5) Beautiful Book to Help Children Memorize Scripture

Lauren Minor recently published “My ABC Bible Verse Book.” Intended for use during family devotions, in homeschool or churches, these 26 “ABC” verses are easy to memorize for children and with beautiful watercolor illustrations by Beth Tillotson. Visit


to learn more and purchase a book for family, friends or supporters in the States. Both ladies raised children while serving cross culturally as reflected by the verses and art.


6) These Geographically-Related Pads and Books Would Be Sooo Cool…

Just picture these geographically-related pads and books in your home school or in the small group youth curriculum for your house church or group. There are pads (each pad has 25 sheets) with blank world maps, and maps of each continent (with countries pre-demarcated). There are dry-erase maps, coloring books and more. This is such a cool place…


2) Balancing the Sword is a Comprehensive Study Guide for the Bible

…and we mean the whole Bible. It literally asks you questions about every single chapter, beginning to end, Genesis to Revelation. Honestly, we can’t remember ever seeing anything so comprehensive in our whole lives. This would *especially* be useful for the business as missions type guy or gal who went to a university, but didn’t get to study at a Bible college. But it would also be SUPER for the Bible college or seminary grad because it would act as a cool review for the whole book! Check out the two books at…


and the reading planning software at…


8) New Book Released August 6: "Defined — Who God Says You Are"

Our good friend, Mike, has just informed us that Stephen and Alex Kendrick’s new book has arrived in his home. The movie Overcomer will be released on August 23, 2019. See the book at…


Mike added, “I have read the first 3 chapters via kindle preview and this book is well done and powerful book on God’s plan and purpose for your life. The introduction story is full of the God’s Grace and Love.” (Thanks Mike!)


11) Pre-Order "Moms in Prayer: Raise them Up!"

If you pre-order “Moms in Prayer” book, “Raise them Up,” you can also participate in a four-week book club with the authors, Sally Burke and Cyndie Claypool De Neve! During the four-week book club, Sally will give participants a behind the scenes glimpse at why she and Cyndie chose the prayer focuses they did including:


*** Praying for Protection

*** Praying Through Suffering

*** Praying for Boldness in Faith


You’ll have a chance to ask Sally questions during private Facebook Lives/Zoom meetings and are sure to walk away encouraged and equipped to Raise Them Up! But you’d better act quickly. The book releases on August 6. Pre-order here:


(By the way, each week, they will also be giving away Moms in Prayer swag!)


10) How to Coach Financial Support Raisers

Coaching Financial Support Raisers in Ministry is now available on Amazon in paperback print edition as well as eBook. This practical guidebook is a crucial resource that lets anyone learn how to coach, walk alongside, and provide consistent accountability to support raisers as they prepare for ministry. It’s designed for organizations, churches, and individuals. Anyone can impact the nations by being a coach, and now you have the guidebook for it!


12) Catch These 3 Books on Disciple-Making Movements as a Set

Amazon says these three books are frequently bought together… “The Kingdom Unleashed,” “From Megachurch to Movement,” and “More Disciples.” See them at..


You can get the entire set of 3 books for under $50. And after all, as a follower of Jesus, what’s the one thing you can take with you from this life to the next? The answer: More Disciples. In the book by that title (More Disciples), you’ll learn about every tool that’s presented in the Zúme web-based training experience, so More Disciples is a good option if you’d like to see what’s in the Zúme course too.


4) 20 Days of Renewal with Christ (New Book) will Challenge and Inspire

Author Carla Ross has teamed up with Editors Carl Taylor and Tina McCormick to produce a new book designed to help you encounter afresh a love and appreciation for the help and friendship Christ can provide via scripture. Completely Bible-based, this brand new release would especially make a great study for a ladies group or adult Bible fellowship. There’s plenty of space for notes and responses. The end result will almost certainly help you through tough challenges or dry spiritual deserts. Each chapter walks you through solutions to struggles such as burn-out, anxiety, depression, spiritual warfare and bondage. Carla’s strong nursing/medical background includes coordinating an Intensive Care Unit at an award-winning hospital. Learn more and order at…


1) Reentry After Short-Term Missionary Service: Free Download

Many books are available for people returning to their passport country after serving in other cultures for several years.  Although many more people return after short-term service after short term service of a few weeks or months, few books are available for them even though the issues are often very different.  Written for people returning to their passport country after a few weeks or months of missionary service, this book helps them not only reenter but also consider how they have changed and what that implies for their future. Using Jonah and Paul as examples, it also helps them process the good and bad events that occurred. This book is available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook. You can’t beat the price. Find it at…


(We’re so grateful to those who prepare materials like this for cross-cultural servants! Hats off to Ron and all those who help him make this happen.)


4) Hats Off to This Author for Giving Away This Book for Free!

God has made you great and precious promises so you would be a partaker of his divine nature, do you know them? This book contains a list of God’s promises from every book in the Bible to help you renew your mind and see God’s promises manifest in your life.


We’re big fans of Clint Byars approach…


Sell a printed copy — but give away the PDF for free. (See:


He’ll jump WAY higher in the social media circles and his message will go far and wide. And we bet some people will buy his book and still help him pay the bills. Thanks Clint!


2) 7 Steps to No Regrets (the book)

What would a life without regrets be for you and/or those you love? Find out from Robert Rogers, who, in 2003, lost everything he cherished – his precious wife, both sons, and both daughters – when he and his family were swept off the Kansas Turnpike into the deluge by a flash-flood while driving home from a wedding in Wichita.


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