1) “Missionaries and Bribes,” 225 pages: Free Download —

This book, with 8 chapters and 10 appendices, will not settle the bribery issue, but it does give a great deal of information. This will help missionaries whose agencies have no policy or guidelines about facing apparent bribe situations. The book is now available to download free of charge as .doc, .pdf, or .zip files for your computer and as .mobi or .epub files for your Kindle or Nook. You can’t beat the price. Find it at…


(And thanks to the author of “Missionaries and Bribes” for the very kind and gracious gift of $30 this past week! God bless you!)

2) Shop 1636 Christian Ebooks —

Count ’em. 1636. And some are so affordable, they’re cheaper than iPhone apps. eBooks about boundaries, ebooks about the Bible, ebooks about small groups, ebooks about strategies, ebooks by Zondervan, ebooks about zebras. (OK — maybe I was fudging just a TAD about zebras.) eBooks that work with Logos Bible Software. (In fact, Logos wrote the underlying engine upon which they all run — and the books are designed to link into Logos 4 for Bible studies! Cool.) Lucado, LaHaye, Stroebel and Tebow, … They’ve got ’em all. Find them all right here:


And if you decide to buy Logos Bible software, please don’t forget the special pricing. Brigada readers receive 15% off all base packages at…

2) Dreams and Visions and Muslim Conversion —

Here’s an historical, cultural, biblical and missiological assessment of how dreams and visions are used of God, in particular, in bringing Muslims to faith in Christ. In addition to offering an explanation of the worldview context favorable to dreams and visions, the book includes nine testimonies of Muslims who came to faith in Christ as a result of their own personal dream or vision encounter. In addition to Amazon, Barnes and Noble or directly from the publisher (Destiny Image), the book can also be purchased directly from the author’s blog:


5) Encouraging book —

Jimmy Martin of the International Baptist Convention recently wrote: “Ken, who has served as a pastor and interim pastor in numerous international settings, recently wrote a great devotional book to encourage those who find themselves living out of their country of origin. The book’s title is Singing the LORD’s Songs in a Foreign Land: Biblical Reflections for Expatriates.” For information about ordering the book anywhere in the world in print or for electronic reader go to

3) Our Org is Looking for Coaching Skills —

And there are a ton of resources out there. So check ’em out…

[Note: These URL’s, below, will ‘wrap.’ But no worries — just log onto the web version of Brigada at and we’ll have all of these working on that version.


I haven’t seen this in person, nor had Keith, who recommended it to us, but we know the series:


This is older and useful.




To comment or mention additional resources, check out the link below.

2) New Book on Coaching in a Missions Context —

Keith Webb’s new book The COACH Model for Christian Leaders is a radically different approach to leading people. Rather than provide answers, “Coach Model” leaders ask questions to draw out what God has already put into others. Learn how to create powerful conversations to assist others to solve their own problems, reach goals, and develop leadership skills in the process. Packed with stories and illustrations that bring the principles and practice of coaching to life, this book will transform your conversations into powerful learning and results. Available in print and e-book versions.

5) Digital Outreach Month’s Recommended Book —

Len Sweet’s new book, Viral: How Social Networking Is Poised to Ignite Revival was published in March. It is a revealing explanation of the transformation of our culture from print to digital, and how this changes everything in our communication and ministry. Sweet’s insights are so vital to effective digital ministry that Internet Evangelism Day has designated this book “Best New Title for Digital Outreach Month.”

2) New Book On Fundraising For Missionaries And Others —

Bill Dillon and People Raising have done it again. His updated (2012) and expanded version of People-Raising is available April 1st and will not only inform, but will also inspire the would-be fundraiser to achieve greater levels of effectiveness through improved strategies, and up to date approaches. New sections include, using social media, confronting the fear factor, mastering 6 critical skills, coaching can make a difference, and so much more. It is a must read. Check Bill’s website out for those endorsing the new book and to order some for your staff. Quantity discounts are available.


or email



Pricing will be as follow:

Retail $19.99

1-24 $12.59; 25-39 books $10.39 ea.; 40 -319 books ($9 ea., 55% off)


The organization that I lead has a dedicated fundraising coach already using Bill’s principles on a regular basis. I can’t wait for her to have this newly-updated tool at her disposal, not only for the sake of our recruits, but for her own use as well. (There’s a great new section for fundraising coaches.) We need the new material on social media today. But the truth is, Bill’s principles have already been helping our organization grow more rapidly than we could ever have grown otherwise. Bill’s instruction helps our recruits connect the dots.

