9) New Bonk Book Explores Families in Missions —

family missions bookJonathan Bonk’s new book, “Family Accountability in Missions: Korean and Western Case Studies (2013: Editor: Jonathan J. Bonk; Associate Editors: Dwight P. Baker, J. Nelson Jennings, Jin Bong Kim, and Steve Sang-Cheol Moon), contains case studies regarding the nurture, care, and education of children, as well as MK identity issues, marriage, culture and language, education, roles, finances, resilience, corruption, retirement, and transcultural kids. Get the English paperback here…

Korean speakers will want to start here for the Korean version:

(Thanks to Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell for sending a heads-up about this new book. Learn more about their work at

2) Learn What Recruits are Searching For on your Website? —

searching to serveGlobal Mapping has recently produced a book entitled, “Searching to Serve: Recruiting Kingdom Workers Online.” The book offers real-world intelligence about how agency websites are perceived and what potential missionaries are looking for when they visit. Order it print-on-demand or in Kindle format at…

11) What Would be Your Top 7 Books on Leadership —

250-words-logoWhen the world’s smart people list some of the best new books on leadership, the list looks something like this:

(Thanks for finding this list, Caleb.) But what about you? If YOU were to list some of the sharpest new books on leadership in your own opinion, which books would you recommend? Click “Comment” following the web version of this item and your peers will see your advice instantly.

2) Garrison’s “A Wind In The House Of Islam” Now Available

House of Islam bookThousands of copies that have been pre-ordered are now on their way around the world. David Garrison’s new book will encourage, challenge, inspire, and teach. According to his website, for a short while you’ll still be able to get the book at deep discounts. The book will retail for $18.95, but you can still purchase it for as little as $9.00 each for a case of 40 (more than 52% discount) and $12.00 for single copies. Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear where you can find these prices. If you click on Bookstore at Garrison’s own site, the price is already listed at the retail. At this point, we suggest you use the “Contact us” link at the website…

and explain you’d like to purchase at the lower price according to the landing page of the website. They’ll almost HAVE to honor the lower price until they change their own home page price discounts. However, act quickly if you want this reduced price. My hunch is, once they see this Brigada item, they might remove the discount plan at the home page.

11) Marjorie Collins’ New Book, “Polishing Pearls”

Marjorie Collins is a name familiar to those studying missions. (She’s authored 25 missions books and published hundreds of articles.) In this book, she basically creates a “candidate orientation to go.” This book would be most useful for a prospective recruit who is curious about “how to get from here to there.” It would fill in SOOOO many gaps in the process and calm many fears. Order it directly from the author by sending $7 (includes postage and handling to those in the USA; others, please inquire) at 1089 Kumquat Ct., Orange City, FL 32763.

14) The BackPage: “Believing is only the beginning”

I’m reading Richard Stearns’ [relatively] new book, “Unfinished.” (It’s published 2013 by Thomas Nelson. But, since we can Google a book title and author these days, do publishers and dates really matter anymore? I guess if there are multiple editions of the same book — and you’re seeking a particular edition? Anyway, I digress.) He begins at a starting point that seems so critical for today’s era: Do we really believe? And does faith matter?

Here’s my theory: It all starts with a clarion call to faith. If we don’t sort out the belief card, nothing else matters. We can’t establish the priority of the Good News. We can’t lay a foundation of absolute truth. We can’t clarify what happens after we die.

Bottom line: If we don’t share a common faith, we’re toast.

The bad news is — we can no longer assume a common faith. Take Britain for instance. As recently as 2001, 71.7% claimed to be Christian in Britain. As of the end of 2011, that number had fallen to 59.3%. By contrast, the overall number of Muslims, taken among all ages, climbed from 3% to 4.8%. True: Much of that rise was due to an influx of foreign born. [See ] But a closer look reveals that among younger populations, the number of Muslims has now climbed to 10%! [ ]

We could provide THOUSANDS of stats to support this same trend, in so many other lands that were historically Christian. My conclusion: I’m convinced that Stearns’ beginning point must become a starting point for practically everything we do. Please understand: I’m not calling his a crisis of faith. Rather, it’s a CANYON of faith. It’s empty. Void. And we’d better address it.

