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  1. Norm Brinkley Reply

    Please realize you are welcome to attend the Starfish Expo in Colorado Springs between October 16-18, 2012. Please sign up at
    The focus will be on International Disaster Response, Business Development Initiatives, Hope Resource Network, and all those who participate in networks to make resources connect to needs.

  2. Stanley Foster Reply

    Thank you for your service, I’ve read your emails for years and have benefitted fomr them a lot.

  3. Janet Dierker Reply

    I never received the first invitation, so I’m thankful you sent another message to catch the fish that slipped through the e-net.

  4. Dave Lewis Reply

    I appreciate Brigada and the way it helps me stay abreast of mission topics.

  5. Steve Reply

    I always appreciate your information. Keep up the fine work!

  6. Douglas Lamp Reply

    I have found many useful tools for ministry on Brigada over the years and have carefully referred appropriate links to colleagues of resources that help others to see the big picture of what God is doing in the world. Brigada is a pioneer in helping ministies to stay connected.

  7. Jeff Osborne Reply

    I received your e-mail alert to do a new ‘sign-up,’ but for reasons unknown, the link you provided would not load onto my computer… even after many tries and using different strategies. I finally looked you up on Google and connected with your site, where I, then, was able to do the new signup. Jeff Osborne

  8. Frances Reply

    I was on-field for several decades and am now back home for a while. During that time I have found many things that were just what I needed at that time and passed on many bits of info to others who worked with me or that I had contact with. You have greatly benefited the spread of the Good News by acting as the “Info Man” and connecting us to what we needed but would never have known existed if you hadn’t told us.

    Thanks for being there.

  9. Ginny Reply

    I also have so appreciated your timely and helpful resources, many of which I have passed on to both field missionaries, but appointees and home staff here as well. Thanks again for the great work that you do.

  10. Editor Reply

    Got be praised if he can use Brigada. I guess… in the Bible book of Numbers, he even used a DONKEY, so — we shouldn’t be surprised that he can use us, right? :-)

    • Mike Klausmeier Reply

      So you are comparing me to a Donkey??? I am hurt.

      Lovr what you do, Doug.

      Mike K.

  11. Jane Stam Miner Reply

    Lots of great info. I often pass it on to younger folks…am 87.

  12. Carol Johnston Reply

    I think I am now connected to Brigada.
    I have missed learning about a wide variety of
    current books, conferences, tools, etc.
    I went through the sign up procedure several times
    from previous emails, but they never seemed to register,,, Hope this one does.
    thanks for the ‘retry’ Carol

  13. theo tetteh Reply

    Am glad to share with fellow missionaries about christ and the great commission,jesus is lord

  14. Keith Reply

    In a shrinking world, your WebPages help a God-centred global community link together as it identifies itself with matters relating to The Kingdom of God. The fruit of your endeavour goes beyond present experience and impacts on our life and witness as we transition from here to eternity

  15. Rahmat Reply

    Thankz Brigada, I came from Papua / Indonesia so intouch with Brigada and help full to stay connected in mission field.

  16. Big Al Reply

    been reading Brigada for over 15 years and just changed my email address for the first time. Doug you rock, I have had so much help in resources and information and feel very connected though ministering in a remote part of the Sahel of Africa

    • Editor Reply

      Big Al, it’s comments like yours that have me posting a Brigada Today in the middle of the night from Haiti. Thanks for the encouragement, brother. Keep up the good work in the Sahel!!! We’re cheering you on and praying for you!

  17. chuks nwachukwu Reply

    A missionary friend gave me this site and it has really been a blessing
    . This is great

  18. Anonymous Reply

    the work which u are doing is super up…. soooo keep it up

  19. Andrew Jernigan Reply

    So very grateful for the work of Brigada, thank you!

    Blessings to you each,
    Andrew Jernigan
    Managing Director
    International Care (iCare)

  20. Frank Tucker Reply

    My recent application is really a change of e-mail address from
    Thanks for your valued information – much of which is not available or hard to find otherwise. A rich resource.

    • Editor Reply

      Please be kind enough to see the “Closing Stuff” at the end of any Brigada Today. In short — please use the “unsubscribe” link at the end of your email to unsubscribe, then use the “Sign up” form upper right at to subscribe again with your new address. Thanks!

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