2) Learn how to do Neighborhood Transformation (CHE) in the Field



Here’s your chance to learn about Neighborhood Transformation (think “Community Health Evangelism” or “Community Health Education” or “CHE”) in one of the USA’s most ethnically diverse towns ever. Some 300,000 Arabs live in Livonia’s backyard. Now you can figure out how to serve them, and others like them, most effectively. The dates are Apr. 11-13 and the site is Memorial Church of Christ, 35475 5 Mile Rd, Livonia, MI 48154. Sessions will run Thursday + Friday evenings 6:00-9:30PM, Saturday 9:00AM-5:00PM and costs just $70. The organizers have kindly offered to attempt to arrange homestays for a limited number of participants on a first-come, first-served basis. Register at

or, for more info, write Caleb at


11) Do you have a “When Helping Hurts” Story?

In 10 days, I have to teach a workshop at a conference in Phoenix on the topic of church-planting via neighborhood transformation approaches (otherwise known as Community Health Evangelism or CHE). First, to learn more about CHE, see our CHE channel at Brigada by going to this URL:

Second, if you have a story, please click the link immediately below and tell you narrative in the comments that follow. (Please don’t list any individual’s name that might be sensitive or confidential.) From these stories, I hope to put together a narrative with case studies for the workshop. I’ll be glad to send you a copy of that narrative. Again, please don’t mention anything secure. (For example, if you don’t want others to be talking about the village or city, use a pseudonym to describe your context.) Just use the comment box below to describe a situation. For a backdrop, read “When Helping Hurts,” available at Amazon or at your favorite Christian bookstore. God bless you!!!

2) See Brigada at the International Wholistic Missions Conference

Turns out they’re going to interview us at the IWMC in Phoenix during the 7:45pm evening session on January 10th. We’ll also do a workshop earlier that afternoon at 2:15, focused on Wholistic Church Planting. IWMC will provide tools and strategies that have been proven to work throughout the world. There are 70 workshops in 10 tracks designed to provide answers and opportunities to discuss the following questions:

  • How do we help without hurting?
    How can we get beyond relief to sustainable development?
    How do we integrate word and deed so that Christ is exalted in every area of life?
    How can I use my mission dollar for maximum impact?

Learn more at the IWMC website,

Register by the end of December to avoid the late registration penalty.

12) The BackPage: The State of “CHE”

If you found this item via Google and you were actually searching for material about Che Guevara, you’d be better off looking at…

THIS article deals with the kind of CHE associated with Community Health Evangelism. Regular Brigada readers will recall that, earlier in the year, I participated in a CHE “Vision Seminar.” Now, this past week, I took the full-on “Training of Trainers” or TOT. It definitely makes for a full week. The average CHE TOT 1 course lasts 4 1/2 days. I’ll have to say, there were times that I became just a tad discouraged. Seems to me, it would be possible for a CHE trainer to push the “Great Commission” to the back burner while working on other, more visible and tangible community issues. However, in our particular course, around Wednesday, the presenters became much more detailed about the link to spiritual dimensions.

When I wrote about CHE earlier in the year (see the Brigada at…

I presented several sets of bullet points that rang true throughout the week. We looked at the goal, the Biblical Basis, the Need, the Approach, the Core Elements, the characteristics of the “CHE’s” themselves, the Steps, the Phases, Committee Training, CHE Training, and “How to integrate the physical and spiritual.” It was a fairly thorough intro. And I’m excited to say that, after having taken the TOT 1 course, I’m now more excited than ever. The 6000 lessons on the DVD are excellent. Who would have imagined the core of material that I now possess, and all the lessons we can now teach!? There are lessons on:
*** Entering the Community
*** Training the community
*** Training the CHE’s
*** Agriculture
*** Health Promotion
*** Economic Development
*** Children’s CHE
*** Disabilities
*** Women’ cyckd of Life
*** Animal Care
*** Evangelism and Discipleship
*** Bible Storying
*** Moral Values
And much, much more. Many of these lessons will scratch an itch I already had. They also taught the MODE of training in such a way that it’s incredibly transferable.

What do YOU think of CHE? Are you using it currently? If so, what have been the strong points and not-so-strong points for you? If you’re courageous enough to share your opinion, we’d love to hear. Just click the link below (“comments”), You can even comment anonymously if need be. Thanks in advance for your frankness, time and investment in others!

5) Seize the Che-Day —

If you’d like to learn CHE (Community Health Evangelism), register for this week-long workshop with the very folks who invented CHE. It’s limited to 30 seats and it’s first-come, first-served for those paying in advance. Learn more at….


Last I heard, 20 of the 30 seats were already taken.

10) The BackPage: My Prediction for 2012: CHE will Transform Us —

This past week, I attended my first formal “Vision Seminar” on Community Health Evangelism, commonly known as CHE. Our workers had been utilizing the unique strategy for some time. On several of our fields, CHE had transformed the entire approach. But I had never trained in it myself… until now.


I thought it was for health workers. Somehow, I had understood that it had to do mainly with medical practices. Who knew there were 2500 lessons on nearly every topic ever known to plague mankind. Actually, the goal of CHE is to establish a development ministry whose purpose is to bring together Jesus’ Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the Great Commandment (Matthew 25:37-40). This is accomplished by training community members as Community Health Evangelists (CHEs) who regularly visit 10 – 15 neighboring households, sharing the gospel and promoting principles of disease prevention and healthy living. The program is designed to be transferable, multipliable, and ongoing after the training team leaves the area.


