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4) LOGOS (Bible software) Wants to Win Your Vote

logos_6Here’s your chance to snag a free month of Logos Cloud. You’ll have all of your favorite books on Christian living, comprehensive Bible dictionaries, encyclopedias, commentaries, and more in an easily searchable digital format. Logos Cloud does away with endless page turning and dead­end searching. Plus, every six weeks you’ll get new updates, features, tools, and more. And guess what — there aren’t any contracts or fees. You can cancel at any time. If aren’t using Logos Cloud yet, get started with a free month today.

At that page, choose
“Essentials” (for everything from daily devotions to leading a Bible study group)
“Plus” (to prepare a sermon or write your next paper) or
“Premium” (for advanced biblical study)
You can have a free month of any of the three. Take your pick. Either way, your materials will automatically be improved every six weeks minimum AND you can access via your desktop (Mac/PC), your mobile devices (iOS/Android), and in your web browser (beta). On top of that, you’ll be able to cancel at any time after the free month. So why not give it a try if you’d like to deepen your walk with the Word!?!

3) The Elves at FaithLife Have been Busy (Logos 6 Release: Oct. 26)

logos logIt’s billed as “the world’s leading tool for digital Bible study.” There is no doubt — it is one of, if not THE most comprehensive Bible study products on the market. Now, with version 6, FaithLife has pushed the edges even further. And using the link below, you can get 15% off even on the first week of release! Find out more, along with details of new capabilities and features, at…

10) Finally — Bible Software the Way You Want it

I’m really enjoying Logos Bible software…

One of the features I like most is the ability to change the layout. I can decide which translations (lots of options) I want positioned where on the page (complete flexibility), alongside which tools (commentaries, word studies, and more). Once I get things the way I like them, I can save that layout under the name I choose. And there’s no end to how many layouts I can design for multiple and varied purposes. It’s Bible software the way I need it. And, I have to add, I love that in the NIV, when I mouse over a word, I get a status bar at the bottom of the screen that shows the original Greek, along with declination or conjugation. What’s more, if I right-click … whoa… there are DOZENS of choices for further study on that word. Well done, Logos. (Truth in Brigada: LOGOS has stated it will make a donation to Brigada for every product they sell at the link above. However, my opinion of their software stands, regardless of whether or not they do so.)

8) Accordance Finally Coming out for Windows

Mac users have long held that Accordance is the best Bible software – period. According to David, a Brigada participant, it is “beautifully done, filled with resources, and has features not found elsewhere.” The great part is — Windows users, who have had to use the product through an emulator, will soon be able to buy a Windows-specific model. Learn more at…

(Thanks David!)

4) Like a “Thompson Chain Reference Bible” on Steroids

Remember the good ole days, when we turned to our “Thompson Chain Reference Bibles” to look up everything related to a particular verse or topic? Another approach was to use Nave’s Topical Bible, or a Bible Dictionary or Encyclopedia. Nowadays, those who own a good piece of Bible software might find that their Bible software becomes a “Thompson’s” on steroids. For example, Logos 5 features a new Topic Guide that connects to the Logos system (if Internet is available) to find every single nugget of related knowledge about a particular theme or issue, and it does it in seconds rather than minutes. You can find related media, lists of verses, profiles of related people, places, things or events. Learn more about Logos at

I think if you buy using that link, in fact, they give you a 15% discount off the standard pricing (and they make a gift to Brigada too; not sure how that math works, but it apparently does).

8) Bible Software Update… —

Recently, we asked you for your favorite Bible Software. Many answered Logos. Find it here:


[Note, Logos sends a gift to Brigada for every copy that you buy.]

But others came up with other solutions. For example, check out Dave’s favorite. “I’ve been using ‘The Word’ Bible software program for over a year; it is wonderful and free. It is amazing the number of commentaries, dictionaries, books, maps, etc. that are searchable and integrated – I have over 600 of these all free. This is free but not unprofessional; it is very high quality; it is flexible and you can alter it to suit your needs. I use it almost every day for study.” Find Dave’s go-to website at…


3) Up in a down economy: Logos riding wave to new heights —

As countless companies struggle to stay afloat in a sinking economy, 01Logos Bible Software is staying atop the tumultuous seas. Its most popular product, Logos 4, has become the premier go-to vehicle for electronic Bible study for millions, and its industry-leading free Bible app for iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches and Android-enabled devices has gained great acclaim in the digital world. Opening the door on new ground with the recent launches of two award-winning products, Proclaim church presentation software and Vyrso: Christian Ebooks, Logos is emerging as a leader in other markets. Kirkdale Press also recently set sail as yet another innovative Logos branch, setting the ebook publishing industry standard thanks to Logos’ 20 years of expertise in digital production. Not lifting its ramp yet, Logos is rolling out two new products that are forecasted to draw multitudes. is the new cutting-edge Christian social network setting up to make the faith-based world in social media take an “about-face.” Faithlife is intimately linked with the one-of-a-kind Faithlife Study Bible – the world’s largest study Bible, containing more than 2.2 million words – which is constantly expanding with new study notes, articles, maps and media. Learn more about Logos products at the following link.

For more information, contact


mediaatlogosdotcom or 800-875-6467.

8) Multi-Lingual Online Bible Available in Major Indian Languages —

A new web site


provides the text of the Bible in major languages spoken in India. Several English translations are also provided and Greek and Hebrew portions are planned. Future plans call for an online Bible school.  After selecting your language of interest from the menu across the top of the page, you can select a second language to be read in an interlinear fashion. Make comments below or send them directly to litebibleatgmaildotcom

LiteBible is also available on Facebook.

9) New Study, Teaching and Gospel Resource —

The UsefulBible.Com Commentary on Hebrews is the first in a new series of Bible Commentaries that have been designed around the specific needs of worldwide missions. This is a free, online commentary that can be used as a study, teaching and Gospel resource. As a study resource, it provides a complete, in-depth course of 250 sessions. As a teaching resource, it demonstrates how to explain each passage in clear, simple English. As a Gospel resource, it provides sermon outlines for the reader to develop into evangelistic messages. The whole is in EasyEnglish to make it easier to understand, even for those who use English as a second language. It’s available at…

3) What’s your Favorite Bible Program? —

There are *so* many of these… on PC, Mac, and PDA… not to mention that new gizmo… what’s it called? Ipad or something like that? :-) So here’s your chance to sound off. What’s *your* favorite Bible reading program on *your* favorite device? I’ve been trying “Glo” for some time. See it at…

It’s kinda cool. But maybe it’s just my inner Mac-wanna-be self, come Bible-study-on-PC, you know? :-) Either way… tell us your favorite. Just click comment below:

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