14) The Last Bit: Lessons from The Chinese Character for Disciple

This past weekend, while visiting with a Chinese first-language speaker, I learned something metaphorical. The Chinese character for the word, “Disciple,” is a compound symbol. Contained in the symbol are two people who are walking together toward the figure of Christ. There’s something telling about that idea. Sharing with someone else in a disciple-making relationship often seems somewhat intimidating. After all, few of us feel we have “arrived.” But the beauty of this character is that the two people in the symbol are walking *together*. We all represent “works in process.” Sometimes, maybe we’ll be one step ahead of our buddy in one area, but more than likely, he or she will be one step ahead of us in some other way – sometime.


Curtis Sergeant has made famous the similar metaphor of a single file line of ducklings, following a mother duck. Each duck in the column is indeed a step ahead of the duck following, but each duck is also simultaneously following another. We’re leaders — and followers — all at the same time, trying to keep our file in line. The mother duck knows the way, just like Christ knows where to take us. All the rest of us are, well, followers, together, jointly watching the swishing little tail ahead of us, trying to waddle along through life and avoid getting lost. And guess what — sometimes we’re watching a duck immediately ahead of us who is not all that different from our own situation. We’re in this together.


You can see Curtis tell the story here:


We’ll probably all be a lot better off once we realize a) We haven’t all arrived. We’re in this together. We’re a bunch of ducks. b) The trick is to find somebody that we can help… even if we’re just one step ahead… AND to find somebody who can help US too, even if he or she is only one step ahead too. That’s the magic of ducks and disciples.

3) Survival Chinese Lessons

survival chinese lessonsAre you headed to China on a missions trip, a vacation, to adopt a baby or live? Whatever your purpose, “Survival Chinese Lessons,” by Joann Pittman is a great place to start your Chinese language learning journey. It contains 15 short lessons assigned to give you just enough to function in very basic situations.

The lessons are brief, presenting only essential vocabulary and phrases, along with practice dialogues, learning tips, expansion activities, and easy-to-understand explanations. It also includes the complete Pinyin sound chart. The book comes with an mp3 CD that includes the sound chart, vocabulary, and practice dialogues.

The book can be purchased from Amazon:

10) Run Away with Runway Languages

Runway Languages is a new online language learning tool based on the Language Acquisition Project created by Dwight Gradin at Mission Training International.

Runway currently offers Mandarin Chinese but is looking for partners to help them develop content in additional languages. This is a revenue generating opportunity. They are interested in developing any language that that would be useful for Kingdom work. Contact J.D. at

jdatrunwaylanguagesdotcom if you are interested.

8) Pocket Guide to Church Planting in English and Chinese —

All Nations has recently published a tiny, truly pocket-sized practical guidebook of the basics of church planting. The Pocket Guide is available in English and Chinese. Its principles are responsible for the planting of over 800+ house churches of new believers, half of which have been planted in closed access countries, and almost all by local leaders. It is available for $1 plus minimal postage. Call 816-216-1353 or email


6) “The Unreached: Did You Know?” Video —

Challenge your Chinese-speaking brothers and sisters with the task remaining. “The Unreached: Did You Know?” video is now up on YouTube in simplified Chinese and traditional Mandarin. See the Simplified Chinese version:


or the Traditional Mandarin:


The original video is here in English:


Other languages already available include Spanish, Bahasa, Tagalog, Czech, Swedish, Maltese, German, and Afrikaans. If you want this great mobilization video in YOUR language, contact Claude at

claudeatactiveboxdotnet to find out if it’s already been done and if not, to get the translation grid.

10) More about the Fact that the Chinese weren’t at Lausanne —

You’ve already heard about the fact that the government of China stepped in at the last minute, blocking many from leaving their country to attend the Lausanne III Congress in Cape Town. See the article at

At the main session on Monday evening, Doug Birdsall, the executive chairman of Lausanne, asked us to gesture at a nearby empty chair… in an effort to show TV cameras that “there remains a seat at the table” for the Chinese delegates that weren’t permitted to come — in a show of solidarity. What Doug Birdsall didn’t count on was one passionate delegate who wanted to make the point even more vividly. See the 2 videos at…

Don’t miss the *2nd* video, Doug Birdsall’s presentation on the ‘missing Chinese,’ entitled “Truth – Global Issues – China.” See the gentleman raising the empty chair at the 10:40 mark in the video. I couldn’t find a still photo of that shot… but it’s certainly compelling.

7) Live Online Chinese Learning: Get Ready to Go

Whether you are going short or long-term to China, or reaching the Chinese at home, learning the language will make you more effective. With this service created by missionaries serving the Chinese, you can learn Mandarin Chinese online, live and face to face with native teachers in China, right from home. Lessons are interactive, personal and customizable to help equip you specifically for where you are going. Email:

href="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/getreadyatgoservechinadotcom_.jpg">title="getreadyatgoservechinadotcom" src="http://wwwdotbrigadadotorg/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/getreadyatgoservechinadotcom_.jpg" alt="" width="213" height="20" /> for more information.

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