5) “Window to the World” Will be Free on January 21 and 22nd

“Window to the World” is a 40 page short book that convers the top 100 statistics every Christian should know about the world through 10 global topics of significance (unreached peoples, poverty, refugees, world evangelization, missions giving, world population…). Each chapter is just two pages: a page of commentary and then a page of 10 unsettling stats on that global topic. The eBook is usually available for only $.99 or the paperback for $3.99. But on January 21 and 22, the author, Andrew Knight, will be offering the book for free. (Note: You have to click on “Choose All Formats” to see the zero-priced Kindle version.) Obviously, this book is short. 40 Pages. But it’s kind of cool, nonetheless. Don’t buy it expecting to be wowed by the format. It’s simple. Get it because of the collection of quick and easy stats that will find their way into your teaching. Find it here…

(Thanks to Joshua and the folks at
for relaying this tip to us! )

4) Spiritual Formation 101: …for the Soul, Community, and Neighbor

A missionary in Russia has written a book about spiritual formation and spiritual disciplines. Readers will find various disciplines for different venues of life, including suggestions on how to practice spiritual disciplines with non-believers. The book is also available for Kindle devices and software.
Check it out at…

1) Steep Discounts on the Book, “Stubborn Perseverance”

Stubborn Perseverance may be the only STORY written to help readers learn and adapt CPM principles to their own context, and it carries more than 50 endorsements. For example, David Garrison wrote, “Stubborn Perseverance reveals the inner workings of a CPM and invites readers to launch a movement.” A field team leader in Southeast Asia (initials K.D.) described it this way: “I’ve read Contagious Disciple-Making, Miraculous Movements and Wind in the House of Islam. And I’ve trained in Any-3 and Camel Method (all great!). Stubborn Perseverance distills them [all] into the manual I want for our team.”

During the past two years of continuing refinement, print copies were only available through expensive “on demand” printing. Now production costs are being reduced through a volume printing, making it possible for the first time to offer steep pre-publication discounts of 50% and more ($7.50-$10 off per book), with free shipping to U.S. street addresses. You can get 1-7 books for $7.50/book (a discount off the cover price of $7.50), 10-24 books for $6/book ($9 off per book), and 30+ books for $5/book ($10 off per book). Why would you order multiple copies? Because you could explain your work, spread the vision of church multiplication, help donors engage in your goals, all while:
– giving copies away as appreciation gifts, or
– selling them to fund your ministry (the Amazon price will remain $15). Read ten chapters of the book for free (to get an idea) here:

Reserve your copies now at…

New Book : Multiplying Churches in Japanese Soil

This book answers some key questions:
*** What churches are reproducing and multiplying?
*** What should be done to assure church multiplication in Japanese soil?

A $2.99 digital version is on sale through Nov 27th at

This book would be great for anyone working in Japan, mobilizing or preparing to work among the world’s 2nd largest unreached people group.

Learn more at…

For a Podcast interview with J.D. Payne

Parenting book: Give Your Kids a Break:

Kim Fredrickson, author and former counselor, has a new book, Give Your Kids a Break: Parenting with Compassion for You and Your Children. It’s slated to be released on 10/24/17. But the digital version is already available to pre-order now for only $2.99 (regular price 8.99). Everyone cares deeply about little (and big) ones. When we don’t know how, we may default to blaming, shaming, and bashing. The good news is there is another way.

Author of “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” Needs Your Prayers

Many (zillions?) have benefited from his book, “Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus.” But now he could use their prayers — and yours too. Nabeel Qureshi was diagnosed with advanced stomach cancer in August. His recent video (from his hospital bed) is incredibly sobering. See his website…

for background info. But see this video for a most sobering update:

Can we all please unite in prayer for this courageous man of God?
(Thanks Jeff.)

10) NoPlaceLeft — the Sequel is Available

Maybe you read, “No Place Left: Hastening,” and you wondered when the sequel would appear? Wonder no more. It’s here. Find it at…

“No Place Left: Rebirth” is a fictional novel inspired by real current (and future) events. It tells the story of a guy trying to multiply disciples in the midst of the chaos of life — realities like those faced by the people you know, at home and abroad. It will blow your mind just as it expands your vision. AND it just might inspire you to action.

