3) What if There Were an App to Help You Make Disciples in Arabic?

Guess what: There already is. If you speak Levantine Arabic (the Arabic of the Levant, which is spoken in parts of Cyprus, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, and Turkey, there is a website and an Android app for you.

This website and the accompanying Android app exist to support leaders at every stage of their discipleship and leadership journey with a system of easy to use resources in Levantine Arabic. They do this so that generations of whole and healthy disciples of Jesus can be developed and the glory of God more fully expressed. Now if you don’t speak Levantine Arabic, the cool part is — they at least show enough of the site in English so you can admire it. There are 351 lessons — and all of them are amazing. You can read the Arabic online or in the app, or LISTEN to it as an audio presentation. It’s really quite remarkable — and it raises the bar high for all the other languages of the world. Well done, DMMPlatformers!

14) The Last Bit: New Brigada App (iOS and Android): Clean & Quick

Finally, after months of development and testing, Brigada has released apps for both iOS and Android. In keeping with its ad-free web page, the Brigada app is clean, quick, and uncluttered. There are no banners, no flashing images, and no ads whatsoever. Headed overseas for a long flight? No problem. Open the app in the gate area just before departure, then catch up on items while you fly, even with your device in airplane mode (once accessed, all items are available offline). The user experience is just smooth and easy. Searching is blindingly fast. And as with everything Brigada, the app is completely free. Download it today from your regular app store. (Note that because the iOS app is literally brand new, you’ll find it more quickly by searching for “Brigada News” rather than simply “Brigada.” The Android app, which has been available for some time now, pops up first when searching simply “Brigada”.) Learn more about the Android app at…

Those with iOS devices can visit…

11) Affinity Designer: A Fantastic Photo Editing App

affinityThanks tons to Ed for pointing us to Affinity Designer. Yes, it’s currently available only for Mac, but for all the Windows users out there, the writers say a Windows beta is just weeks away. (You can sign up to be notified.) The great part is — it’s not a ‘subscription-based’ deal. Pay $50. Own it. For good. Love it. Looks like one of the most powerful photo-editing tools we’ve seen, but, then, we don’t use Mac — so you’ll have to verify in the comments following this post in the web version – please.

8) First 5 app: Start Your Morning Well!

First5Giveaway3The First 5 app was brought to reality by the team at Proverbs 31 Ministries and some really smart tech folks — and it’s completely FREE! Basically, you use the app as your morning alarm, then … the first five minutes of the morning, it provides you with a free 5-minute teaching from the Bible. The first study through the book of John starts NEXT MONDAY, July 27th. Download it today at

Available for iphone, ipad, or android.

9) Pray For The Mien (PFTM) Network Would Love an App

app developThe Pray for the Mien (PFTM) Network is interested in developing an app to take care of distributing the daily prayer update. If you know of someone who might be able to help them, please ask them to write to

8) Use Flipboard to Customize the News You Use

flipboard_browse_sections_620pxWhether you are a go-er or a sender, you would probably like to stay informed of the latest news and trends about your field(s) and outreach(es). I have a good friend and strong partner named Wade who supervises his megachurch’s missions ministry on virtually every continent in dozens of countries and locations. He uses Flipboard to prep his news….

By creating a profile in Flipboard, he can maximize the relevance while minimizing his time and leveraging his potential impact as an overseer. Flipboard can send his news to his phone or his ipad — and it’s always there, sleuthing out the stories and resources he’d like to see, all for free. Wade advises, “Give Flipboard a try. You won’t regret it.”

3) The Best of the Best Calendar

fantastical-app-e1352378308414*** Continuing our “Best of the Best” series, this is another category with no clear winner, though Fantastical 2 is giving everybody else a run for the money. You want a calendar that will let you show multiple accounts, and that will parse your clear language (if you say “lead worship at 9am Sunday,” the app should create an appointment “lead worship” and place it in your calendar at 9am this coming Sunday), and show you the month view in a style that you like. What’s your favorite?

4) The Best of the Best Expense-tracker or Finance App

finance app*** Again, no clear winner here for me. I use iXpenseIt, but your app might be better. You want something that lets you take a picture of your receipt (so you can then file or throw away the receipt), record where you spent the money and why, and interface with your bookkeeping software or make some kind of acceptable report. What’s in YOUR wallet?

9) Tell Your Social Networking Success Story

Social-mediaWe ask because, well, we wonder if there ARE any. Does your organization or church have a successful ministry using social networking? Is there a favorite app or approach that has helped you? If you’re unselfish enough to share, please slick “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks for your willingness to pass the news.

5) The Best of the Best Task Management App

task*** Right now, I’m using Flow but I have to admit, I don’t like that it’s “online” only. (It won’t work when your phone or laptop goes out of connectivity.) But the collaborative portion is great. This has to be one of the biggest markets in the entire app world. There are probably more task management apps than all the tasks on my task list! (And that’s currently quite a few.) What’s your favorite?

10) The All-Time Best Communications App

skypeIt has to be Skype. It’s the defacto way to instant message, call, and even video conference with your co-workers, family members and friends, no matter what continent. VSee might be a smaller footprint, and perhaps even more secure. But Skype is the one to which everybody compares. I’m not hearing as much from ooVoo these days?

11) The All-Time Best eBook App

kindleWas there any question? Gotta be Kindle. Can anything challenge Amazon’s Kindle app for playability, ease of use, and price? (free!) Whatever you download onto your Kindle is also available in your Kindle app on Windows, Mac, iPhone, android and/or all of the above. It’s genius.

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