10) Nurturing the Missions Call

1615 is presenting a free webinar on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, from 12 to 1pm MT. It’s entitled, “Nurturing the Missions Call,” and the main speaker is David Jacob of the Center for Missionary Mobilization and Retention. The Center believes that, oftentimes, a student will receive a calling to be a missionary, but may feel unsure or scared about what to do next. This webinar will equip Pastors and Youth Pastors to help their young people keep their passion for missions and calling alive. To register, visit…

11) The BackPage: What Characterized your Calling? —

When you were “called” to the mission field (if you were), how did you know? I remember once in Bible college, our missions professor said, “The missionary call is as simple as this: If you see a need, and you believe you have the ability to meet that need — you are already called.” (I believe that might have been a quote from W.D. Cunningham, but I can’t actually locate it right now.) So nothing very dramatic there. But how ’bout you? What constituted YOUR calling? How did you know for SURE that you were meant for the field? And … were you correct? Has it seemingly worked? In other words, does it serve to remind you, like a stake in the ground, that you’re in the right place, even when the chips are down??

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