5) Make Any Application a Multi-User One Using ScreenHero!

During a meeting this past week here at Brigada, we demo’d …

Essentially, it allows you to take any application online as a multi-user web app. From what we could determine, it seems to be limited right now to just two people at a time actively editing, but, bottom line, if you have a need to do joint planning with your spouse or teammate, at least give Screenhero a shot. Sessions are free — and encrypted.

3) In Your Ideal World, What would a “Brigada App” Do?

Suppose we were going to create a Brigada ‘app’ for IOS and Android. What should it ‘do’? Think outside the box, please. If you get a moment, open our normal website in your iPhone, iPad or Android browser. How would you prefer that a specialized app would improve on your Brigada experience. We’re considering building one — and your ideas could help us a LOT in putting together something that really “scratches an itch” that matters. Thanks in advance for any help. Just click on “Comment” following the online version of this item.

3) We’re Going to Send You Packing (There’s an App for that)

quinn_packingOK, here’s the deal: If you haven’t tried Quinn Genzel’s “Packing” app, you’ll want to. With Version 9.0 that was just released this past week, the app added multi-person, multi-bag list support (great for family trips), the ability to filter lists by bag and/or person, and the ability to create pre-trip “to do” lists with your packing checklists. This app will set you back 99 cents, but you’ll pay that off the first time you don’t have to buy something that you would have otherwise forgotten. The easiest way to find it is to search the app store or marketplace for your smartphone for the term, “Quinn packing” — That should get you to the right place. But to confirm, learn more about the app here:

If you’re an industrial-strength user, check out Packing Pro at

(Wade, I really owe you for this one. This is a fantastic find. Thanks from all of us who will feel — and be — more prepared for our next trip, and the one after that, and the one after that. :-) )

5) UDisciple iPhone app

Tim, a colleague here at Team Expansion, showed me this past week the little iPhone app that T4T has put together called uDisciple. (It’s at least available for IOS; check your own phone operating system to see if it’s available in your own smartphone’s OS.) It’s pretty cool. About two-thirds of it is dedicated to orality, providing a couple of major sample story sets that one could memorize and retell. But there’s also a section designed for Training 4 Trainers implementers. It essentially provides quick notes to remind trainers about lesson plans for 11 major sessions on everything from baptism to the Great Commission. I love it… and hope we see more of this sort of thing in the future. Learn more about all the other resources offered by T4T here…

(Thanks Tim!)

3) Free Faithlife Bible App WITH NIV if you Download by April 8

This is one of those dated items. If you’re seeing this after April 8, it’s too late. Faithlife Study Bible (by Logos Software) is offering their app for FREE, as in no cost whatsoever. It’s available in IOS, Android and Kindle Fire. I can’t figure out why you WOULDN’T want to download this — unless you’re out of memory? Use it offline when your favorite online Bible isn’t available. I had been using Olive Tree, then I tried Bible Gateway. Just installed this and it’s INSTANTLY better. Search for it in your online marketplace or app store. Awesome. And now with the NIV. Free. You heard it on Brigada. :-)

12) Nozbe just Thinks Like I Think

I continue to enjoy working with Nozbe, a software application designed to help you track and execute tasks and projects. I like it because…

*** You can ‘hide’ tasks that you don’t want to see yet. You can make them “pop up” when it’s time to start worrying about them.

*** When you “check off” a task, it doesn’t immediately go away. It gets crossed off and drops to the bottom of the list.

*** You can attach an infinite amount of comments to each task.

*** You can turn a task into a project, then design integral tasks under it.

*** It’s a web app, viewable through your browser. But it’s also a desktop app, viewable even when you don’t have access to the web. It’s also a smartphone app (available in iOS (iphone), android, and Windows phone), an iPad app, and yes — all those are fully functional even when you don’t have wi-fi or a cell signal… and then they sync with the web app and everything else.

*** You can nest your tasks in an unlimited amount of projects, or not. The choice is yours.

*** You can also use “contexts,” allowing, for example, to mark certain tasks that should show up when you’re driving or at home or at the office — because you might only be able to do them at those respective locations. If you’re not there, they aren’t visible.

*** You can attach to do items to particular dates, or — just allow them to be loose (meaning you do them whenever you can get time).

*** Nozbe is completely “team friendly,” meaning that you can see what others are doing, assign tasks to those who serve on your team, and receive assignments from the folks who supervise you. You can ask questions of team members, who can then answer you — without having to resort to unrelated email threads.

*** The whole environment is encrypted, so no matter where you are in the world, only you will see your tasks and projects as you complete them all.

You can learn more at

No special affiliate code. We don’t receive a kickback from your interest. Just one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread.

4) What’s the Best Offline, customizable map app?

Not only is it a fun phrase to say (“What’s your map app?”), but in addition, it’s an important question for at least one cross-cultural worker who wrote in to Brigada this past week. What we’re seeking is the ability to make a custom map, like with Google Maps, but with the easy ability to download it onto an iPhone/iPad with zooming capability. So how ’bout it, mapmakers? What are the options for this cross-cultural worker? (Thanks in advance for any help you can give by giving your best advice in the comment box following this question in the web version of Brigada.)

11) TripIt: Probably Beats out TripCase

Just when I was starting to like TripCase…

A friend introduced me to TripIt.


They’re similar apps. Each has an email interface. Once you register with the site, you forward your air and/or car rental itineraries to the email interface and the app automatically parses out your itineraries and details, creating a virtual trip and timeline for you. Granted, there’s a degree of risk involved, in that you’re giving over private information to the grid. However, in all my searching, I couldn’t find one example of this resulting in any kind of mischief. Instead, every review and every testimony seemed to indicate a huge amount of goodwill generated by these programs. Naturally, they’re trying to gather and market aggregate groups of customers, but again, these are well-researched apps that seem to have earned the trust of the internet community at large. The real pay-off comes in the smart-phone apps that these sites offer as well. Lay out your trip on the web, then you instantly have access to it on your iPhone or Android device. And, if TripCase already weren’t gifted enough, check out TripIt. Once I had my rough itinerary set up, I registered the other travelers in my group by providing their email addresses (ask their permission first, of course). Instantly, in their own accounts at TripIt, they now have access to all the flights, connections, and activities as well. You can even set up “meetings,” appointments, and personal activities. Gone are all the days of trying to manually create flights and appointments in your Calendaring app. TripIt can now do it for you, using WebDav features. It’s a new day, … a game-changer, and for the most part, it’s all free (though there are certain premium features you can purchase — like 99 cents to buy out the ads on your iPhone — permanently).

So what are your thoughts? Are you nervous about the possible privacy intrusion? Have you had good luck with these and other similar apps by Kayak and others? What’s your own favorite? Please use the comment box following the web version of this item at Thanks!

8) Use TripCase to Bring Order to your Travel Chaos

For years, I’ve longed for a way to make a timeline/itinerary for trips with complicated, multi-city flights. Who knew that I’d finally find it on my phone. Try it. You can forward itineraries to your account and TripCase automatically sorts out the flights, dates, times, and destinations. You can add events manually, too, and share your itinerary with friends (like your wife or co-workers from your org). Learn more at…

Or find it in the Apple AppStore.

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