4) Hats Off to This Author for Giving Away This Book for Free!

God has made you great and precious promises so you would be a partaker of his divine nature, do you know them? This book contains a list of God’s promises from every book in the Bible to help you renew your mind and see God’s promises manifest in your life.


We’re big fans of Clint Byars approach…


Sell a printed copy — but give away the PDF for free. (See:


He’ll jump WAY higher in the social media circles and his message will go far and wide. And we bet some people will buy his book and still help him pay the bills. Thanks Clint!


8) Barna is At it Again: The State of the Bible 2019

These Barna guys. They just won’t stop raising pesky, troublesome topics that haunt us, and nag us, and wake us up to trends that are as disturbing as they are motivating. The latest? When they go meddling with our Bible-reading, now they’re writing about something personal. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Compared with similar studies that they’ve done over the past 3 years, they found that in 2019, fewer Americans are disengaged with the Bible (which at first seems like a good thing), but at the same time, fewer US of Americans are Bible-centered. And Way fewer Americans *use* the Bible. And one of the spin-off issues is — they also found that when fewer Americans use the Bible, fewer people do anything about their beliefs — like, tell others or give offerings to agencies – like yours. So if we want to keep all these orgs and churches afloat (and, minor details like — help people get to Heaven and escape eternal fire?), we’d better find a way to get people back into the Bible. Eh?

6) Print-On-Demand Bibles Available in Minority Languages

The Digital Bible Society has made 500+ print Bibles available in just as many languages. Because out-of-print Bibles are rare and expensive, many believers have given up hope of finding a Bible in their mother tongue. Now, minority language speakers can get Bibles cheaply on DBS is providing these print-on-demand offerings at cost in order to alleviating the dearth of scripture worldwide. Find these scriptures at…

11) The Closest Thing We Can Find to an Unreached People Group Bible

YWAM’s study bible, “The Christian Growth Study Bible,” is the closest thing we can find to the request of a recent inquirer looking for a Bible that focuses on UPG’s and the persecuted church. It has a 30 path discipleship study guide as well as profiles throughout the bible on unreached people groups, but, alas, no emphasis on the persecuted church. It’s available here:

You can also find the 50th Anniversary leather edition or paperback edition on (Thanks for the tip, Catherine and Terry!

5) Is There a Special Bible Highlighting Global Discipleship?

This past week, a Brigada participant asked if there existed “a Bible published or in the works that highlights global discipleship, unreached people groups, and the persecuted church? It sounded like a great idea, but we couldn’t remember hearing of any. Have you? If you know of something that might work, please click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks so much!

11) Bible-reading Plans in Cantonese and Burmese

Looking for Bible-reading plans in Cantonese and Burmese?
Find four new plans each in Cantonese and Burmese on YouVersion’s Bible App.
These plans can help new believers as well as experienced disciples. (Thanks for the tip, Dee Ann!)

11) Bible Translation’s Newest Participant: the Church

What would it look like if the church became a participant in the Bible translation process? Maybe a lot like…

This is church-based Bible translation — and it’s changing the face of translation as we know it. These approaches report that they can radically reduce the amount of time involved (length of each translation) while maintaining integrity for the work and the Word. What’s YOUR take on these claims? (Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item to give your own opinion.)

2) This Free Widget Lets Your Readers Download Free Arabic Bible

bibleHere are some hard-working field people who have come up with a tool you can install on your website that lets visitors download the Bible in Arabic for free — in a couple of different versions, in fact. Check it out at …

Once you’ve given it a try, please give feedback for us (and the developers) by clicking to the online version of this item and leaving a comment. Thanks.

5) Lead a Walk through the Bible while Teaching

They might be “Common English Expressions” to you, but to your students, they’ll be precious. Do you need another tool for teaching English using the Bible? Consider “Putting Words in Our Mouths: A Look at Biblical Expressions in American English,” at

Written by Craig, a former missionary in Taiwan, the site includes over 150 idioms, words, and phrases that originated in the English Bible. And since the entries are arranged in chronological order, they tell the Bible story from Genesis through Revelation. “Putting Words in Our Mouths” offers a great path for leading English learners to an understanding of scripture and for leading students of the Bible to a fuller use of the English language. (Thanks Craig!)

2) How Are We Doing on Translation?

bibleI’m asked that question now and then. Many believers today are more excited than ever about progress with Bible translation — and rightfully so. If you haven’t been keeping up on the progress, you really owe it to yourself to get updated. One easy place to go:

There you’ll find all the recent stats, as well as some great visual maps (right column). Download a PDF copy of the page there, when you’re finished, by using the link at the end of the page. (Thanks Pete!)

1) Read the Entire Bible in Easy English

bibleHave you been following the development of the folks at MissionAssist in UK? They’ve now succeeded in getting the entire Bible up online (accessible by anyone for free!) at …

What does this mean for you? If you’re an English teacher, it means you can guarantee your students a clear and simple set of easily-memorized passages. Learn more about Easy English in this Microsoft PowerPoint presentation:

(Thanks to MissionAssist for their tireless efforts, and thanks to Tony for bubbling this back up to us again! It’s been too long since we promoted their site.)

6) Cool Tools: The Best Bible for Travel (Int’l or Otherwise)

bible imagesTo us, it makes sense to carry a printed Bible when on a trip for His Name’s Sake, even though there are a host of great Bible apps for our smartphones and other digitally connected devices. Why? What if the power goes out for an entire day and the batteries on your laptop and phone tucker out? Besides, I’m convinced that in some contexts, it still just looks WEIRD to teach or share the gospel using a phone or laptop Bible, especially in some contexts. So we recommend the thinnest NT/OT you can find (with print you can still read). It’s probably best to visit a Bible bookstore for this purchase, but as a rule of thumb, the NIV Thinline Bible seems to be a good compromise for font size and packing size. See a sample here…

If you’re looking for an app, we’ve featured dozens over the years in Brigada. For research and lesson/sermon prep, pretty much everybody compares their app to the granddaddy of them all, Logos, at…

[truth in advertising: if you buy a Logos product at this page, you save 15%, but Logos also will make a gift to Brigada. Having said that, our opinion still stands: It’s still the one to which everybody else compares.] Nothing seems to compare with the depth and breadth of Logos offerings.

But sometimes you might now WANT that much depth. If you have an ultrabook laptop, for example, Logos’ 15 gigs (plus) might be overkill. In these cases, throughout the years, we’ve noticed a consistent interest in the Laridian line of Bibles. See their features at…

By going with a product like Laridian, you can still keep your purchases across multiple platforms. That is to say, the Bible version you purchase for your laptop can also be available on your phone. Another advantage of Laridian and similar class Bible apps: They’re just faster, sometimes, than opening up a giant application like Logos.

Of course, you might find that the YouVersion app at…

might be enough for you. Around 165 million users have made that decision by installing the app on their own devices. Over 1000 versions are available in 779 languages. In addition, some still haven’t noticed that YouVersion now offers several Bible versions for offline reading too. Learn more at…

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