9) Check out The Good News Coloring Book (In scads of languages!)


This coloring book is a Bible tract/coloring book for adults and children in over 100 languages, many of which are dual language, e.g., French/English, or French/Somaali, or Arabic/Italian. And get this: They’re all available for free… and you don’t even have to sign up for a mailing list or anything. Hats off to the makers for ‘freely receiving, and freely giving away!’ (Thanks Jamie!)

6) Book: “Now What? Spiritual Discernment for Cultural Encounters

now_what_bookGary Green’s new book “Now What? Spiritual Discernment for Cultural Encounters,” fills an important gap (how to do effective debriefing after STM trips so that they “take” better”). If you’re headed somewhere short-term, this is the book to read once you get back! You can order via Amazon at

The book uses a mixture of reflection questions and Ignatian principles to help those who have had a cultural experience reflect on the past, internalize the effect and address the future.

7) “Screwtape 20/20 – The Gates of Hell” just Published

Ken Zulkosky has recently published a historical fiction novel, called “Screwtape 20/20 – The Gates of Hell.” Filled with references to CS Lewis’ “The Screwtape Letters”, this thrilling book will keep you on your toes! Published by WestBow Press –

Here is the link to Amazon – available in Kindle as well!

2) Facts, Fear and Faith in a Migrant Crisis

migrant crisisOur response as believers to the historic migrant crisis the world faces will be either a testimony to coming generations of God’s love being lived out through us or a rebuke on our generation for our lack of compassion. We each get to decide. But how can we help those who are struggling with fear? This GMI Digital Single addresses that issue. It is part of a larger book “Serving God in a Migrant Crisis” by Patrick Johnstone and Dean Merrill that will be released in Spring 2016. If you are helping those around you to develop a compassionate response to the Migrant Crisis, this short resource will be a help. See it at…

2) Missionaries and Same-SexMarriage

Same-sex marriage raises both religious and cultural issues for cross-cultural workers. Those issues may be quite different depending on whether or not homosexual behavior is a crime in the host country. This article provides information to help such workers consider the issues they face as they decide what to do, and it can be downloaded as a pdf and printed to distribute to others. In addition, this website has aritcles about more than 100 other issues as well as 16 books available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook.

2) New Book on Global Partnerships

paul-3d-278x300“Walk This Way: a better path to global engagement” was just released by Dr. Paul McGuinness and 181 Publishing. As Dr. McGuinness writes, God is moving in unbelievable ways around the world, and the Western church has a part to play in the story. But are we in danger of missing out due to an unhealthy approach to global engagement? It’s not that churches aren’t already involved in cross-cultural ministry. It’s that, too often, we bring the wrong mindset to international ministry and move down a rocky path.” Through case studies, practical experience, and biblical principles, “Walk This Way” presents a new model for global ministry that honors the work God is doing and mobilizes the American church to greater engagement. We’re looking forward to reading this book ourselves. Check it out at:

Join the conversation on Facebook (WalkThisWayBook), Twitter and Instagram (@WalkThisWayBook).

5) Anyone read “Pioneering Movements?” It Looks Good

pioneering_movementsHave you read Steve Addison’s “Pioneering Movements?” Would you have a moment to comment? It looks good. With the subtitle, “Leadership that Multiplies Disciples and Churches,” this book is, according to the author, meant for anyone who wants to “obey Jesus example and call to pioneer movements of disciples and churches throughout the world, until he returns.” With a Forward by David Garrison, Jerry Trousdale wrote, of Pioneering Movements, “Steve Addison’s third book on movements builds on his previous writings by inviting Christ Followers to become “movement pioneers” wherever they live. Pioneering Movements is filled with examples of such people from the early church, Christian history, and modern day movements. Steve makes a compelling case that God can use any Christ Followers to replicate disciple making, while also providing simple, practical steps to get started.” Order it at…

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