups, praise the Lord. Please join
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Thanks, too, for the $20 cash we received from workers in Germany. (We
don’t necessarily recommend sending cash in the post, but it’s nice to
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prayer letter they write regularly to raise interest in unreached people
groups worldwide. They also drew our attention to


which is a wiki. It’s a great example of a fantastic deployment for
the sake of the unreached. Got to hand it to those clever Germans. They
also drew attention to Justin Long’s perceptive observations on Orissa

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10/5/2008 — Here’s $50 from a Pioneers guy headed to
Central Asia to help locals write and translate materials in their own
language. Praise the Lord! Thanks, too, for the Brigada participant who
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8/2008 — Thanks to the friend from Tulsa who gave $50
to Brigada recently. And hats off to the Brigada participants from way
up in Wisconsin and Alaska who each shared $100 respectively. We noted
that the donor from Wisconsin had a special burden for training up
mighty men of God. He had written, “According to David Murrow, only 39%
of people who show up in church anywhere in the world, are men. And the
men who show up are mostly just nice guys who sit still and be quiet.
Where are the mighty men?! My passion and project is to train them up.”
Learn more about his work at:


Sounds good to us here, brother! Thanks for your vision and action!

And hello Kansas… where another partner gave $100! This latter friend dared others to step up to the plate to match his $100. He wrote, “It is a small amount that will hopefully be put to good
use by God. Please put it towards the year-end total need you mentioned
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9/14/2008 — We’re giving thanks today for the participant
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9/7/2008 — THANKS FOR THOSE WHO EMPOWER US! — Thanks to
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Maybe $25 wouldn’t matter that much to some. For us, this week, it
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Another worker from Canada wrote, “I am involved with a variety of
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19950125 Brigada Today

In this issue….



(Version 1.0) A Networking Tool for Discovering & Tracking the Information, People and Resources on behalf of The United Prayer Track of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement, John Robb, the Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse, and Viv Grigg & the Least Evangelized Cities Track, AD2000

 NOTE: This is a proposal only. It is being distributed to a very small group of people to ascertain input and advice.



All around the world, Christians are rising up side by side to pray like never before that God would bring salvation to the ends of the earth. God is clearly bringing together a unique array of people, tools, groups and movements so that all might come to know Him.

One such movement of prayer is the United Prayer Track of the AD2000 & Beyond Movement. Composed of dozens of prayer networks in literally dozens of nations throughout the world, the Prayer Track has displayed an ongoing ability to creatively mobilize prayer for the unreached through the World. The “Praying through the Window” campaign held during October of 1993 brought together over 20 million Christians in 105 nations to pray for 62 nations in the 10/40 Window. Some 256 intercessory prayer teams prayed on- site in these nations. The result was probably the largest global prayer initiative in the church’s history.

During 1995, the United Prayer Track is asking Christians everywhere to pray for The 100 Gateway Cities during a follow-up campaign being referred to as “Praying through the Window II.” These 100 cities, scattered throughout 64 countries in the 10/40 Window, represent spiritual, political, and economic centers in their respective countries. Most are mega-cities with populations over 100 million and capitals of their respective countries or provinces. Represented also are the centers of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism, Sikhism, and Taoism — religions which dominate this unreached region and hinder the growth of Christianity. Over 30 million Christians world- wide are expected to participate in the prayer focus this coming October.

(Several tools are available to help groups, agencies, and churches mobilize their membership for prayer, including everything from a simple list of the cities to books and videos describing them in greater detail. For more information about the 100 Gateway Cities and Praying through the Window II, contact Beverly Pegues at 719-522-1040.)

Meanwhile, throughout the past decade, John Robb has been researching, traveling, and writing about the manner in which strategizing along ethno-linguistic lines can give clearer focus to evangelizing the unreached. John is Coordinator of AD2000 & Beyond’s Unreached People Track. His book, Focus: the Power of People-Group Thinking, has been used by Christians everywhere to clarify and model strategic outreach in mission. Most recently, John has found himself at the forefront of helping consolidate a carefully compiled list of the world’s most unevangelized people groups. By working through church leaders, John hopes to facilitate the on-going ‘adoption’ of portions of this list so that all may come to know Christ as Lord and Savior.

