2) Facts, Fear and Faith in a Migrant Crisis

migrant crisisOur response as believers to the historic migrant crisis the world faces will be either a testimony to coming generations of God’s love being lived out through us or a rebuke on our generation for our lack of compassion. We each get to decide. But how can we help those who are struggling with fear? This GMI Digital Single addresses that issue. It is part of a larger book “Serving God in a Migrant Crisis” by Patrick Johnstone and Dean Merrill that will be released in Spring 2016. If you are helping those around you to develop a compassionate response to the Migrant Crisis, this short resource will be a help. See it at…

2) Missionaries and Same-SexMarriage

Same-sex marriage raises both religious and cultural issues for cross-cultural workers. Those issues may be quite different depending on whether or not homosexual behavior is a crime in the host country. This article provides information to help such workers consider the issues they face as they decide what to do, and it can be downloaded as a pdf and printed to distribute to others. In addition, this website has aritcles about more than 100 other issues as well as 16 books available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook.

2) New Book on Global Partnerships

paul-3d-278x300“Walk This Way: a better path to global engagement” was just released by Dr. Paul McGuinness and 181 Publishing. As Dr. McGuinness writes, God is moving in unbelievable ways around the world, and the Western church has a part to play in the story. But are we in danger of missing out due to an unhealthy approach to global engagement? It’s not that churches aren’t already involved in cross-cultural ministry. It’s that, too often, we bring the wrong mindset to international ministry and move down a rocky path.” Through case studies, practical experience, and biblical principles, “Walk This Way” presents a new model for global ministry that honors the work God is doing and mobilizes the American church to greater engagement. We’re looking forward to reading this book ourselves. Check it out at:

Join the conversation on Facebook (WalkThisWayBook), Twitter and Instagram (@WalkThisWayBook).

5) Anyone read “Pioneering Movements?” It Looks Good

pioneering_movementsHave you read Steve Addison’s “Pioneering Movements?” Would you have a moment to comment? It looks good. With the subtitle, “Leadership that Multiplies Disciples and Churches,” this book is, according to the author, meant for anyone who wants to “obey Jesus example and call to pioneer movements of disciples and churches throughout the world, until he returns.” With a Forward by David Garrison, Jerry Trousdale wrote, of Pioneering Movements, “Steve Addison’s third book on movements builds on his previous writings by inviting Christ Followers to become “movement pioneers” wherever they live. Pioneering Movements is filled with examples of such people from the early church, Christian history, and modern day movements. Steve makes a compelling case that God can use any Christ Followers to replicate disciple making, while also providing simple, practical steps to get started.” Order it at…

1) Share this Christmas Amazon special: “Hastening” for $6!

Hastening_FrontCover_FINALSteve Smith’s “Hastening,” like David Platt’s earlier “Radical,” is stirring church and mission leaders to encourage its widespread circulation. And just in time for Christmas! If you’re already enrolled in Amazon Prime, you can get Hastening for $6 through this special link:

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3) Reserve cases of “Stubborn Perseverance” at pre-publication $5/book

stubborn perseverance“Stubborn Perseverance” is the true-to-life story of a church-planting Kingdom movement, written to inspire and equip you, in partnership with others, to pursue God for such a movement in your own context. I (Doug) have seen this book in pre-publication form and it infuses a ton of foundational learning into a real-life chronicle of value to practitioners everywhere. Preview this great CPM training tool for yourself here:

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7) Do you Feel Defensive when People Question Your Approach?

difficult conversationsHere’s a book by Doug Stone that might help…

In fact, it might help — whether your are meeting with underperforming worker, disagreeing with a spouse, or negotiating with a government worker. Learn how to decipher the underlying structure of every difficult conversation, Start a conversation without defensiveness, listen for the meaning of what is not said, stay balanced in the face of attacks and accusations, and move from emotion to productive problem solving.

1) Are you Returning to Your Home Culture for a Year or More?

RW_white_backgroundDo you want to return well? You can. Returning Well is a customizable resource designed with the transitioning servant in mind. It creatively leads you through the process of a debriefing that leads to renewal so that you may be fully released to uniquely and wholeheartedly love and serve your Creator in the season of life following re-entry. Find out more (including individual and bulk purchasing options) at

I just used this book this past week to plan reentry and debriefing for personnel returning from Bosnia. Good stuff.

1) Here’s a Thanksgiving Gift from the Folks Behind “Hastening”

Hastening_FrontCover_FINALBut you better act fast. This deal is only good through Nov. 30th.
Hastening is the new book that builds on T4T by including Disciple-making movement practices, then presenting them in the form of a gripping novel. Based on hot initial pre-sales, our friends Steve Smith and Robby Butler ordered a bunch of extra cases so they can extend the deadline for those who missed the first round of 69% discount on cases of Hastening. Through November 30th, save 69% on cases (32 books)!
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9) Get the Prayer Warriors Ultimate Handbook

Can you believe it? For less than $3, you get 14 books on prayer.

Find answer for questions like these:
The 7 Most Powerful Prayers that will Change Your Life Forever
The Prayer Warrior’s 30 Day Challenged
Praying for a grateful heart
Praying to increase your faith
Praying God’s Promises
30 days of prayer devotions
Experiencing personal life change through praying the Words of Jesus
Prayers when you need God’s perfect peace
Prayers to build a habit of praise (praising God through prayer)
How to Slay Your Giants and Have Massive Faith
Further Tips to increase your faith for a more effective prayer life
How to Hear God Clearly and Discern His Will for You
How to Become a Love Warrior
How To Become a Praise Warrior
…and more.

1) See “Perspectives/Kairos Course” Values Come Alive in This Book

no placeSteve Smith’s novel “Hastening” is a mini missions course wrapped in a fast-paced thriller reflecting global Kingdom realities. It aims for an impact similar to Perspectives or Kairos by presenting the potential for movements to hasten swift completion of the missionary task among all peoples.

This is Book One of the “No Place Left” saga, written to mobilize portions of the Church that tune out missions and would never read a missions book.

Hastening is discounted to $2.99 on Amazon Kindle through mid-November for the missions community (please let others know):

The print-on-demand edition will soon be available on Amazon as well.

2) Cross-Cultural Workers Marriage Issues

This book is for people serving in limited access countries. It is the basically the one written for missionaries, but with no mention of missionaries or missions. However, it does mention Christianity and quotes Scripture. If you know people serving in such places, you may want to send them the link or download the book and send it to them as an attachment. The book is available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook.

(second book down)

3) Preview “Hastening” Novel for Free

You can preview the new book, “Hastening” for free by clicking…

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3) Is “Walking with the Poor” the Best Source for Community Development?

walking with poorBryant Myers’ 2011 book is already a classic. In “Walking with the Poor,” he attempts to provide a theological backdrop for transformational development, while showcasing best practices in uniting our thinking on spiritual and physical domains of life. So the question is — would this be the best book available to date as a backdrop for NGO’s and community health evangelism (CHE)? See the book at …

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