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11) Canada Formally to Launch Zúme Training Initiative

If you live in Canada (or know someone who does), don’t miss the kick-off for Zúme there, April 7, 3pm. Zúme Training is an on-line and in-life learning experience designed for small groups who follow Jesus to learn how to obey His Great Commission and make disciples who multiply. The official kick-off service will take place at Rexdale Alliance Church, 2459 Islington Avenue, Etobicoke, ON M9W 3X9. The entire event will be live-streamed as well. Organizers will introduce the training. They will also be looking for people whom God is raising up to help lead the Zúme project in Canada. Speakers will include Andy Smith, Jonathan and Corinna McMurray, Doug Lucas, and others. Learn more about Zúme at…

7) Five Ways to Bless You Neighbors

I’m loving the content of some of these simple Bible studies these days. They’re so reproducible! (Duh — by DESIGN they’re reproducible.) For example, here’s a pattern in which you Begin with prayer, listen, eat, serve them, then tell them a story. (The first letters of each those five steps spell out “bless.”) These “discipleship bible studies (DBS’s)” are all the rage… and they’re coming to a neighborhood near you (maybe because you’ll start one!). Learn more at…

10) New Favorite Bible Studies Revealed

phil19We asked recently for your thoughts about favorite Bible studies or courses and we were struck by several resources mentioned in follow-up comments. “Chris” couldn’t say enough good stuff about J.D. Greear’s “The a Gospel According to Jonah.” Charles wrote about the Topical Memory System, published by The Navigators. Michael highlighted Charles Swindoll’s “Hand me another Brick,” adding that “It looks at personal character, hearing God, following God’s call and the list goes on. Good leadership development tool. When I have used it in the past it was hard to find copies but Amazon has it in stock currently.” Mark commented, “Oral learners will appreciate Bible studies that are relational. Let them exegete the study rather than using workbooks or lecture. And have a blast doing it!” He pointed us to a free catalog that includes Spiritual Warfare, Making Disciplemakers, Heroes & Villains, Jesus is Enough, Family Time Devotions, Go Story! (Volunteer training), and many more,” available by writing to SnowdenMinistriesatgmaildotcom . Thanks to all these folks for your input!

4) Your Favorite Bible Study Guide or Course?

nehemiahOne of our missionaries asked this past week for our best recommendation as to our best Bible study recommendations. Would you help us make a short list? Would you include, for example, Kelly Minter’s study on “Nehemiah: A Heart that can Break,” at…

Kelly Minter’s 7-week study, Nehemiah, fits well with a church missions emphasis. She emphasizes the concept to let God break your heart for the hurting, lost world and move you to lead people to Jesus.

Or would it include Beth Moore’s “Breaking Free: The Journey, the Stories,” at…

or John Eldredge’s, “Wild at Heart,” available as a video series at…

Which studies would you recommend? If you know of one or more, please click “Comment” after the web version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help!

5) Jesus Is Enough

bible and glassesHere’s a new Bible Study using Storying methods for those with a Roman Catholic background. Designed as a 35-week study, it can work as an evangelistic Bible study or a discipleship study for existing believers. The study never criticizes the Catholic Church. The leader’s guide is loaded with coaching tips from Bible Storying trainer Mark Snowden. The study costs $49.95 and is delivered via PDF (licensed for making copies). To order, write
A sample is available for free.

12) Women’s Bible Café Connects You to the World —

women studyLooking for a chance to connect with other women like you who want to study the Word together from around the world? Check out…

Check out the “prayer wall,” stop by the bookstore, find a special speaker, and do online Bible studies today. They also do book reviews, a book of the month, and a whole lot more. Hope it can help you connect with the world. (Thanks for the tip, Tina!)

2) New Curriculum: “Abraham, Following God’s Promise”

Logos Bible Software is said, by many, to be the best Bible software in the world. (See their world-class offerings at… )

But did you know they also offered all-church curriculum — like, “Abraham, Following God’s Promise?” It’s complete with infographics, maps, artifact images, thought-provoking questions, “writable” answer boxes, Bible study tips, an annotated reading list, and printable handouts. The complete church curriculum version for leaders, missionaries and pastors even includes videos, small group lesson plans, sermon outlines, and teaching slideshows. This could make a GREAT sermon series leading into a Perspectives or Kairos course to understand Abraham’s faith, vision, and followership of the Lord. Just click to…

Then search for “Abraham, Following God’s Promise” and, if you want the sermon outlines, videos and slideshows, make sure you choose the “all-church curriculum” version for $99 or $21.66/month.


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