6) For Those Coming Home from the Field

651CH Coming Home 2014 coverinddDon’t forget our 3 tried-and-true 14 day devotional Bible studies with focused reentry questions (with Lisa Espinelli Chinns’ input). They’re great help for personal help in the reentry process. Some organizations have done “custom” editions with their logo and comments on the first page. They then provide these to their returnees.

1) Are You in Re-entry or Is It in Your Near Future?

returning.wellCheck out “Returning Well: Your Guide to Thriving Back ‘Home’ After Serving Cross-Culturally.” “Returning Well” invites you into a guided
conversation with your Creator that will reveal and apply invaluable insights as you reflect on your recent season. By using “Returning Well,” you will discover how this season influenced you, how to re-integrate well, and what moving forward in faith means for you. Find out more (including individual and bulk purchasing options) at

(And thanks to Melissa for her determination on this project, her sensitive spirit to those reentering, and for believing in Brigada!)

10) Fikkert is At it Again (New Book)

from dependence to dignityPerhaps you’ve heard… Brian Fikkert, author of “When Helping Hurts,” has a new book out entitled, “From Dependence to Dignity.” In it, Fikkert and co-author, Russell Mask explain the world of microfinance, unpacking the principles of how to design effective microfinance ministries and how to avoid common pitfalls. Find it at…

11) Emotalerting, by Carlyle Nayler, Will Help You Manage the Moment

managing the momentAccording to a global outreach pastor who passed along this tip last month, in this one single book, Carlyle Nayler will help you ‘manage the moment,’ better than any other resource ever. It’s essentially a practical guide full of real stories about how to better manage the self in any situation. It’s designed to help you understand and then manage the emotion of the moment for a better present and a momentum gaining future. Find it at…

9) Which Author is Your “Go-To Guy” for Getting the Basics?

basic christianityIf someone asked you for help on understanding the basic doctrines of Christianity, of course, you’d send him or her to the Bible first and foremost. But when it comes to a teacher who can explain those doctrines and pull all the biblical teaching together, where would you go? Some might say, hands down, John Stott.

But maybe you have another option? Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item and share your favorite person or direction. Thanks in advance for being part of the Brigada family.

2) “Healthy, Resilient, And Effective”: the book [updated 5/26/2015]

member care bookDr. Laura Mae Gardner (SIL/Wycliffe) has written extensively on caring for missionaries and cross-cultural workers. Now, she has prepared a member care guidebook that just might set a benchmark for the state of the art.

It’s a kind of manual which defines the vision, the challenge, and a host of practical case studies and tools to help us get started. You can also obtain it in the UK and Europe here…

and in Asia here…

2) Missionary Transitions: Free Download

missionary1“Missionary Transitions” is a new 15-chapter e-book about many of the transitions that missionaries experience. Of course, it includes the major transitions to and from the field. However, its 230 pages also contain information about the transitions missionaries go through before they leave home, while serving in their host culture, and after they return home. The book is available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook. Find it at…

9) “Where There Is Now a Church:” book

church bookYou’ve probably been following the Fruitful Practice Research in partnership with GMI. Now, through this book, you can investigate 7 True Narratives of the birth of the church among Muslim communities. As you read these gripping stories, there are questions for reflection and relevant fruitful practices highlighted. Beyond these the final chapter will introduce you to all the fruitful practices gleaned from over 10 years of field based research. It’s available in paper back and e-versions. You can also get it as a bundle with Where There Was No Church.

11) Beware! This Book May Send You Abroad

send meHow is the Great Commission essential for making sense of our world? Are ministries of mercy part of the church’s global mission? These are just two of many questions born out of authentic and passionate conversations between church planter Jake Taube and students serving on short-term mission trips in underground Chinese churches.

In “Send Me, I’ll Go,” Jake Taube analyzes current mission trends and challenges potential disciple-makers to personalize the decision to spread the message of salvation. With boldness and without apology, this book examines the call of the Great Commission and offers a vision for western Christians to live, uncompromisingly and sacrificially, the responsibility of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with the world’s unreached people groups. Check it out today:

11) Learn How the Church All But Disappeared in the Middle East

lost christianityJesus was born in the middle of a region that is today dominated by a religion which disavows his divinity. How in the world did this happen? Now you can know the truth. Get the book, “The Lost History of Christianity,” by Philip Jenkins.

It tells the story of the Eastern church that was larger than both Rome
and Byzantium combined. Many mid-Asia Countries were Christian or
predominantly so. In a fascinating panorama, Jenkins explains that the church began to be seen as politically affiliated. So the church that was once persecuted became so powerful that a region began to fear that it would become like a super-power. Yikes. There have to be some lessons here somewhere. Get the book. Let’s learn the lessons — and change the world for good. (Thanks Ted!)

11) Max Lucado: At it Again with “Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café”

max lucadoJust seems like Max Lucado has his finger on the church’s pulse. He knows what to write about and when to release it. Like his new book, “Miracle at the Higher Grounds Café.” It just might help you imagine launching an internet café that makes a difference in people’s lives. Highly recommended. Find it at Amazon here..

9) Offering Healing and Hope to Children in Crisis

crisis careDo you work with children at risk or in crisis? Crisis Care Training International (CCTI) will be hosting the seminar, Trauma and Crisis Care, written by Dr. Phyllis Kilbourn. This seminar addresses children-in-crisis trauma resulting from street life, sexual exploitation, war, abandonment, abuse, bullying, and suicide, and offers practical and effective intervention strategies. The seminar will be held in Orlando Florida April 8-11, 2015.

For more information contact Tami at

To register go to

5) Book Publishing Service Offers Half-off for Brigada Readers

Hand and book stairsWant to publish a book? It just got easier. In January 2014, Eddie launched a publishing company. They published 36 books the first year. And now they have an offer to missionaries, of which, the publisher’s father was one. This is 50% of his standard price, which is approximately 50% of what other companies are charging. What’s more, I don’t know of any other service which does what they do. They design the cover and interior, provide the ISBN and bar code. The author of the book owns the copyright. They publish books in paperback, hard cover, eBook and audio book. They include ebook postings on 1,000+ online sites like Kindle and Nook. And with Spring Arbor and their other distributors, the books are distributed to more than 200,000 online and offline bookstores. Check them out and let us know how they do.

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