1) Interactive workshop for arts & mission in TX and the UK

Arts for a Better Future (ABF) is a one-week workshop that trains participants to spark local, Scripture-infused creativity that moves communities toward the kingdom of God. The training content follows the 7-step process contained in Creating Local Arts Together: A Manual to Help Communities Reach Their Kingdom Goals (2013, William Carey Library). Participants will learn to apply this flexible model to an existing cultural context. They then develop plans to engage these principles for arts in mission with a community in which they work. The workshop is drenched in warm, artistic personal interaction with other people and God. ABF can be a help to missionaries with artistic gifts, cross-cultural ministry strategic planners, pastors, worship leaders, people interested in developing multicultural worship, and artists of all kinds. Choose the site closest to you:

*** Dallas, TX – June 3-8, 2013 (Not: Registration ends May 15! Act soon!) – see

*** England – July 7-12, 2013 – see

for info and see the video at

If you have questions after looking at the websites above, write to

Sponsored by the International Council of Ethnodoxologists –

and its partners in Dallas and the UK.

7) Get Training to Use the Performing Arts for Missions —

The Performing Arts Discipleship Training School is a 6-month missions training course with a focus on the performing arts. If you would like to grow in your relationship with God and see the nations change through performing arts, then this is the place for you! The school includes a 3-month lecture phase in Hong Kong where you will hear teaching from experienced speakers about topics like the character of God, evangelism and missions, spiritual warfare, the performing arts and much more. This is followed by a 6-8 week outreach phase to several countries where you will share God’s love to others through the powerful tool of the arts.


The school starts this July 2011, so apply soon! Contact the school at

partsasiaatyahoodotcom and/or visit their website at:


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