There’s no doubt — within the next handful of years, CHE will have transformed the way we do missions (if it hasn’t already). What interests me as much as anything is — the way the revolution is taking place. How can a grassroots philosophy make such a huge impact on our globe? How can a set of practices, primarily articulated by a handful of practitioners, become so ubiquitous that church after church would insist that every mission partner train in it?


It’s too early for me to answer those questions. I only know that my admiration has gone through the roof for Stan, Terry, Val, David, and the other pioneers who have patiently mentored and facilitated these trainings. I’m inspired by the way they’ve adopted such an “open source” approach to something that might have been able to make them rich. But perhaps, one of the secrets to its popularity is the essence of the fact that they gave it away to the world so freely — and continue to do so.


Read more about CHE by downloading this introductory 50-page manual.


Isn’t it crazy that the author isn’t even named? Literally nobody is taking the credit… and nobody is getting a payoff… primarily because of the unselfishness of those who envisioned and experienced these tools. Hats off Stan. Well done Terry. Way to go Val. We appreciate you!!!



8) Learn About Community Health Evangelism (CHE) in Arizona —

Project New Hope International will be hosting a CHE Visions Seminar at Christ’s Church of the Valley, Phoenix, AZ, January 5-6 (Thursday and Friday).  This seminar will be an introduction to the CHE program, and is an abbreviated version of the week-long Training of Trainers (TOT) seminar. CHE Visions is designed to give people unfamiliar with the program an introduction to what CHE is all about. PNHI will host another TOT session in the near future to fully train these people. The trainer is from LifeWind, perhaps the world’s foremost authority on CHE. It will occur 9-12 am and 1-4 pm both days for a cost of $75. (Lunch will be provided at an additional charge.) You can pay at the door with a check or cash, with checks being made payable to Team Expansion. You’ll need to register and provide a list of names at least 1 week before the seminar. For more info or to register, write



5) Still Time to Catch the N. Am. CHE Network —

If you hurry, you might still make the North American CHE Network Meeting in Louisville, KY, on November 9 – 10. Learn more at….

The meeting will be a pre-conference to the Global Missions Health Conference which is the one of largest of its kind in the world. Learn more about the Global Missions Health Conference at…

And by the way, at the Global Missions Health Conference itself, don’t miss new workshop clusters around the themes of “Holistic Community Development” and “Urban Development”. But at the CHE pre-meeting, organizers will roll out the 2010 CHE Lesson Plans CD with new lessons on Bible storying, HIV, malaria, tropical diseases, short-term teams. urban CHE, and other topics. They’ll also report on progress being made toward the accomplishment of specific movement objectives and priorities, while featuring presentations by experienced CHE practitioners on strategic topics. If you do CHE or are interested in it, don’t miss this strategic gathering.

8) Focus On Community Health Evangelism (CHE)

global che network

Community Health Evangelism (CHE) is a ministry strategy that addresses the root causes of poverty, disease, and spiritual darkness by training local leaders to share the gospel and mobilize community action. Communities learn to prevent disease, enhance agriculture, and generate enterprise. Vital biblical faith is nurtured at every step. People become followers of Jesus, existing churches strengthened, and new churches planted. More than 250 organizations are using CHE in 81 countries worldwide. The Alliance for Transformational Ministry (ATM) and the Global CHE Network offers CHE training to people serving in rural and urban poor settings worldwide. Training dates for USA: Portland, OR, September 13-18, 2009. For more information about the CHE strategy, visit

For information about the training seminar in Portland go to:

or send an email to …


2) Transforming Nations Community By Community

Are you interested in establishing a Community-Based Health Care Program which integrates the physical and the spiritual? LifeWind International’s (formerly Medical Ambassadors International) Training of Trainers (TOT) introduces people to Community Health Evangelism (CHE). This strategy teaches concepts, gives vision and practical How Tos for implementing and managing CHE in your ministry. Training dates for USA: Portland, OR June 1-6, 2009. Additional information can be found at

11) The Backpage View: Let’s Figure Out Community Health

Have you noticed the surge of interest in community health education (“CHE”) over the past few years? We always talked about primary health care for as long as I remember. But this relatively sudden uptake is phenomenal. I attribute it in part to top-notch training programs like those offered by Lifewinds

See their training offered at

Another link in the chain has been provided by groups like the Chalmers Center at Covenant College.

With their “Foundations and Principles of Holistic Ministry” course, they provide a strong economic underpinning component so often missing in CHE programs staged at the indigenous level.

These are just two examples. What other sources have you found for CHE recently? What are the benefits, … risks… costs… strengths… weaknesses, opportunities, and threats? Just click “comment” below this item on the web and share your point of view. You can even speak totally anonymously. Just click “Comment” below.

Int’l Water Missions Training, Oct. 9-11, 2008

Every aspect of the PureWater PureLife Water Training Conference is designed to help ordinary people — missionaries, short-term mission teams, disaster relief workers — understand drinking water problems and learn practical ways to help. The 3-day conference features a blend of classroom sessions and hands-on experience. It’s slated to occur at Country Lakes Christian Retreat Center, Underwood, Indiana, just 20 minutes from Louisville, Kentucky, USA, October 9- 11, 2008. Learn how to assess and treat a village’s water and health situation, how to teach basic health/sanitation concepts, and a whole lot more. Learn more at:

or call Bob +1-502-719-9845 or email

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