Which Colleges/Universities Offer Business as Missions?

Suppose someone approached you at your church and asked, “Which Christian colleges/universities offer a business as mission program? And which mission agencies focus on business as missions as well?” That’s exactly what happened to John. So he approached us to find the answer. Please — let’s not let him down. Click “Comment” following the web version of this item and copy and paste in your list… please. Think of as many options as you can for John, and the person requesting the info. And in the process, we’ll build a virtual directory! Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

9) How Do Third-Culture Kids (TCK’s) Get Scholarships?

college-kidsThat’s the question that at least one missionary kid (‘MK’) care coordinator is asking of Brigada today. Suppose a TCK/MK has spent his or her entire life overseas. When he/she gets ready to head or college, is there a resource or website or service that helps connect prospective college students with scholarship money? … or must these blessed children, who have already sacrificed so much being away from family and friends, also now sacrifice when attending university back in their homeland? Sadness. If you have insights… or if you have navigated those difficult waters, please click to the web version of this item and give your best advice in the Comments. Thanks in advance if you can help! (And thanks, Penny, for the question!)

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