12) Cool Tools: The Best Online Blog Readers?

This is a class of services that, frankly, I haven’t ever tried. However, a regular Brigada contributor from North Africa has strongly recommended Google Reader

as one of the best in this class. He explained that this was effectively a free blogging tool. He added that there was also a free tool for commenting on regular web pages that don’t have RSS feeds. Sounds great for those who do reading like this regularly.

2) Tune In To The Bloggers Among Us

Remember that discussion on blogging (Feb. 1, 2009, “For the Bloggers among us”) ? It’s turned into quite a stream of responses — from samples of great blogs to instructions on how to do it. Check it out at:

Got an additional comment? You can even log on to share in total confidence, anonymously.

To comment on this item, why not go back to:

2) For The Bloggers Among Us

Are you aware of a decent (or even *great*) blog? Brigada participant, Ken, would like to learn from some effective bloggers. Would you be able to give him some exemplary blog authors. If you have a favorite, just hit “Comment” below this item on the web and tell us your destination.

5) Use Your Blog And Website To Point People To The Bible

Websites and blogs are tremendous tools for ministry. In order to help webmasters and bloggers point people to the Bible, Logos Bible Software has released a free site plugin called RefTagger

that will convert any Bible reference on your website into a link that, when hovered over, will display the actual text of scripture. Scriptures can be displayed in the Bible version of your choosing and the plugin can be used on church websites, forums, ministry sites, blogs, and just about any site on the internet.

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