Bringing scientific and administrative genius to this purpose is the Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Originally organized by top missions leaders at the US Center for World Missions in Pasadena, CA, the AAP Clearinghouse has as its sole goal the furthering of the world missions task by facilitating the creation and nurturing of strategic ‘adoptions’ of unreached peoples around the world. To accomplish this goal, the Clearinghouse has, down through the years, developed helpful films, books, unreached people profiles, and other resources and made them available to Christians throughout the globe.



To help bring these streams into one easy flow for churches and agencies everywhere, we now propose the formation of a new networking tool to be known simply as, Brigada. In 1942, Stalin, then leader of what used to be the USSR, banished some 200,000 Crimean Tatars from their home on the Black Sea. They were not permitted to return to their homeland en masse until the early nineties, when the Soviet Union broke apart. Unfortunately, since their homes had been confiscated by others, the Crimean Tatars were forced to rebuild entire settlements during the cold winters of 1990 and 1991. While living in Crimea, we saw, at times, literally dozens of Crimean Tatar families working together in ‘brigadas’ (brigades), helping one another build homes in rapid fashion. They found, through experience, that working together produces synergy, i.e., the output is greater than the sum of the inputs. As Bill Taylor writes in Kingdom Partnerships, “… One draft horse can pull four tons. If you harnessed two draft horses together, they can pull twenty-two tons.” We need just this kind of ‘brigada‘ and just this kind of synergy!

As some have asked, will the momentum for The 100 Gateway Cities stop after October? Some say no and insist that God will empower Christians everywhere to take action and begin making a difference in these cities. Mark Wilson, one of the coordinators for “Praying through the Window II,” is interested in helping aid God’s people in the mobilization process. In a phone interview on January 10, Mark told of his hopes that the October prayer emphasis would become a launching pad for world outreach. “We want to make sure that October does not become an end in itself. We need some kind of vehicle that will allow the momentum to continue.”

For his part, John Robb is interested in all the help he can get in promoting the targeting of the list of the least evangelized unreached peoples that he and others are preparing. These opportunities need to be distributed by every means possible, especially during the coming months when the people groups that live within The 100 Gateway Cities can be receiving primary emphasis.

And what about the Adopt-A-People Clearinghouse? Its challenge, as always, is to publish far and near the possibilities and potentials. The Clearinghouse can offer literally thousands of pages of research as well as a well- established membership of agencies and groups which desperately want to get the word out about the unfinished task. The most important priority is making sure those profiles are used by people who want to take action… and action is what Brigada would be all about.

Throughout the past decade, God has been quietly at work, convicting His church of this incomplete work. If He indeed does continue to raise up new movements of believers from nations around the world and if churches, groups of churches and agencies continue to rise up in their quest to make a difference in these cities and ethnolinguistic groups, how will they communicate with one another to avoid needless duplication? How will the “lessons learned” be shared with one another?

And suppose on opposite ends of the globe, there are Christians of varying colors who would be open to cooperate together in the common task of reaching a particular city or group for Christ. What process will serve to bring them together to work in concert? How will they come to know each other and to learn of one another’s respective gifts, skills, and available resources?

Global consultations, such as the one being planned in Korea in May, will make a tremendous impact on the creation of global partnerships and networks. Face to face meetings such as these are obviously the ideal for creating partnerships. But once the initial adoption and/or agreement is formed, how can that new network be fueled with additional resources of prayer, personnel, finances, ideas, and case studies? It goes without saying that none of us can afford to put together global conferences on a monthly basis. Not only would such conferences be expensive for the evangelical community, but in addition, to maximize effectiveness, these networks need specialized and focused on-going planning and evaluation for a specific strategy target city or group. What kind of catalyst can facilitate this on-going process?



On a monthly basis, thousands of additional individuals around the world are gaining access to what amounts to a global communications network, commonly referred to as the Internet. Through simple and low cost technology, computerized versions of letters and files can be virtually “mailed” to another site halfway around the globe for a mere fraction of the cost it would take to fax or air mail the same information. Further more, the information at the destination site is available within a few hours, in most cases, and in some cases, it is available almost instantly.

