11) Experience Virtual Reality Church

Get ready: The future will be immersive! Join in on Sunday, August 11, at 4:30 p.m. Pacific (UTC -7.0) in virtual reality to visit the world’s first virtual reality church as featured in Wired Magazine, Daily Mail, and USA Today. Pastor D.J. Soto founded the church in 2017 and is about to plant their second daughter church.

Register at


9) Imagine One Billion People Inhabiting Virtual Worlds

Join D.J. Soto and LMichelle Salvant in AltSpace VR on Friday, March 29, 2019, at 8:00 a.m. Pacific (UTC -7.0) to learn how to use Virtual Reality in your ministry. View technology applications and hear discussions from a ministry application perspective. D.J. started the world’s first virtual reality church and L.Michelle founded, a company focused on helping Christian Faith & Educational Organizations. Register for this free online event:


6) Engaging the Local Church in Field Networks Discussion

The new Synergy Commons online learning community hosted by visionSynergy is starting a one-month discussion group in partnership with Ellen Livingood, the director of Catalyst Services. The topic, “Engaging the Local Church in Field Networks,” asks why local churches are often poorly represented in field-based networks, yet they can bring to the table much-needed abilities, resources, and perspectives.

This is a limited time discussion running September 1-30. visionSynergy has arranged to have a number of experienced church and network leaders contribute to the discussion. The online forum will post a new question each week. Join the discussion by joining the Synergy Commons:

Questions? Contact Daniel Dow, Online Community Manager for the Synergy Commons, by emailing

12) Missionary Training For Church Members

help-wanted_tMark Snowden has developed “Workers in the Harvest,” a unique missionary training guide designed for laity. It covers seven tasks that can be done at little or no cost, but requires sacrifice that missionaries will find affirming. W.I.T.H. is a Bible-based training resource written for church members to live out their call and gifting in missions. It can be for volunteers or those seeing to evangelize to start new churches. They, in turn, will not only work in the harvest fields in their own community, they will also be used of the Lord to call out other workers as co-laborers. Cost $7.00. Order by emailing
I’ve seen a copy of this book personally and it’s the real deal. I immediately thought of the missions committee at the church I attend, because they’re always looking for resources like this. Hats off, Mark!

1) Transform your Church with a Pervasive Culture Of Prayer

church that prays

church that praysAre you feeling the upswing of emphasis on prayer? It has to be a positive thing. Want to see what happened at 10 different cultures, once they began emphasizing prayer as the main thing? Try reading, ” The Church That Prays Together: Inside the Prayer Life of 10 Dynamic Churches.” You can order it here…

These dynamic praying churches will inspire you as they share the principles they learned along the way. Get ready to reach new heights in prayer at your church!

9) “Where There Is Now a Church:” book

church bookYou’ve probably been following the Fruitful Practice Research in partnership with GMI. Now, through this book, you can investigate 7 True Narratives of the birth of the church among Muslim communities. As you read these gripping stories, there are questions for reflection and relevant fruitful practices highlighted. Beyond these the final chapter will introduce you to all the fruitful practices gleaned from over 10 years of field based research. It’s available in paper back and e-versions. You can also get it as a bundle with Where There Was No Church.

2) Getting from Here to There: One Church’s Process

glasses and churchI’m starting to think that Heritage Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA ( has their act together. (Keep a lid on it. We wouldn’t want them to get the “big head.”) The first item we’ll mention is their primo prep course for new missionaries. They refer to it as their “Missionary Development Process (MDP).” Take a look at the mention of the process at their site…

But check out this nice one-page overview:

And then check out the entire Mission Debrief and Evaluation Tool at…

GREAT stuff. Well done, Allen!

(Note that Allen’s only specification is — you can’t SELL any of this stuff please. Hats off to you Allen.)

1) Get Equipped to Go

Ethnic_groups,_ARUNACHAL_PRADESH_INDIALooking for a way to beef up your church’s or org’s training for candidates (short- or long-term)? Try “Equipped to Go.”

They equip organizations through a customized plan of action for short or long-term cross-cultural engagement with tools and resources to build confidence and maximum global impact. (AND… they just sent a gift to Brigada. Thank you Equipped to Go!)

11) Lead Your Church To Think And Act Like Missionaries

churchplantingIs your church looking for a way to engage globally but you don’t know how to get started? This new resource, “Jet Set In A Box”, from The Upstream Collective may be just what you are looking for.

The Upstream Collective trains and equips churches to think and act like missionaries, and one of the ways they do this is through Jet Set Trips. Jet Set trips are traveling mission think-tanks, where you will engage a city of your choice by using missionary skills outlined in “Tradecraft: For The Church On Mission,” experience culture and ministry venues where God is already working.

Upstream has packaged their model for churches so that you can build your own team, get training and consultation from their years of experience and begin implementing your global strategy now. Check out:

11) Good Reading about the Church in Missions

booksIn a recent inquiry in Brigada, we asked for additional resources for local churches who were ramping up their involvement in missions. The comments yielded a virtual treasure trove of next step resources. Thanks to all those who took time to respond. Here are a few examples:

Tradecraft, by Crider, McCrary and the Upstream Collective team

Becoming Global by Bruce Dipple (SMBC Press). To order, (VISA & Mastercard accepted), phone Australia +1(02) 9747 4780, or Fax Australia, +1(02) 9747 5053, or mail: SMBC Press, PO Box 83, Croydon NSW 2132, Australia. Cost is A$15 plus postage.

When Missions Shapes the Mission by David Horner (B & H Publishing)

A Task Unfinished By Michael Griffiths (MARC publishing)

Antioch Revisited by Tom Julien (BMH books)

9) Good Reading About The Role Of The Church In Missions

what is our missionThis past week, Mike began wondering where to go to learn more about the role of the church in missions, now and throughout the ages. Some might refer him to Andrew Murray’s classic, “The Key to the Missionary Problem.” But we’re betting there are other options. Can you think of other such resources? If so, please click “Comment” following the web version of this item. Thanks in advance if you can help.

10) Howard is my Hero

heart with mapWe need more guys like Howard Culbertson. Check out his page, “World Evangelism viewed by two churches:”

Click on the drop-down arrow upper right, “Other great pages to visit.” (There really are several.) I wish more of us would take time to be so thoughtful, creative, and prolific in writing about missions. He’s raised the bar high when it comes to thinking, motivating, and leaving a legacy. Hats off to Howard.

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