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14) The BackPage: Launching DMM’s is like Growing Bamboo

This past week, I’ve become fascinated with growing bamboo. First, I need to ask — if you’ve been around bamboo, is this video actually correct in its facts and figures?

Does it really take that long for the plant to sprout out of the ground? … and then, does it really grow that fast? A co-worker and teammate just bought me my first sprouts of bamboo. They’re sitting on my desk in my office. Will I be able to simulate all this rapid growth with the plant on my desk? (Yikes. I’ll have a FOREST of bamboo right there in my office!)

If all this is true, there are amazing parallels with launching a disciple making movement. In the beginning, we have to pour tons of time into just a few friends. It won’t feel very rapid. But if we do this correctly, then later, the movement might grow rapidly, if God blesses.

So please tell me — is this entire bamboo legend actually true? If so, please click “Comment” after the online “web” version of this item. Thanks in advance for any help.

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