These electronic mail networks can also assist us with our problem of time zones. Believers in Korea can post messages during their normal work day, having been assured that those on the other side of the world will read those messages when they awake the next morning, at a time that is more convenient for them and their work schedules. Further more, if these news bits are polled together into a digest format newsletter, that same newsletter can be “broadcast” over the Internet to thousands of electronic mail addresses in practically the same amount of time it previously took to send one single fax.

The technology is available today, and thanks to the kind hearts at the “CrossConnect,” Project, it is available at a very reasonable cost.

What’s more, many of those without access to electronic mail (a diminishing number each month) at least have a fax machine at some business or office nearby. By creating relaying agents in key cities who will receive information via email then forward it to local fax numbers, we can wed new technology with ‘old’ technology and distribute news all the more widely.



We propose to create a series of “electronic newsletters,” available to anyone with an Internet connection (including those with compuserve, America Online, Delphi, etc.), and, via Relay Agents, to faxes. We would start with one simple newsletter, which would, as a minimum, carry news about mobilization for the 100 Gateway cities and the people groups that live in them. Those wishing to subscribe would simply send a subscription request to the CrossConnect main frame computer. In an automated process, the individual’s name and e-mail address would be added to the subscription list. At the same time, those with news or resources would mail them via e-mail to a compiler or editor who would create the digest mentioned above and send it to a very special password protected address at the CrossConnect system. The CrossConnect computer, acting as a “list server” would then automatically broadcast this newsletter to the subscription list.

Obviously, since some of the cities lie in restricted (or creative) access countries, the editor will need to be very sensitive to the kind of information allowed to go out through the newsletter. As a result, we propose special training and protocol for this role.

Once the momentum for the project grows, we anticipate the need for branching out into regional (geographic) newsletters and perhaps someday, a unique electronic newsletter for each of The 100 Gateway Cities and/or for each major block of unreached peoples. (Decisions regarding future expansion would best be left for the future, once we have an established user base.)

At the same time, some areas of interest will carry across several or many of the cities and their respective networks. For example, sometime in the future we might come to the point where we create a special newsletter specifically for those who are using a specific strategy, tool, or approach among a target groups or groups. This might include those who are using the Jesus Film, those who do Bible translation, those who operate medical clinics, and/or many other possibilities (again, depending on the user base). Thus, there probably be a need for “vertical partnership newsletters” (dealing with specific cities or groups) and “horizontal partnership newsletters” (dealing with approaches or tools).



Doug Lucas is willing to serve as a facilitator to launch and oversee the formation of the Brigada project (but would also welcome God leading someone else to take the initiative — we just want to see the project go forward). We would ask Pete Holzman and Jonathan Marsden to oversee the technology area. We propose that Doug would be accountable to a steering committee composed of John Robb, Mark Wilson, Pete Holzman (or Jonathan), Viv Grigg and Terry Reilly, with John serving as Chairman. Doug would submit progress report summaries on a mutually agreed upon basis, as John and the steering committee desires. Doug would seek volunteer or seconded staffing for all other necessary responsibilities, including:

  • editor compiler for each electronic newsletter
  • marketing/promotion coordinators
  • “help line” volunteers to help users answer questions regarding how to subscribe and/or unsubscribe, as well as answer other “user support” questions (to help keep the load off of Pete and the staff at CrossConnect)
  • “reporters” who will seek information items for each particular newsletter
  • “agency, church, and group contact personnel” who will, on a regular basis, submit items from sources they represent



If God permits, we propose the following:

  • Plan submitted by January 25, 1995
  • Plan reviewed and approved, with any necessary changes by Feb. 1, 1995
  • Detailed technology design in place by February 7, 1995
  • Phase one (initial Gateway cities newsletter/list server) ready for action by Feb. 15, 1995
  • Pilot issue(s) for experimental use throughout March
  • Premier issue on April 2 after two weeks of evaluation
  • Other phases and growth as evaluation and technology permits



Responses to this proposal may be sent to: Doug Lucas DLucasatTeamExpansiondotorg  (DougLucasatxcdotorg)   …. For the project to succeed, many skilled volunteers with a heart for missions will be needed on a regular basis. Volunteers or suggestions for volunteers can also be sent to the address above.


