6) Never Do Fundraising Again

That’s the title of a book referred to me recently by Kelly O’Donnell and Michèle Lewis O’Donnell. The book, by Gaylyn Williams, asks readers to make a mental paradigm shift, resulting in a major shift in action steps, in which donors would transition from being just donors to being lifelong partners. It contains over 200 pages of proven strategies and skills for building and maintaining your support. It is filled with helpful stories from the author’s lives and others who are using the principles based on Christian scripture. Each chapter has questions to ponder, challenging core beliefs about fundraising, and a section called, “What can I do today?,” offering practical suggestions to implement immediately. Learn more at…

3) ILS Int’l Releases “Countries and Peoples of the World”

Think of it as a digital library for leaders with a global vision. Find the details at…

or get the whole fact sheet at…

With over 56,000 pages of information, you’ll find info on ministry strategies, poverty, hunger, HIV/AIDS, urbanization, sustainable development, literacy, world faiths, minorities, persecution, orality, the least reached, and much more. This library also includes the beginning of a Global Digital Atlas with over 160 high-resolution color maps. There’s even a mini-course to promote global awareness. This tool would also be great for a worker without fast internet, because it contains information on thousands of unreached peoples (the type you’d perhaps normally seek online). Either way, it’s a treasure chest worth grabbing.

11) New Book about Sharing Christ, Not Dependency

Jean Johnson’s new book, “We Are Not The Hero: A Missionary’s Guide to Sharing Christ, Not A Culture of Dependency,” attempts to help us make sense out of the confusing and sometimes frustrating mixture of culture, politics, and all things foreign. Bringing a strong background in pioneer church-planting from Southeast Asia, she primes the pump for thoughts about church sustainability and multiplication cross-culturally. George Patterson wrote, “Had I read this before going to the field, I’d have avoided serious and painful cultural errors.” Learn more about the book at…


3) Free Book from Desiring God about Reaching Unreached Peoples

Finish the Mission

Finish the Mission

Hats off to John Piper and Desiring God ministries for their willingness to give away such a great book as “Finish the Mission,” available at

With authors like Louie Giglio, David Platt, and John Piper himself, we should have known it would be a winner. But then, of all things, they decide to give it away! I’m thinking — let’s make this a required book for all new Christians. :-) Seriously… please get it today. (And thanks to Kevin for suggesting it.)

5) New Book: Strangers Next Door



J.D. Payne’s new book, “Strangers Next Door,” dives directly into the deep waters of Immigration, Migration and Mission. Payne has the radical role of pastor of church multiplication with The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Alabama. (Before that, he was professor of evangelism at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary right here in Louisville.) In his book, he challenges Westerners to reach one of the world’s most important (and overlooked) mission fields: the tidal wave of migrants washing into our own backyards. Find it at Amazon…

7) Mobile Ministry Made Easy: A Simple Guide to Begin or Advance Your Use of Mobiles

Mobile Ministry Book

Mobile Ministry Book

This free new 40-page ebook is written with the missions community and Majority World in mind (and I think there might have been a typo in the earlier release of this link, which made it impossible for you to download the book. Please forgive.). It gives useful practical advice, ideas and case studies, and illuminates the vital role that mobile phones can play in extending ministry:

(Thanks again, Tony — and thanks for the corrected link, too.)

1) Sharing Your Faith with Muslim Friends: Camel Method Makes Sense

Camel Workshop and book

Camel Workshop and book

This past week, I attended a conference about sharing the Good News of Jesus, the Messiah, with our Muslim friends. I’m not saying I was disappointed, but I will say that it left me interested in finding a more tangible approach. And I wondered if others had wondered the same thing. I remembered hearing, a few years back, about an approach that had proven extremely successful in real-live situations. I did some research, ordered a copy for myself, and — I’ve got to say — it seems extremely impressive. “The Camel Workshop DVD” and the companion book, “The Camel Rider’s Journal,” are edited by David Garrison. I also ordered the book that goes along with the workshop, “The Camel: How Muslims are Coming to Faith in Christ,” by Kevin Greeson. I’m looking forward to doing this as a lunch book study in our office — and I’m determined to memorize all the steps. I’ll keep you informed along the way but, on the surface, so far, this seems like the best thing going if you’d like a plan or tangible outline. Am I the only one who wondered, “What do I say to stay on track without offending my Muslim friend?” Can’t wait to learn it through and through. Learn more at…

2) Get an Advanced Copy of Any3 Witnessing Tool

Any3 is a reproducible, highly effective model for witnessing in contexts hostile to Christianity. Originally developed by a team working with Muslims, it has been tested and refined in many contexts and become a standard part of the Training for Trainers (T4T) approach to launching Church Planting Movements. A full book on Any3 is just going to press for availability in early December, with a limited quantity from this printing available “at cost” ($5 plus shipping) to those who like promoting such books. To request a copy, email

RobbydotButlerattheMissionNetworkdotorg with a brief description of your “sphere of influence,” and how you would promote the book if you like it.

2) “Novel” Training in Multiplying Churches

George Patterson’s personal experience with the “Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches” inspired the PSP lesson of same title. Now George has produced “Come Quickly Dawn,” a novel/training manual that illustrates and teaches how to apply these principles in your local context. Buy 3 or more copies at 40% discount from

to start your own discussion group.

3) “Final Assault” Novels to Multiply Vision for Unengaged Peoples

If you snagged the one-volume draft offered free on Amazon last April, you’ll be glad to know that “Final Assault” has now been heavily revised into a polished two-part series. And Steve Smith, author of “T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution,” would welcome your help with the final refinements to “Final Assault.” Here’s the plot: Amidst growing spiritual and political efforts to suppress Biblical Christianity, a young pastor becomes gripped with the potential to start a multiplying discipleship movement among every people group in our day, then lights a fire which others follow. PSP is featured as a factor in the movement’s beginning. To request your free copy and offer feedback before the book is finalized, email TheFinalAssaultatgmaildotcom and indicate which you prefer: PDF, Word or Print.

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