Your thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Just click in the comment box following the online version of this item at the link below. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

2) Coming “Home” The Reentry Transition: Free Download

Returning to your passport country can be difficult. You can use this book as a part of debriefingComing Home in a group, as an aid when being debriefed by another person, or alone as a part of a self-debriefing. The book is available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook. You can’t beat the price. Find it at…

5) Give the gift of insight (The Future of the Global Church)

The Future of the Global Church Digital Collection from Patrick Johnstone is packed with powerful insights that visually show where the church has been and where we are headed. Recently, Global Mapping made available a free graphic as an encouragement for you to buy the Digital Collection for your missionary, church or pastor. Honestly, it’s great stuff — possibly the most in-depth research you’ll find anywhere worldwide. Learn more at the GMI link below, which gives you the graphic and refers you to the link for the Johnstone resource…

11) Don’t Worry; Be Hopeful

The new book by John K. Wine is now available worldwide in all e-reader formats as well as pdf and plain text formats. “Don’t Worry; Be Hopeful” is a daily devotional with a global message and is full of powerful spiritual truths that will forever change your quality of life. It is not just a one-time read but will be a constant companion and is a great tool for missionaries in helping to fulfill The Great Commission. It’s available for instant download (and a free preview sample) in whatever format you need for virtually any e-reader or desktop/laptop computer from Amazon (Kindle) and Smashwords. Direct links are available at

2) Missionary Marriage Issues: Free Download

Marriage is complicated enough! Then when you add a cross-cultural living situation and a cross-cultural ministry, things begin to get really confusing. The nineteen chapters in “Missionary Marriage Issues” will help you navigate your way through the confusion. The book is available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook. You can’t beat the price. Find it at…

3) Cool Tools: The Right Bible

True “Cool Tools” are not all about dazzle and glitz. A true Cool Tool could be as simple as finding the best Bible for you, personally, to carry. And so, on that cue, we proceed to our first Cool Tool item. When I travel, I carry the thinnest Bible I can find that has print that is easily readable for my own eyes, while teaching in a dark environment. In other words, there are thinner Bibles, but my eyes (which are 55 years old) do require just a TAD “beefier” print than they did when I was 25 (even with the multi-focal contacts that I wear). Still, my slightly-stepped-up-font Old and New Testament is no more than 1 inch thick. Sure, I have a Bible on my phone and the Bible is never far away when there’s internet. But I still believe it’s important to have a printed Bible too. For one thing, what if the power goes out for an entire day and I exhaust the batteries on both my laptop and phone? But beyond that, I’m convinced that in some contexts, it still just looks too… WEIRD to teach using a phone or laptop Bible. (After all, people might think I’m up there texting or emailing someone.) Do you disagree? If so, please say so in the comments below.

But what about the other times, when you CAN read the Bible on your phone or tablet? Which Bible program do you like most as your iPhone, iPad or Android device? Zondervan is currently running a special: They’ll give you the NIV version for free — but only until January 20th. Search the app store for “Bible Gateway.” (Be careful, because a non-Zondervan, non-Bible Gateway scoundrel or two have conspired to confuse you. Make sure you see Zondervan’s logo.) Free. So if price is the primary factor, I don’t think the Bible Gateway app can be beaten. But if you have a few dollars from your Christmas stocking, maybe there’s a better app out there “for pay.” I’ve been a long-time big fan of the Bible+ app from Olive Tree. What’s your own favorite?

If you’re looking for an app for your PC, many have steered me toward

What’s your own favorite?

7) Never Do Fundraising Again, by Gaylyn Williams & Ken Williams

That’s the title of a new book by Gaylyn Williams and her father, Ken Williams, Ph.D. The book asks readers to make a mental paradigm shift, resulting in a major shift in action steps, in which donors would transition from being just donors to being lifelong partners. It contains over 200 pages of proven strategies and skills for building and maintaining your support. It is filled with helpful stories from the author’s lives and others who are using the principles based on Christian scripture. Each chapter has questions to ponder, challenging core beliefs about fundraising, and a section called, “What can I do today?,” offering practical suggestions to implement immediately. Learn more at…

8) New Book, “An Adventure in Missions” is a Practical Guide

Stanley Foster’s new little book, “An Adventure in Missions” is indeed a “Practical Guide to Missions.” The book starts as though it will become a collection of stories from the author’s life. But before we know it, he’s transforming these stories into helpful, practical, every-day tips in categories such as “Things I’ve learned,” “Your Call,” “Evaluating your call,” A Plan to help you get started, and “About Cultural Sensitivity.” It’s clear that the author has lived out what he’s articulating. He not only describes broad strokes, he also zooms in with remarkably finite approaches. Worth the read. Learn more from, where it is priced at $11.95…

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