The following was rec’d from Patrick Johnstone, author of Op. World We’d better take his messages to heart…….

Dear Doug,

Thank you for your proposal. I wish I had time to give a full evaluation of your proposal, but I am in the misdt of getting married – on Sat. and this will be followed by a honeymoon and I will be off the air for a month!

I have your letter, and also a copy sent to me by John Robb, and I also have Bob QWaymire’s rely to you.

The facts:

  1. A rising tide of interest in prayer for world evangelization globally. PTL.
  2. Dissemination of key prayer information is a major bottleneck – both in the mechanics of production and transmission of that information.
  3. To use electronic networks is a real option (of a number) We should develop a workable system, and maybe your proposal could lead to that.

The problems

  1. The number of glowing proposals for Christians getting together which fail is high – probably not far short of 100% from my limited experience. The eager beavers who are E-mail literate don’t realize how complex and time-consuming learning and operating the system actually is. Then the E-mail literates are rarely the missiologists, practitioners and front-liners who have the knowledge, but not the time, security systems, or computer familiarity to make it work.
  2. I receive one broadcast mailing of prayer requests from a brother serving in Belgium. He sends out a monthly list. I cannot use it – I don’t have the time to both read it and also incorporate those prayer requests into my prayer life, for they are not within my responsibility. I have to wipe it off my system after a glance. I do not see that any system that tries to collect, collate and disseminate info – even on the 100 Gateway Cities and 130 Gateway Peoples (for a start) can work. The burden on all will bring it rapidly to the point of overload.
  3. Security is still, for me, a jungle. Am I prepared to make the effort to have so many secure systems in operation. Who services and even copes with the multiplicity of passwords and software packages? Yet security is vital – especially on Internet.


  1. The multiplicity of Forums and Special Interest Groups on the various networks indicates that specialization is the ONLY way. This is not something that can later emerge – as you imply in your proposal, but should be part of the design from the beginning. My original concept for URPs was for a disseminated network of intercessor groups which are self-serving. No one center (AAPC, or whatever] can cope with all the info. I would see Brigada to be more effective as a network of networks. The key role would not be to collect or provide information, but information of networks that do provide this. To provide a monthly update of existing prayer/information networks and their E-mail addresses could be a vital service, and this service could also monitor the activeness of networks and ensure that momentum is maintained if one hub for the special interest group fails.
  2. Security would best be handled at the SIG level, and not from the co-ordinating center. You could not do this.
  3. The fewer people you need to service the system and the lower the cost of operation the more likely it is to succeed. I think your present plans are almost certain to founder on the lack of the right personnel and adequate finance.

May the Lord Jesus guide you!

In Him,



Just rec’d this from Dan at AD2000 & Beyond’s Int’l Office in Colorado…

Dear Doug

Warmest greetings in the Lord. Brigida sounds like a wonderful plan. I hope AD2000 can contribute / assist in any way possible. At the moment we are up to our ears in aligators planning the GCOWE conference in May. We only have about a dozen staff here in the International Office.

Please keep me in the loop of communications regarding this and if there are any specific AD2000 related questions I certainly will try to give my input.

Warmly in Christ,
— Dan Scribner
Tel: (719)576-2000 AD2000 and Beyond Movement
Fax: (719)576-2685



Just rec’d this from John Siewert at MARC: Here are my thoughts on the items below:

Sounds like a good idea. It could certainly place vital information in the hands of those praying much quicker than conventional means.

However, if the communications need to be secure, electronic mail should not be used even though it is in almost all cases more secure than fax or regular mail, i.e., sensitive matters are best communicated on a person to person basis. An elaborate coding scheme could be set up for any of these means but that’s not too feasible on a mass basis.

