8) Want to Share the Gospel for the Visual Age? Try Lumo Project

Now you can see the Gospels from a whole new light. The Lumo Project is redefining the standard of biblical media, offering a new and visual translation of the four Gospels. This version will truly engage you and yours with scripture and media. LUMO is available on the YouVersion Bible App in the following 23 languages: Afrikaans, Arabic, Cantonese, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tagalog, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese. In addition, hear it at:


Learn more on YouTube at…


(Thanks for the tip, Ken!)


9) Discover the Discover App — Now on iPhone in Turkish!

The Discover App is a free Discovery Bible Study (DBS) app for Android and iPhone in English, Arabic, Somali, Dari, Pashto and Indonesian — and now with Turkish too, on both platforms! It is ideal for running DBS groups and making disciples who make disciples – even if you don’t speak the language of the people you are reaching. Try it today on your phone.


When you search your marketplace for the app, be sure to call it “Discover Bible” — and the author will be “books.”


9) Didasko Online Missions Training Now Available In 20 Languages

Didasko Academy recently added video subtitles in 20 languages to their free online video-based missions courses. A full list of languages can be found here:


Didasko Academy focusses on training missionaries to reach the UPGs. Course include:

* The Bible and Missions.

* Discipling the Nations.

* Roles in Frontier Missions.

Courses are self-paced, and can be done individually or in facilitated groups.


Got to say — this looks like awesome stuff. And can it be that this training is free — and that donors can pitch in toward the cost if they want? Whoa. Great stuff.


1) Bible Based ESL

Bible Based ESL is a new website that features Bible Based English as a Second Language resources. It has information on ESL books, curriculum, songs, events, newsletters, software, training, lessons, tutoring, online articles and online videos. Please visit


If you forget the website address in the future, please remember to visit and you will find it there.


14) The Last Bit: Should Hell Motivate Our Missionaries?

How would you answer: Yes, or no? Want to hear the answers from David Platt, Pastor John, international evangelist Mack Stiles, and pastors Thabiti Anyabwile and Kevin DeYoung? It’s 11 minutes you won’t regret. Then we hope you’ll click comment here, below this item on the web, and leave your take on the responses. If you’re willing we’ll be grateful!


Would you agree with them? … or disagree?


4) Hats Off to This Author for Giving Away This Book for Free!

God has made you great and precious promises so you would be a partaker of his divine nature, do you know them? This book contains a list of God’s promises from every book in the Bible to help you renew your mind and see God’s promises manifest in your life.


We’re big fans of Clint Byars approach…


Sell a printed copy — but give away the PDF for free. (See:


He’ll jump WAY higher in the social media circles and his message will go far and wide. And we bet some people will buy his book and still help him pay the bills. Thanks Clint!


8) Barna is At it Again: The State of the Bible 2019

These Barna guys. They just won’t stop raising pesky, troublesome topics that haunt us, and nag us, and wake us up to trends that are as disturbing as they are motivating. The latest? When they go meddling with our Bible-reading, now they’re writing about something personal. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. Compared with similar studies that they’ve done over the past 3 years, they found that in 2019, fewer Americans are disengaged with the Bible (which at first seems like a good thing), but at the same time, fewer US of Americans are Bible-centered. And Way fewer Americans *use* the Bible. And one of the spin-off issues is — they also found that when fewer Americans use the Bible, fewer people do anything about their beliefs — like, tell others or give offerings to agencies – like yours. So if we want to keep all these orgs and churches afloat (and, minor details like — help people get to Heaven and escape eternal fire?), we’d better find a way to get people back into the Bible. Eh?

6) Print-On-Demand Bibles Available in Minority Languages

The Digital Bible Society has made 500+ print Bibles available in just as many languages. Because out-of-print Bibles are rare and expensive, many believers have given up hope of finding a Bible in their mother tongue. Now, minority language speakers can get Bibles cheaply on DBS is providing these print-on-demand offerings at cost in order to alleviating the dearth of scripture worldwide. Find these scriptures at…

11) The Closest Thing We Can Find to an Unreached People Group Bible

YWAM’s study bible, “The Christian Growth Study Bible,” is the closest thing we can find to the request of a recent inquirer looking for a Bible that focuses on UPG’s and the persecuted church. It has a 30 path discipleship study guide as well as profiles throughout the bible on unreached people groups, but, alas, no emphasis on the persecuted church. It’s available here:

You can also find the 50th Anniversary leather edition or paperback edition on (Thanks for the tip, Catherine and Terry!

5) Is There a Special Bible Highlighting Global Discipleship?

This past week, a Brigada participant asked if there existed “a Bible published or in the works that highlights global discipleship, unreached people groups, and the persecuted church? It sounded like a great idea, but we couldn’t remember hearing of any. Have you? If you know of something that might work, please click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks so much!

11) Bible-reading Plans in Cantonese and Burmese

Looking for Bible-reading plans in Cantonese and Burmese?
Find four new plans each in Cantonese and Burmese on YouVersion’s Bible App.
These plans can help new believers as well as experienced disciples. (Thanks for the tip, Dee Ann!)

11) Bible Translation’s Newest Participant: the Church

What would it look like if the church became a participant in the Bible translation process? Maybe a lot like…

This is church-based Bible translation — and it’s changing the face of translation as we know it. These approaches report that they can radically reduce the amount of time involved (length of each translation) while maintaining integrity for the work and the Word. What’s YOUR take on these claims? (Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item to give your own opinion.)

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