8) The All-Time Best Information App

appsWith this edition of Brigada, we begin a series on “All-time Best Apps,” and the All-time Best Information App has to be Evernote because it’s the all-time best way to collect loose facts that you otherwise don’t know where to record. You almost have to start using it first, then figure out why you like it. Keep track of vendors and their specialties, restaurants, hopeful vacation destinations, schedules, even tasks. Start lists of websites, books, quotes, illustrations, sermons, catalogues, and more. Record audio, take pictures, place PDF’s and even share your database with co-workers, family or friends. It belongs on any list of the best apps ever. Plus, interact with your database via your laptop or tablet. Find it in your device’s app store. It’s free but there are premium features available for a fee.

14) The BackPage: Google: Friend of Foe

This past week, several readers raised questions about our recommendation for Google Apps. One note (from our I.T. guy here at Team Expansion) reminded us that Google wasn’t really a technology company, at heart. Instead, he asserted, Google is an advertising company using Tech as the delivery vehicle. (Thanks Greg.)

Another reminded us of Google’s own Terms of Service,…

He added, “Google harvests everything (including sensitive information) that is sent through Gmail accounts. Data stored on Google Drive becomes property of Google. And the insidious part about this is that they do it with our permission (unlike the NSA that at least works to get at our sensitive data). They have categorically stated that you cannot assume any sort of privacy when using Gmail (and by extension Google Apps). See:

He went on to say, “Some of the tech people I have contact with have even reported private links to private websites suddenly showing up on Google after they were emailed to someone with a Gmail account who needed access to the site. Google Chrome also harvests information that they have no business having (see here:

“so, according to this Brigada participant, it is not a browser for people in sensitive locations.” (Thanks J…)

Does this affect your willingness or likelihood of using Google apps for your team’s content? Knowing that they data-mine everything (including the content you place in your private docs), should you be thinking of switching to a secure solution, and if so, which one(s) are you considering? Please click “comment” under the web version of this item. Thanks for any insights you can share.

4) Two New Mobile Apps For Evangelism And Discipleship

africaappThe Kola Africa app is a portal for video clips from the JESUS Film, audio clips and Bibles from Faith Comes By Hearing, all in multiple languages, plus text discipleship materials. The YesHEIs app accesses their click-to-share curated and categorized lists of video shorts in multiple languages and regions.

And it is not too late for your mission team to send a representative to the Mobile Ministry Consultation, Florida, 9-11 December, and take back valuable strategies to leverage mobile for your ministry.

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