8) Free E-book by David Platt: “Follow Me”

FollowMePlatt_1920x1440To download “Follow Me,” by David Platt, you just have to click quickly. Browse to…

and enter your email address then click. After your email is confirmed, you’ll receive “Follow Me” as a gift. It seeks to answer the question, “What does following Jesus really look like?” In other words, it’s all about discipleship. But remember: to download it, you must act within the month of October.

5) Adoniram Judson book (digital copy) for … FREE!

adoniram-judsonIt’s one thing when a book is on sale for a lower price. It’s quite another when you can get it for free. But that is EXACTLY the situation with this book about Adoniram Judson by John Piper. Entitled, “Adoniram Judson: How Few There Are Who Die So Hard!,” it’s available as an ebook at…

Judson was the first North American protestant to serve as a missionary in Burma — and he did so for nearly 40 years. He was a part of that initial wave, one of the first North American missionaries to serve overseas. By the time he died, he had translated the entire Bible, started 100 churches, resulting in over 8,000 believers accepting Jesus, mostly from the Karen and Kachin tribes.

6) If We had a Coffee Table, This Book would be On it

johnstone bookWe’ve bragged about it before, but that’s because it’s good. And now, with the hardback version being a bit more affordable, there’s never been a better time to pull the trigger on buying Patrick Johnstone’s “The Future of the Global Church.” Read directly from the prophet who came up with Operation World as a concept and a global prayer ministry guidebook. Learn more about “The Future” here…

Note that this book is available in hardback, as an ebook, and as a digital collection of files. Regardless of the format, it’s great. Johnstone combines history, demographics, religion, and art to combine a coffee table presentation without equal. He places special emphasis on unreached people groups — with lots of color, graphs, charts, numbers, and of course, maps. Your prayer life won’t find a bigger-picture, higher-level blimp shot of the world. Find this book discounted at…

9) Who’s writing the best stuff on Disciple-making Movements NOW?

trousdaleAround six months ago, there was a flurry of momentum in preparing materials in disciple-making movements (DMM). But it looks like iDisciple (CityTeam’s website) has kind of floundered at…

Of course, rather than sitting behind computers doing office work, maybe everybody’s out making disciples. : ) But still… who’s writing. Their latest conference shows up as 2014…

But I thought for sure they had one in Mesa, AZ, in 2015. Trousdale’s book (Miraculous Movements) still seems to be gaining momentum, right?

And Harry Brown wrote, “The DMM Principles God has revealed to Cityteam are Simple, Sustainable and Scalable allowing movements to spread across the globe. Over the last 10 years we have seen the Lord raise up over 35,909 new churches with 1,086,406 new believers in 51 countries spread across 303 different people groups.” But, alas, it’s hard to find the state of the art. What are YOU seeing in DMM resource preparation? Where are the sites and training materials YOU are using?

3) “Memory Verses for Children” (the Book) and “Understanding God”

This book is set up in 3 parts for 3 different age groups (age 2, ages 3 and 4, ages 5 and above). It has verses under category headings such as “God and me,” “God saves us,” “Praise the LORD,” “Jesus is God,” “Encouraging Verses,” and “What God wants us to do.” By the same author, the book, “Understanding God” has 24 articles including Friendship with God, Hidden Treasures, Satanic Depression Disappeared, Growing into His Likeness, Prayer Life of Jesus, and When will the World End. It’s worth checking out at…

7) Kick off Your Culture-Crossing With Great Help…

crossing culturesBy checking out Patty Lane’s book, “A Beginner’s Guide to Crossing Cultures.”

She’ll help you grapple with the reasons your actions are sometimes misinterpreted. She shows you how to develop hands-on relational skills that build crosscultural friendships. And she provides practical resources to help you navigate multicultural environments with sensitivity and savvy. Filled with vivid stories of real-life situations, her helpful guidebook explains frequently misunderstood aspects of culture, debunks stereotypes and suggests ways to resolve crosscultural conflicts. Above all, Lane demonstrates God’s heart for building bridges across cultures and shows how you can reach out to people of every nation, culture and ethnicity. Worth checking.

12) Missionary Training For Church Members

help-wanted_tMark Snowden has developed “Workers in the Harvest,” a unique missionary training guide designed for laity. It covers seven tasks that can be done at little or no cost, but requires sacrifice that missionaries will find affirming. W.I.T.H. is a Bible-based training resource written for church members to live out their call and gifting in missions. It can be for volunteers or those seeing to evangelize to start new churches. They, in turn, will not only work in the harvest fields in their own community, they will also be used of the Lord to call out other workers as co-laborers. Cost $7.00. Order by emailing
I’ve seen a copy of this book personally and it’s the real deal. I immediately thought of the missions committee at the church I attend, because they’re always looking for resources like this. Hats off, Mark!

6) For Those Coming Home from the Field

651CH Coming Home 2014 coverinddDon’t forget our 3 tried-and-true 14 day devotional Bible studies with focused reentry questions (with Lisa Espinelli Chinns’ input). They’re great help for personal help in the reentry process. Some organizations have done “custom” editions with their logo and comments on the first page. They then provide these to their returnees.

1) Are You in Re-entry or Is It in Your Near Future?

returning.wellCheck out “Returning Well: Your Guide to Thriving Back ‘Home’ After Serving Cross-Culturally.” “Returning Well” invites you into a guided
conversation with your Creator that will reveal and apply invaluable insights as you reflect on your recent season. By using “Returning Well,” you will discover how this season influenced you, how to re-integrate well, and what moving forward in faith means for you. Find out more (including individual and bulk purchasing options) at

(And thanks to Melissa for her determination on this project, her sensitive spirit to those reentering, and for believing in Brigada!)

10) Fikkert is At it Again (New Book)

from dependence to dignityPerhaps you’ve heard… Brian Fikkert, author of “When Helping Hurts,” has a new book out entitled, “From Dependence to Dignity.” In it, Fikkert and co-author, Russell Mask explain the world of microfinance, unpacking the principles of how to design effective microfinance ministries and how to avoid common pitfalls. Find it at…

11) Emotalerting, by Carlyle Nayler, Will Help You Manage the Moment

managing the momentAccording to a global outreach pastor who passed along this tip last month, in this one single book, Carlyle Nayler will help you ‘manage the moment,’ better than any other resource ever. It’s essentially a practical guide full of real stories about how to better manage the self in any situation. It’s designed to help you understand and then manage the emotion of the moment for a better present and a momentum gaining future. Find it at…

9) Which Author is Your “Go-To Guy” for Getting the Basics?

basic christianityIf someone asked you for help on understanding the basic doctrines of Christianity, of course, you’d send him or her to the Bible first and foremost. But when it comes to a teacher who can explain those doctrines and pull all the biblical teaching together, where would you go? Some might say, hands down, John Stott.

But maybe you have another option? Please click “Comment” following the web version of this item and share your favorite person or direction. Thanks in advance for being part of the Brigada family.

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