3) Let’s Pray for Peace in Burkina Faso

The PrayerCast people wrote recently,” Over 200 churches have closed in northern Burkina Faso to avoid further attacks. “If the world continues to do nothing…the result will be the elimination of the Christian presence,” said the President of the nation’s Episcopal Conference. Though Christianity is the minority (Islam the majority), it is now a quarter of the population! Islam and Christianity have largely enjoyed a peaceful coexistence.


“But this once peaceful country has turned into a hotbed for extremism – and now the long-held peace is threatened. Though Christians have been specifically targeted in recent attacks, this violence has taken hundreds of Christian and Muslim lives and displaced tens of thousands more! Meanwhile, Islam is spreading into nearly every ethnic group, with unreached peoples steadily turning to its teachings.


“It is URGENT that the Gospel reach the Burkinabe – roughly five million have never heard it! And so we pray!” It seems to be our first and best option. But let’s not let it be our last.


If you’d like a backdrop for prayer for Burkina Faso, visit…


3) Connect with African Leaders Striving to Serve the Church

Do you wish you had a better understanding of the issues and questions African Christians face as they seek to live out their faith? Do you wonder how Africans themselves frame these questions and their answers? A new book, African Christian Leadership, offers insights on how African leaders are responding to challenges and opportunities on the continent. Featuring input from over 8,000 African survey participants and dozens of in-depth interviews, it provides invaluable insight and concise analysis of the dynamics of the development of African Christian leaders today. To learn more, visit…

Does Your Group Work in a Troubled Land? This Site Can Inform

If you or your group are working in a land troubled by war or strife, ETH Zurich’s site can keep you informed about current and future trends. This site is said to be the world’s largest store of big data about violence and conflict.

Most of the data is available completely free of charge as a result of the site’s purposes (to educate and connect educators worldwide). (Thanks Caleb!)

2) New “Co-Missioned” Book Will Challenge, Touch Hearts

comissionedThis is the story of two “ordinary people” following an extraordinary God who called them to outlandish challenges. The print price is $15.99, but the Kindle version is now on sale for just $2.99. This is the most affordable way ever to be inspired and challenged to follow God’s leading. “Co-Missioned: The Story of Two People Who Went” will touch your heart… because two went, but, of those two, only one returned.

6) Thrive Retreat in Tanzania for Cross-Cultural Women

thriveThrive is hosting a special get-away at the Seascape Hotel in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania for U.S. and Canadian women who live and work cross-culturally. You are invited to come and be refreshed, renewed and encouraged October 19-22 or 23-26, 2014. The value of your retreat experience is approximately $720. However, the only cost to you is a registration fee of US $125.00 and any travel expenses to and from the Retreat.

The retreat will include many opportunities for self care (including complementary haircuts, massages, pedicures and more), fellowship with women working cross-culturally, worship and praise, encouragement through the teaching of the Word (all in English) and connecting with new friends in discussion groups.

3) Mama Shekinah Now Available in 8 Languages —

Mama Shekinah is a powerful documentary of love, trauma, and forgiveness. Sixty minutes long and shot in HD, it tells the story of Hedwig, hell deep in spiritual perfectionism, and Colin, hell deep in drugs, pimping and perversion. They are healed, fall in love, marry, and are attacked by children from the Lord’s Resistance Army in Sudan. Colin is killed, and Hedi returns to express forgiveness and live with former child soldiers. This stunning story is now available in Farsi, Romanian, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Kisyarwanda, Indonesian, and English.


(Thanks to Fawn for the tip, even though she does indeed give away the end of the movie! :-) Also, she gave away $25 to Brigada for publishing this! That’s the *only* way I could justify this plot-spoiler. :-) )

5) School of Reconciliation in Rwanda —

Ever helped a victim forgive the killer of their family? Well, the folks at Le Rucher Ministries have. They’ve been working in Rwanda since just after the genocide in 1994. Their ministry of reconciliation, community transformation, and leadership development has spread to countries around Africa and Europe helping communities reconcile after experiencing ethnic conflict. They’re combining their different Healing and reconciliation, community development, and member care and leadership development workshops and trainings into a 6-week School of Reconciliation held in Rwanda in January, 2012. There is a brochure with more details on their website at


Space is limited so fill out an application and sign up to be trained to be an agent of reconciliation and community transformation in your nation today!

11) Brigada RSS On Africa Network Bftf —

Brigada has now been read for over 4 months as an RSS feed on the main page of the Africa Network BFTF website

by up to 1380 various types of ministers across Africa and interested missionaries in various other parts of the world.

Africa Network BFTF (an arm of Beautiful Feet Task Force) is aimed at networking those interested in furthering the great commission in Africa. They feature a free profile page with photos, videos, status updates, live chat, blogs and forums and national groups promoting unity, resources plus much more. (Thanks for bringing this to our attention, Howard!)

6) Prayer Request for the Himba Of Namibia —

While travelling in northwest Namibia, two missionaries visited a Himba village.  The Himba live in a tribal setting, away from modern conveniences.  Their clothes are made from animal skins, their skin is covered in red ochre, and they bathe the traditional way in smoke (not water).  All of these things are unique to their culture.  They live “off of the land.” Their language is the same as the Herero, another unreached people group. As the missionaries visited, they were graciously welcomed into the village and through a translator were able to speak.  When speaking on their beliefs, the Himba explained about the “holy fire,” sangomas (witch doctors) and the ancestors.  They were not familiar with Jesus Christ and definitely did not know about a personal relationship with Him.  Please pray for the Himba, pray that they will seek the one true God.  Pray for someone to tell them that they do not need to fear the sangomas and appease the ancestors.  Pray that someone will share around the fire with them about the only way to be holy.  Pray that someone will come among them in their culture and share the relevancy of Jesus Christ in their lives, in their village, and in their world! Pray for the Himba of Namibia. Learn more at…

9) Ethiopia Global Consultation —

If you are working in Ethiopia – or want to, this is for you.  All are invited; Churches, Missions Organizations, NGO’s, Ethiopian Nationals.  The consultation will be held September 17-18, 2010, in San Diego and sponsored by e3 Partners Ministry. Come prepared to share best practices, learn from each other, connect, collaborate, listen and look for overlap and ministry synergy.  Please spread the word, or let the organizers know others that need an invitation.  Lunch will be provided.  To register or receive schedule and further information, contact

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9) Growing The Church In Unity Across Africa

Over 1000 members from African pastors/leaders and those involved with missionary efforts to Africa have now joined the Africa Network BFTF in a little over a year and established connect groups for building fellowship, ministry opportunity and national unity in several nations. The Africa Network BFTF, aims to bring together African Christian churches, preachers and missionaries co-operating for Africa. As a social network it provides opportunity for building a ministry profile, showing photos and videos, posting blogs and forum discussions, but its greatest value is in seeing pastors and leaders connect with others to provide a benefit to the body of Christ. Learn more at…

7) Mobile Phone Growth In Africa

Apparently, mobiles are increasingly strategic for Africa. In an article by Ugandan evangelist Kato Miguel,

There you’ll find two short videos, one by a mission strategist on the challenge for ministry:

Long documentary on the use of mobiles in Africa:

(Thanks Tony!)

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