Online Training for TESOL Ministry

Overseas and stateside we encounter people from many cultures who hunger to learn English. Doors are wide open for Christians to help satisfy this desire through teaching. However, effective ministry requires excellent training. EFCA ReachGlobal’s “Building Bridges with English” is a professionally facilitated online course developed for this purpose. The next course will be offered January 15 – February 18, 2018. For more information, write:
or see:

9) Why does Linus Drop His Blanket?

What do YOU use for your security blanket? Linus used a real blanket.

But this past week, I’ve been hearing from several sources the theory that — he drops it as soon as the angel says, “Fear not!” If so, maybe Charles Schultz was trying to drop a subtle hint that, once we’ve encountered the Good News, we won’t need any external forms of security. Your thoughts?

12) Merry Christmas in 100 languages

Illustration of Merry Christmass in many languages

Illustration of Merry Christmass in many languages

Back by popular demand — “Merry Christmas in 100 Languages!”
This page has flags and even Klingon Merry Christmas:

This page has another list of 100, including Merry Christmas in “Gibberish.”

But if you’d like to copy and paste more than 100 versions of Merry Christmas in languages from around the world, here’s a free list for your Christmas mouse. (If you don’t mind, please provide a link to when you paste. Thanks.)

AFRIKAANS geseënde Kersfees
ALBANIAN gëzuar Krishtlindja
ALSATIAN gleckika Wïanachta
ARABIC ميلاد مجيد (miilaad majiid)
ARMENIAN Shnorhavor Surb tsnund
AZERI Noel bayraminiz mubarak
BASQUE Eguberri on
BELARUSIAN З Божым нараджэннем (Z Bozym naradzenniem)
BENGALI subho baradin
BOSNIAN sretan Božić
BRETON Nedeleg laouen
BULGARIAN весела коледа (vesela koleda)
BURMESE Christmas nay hma mue pyaw pa
CATALAN bon Nadal
CHEROKEE ulihelisdi danisdayohihvi
CHINESE 圣诞快乐 (shèng dàn kuài lè)
CORNISH Nadelek lowen
CORSICAN bon Natale
CROATIAN sretan Božić
CZECH veselé Vánoce
DANISH glædelig jul
DUTCH vrolijk Kerstfeest
ENGLISH merry Christmas
ESPERANTO gojan Kristnaskon
ESTONIAN häid jõule
FAROESE gleðilig jól
FINNISH hyvää joulua
FRENCH joyeux Noël
FRISIAN noflike Krystdagen
FRIULAN bon nadâl
GEORGIAN Gilotsavt Shobas
GERMAN frohe Weihnachten / fröhliche Weihnachten
GREEK kala christougenna / kala xristougenna
HAWAIIAN mele Kalikimaka
HEBREW חג מולד שמח (hag molad saméa’h)
HINDI Krismas ki subhkamna
HUNGARIAN boldog karácsonyt
ICELANDIC gleðileg jól
IGBO annuri Ekeresimesi
ILOCANO naragsak a paskua
INDONESIAN selamat Natal
IRISH GAELIC Nollaig shona
ITALIAN buon Natale / gioioso Natale
JAVANESE sugeng Natal
JAPANESE merii kurisumasu
KABYLIAN assegass amegass
KINYARWANDA Noheli nziza
KIRUNDI Noheli nziza
KOREAN 메리 크리스마스
KURDISH Noela we pîroz be
LAO souksan van Christmas
LATIN felix dies Nativitatis
LATVIAN priecīgus Ziemassvētkus
LIGURIAN bón dênâ / bón natâle
LITHUANIAN su Kalėdomis / linksmų Kalėdų
LOW SAXON vrolik Kersfees
LUXEMBOURGEOIS schéi Chrëschtdeeg
MACEDONIAN среќен Божиќ (srećen Božić)
MALAGASY tratry ny Krismasy / arahabaina tratry ny Krismasy / arahaba
tratry ny Krismasy
MALAY selamat hari natal
MALAYALAM Christmas ashamshagal
MALTESE il-milied it-tajjeb / milied hieni
MANX Nollick ghennal
MAORI meri Kirihimete
OCCITAN bon Nadal
PAPIAMENTU bon pasku
PERSIAN کریسمس مبارک (Christmas mobaarak)
POLISH wesołych świąt bożego Narodzenia
PORTUGUESE feliz Natal
ROMANI baxtalo Krečuno
ROMANIAN un Crăciun fericit
RUKIGA Noheiri nungi / webale Noheiri
RUSSIAN С Рождеством Хрисовым (S rozhdestvom Khristovym)
SAMOAN ia manuia le Kerisimasi
SARDINIAN bona pasca’e Nadale (logudorese) / bona paschixedda (campidanese)
SCOTTISH GAELIC Nollaig chridheil
SERBIAN Срећан Божић (srecan bozic)
SHONA krisimas yakanaka
SINDHI Chrismas joon wadhayoon
SINHALESE suba nattalak wewa
SLOVAK vesele vianoce
SLOVENIAN vesel božič / vesele božične praznike
SOBOTA dobro dedek
SPANISH feliz Navidad
SRANAN switi Krisneti
SWAHILI heri la Krismasi
SWEDISH god jul
TAGALOG maligayang pasko
TAHITIAN ‘ia ‘oa’oa e teie Noera
TAMIL Nathaar thina vaalthukal
THAI souksaan wan Christmas
TURKISH Noeliniz kutlu olsun
UDMURT Shuldyr Ymuśton
UKRAINIAN З Різдвом Христовим Z Rizdvom Khrystovym
VIETNAMESE Mừng Chúa Giáng Sinh
WALOON (“betchfessîs” spelling) djoyeus Noyé
WELSH Nadolig llawen
YIDDISH אַ גוטע ניטל (a gute nitl)
ZULU Khisimusi omuhle

