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14) The BackPage: Where Do We Find African-American Missionaries? —

globe-flagsThis past week, a brother in Atlanta posed a difficult question to me: why is it that there are so few Christians of color active in Mission work? … and how will we motivate more to take part? This brother didn’t leave me without recourse to begin studying the problem. He suggested a name and, sure enough, it turned out that a gentleman named Jim Sutherland has researched the problem in-depth. For example, see his dissertation at…

In this study, African American mission executives helped to refine a survey that was sent to African American cross-cultural missionaries to determine reasons for the under representation of Blacks (African Americans) in intercultural missions. One hundred and two surveys were returned. SoA theory is proposed and supported from findings that the core worldview value of survival / security in current African American culture explains the under-representation. Implications for recruitment of African American missionaries are given for both Black and White mission recruiters as well as recommendations to the Church to remedy deeper issues of racism. Do you have input, counterpoint, or supporting opinions? If so, just click “comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for participating!

(Thanks, Pastors Bank and Sharon, for helping us)

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