6) A Free Book Every Day?

Free-on-KindleI know. Hard to believer, right? But that’s exactly what they offer at…

On a particular day, they’ll draw attention to a real, mainline Christian book for sale on Amazon or somewhere else. I’ll make up my mind to go there later… and I’ll go back the next day, and the book will now cost $8 or $15 or whatever. So it’s a for-real marketing approach that wants to keep you coming back daily. And if you’re a reader, it will work! :-)

10) Steve’s New Term/Book: “Transformissional”

transformissional-coachingCheck out Steve Ogne’s new book (with help from Tim Roehl) on Transformissional Coaching:

Sounds good. It’s apparently a holistic approach. “Unlike business coaching models that are only concerned with productivity or results, TransforMissional coaching engages the whole leader in transformation. Steve and Tim suggest that coaches transform leaders by helping leaders clarify calling, cultivate character, create community and connect with culture.” That’s a whole lot of C’s. Your thoughts?

6) Learn How the Gospel Speaks to Guilt, Shame, & Fear Cultures

3D-Gospel-Mock-up-784x1024Western theology emphasizes forgiveness of sins, but people in the Majority World covet honor or spiritual power. In today’s globalized world, Christians need a three-dimensional gospel for all cultures. The 3D Gospel is a concise, practical book explaining the world’s three primary culture types, and how Christians can fruitfully minister cross-culturally. Is your gospel 3D?

Jayson lived in Central Asia for 9 years, and is a missiologist of honor-shame cultures. Purchase for $3.99, at:

Jayson will give you The 3D Gospel (.pdf) for free, if you are teaching on how Christ saves us from guilt, shame, and fear (any venue: sermon, training, webinar, blog series, etc.). Just email

9) New Book: “Hudson on a Mission”

hudson-on-a-mission-11Need a Christmas gift that will bless your ministry donors, grow their heart for the world, and expand their vision for how God is at work? From New Tribes Mission’s Jim Jobe and the Center for Mission Mobilization comes “Hudson on A Mission,” an illustrated children’s book that provides a peek into an unreached tribal culture. Using animal characters, Hudson on A Mission introduces one model of church planting and multiplication from a child’s viewpoint. Includes discussion questions. It’s a wonderful resource to put into the hands of ministry partners, parents, and children’s workers at your local church. Books are $4 each with a purchase of 10 or more. Use coupon code: HUDSONCHRISTMAS when ordering. Preview and purchase the book here:

14) The BackPage: The “Four Fields” of Church Multiplication

four fieldsNathan and Kari Shank have done a superb job in their new revision of “Four Fields of Kingdom Growth: Starting and Releasing Healthy Churches.” In these 155 pages, the Shanks not only describe the model of the Four Fields, but also touch on just about every other metaphor in church planting movements (CPM’s). This is more than a book: It’s a manual. It’s more than a guide: It’s a programmed learning tool. You can take this book… and ten days studying it… and perhaps do more to revolutionize your ministry than any other tool outside of the Bible. These authors could have copyrighted this work and sold it to make themselves a handsome income. Instead — they released it to the world. Why? Because, I think, they knew that they really don’t own it: God does. And by releasing it, everybody wins — especially people who are missing from the Kingdom.

So don’t walk. Run. Grab this book. And let’s memorize it. More importantly — let’s implement it.

Best I can tell, Nathan’s “home” on the web is here:

You can find their book here, free for downloading:

1) Get the Global Gospel Book at Pre-publishing Prices

bookThe author of an important new book is eager to get it into the hands of missionaries and their donors by boosting the first print run and sharing the savings. So he has agreed to this pre-publication discount on cases reserved by missionaries during October:

- A 60% discount ($360 off each case of 24).
– AND free shipping.
– AND a $20 referral for each case sold.

So your missionary friends can save $360/case, and you can earn $20. Check out this offer and email it to missionaries you think would be interested.

The book is The Global Gospel…

The deal is described at…

1) Christmas Gifts and Breakthrough Insights


the global gospelWerner Mischke’s blockbuster book “The Global Gospel” is about to go to press, and Brigada friend Robby has arranged a 60%(!!!) case discount for those vocationally involved in the global mission effort, PLUS a $20 commission on all referrals. (If you buy a case and mention Robby or his ministry, Brigada gets $20. If someone buys and mentions you, you get $20, etc.)

This deluxe hard-back could be a great Christmas gift for your donors!

* Grab this deal to save $360 off retail (AND Brigada gets $20)!
* Refer this deal to a qualified buyer and earn $20 for yourself.
* Share the insights with leaders and missionaries to enhance their ministry.

Here’s the thesis: Individualistic Westerners don’t naturally grasp the honor/shame dynamics inherent in collectivistic societies (including those in which the Bible was written). This has led unwittingly to a blind spot in Western theology. As a result most evangelism limits gospel presentations to the language of sin and guilt. This in turn puts a glass ceiling on the gospel’s reception in many cultures, and on our own understanding of the gospel’s richness.

The deal:

The book:

4) Is your Church or Org Experiencing Mission Drift?

mission driftPeter Greer and Chris Horst seek to help faith-based organizations make sure they do not drift from their founding mission; in other words, make sure they stay Mission True (the authors use that term a lot). The authors give examples (sort of case studies) of orgs, schools, etc. that they say have drifted – Harvard, ChildFund and the Y – and others that have remained true, i.e. World Relief, Compassion, Taylor University, etc.). There is a survey to determine whether or not your org is drifting in intentionality, clarity, guidelines, suggestions to help the org remain Mission True, I.e. knowing why you exist, developing true leadership within the org from the board down, measuring what matters (it’s not always growth or money that should be the measure of success), maintaining the right culture, and (get this!) recognizing that the local church anchors a thriving mission. In conclusion, the authors wonder what would have happened if these orgs that drifted would have remained Mission True, which, in essence is standing firm on the Truth of the Gospel and not wavering from the initial purpose of sharing it, being committed to Christ above all, not hiring for technical competency alone, never soft-pedaling Christian identity. Check it out at…

(Thanks for this book review, Betty!)

4) Pre Mission Trip Devotional Now In Spanish

spanish missionAn effective pre mission trip devotional adopted by many ministries and churches has been “Before You Go” by former YWAM’er and Pastor Jack Hempfling. For ministries and churches working in Latin America, it has now been translated into Spanish. A few minutes a day in the presence of the Lord is where a heart is prepared for the cross cultural challenges that only God knows are coming your way (Team unity, servant attitudes, pride, humility towards the culture, and many more).

The “Before You Go” Spanish version, “Antes de Ir,” is for those whom God is sending from Latin America to the nations. Check it out at…

You can also email the publisher, Randy Johnson, for a quote on ministry bulk orders:
For other questions, email the author:

12) New Book will Prepare you Spiritually for Mission

spiritually equipping for missionNow you can make sure you are transformed spiritually as you seek to transform communities globally. Ryan Shaw’s book, “Spiritual Equipping for Mission: Thriving as God’s Message Bearers,” becomes available literally this week in print or e-book. It’s published by IVP and is available here:

(Thanks for the tip, Millard!)

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