14) The BackPage: Your Best Christmas Memories on the Mission Field

Doug Lucas

Doug Lucas

My wife and I have some great memories from Christmas on the mission field. Obviously it’s painful to be away while family and friends are gathering for special holidays back home. But still, there are some great memories there from our times away. One year, while serving as missionaries in Uruguay, we left on Christmas Day with a teammate who was like a brother to us. We headed off by ferry boat across the Rio de la Plata to Buenos Aires where we watched a premier showing of “E.T.” in Latin America. It was a memory we’ll hold dear forever.

Do you have a special memory — or, at least, a time you’ll never forget? If so, would you please jot a note about it in the comment box following the online (web) version of this Brigada today? Thanks in advance for your help!

20051113 Brigada Today

In this issue…


1. FREE RESOURCES ON PARTNERSHIP WITH INDIGENOUS MINISTRIES — COSIM has a web site offering resources for churches and ministries engaging in, or beginning to engage in, cross-cultural ministry partnerships. New there is a downloadable paper from Dr. Paul R. (Bobby) Gupta: “What the Global Church Wants the West to Know About Partnership” plus eleven more free document resources in the Resource Center — from evaluating partnerships — to guidelines for submitting a project proposal — to partnership agreements — to short-term missions training manual. Also find information there about the 2006 COSIM Conference, June 12-14 at the Billy Graham Center, Wheaton College, Wheaton, Illinois. The theme is “Partnerships that Transform: Here and There.” Go to:
2. BE ANONYMOUS ON THE WEB — StealthSurfer II is now available, and comes bundled with Anonymizer and RoboForm. It’s Password protected, with IP masking (through Anonymizer). You get secure user ID/password management with RoboForm. ALL files, including history and cookies, get cached on a flash drive that comes as a system in kit-form. It uses USB v2.0 for fast and easy access. It’s plug and play, so there’s no installation required. Available in capacities of 128MB, 256MB, 512MB, and 1GB, starting at $99.29. If you purchase a StealthSurfer product, you also get a free, secure email account. For more information visit
3. “BORN IS THE KING!” (UNIQUE CHRISTMAS STATIONERY) — Use this uniquely designed stationery to remind everyone you know of the true meaning of Christmas. Packages of 50 sheets of letterhead or 50 matching envelopes are available for $5.00 each through the Caspari Center office by calling 630-668-3328 or emailing caspariusa(at)caspari(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] You can also view a sample and order the stationery through their web site at Shipping is only available within the U.S. and at an additional cost.
4. INTERNATIONAL WEEK OF PRAYER FOR NORTH KOREA 2005 — NK Missions, the World Network for North Korea Missions, is mobilizing 100 prayer meetings for North Korea in homes around the world during Dec. 4-11, the International Week of Prayer for North Korea. You may sign up for a leader’s kit online at They actually were hoping to get you signed up by November 23, but maybe you can still talk them out of a kit. Cost is $10, but scholarships are available for those in developing countries.
5. TEACH (ENGLISH) TO REACH (THE NATIONS) — “Teach to Reach” Nations are crying out for English teachers. You can reach them with the gospel as you teach English. Now you can take TESOL training February 6 through March 3 and March 13 through April 7, 2006 at Lebanon, Pennsylvania, USA. Additional information and application forms can be found at or e-mail ywampa(at)comcast(dot)net [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
6. TEACHERS NEEDED IN RURAL NEPAL – Become a blessing in rural Nepal. There is a vital need for two teachers, one elementary and one secondary, to teach a fairly small group of children. One elementary and one secondary teacher are needed. For more information please email sunilpjohn(at)aol(dot)com . [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