My experience in serving as discussion leader for one month in the e-mail MISSION forum is that any e-mail-based undertaking takes more time than expected if responses are going to go back to those who ask questions, etc. Therefore Doug and the editor need to have some prime time set aside for this project.

.. John Siewert



The following just arrived from Bob Waymire…

Dear Doug, et alia.

I hasten to reply to your message which I see arrived a few days ago (26th). I just got in from a conference and am out the door for a trip, so hasten to jot down some quick thoughts re your Brigada proposal. Generally, I believe additional and effective communication is needed in this subject area. Please draft up a model (or provide the first issure prior to release) of both the newsletter, and the telecommunication protocol and run it back past a few of us for review. That may prove as much or more helpful than the following. Hard and some sad experience tell this may be fruitful.

Brigada is: “A networking tool for discovering and tracking the information, people and resources on behalf of the United Prayer Track of the AD2000 Movement, John Robb of Unreached Peoples Track, the AAPCH, and VIV Grigg of Least Evangelized Cities Track.”


Need education and easy way to obtain needed addresses. Take the best of several different networks (Internet, Compuserve, America Online, Envoy, etc.) and come up with some that is very efficient and user friendly. I haven’t seen it yet, and I’ve been involved for over 30 years in telecommunication. I’ve had more promises of easy to use systems and procedures than you can imagine, and some from the people you are working with!!!!

Electronic Newsletter

Don’t assume too much in the beginning. Provide samples/models/tests–using the newsletter.

Send out 2 questionnaires–one with initial copy. One about 4 issues later–for fine-tuning and feedback after people get an opportunity to see what you are really publishing.

In addition to general education material, people are interested in status and information on specific cities, areas, peoples. Make sure there is something of particular interest in the same formand place in each edition….so busy readers can turn to their section of interest and find something. For example, a block statusing one or more cities/groups, or cities/groups in an area, etc….or a portion (reduced page) of a profile, that is informative but also let’s readers know what materials are available. A block/segment for prayer–etc.. A newsletter which is totally narrative with a couple of articles isn’t what is needed.

4 different readership levels:

  1. Hard core that will read everything, and are involved in the tracks/movements. Some may want to contribute materials, prayer requests, etc..
  2. Those being mobilized–churches, agencies, individuals who will use materials for specific activities and programs, both for guidance and updating.
  3. Laymen, some leaders, etc. that want to stay up on what’s going on in a general sense, and will look for their “interest corner” in each issue. May want reference library on some specific elements in the letter.
  4. Will receive, go into files, and may read something, and may scan to see if there is anything of interest. They want a good reference library of materials in a general sense.


  • Steering Committee–is one of these people involved in the Prayer Network–officially?
  • There will be a need for info/data accumulation and storage (library). You’ll probably find you will need a dependable and qualified “info manager.” Perhaps that’s yourself.
  • Secunded persons may serve well, provided the F&R is well spelled out. This also applies to volunteers. As wonderful as volunteers can be, often you are at the mercy of their schedule. It’s best to spell the needs and expectations out–in writing. This saves a lot of problems later on. This written word is objective, and can minimize subjective confrontations.
  • You might want to contact Dr. Gene Davis in Tigard, Oregon regarding his and my experiences with the AAP Clearinghouse in and for India. He has some good procedures for recruiting UP support here in the US…and has it diagrammed out.

Time line

Since I didn’t receive this until Jan 26, and then couldn’t get to it until Jan.30, I realize this may be too late for any consideration, but may prove helpful somewhere along the line.

Philosophically and Strategically re the future.

Reading on through the “backdrop” I was prompted to put down the following regarding UP’s:

We will increasingly realize, upon reaching the point that most all of the people groups have heard and have responded to some degree with churches among them, that other huge portions of population not classified as part of “unreached peoples” but currently considered Christianized, will have to be re-reached/churched, because of a) there never really was a successful people group movement among them that continued, and b) new generations in formerly reached peoples are completely unreached/churched as regards a self-perpetuating church growth movement, and many have not even heard–even though the opportunity may have been or is there.

