9) Discover the Discover App — Now on iPhone in Turkish!

The Discover App is a free Discovery Bible Study (DBS) app for Android and iPhone in English, Arabic, Somali, Dari, Pashto and Indonesian — and now with Turkish too, on both platforms! It is ideal for running DBS groups and making disciples who make disciples – even if you don’t speak the language of the people you are reaching. Try it today on your phone.


When you search your marketplace for the app, be sure to call it “Discover Bible” — and the author will be “books.”


3) You’ll Wonder Why "Homeschool Panda" (App) is Free – But it Is

We’re not sure how or why Homeschool Panda is free. It provides for lesson planning, budgeting, calendaring, task management and assignments, connecting with other homeschoolers in your area, and much more. They have gone on record saying security is their top priority. You can work from a web interface or use the app for android or iOS. What’s more, they’re constantly rolling out new features. Maybe they’re thinking that, once they build a huge following, they’ll introduce ads or sell the app someday? Who knows. What we DO know is that, for now, it’s completely free of charge. If you or your missionary workers are doing home school, this is the go-to app to check out for your kids — and you.


5) CityMapper Can Make Your City (or Your Next VaCay) a Cinch

Do you live in a sprawling metro area capable of boiling your blood? If so, try CityMapper and make public transport fun! In a place like London or New York, trying to keep track of buses, subways, cabs, and *walking* can drive anyone nuts. CityMapper is amazingly better than just about any app you’ll ever find. And it’s completely free. You’ll need Wi-Fi to set it up (and get real-time updates), but if you just positively have to operate offline, once you’ve downloaded the trip into your device, you can do so. Check it out for free at…


It will almost ALWAYS be better than the app provided by the local train or bus company AND it lets you specify the mode of travel you WANT rather than the mode that THEY want FOR you.


9) The Strategic Role of Networks

We face complex challenges that require global collaboration. The multi-network GENMobile App is built on the database of Linking Global Voices that tracks over 600 global networks and their events. Some are geographically defined and others are issue-focused. This app looks so cool and is packed with resources.


The Android version of GENMobile is now available with the IOS coming soon. We can’t wait. Use this app to develop your network engagement strategy. Network leaders should contact Eldon to access additional services. Email him at…

eporteratlinkingglobalvoicesdotcom  (eporteratlinkingglobalvoicesdotcom)  


7) Brigada Participant Feels Strongly that Mobile TSA App is Great

A Brigada participant gave input this past week once again on the mobile passport app that TSA now honors in certain airports.


His point was — for many, it’s a GREAT deal financially. He spoke as a field worker and requested that we not mention him by name as we write or report. But, bottom line, choose the deal that works best for you and thanks for being a part of Brigada.


4) Finally, a Free, AllOne Design Tool for Everyone Using Windows

PicPick is a free (for personal use), all-in-one design tool for everybody who uses Windows. It features a full-featured screen capture tool, an intuitive image editor, a color picker, a color palette, a pixel-ruler, a protractor, a crosshair, a whiteboard and more. You can capture anything, edit your images, enhance them with effects, share them, create mosaics in the faces of people you need to obscure (because they work in sensitive lands). And to top it all off, it’s free. We’ve needed this. We’ve been looking for it for years. Now it’s here.


5) How Did I miss the Development of "HEIC" as a New Graphic Format

Have you been seeing these new “HEIC” images lately? Nothing on your laptop will open them? They seem to have come about, in part, from a new iPhone iOS upgrade. If you need an app to convert them (for free) on your laptop, just head on over to…


You’ll find exactly what you need — with no spam, no trash built in, and totally for free. Thanks imazing!


8) Discover the Discover App (a Bible Study App for Android/iPhone)

The Discover App is a free Discovery Bible Study (DBS) app for Android and iPhone in English, Arabic, Somali, Dari, Pashto and Indonesian (with more languages in development). It is ideal for running DBS groups and making disciples who make disciples – even if you don’t speak the language of the people you are reaching. Try it today on your phone.


When you search your marketplace for the app, be sure to call it “Discover Bible” — and the author will be “books.”


10) On Second Thought, Maybe Mobile Passport App Isn’t Such a Deal?

Thanks to Georgio, who gave input when we asked recently about the Mobile Passport App. He pointed out (accurately) that, to hold your information in the app, it would run you $75 for 5 years. He compared that to Global Entry (good for 5 years), which includes TSA PreCheck and suggested that maybe Global Entry is a better deal. After much consideration, we have to agree: Georgio is right. You can read about Mobile Passport at…


9) We Asked for Input on the Mobile Passport App Recently…

Not long ago, we asked for input on the Mobile Passport App. (Thanks to all those who responded!) See the original item at…


I (Doug) downloaded the app and paid the in-app fee for the ability of the app to “remember” the data I fed into it. Upon reentering the USA, I showed my phone to the rep at the immigration hall and was indeed ushered to a special line. In my case, I ended up having to stand for around 7 minutes. Perhaps it was still faster than the longer line (where people were filling out the forms on the electronic kiosks), but in my case, it would have been faster to use Global Entry. It was a 60-second walk-through at this particular immigration hall (in Minneapolis). So Mobile Passport might be good for those who want to save the $85 — but it won’t get you TSA-Pre on all your flights AND it might not clear *quite* as quickly as Global Entry would. Learn more at…


2) Finally Found "Mobile Passport": Can Beat "Global Entry"

On a recent trip back from out of the country, I happened upon a Customs and Border Protection officer in a bad mood. She wanted to see an I.D. card for Global Entry. She was bound and determined not to allow me in the rapid queue unless I could produce an I.D. (not my passport) or the “Mobile Passport app.” It was the first time I had ever encountered such a thing. But try as I might, upon my return, I couldn’t locate any kind of partner app with my Global Entry status. Then, yesterday, I happened to see a note about a Mobile Passport app in an email from Justin Long (Thanks Justin!). Justin cited this guy’s article…


and I realized — this could be the app for which they were asking. We’ll never know for sure. Either way, for $15 per year, you can store your info in the app and be ready yourself to find out next time you enter the USA. It appears to be both cheaper and easier than Global Entry. The question is — will it work. Do you have experience with the Mobile Passport app? If so, would you please jot a note in a comment following the web version of this item?


3) "Turo" Car-sharing Service Received Good Reviews

We recently asked about the Turo car-sharing service and associated app. With the proper disclaimers and with the right set-up, it seemed like some of our Brigada family liked the experience. Read the thread at …


One user wrote recently via email that he had “rented a car for several weeks this January through Turo. Got a terrific deal and had good interaction with the owner. I had an engine light come on at one point but didn’t find anything wrong so called the owner. He said to continue driving and when I came by his place the next day traded it in for another of the same kind that he had.” Seems like that’s a theme. Lots of personal care and interaction. Thank you, Brigada audience, for sharing! This service was totally new for me.


12) What’s the best Task Management App? (Todoist? Asana? Any.Do?)

Why does this happen. Every once-in-a-while, my task list grows to be about a mile long and I start blaming the APP rather than blaming mySELF. I think… if I could only find the right task management app, I would be able to accomplish all the things on my list. Why do I DO this? I need to rewrite Romans 7:15-25. I think the first verse sums it up for me: “I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do I do not do, but what I hate I do.” But — don’t they say that awareness is the first step of healing? So — please make me aware. What’s the best task management app? And — how can I make sure that it helps me accomplish all the tasks on my to do list?


I’m confused.


Please guide me. : )

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