7. FILM SEEKS MISSIONARY FOR LEAD ROLE — Are you on a mission? Here are some award-winning documentary filmmakers looking for articulate, passionate young Christians who are actively taking the Gospel to the world. You will be a major character in a feature film as you journey from your hometown to foreign countries doing God’s will. If interested, please send a headshot or photograph with a short description of your personal vision and reasons for taking up the mission to: lisakhsu(at)gmail(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] Please note: You must already have a mission planned. Your trip will not be funded. Shooting begins in February 2006.
8. IMPACT THOUSANDS OF LIVES FOR CHRIST IN ORLANDO, FL!! — Delta Ministries International is partnering with the Luis Palau Association to bring individuals and teams to Orlando, FL to serve in various venues demonstrating the love of God in a “two-handed” Gospel approach. The first hand will be the week leading up to the Orlando Festival (Operation Compassion). Teams will be involved in practical displays of Jesus’ love including saturation evangelism, prayer walking, restoring homes, random acts of kindness and Habitat for Humanity. The second hand will be the gospel proclamation given by Dr. Luis Palau. Involvement needed for the two days of the Orlando Festival include humanitarian projects, children’s area, setup and takedown for the festival, counselors and prayer teams. The dates are March 25 – April 3, 2006. To learn more, email ashers(at)deltaministries(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .] or visit or call 1-800-533-5822 in the USA or call +1-1800-533-5822.
9. WHAT A GREAT WEEK FOR BRIGADA! — We heard several encouraging words… $15.52 from Blessed Hope Communication (when you sign up to use their long distance service, they make an offering to Brigada in relation to your minutes “on the air”… so — please reach out and touch someone! :-) To learn more, just click to: We also received $200 from Asbury United Methodist Church (Thank you!!!), and from anonymous partners, we received gifts of $5, $20, and $25. This latter gift was from an anonymous missionary working with Greater Europe Mission. To these new partners of Brigada, we appreciate you!!!
10. MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE WITH A SMALL AMOUNT — Don’t forget that with Brigada, the tiniest gift means so very much. Just click on “sponsor” in the top menu (to use PayPal or a credit card), or just send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous.
11. THE BACKPAGE: “LORD, TEACH ME ABOUT THE ECONOMY” — I continue to be in awe of those who understand big business. I have a lawyer friend who understands Washington, history, Wall Street… you know the type. Me? I’m mystified by it all. The preaching minister at our church told me that cumulative spending on world evangelism for 2004 was $1.7 billion. He also said sales figures for Sony Playstations were exactly the same: $1.7 billion. We’ve all heard illustrations like that. I’m sure you have a favorite one about dog food or pet supplies. The point is — how does all this economy of scale work? And does it at all relate to World Evangelism?

On the one hand, I’m thinking the Lord can do whatever He wants to do, with or without the USA fiscal budget, Sony, or the country of San Marino. He owns the cattle on a thousand hills… All he has to do is sell a few head and your next mission project is totally covered.

On the other hand, it *is* sobering how much we spend on small stuff. And it’s telling how much our *supporters* have spent on small stuff… stuff that really won’t matter.

So here’s the thought for the day: Today, let’s all contemplate for a minute about the fact that, when we appeal for someone to give toward our upcoming mission project, we know deep down inside we’re asking them to give toward something that will *matter*… something that will *last*. If we’re convinced of that, then why are we so sheepish asking for money. Next time we have doubts about asking for funds, let’s all remember that if they don’t give toward the particular mission work in which we’re engaging, they’ll probably just use it to buy video games anyway. :-) And that, my friends, … that tiny change in our way of thinking… that can make all the difference.

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