2) The Book, “When Helping Hurts,” Has Launched a Network —

You’ve read the book. Now you can join the network. Help foster interaction with the poor in ways that uphold the dignity God has bestowed upon every human being. Help start an asset-based movement that enables people who are poor to flourish. The Helping Without Hurting Network is a place to ask questions, access leading resources on poverty alleviation, and connect with others working to proclaim the Kingdom of God in their communities. As a member of the Helping Without Hurting Network you will have access to a wealth of resources on poverty alleviation issues, dynamics, and interventions, including:

*** Articles

*** Tools

*** Links

*** Recommended Books

*** Videos

*** Diagrams from When Helping Hurts

*** Quarterly Webinars and/or Podcasts with Chalmers staff and leading experts in Helping Without Hurting

*** A Forum to engage with other members and Chalmers staff through sharing questions, experiences, ideas, and thoughts

*** A regularly updated Blog maintained by Chalmers staff on asset-based practice and the role of the Church in helping the poor

To join, visit



12) The BackPage: “Serving as Senders Today” is a Great New Resource —

Neal Pirolo has done it again. His new updated and refreshed copy of “Serving as Senders,” adds the word “Today,” thereby taking this long-held standby resource to a whole new level. Similar to his early work, he writes chapters on the Need for Senders, along with chapters on Moral Support, Logistics, Financial, Prayer, and Communication — but adds a focus on Reentry Support and tons of new Resources. He also includes a Group Leader’s Guide. I couldn’t find a section with web links, and therefore couldn’t find Brigada — but maybe I just missed it. Aside from being marred by such a huge oversight [:-) tongue firmly in cheek], this is a great book that should be on all our shelves. What do you think of Pirolo’s new work? Just click Comment below to sound off.

2) “Missionaries and Bribes” Policies needed —

Ron is writing a book about missionaries and bribes.  He would like to have an appendix containing some good mission agency policies about bribes.  He will include them without mentioning the name of the agency.  If you are willing to share your policy with missionaries and other agencies, please click in a “Comment” below (this item on the web) and paste them into the comment box and, if you would be so kind, send a copy of them to




Of course, he is also interested in other information about bribes and would be delighted to receive guidelines, position papers, and any other written information you have either from your agency or from your own personal thinking. (Thanks, too, to GO InterNational, Wilmore, KY, for sending a $30 gift connected with this project.)

8) Five Core Values to Ethical Member Care —

This past week, Kelly and Michèle O’Donnell wrote Brigada to discuss “Working Together: Five Core Values to Ethical Member Care.” Taken from a discussion in “Global Member Care” (2011, page 158), the original source can be found at…


The Five Core Values they documented were…

*** Human worth: We value colleagues as humans with intrinsic worth not as resources with strategic worth.

*** Safety in sharing: We value developing and using safe ways to share personal and work-related concerns.

*** Wellbeing for all: We value both the wellbeing of sending groups and the wellbeing of their staff.

*** Work-life balance: We value balancing professional work demands and personal growth desires.

*** Relational resiliency: We value persevering for truth and peace in our relationships (Zech. 8:19).


I always find the O’Donnells’ work interesting and stimulating. I’m confident that if we dwell a bit on these 5 core values, we’ll all build better organizations, fellowships, and teams.

4) The Ups and Downs of Being a Missionary —

This new book by Eleanor Rowe and Marjorie Collins is, according to my wife :-), a “really, really simple, easy read.” She added that “if you are considering becoming a career missionary or even going on a short term trip, this is a great jump-start book. It is a basic read for those with little or no knowledge of mission life.” Rowe and Collins cover everything from supporters to technology. They handle topics such as schooling for children, loneliness, flexibility, finances, housing, food, fun, weather and illness. To order, send a $10 check payable to

“Eleanor L. Rowe” to …



1089 Kumquat Ct.

Orange City, FL   32763


5) 5 Languages Of Appreciation In The Work Place —

With subtitle, “Empowering Organizations By Encouraging People,” author Gary Chapman and psychologist Dr. Paul White have teamed up to write this newly released book to help supervisors and managers effectively communicate appreciation and encouragement to their employees, resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction, healthier relationships between managers and staff, and decreased cases of burnout. Ideal for both the profit and non-profit sectors, the principles presented in this book have a proven history of success in businesses, schools, medical offices, churches, and industry. The book contains an access code for the reader to take a comprehensive online MBA Inventory (Motivating By Appreciation). The inventory is designed to provide a clearer picture of an individual’s primary language of appreciation and motivation as experienced in a work-related setting. Understanding an individual’s primary and secondary languages of appreciation can assist managers and supervisors in communicating effectively to their team members. To find out more about the book and the accompanying assessment tool for teams go to

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