Also in the establishing of “beachheads” and initial churches among a people group we encounter and must conquer certain spiritual strongholds. However, as the “occupation” proceeds additional and numerous strongholds will be encountered and must be dealt with. So the theme is “always occupying” and “always growing” because we have never achieved a lasting victory this side of the end of the age. (Joshua would probably say, “We must invade and occupy (or possess) the land–that God has given us.”) All the new generations being born, make up new waves of the unconverted. They are born into new cultures that must first be understood in order to see penetration and contextualization. The past 30 years in the United States of America is a case in point. The “hippy”, “baby- boomers”, and “Jesus’ Movement” generation(s) present new challenges to older traditional strategies and methods of evangelism and church-planting and nurture. For the main part the Church is been ineffective in reaching them. The good medicine must be wrapped in a new, appropriate, palatable cover.

Summary: While new peoples and societies are being reached, old societies are producing unchurched generations.

The Grand Offensive

Unreached peoples and saturation church planting must be part of the same overall coordinated strategy. On the battle field (and we’re certainly involved in a battle in every field), the invasion and occupation strategies are all part of the same general strategy. Establishing the beachhead must be part of a larger strategy, or else it will soon revert to the enemy, or if it holds it will never accomplish the overall campaign objective of seeing the war won.

Well, Doug, you’ll have to determine the relative worth of all this. It’s done hurridly. I’m looking forward to meeting you at some point. Who are you with? Where do you live? What is your background? Where are you going? Why? All I have is an E-mail address.


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Please print this form, fill in the appropriate information, and mail it to the address below.

Billing address for the card:

Name _________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip ___________________________________________________________

Phone # ___________________________

Email ________________________________

Please charge $___________ to my credit card.
(American Express, Discover Card, Master Card, Visa)

For regular givers: Please make my gift on the _______ day of every month.

Cardholder’s Name ___________________________________________

Card # ______________________________________________________

Expiration Date: _______________________ Security Code __________

Signature ___________________________________________________

Please mail this form to:
4112 Old Routt Road
Louisville, KY 40299


In addition, you can click here to see those who have given so far this year.


It’s easy to contribute toward the expenses at Brigada. You can give $500 or $50 — any amount helps. If you’d like to use PayPal, click the “Donate” button above left to contribute via PayPal, Mastercard, Visa or any other major credit card. You need not have a PayPal Account. After clicking the button above, you’ll be taken to a PayPal secure giving site. On that page, just look down at the bottom lefthand side and there you’ll find a link, “Don’t have a PayPal account?” Click “Continue” and there you can choose to use your Mastercard, Visa, American Express, or any other major credit card. You don’t even have to register with PayPal if you prefer not to do so.)

If you prefer not to use PayPal, you can also click on the “Donate” button upper right. This link takes you to take you to Authorize.net’s payment processor, a completely different service.

By the way, either way, these giving pages are extremely encrypted. No one will be able to see your donation on the Internet — because in both cases, you’ll be using a secure banking site.

If you’d prefer not to use an online payment service, you can also simply mail a check to:
Team Expansion (Brigada)
13711 Willow Reed Dr.
Louisville, KY 40299

If you’d like a tax-deductible receipt, please mail your check and make your check payable to “Team Expansion.”

If you’d like to be a recurring giver (e.g., $25/month), it’s easy! Just fill out this form and mail it to the address below.

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BRIGADA REGULAR MONTHLY GIVING FORM:Thank you for your partnership with Brigada!Please print this form, fill in the appropriate information, and mail it to the address below.

Billing address for the card:

Name _________________________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip ___________________________________________________________

Phone # ___________________________

Email ________________________________

Please charge $___________ to my credit card.(American Express, Discover Card, Master Card, Visa)

Please make my gift on the _______ day of every month.

Cardholder’s Name ___________________________________________

Card # ______________________________________________________

Expiration Date: _______________________

Security Code __________

Signature ___________________________________________________

Please mail this form to:
4112 Old Routt Road
Louisville, KY 40299


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See the total gifts given so far this year.

See our “regular” sponsors (those which have committed to giving on a regular basis as Brigada participants utilize their services).

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