3) Survival Chinese Lessons

survival chinese lessonsAre you headed to China on a missions trip, a vacation, to adopt a baby or live? Whatever your purpose, “Survival Chinese Lessons,” by Joann Pittman is a great place to start your Chinese language learning journey. It contains 15 short lessons assigned to give you just enough to function in very basic situations.

The lessons are brief, presenting only essential vocabulary and phrases, along with practice dialogues, learning tips, expansion activities, and easy-to-understand explanations. It also includes the complete Pinyin sound chart. The book comes with an mp3 CD that includes the sound chart, vocabulary, and practice dialogues.

The book can be purchased from Amazon:

9) Your Thoughts on this Article about China? –

chinaHave you worked in China? Know someone who does? What are your thoughts on this article, which holds that China is on course to become the “world’s most Christian nation” within 15 years.

(Thanks to Caleb, who tipped us off to this article. He actually thinks it’s a bit misleading, because, by another measure, one might talk about the proportion of the nation that is Christian – not just the sheer numbers of believers alone.)

11) Pandas, in Living Color, “Live” and Coming to your Screen

I know, I know. We’re supposed to be talking about missions. But every once and awhile, we feature something just because it’s fun. And is fun!

Click on the link in the upper left-hand corner, labeled Give the buffering time to catch up and — bam — live pictures of pandas in China.

Ain’t it a wonder. :-)

10) It’s not Too Late to Study/Teach This Summer in China

Believe it or not, here’s an opportunity you still might be able to make happen. Visit…

To learn about “Summer Bridge,” and

to learn about Summer Teaching. Put the two together, and it looks like you could spend virtually the entire summer in China. Download more details, brochures, and applications at the sites above.

8) Children in Mission to China

Some would say that culture and language are best learned through peer friendships, mission is best done through relationships, and children are a gift of God that He can uniquely use in his mission to lost and hurting people. In light of these truths, Friends4One offers an educational, missions engagement program that connects American Christian children with a child of the same age and gender in China. These 21st century pen pals use the internet to build a friendship and share Christ’s love. Check out…

to discover how you can connect more American children (12 and younger) in your family, church, Christian school or homeschool network with this unique opportunity to engage in relational, cross-cultural ministry. Write
infoatfriends4onedotorg if you are interested. (Word to the wise: In today’s environment, obviously, you’ll want to build in every safeguard imaginable so that these children aren’t misled.)

10) Chinese Worldview Today Summer Seminar –

It happens June 28-July 16, in Beijing and Xian, China. Via this seminar, you can learn about China by going to China! This 2-week intensive course will survey the core teachings, history and development of Confucianism, Taoism, Islam, Buddhism, folk religions and Christianity in China. Presenters will lecture about the impact of these traditions on Chinese thought and society today. Lectures will be supplemented by field study, visits to important sites in Beijing and Xian. There is also an optional 3-week extension, teaching middle or high school Chinese students. The course is offered by the China Academic Consortium (CAC) with credit available through Denver Seminary for $1850. Contact

errcaterrchinadotcom for more information or visit

2) Internship Opportunity in China —

micMAC Global Solutions provides culture and language acquisition training. They have also recently expanded into software outsourcing. They are based in Qingdao, China and have launched an internship program for people interested in learning Chinese and working in ESL training, marketing, finance or software development.  Find out more at:


(And thanks to micMAC Global Solutions for support to Brigada.)


9) Make an Impact in China —

1.4 billion people are waiting to hear the gospel in China. You can be part of reaching them. Equip and empower China focused missionaries for life and ministry by sponsoring them in their language and cultural studies. Your contribution will not only provide them with the tools they need, but will also support the work of a long term team serving in Southwest China. For more information, check out

2) Brigada piece on Believers in China turns up Follow-up Story —

Remember when we asked for input on why China is “investing in Christianity?” See the July 18th, 2010 discussion at:

One anonymous respondent, writing from within Taiwan, commented, “NPR aired a series this summer entitled “New Believers: A Religious Revolution in China”–on the Web at

He continued, “It includes the story ‘Beijing Finds Common Cause with Chinese Buddhists,’ which quotes a researcher at the University of Ottawa as saying, ‘I have reason to believe the Chinese government might be encouraging Buddhist institutions, simply because they’re worried about the rapid spread of Christianity and Protestantism in particular.’ The series also has articles on Protestants and Catholics in China.

7) Live Online Chinese Learning: Get Ready to Go

Whether you are going short or long-term to China, or reaching the Chinese at home, learning the language will make you more effective. With this service created by missionaries serving the Chinese, you can learn Mandarin Chinese online, live and face to face with native teachers in China, right from home. Lessons are interactive, personal and customizable to help equip you specifically for where you are going. Email:

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/getreadyatgoservechinadotcom_.jpg">title="getreadyatgoservechinadotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/getreadyatgoservechinadotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="213" height="20" /> for more information.

2) Intensive Course: Chinese Worldview Today

China Academic Consortium (Affiliated with ERRC) has designed a “Chinese Worldview Today” intensive course to be held in Beijing, June 4 to 20, for those who are committed to China ministries. Early registration date is April 15. You can even get credit through Denver Seminary (3 units for their M div program) or Azusa Pacific University (3 units to both undergraduate and graduate programs).  This 2-week intensive course will cover all Chinese philosophy and religions as well as modern thoughts and including a trip to Xian. Learn more at…

or write to

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/cacdoterrchinaatgmaildotcom_.jpg">title="cacdoterrchinaatgmaildotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/cacdoterrchinaatgmaildotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="189" height="20" />

10) The Father Loves China –

This is a set of multiple-user online tools to produce a small video project for each of the 490 minority language groups in China that will introduce them to God as their loving Heavenly Father with indigenous pictures, indigenous music and voice — over of 55 scriptures. The organizers invite you to participate. They’re looking for indigenous pictures, music and translators and they’ll be glad to train you. Results will be posted on the web at

They’ll also supply, at the same site, free downloads in video, audio and print formats. For details and to join the Googlegroup, go to

3) China Sojourn: The Children of China

A new 40-page book has been published by media consultant Dan Henrich. Henrich writes: “This first volume represents a small number of children in China. Think of each as representing people groups who have few Christians – unreached with the Good News. I would like to challenge you to simply pray through this book of images.” The book can be previewed and ordered via the link below at $15.95 – affordable for all donors!

4) Chinese and Spanish Marriage and Family Resources Added is completely rebuilt. Its many articles on marriage, parenting, choosing a life partner, and a chronological study of the Life of Jesus are available now in English, Simplified and Traditional Mandarin. The Marriage articles are also available in Spanish. These resources are easy to download and print for free distribution. Check out

Contact Mike at:

Strategy Coordinators Needed for SE Asia

Is God calling you to invest your life in reaching an unreached group within this region of S.W. China, or S.E. Asia? There are beckoning opportunities in the Mekong Region of Laos, Myanmar, China and Thailand. Check out

info(at) (Replace “at” with @, “dot” with ., then reassemble the email address onto one line.)


The Compass Direct News is reporting that as China deals with the fallout of protests in Tibet and alleged protests in neighboring Xinjiang province, the family of a Uyghur Christian fears he may be sentenced to death this month after officials accused him of endangering national security. Friends said a verdict is expected any time. Track this issue with Compass Direct and don’t forget to pray:

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