5) How Do You Get Practical Training for a Media-Driven World?

Just watching videos does not give the experience and feedback that are crucial to learning a new skill. Mission Media U offers live online courses for church leaders and missionaries around the world. Foundations of New Media Strategy will help you develop a media strategy for expanding your reach to your target audience. This course starts on May 2. Find out more and register at:

8) Missio Nexus to Sponsor 24-hour Event: "Risk Decision Making"

If you’re a leader and you’ve wondered how you’ll make decisions regarding risk analysis and crisis preparedness, this workshop is for you. The 24-hour gathering will examine in-depth the issues and challenges in the emotional, psychological, relational, and spiritual preparation all staff need when facing global conflict. They’ll help you grapple with questions like, “How do we get all staff, not just “security” staff, to be more effective decision-makers in risk?

How do leaders apply risk assessment theory and know what to do to improve individual, team, and organizational decision making in cross-cultural risk? How do we assess staff in risk and what biases may be operating in their decision making? When facing overwhelming uncertainty, how do we know when we have enough information?” If these questions sound interesting, run, don’t walk, to …!event/2019/5/1/24-risk-decision-making-for-leaders


to learn more and sign up for this May 9-10 event in Minneapolis.

9) The GACX is a Where Discussions Can Increase Global Momentum

Shouldn’t you be there? Every moment of the 2019 GACX Global Forum, Sept. 24-27 in Dallas, is designed to increase the speed and scope of discipleship-driven church multiplication by:


*** sharing ideas and opportunities

*** learning from others’ experiences

*** building intentional collaborations.


You can register today for “Compelled” using the early-bird rate at…

11) Pick up Engaging Islam Weekend or Week-Long Seminar in Dearborn

Perhaps you’ve heard of the conference, “Engaging Islam.” Perhaps you’ve wondered what it is. Well, there’s never a better time to go find out. Check it out at…


All the details are there — dates, times, fees, the works. A lot of our workers have taken this course and it inevitably prompts the worker toward greater boldness and initiative to enter into spiritual conversations with those they meet in the Muslim world. Betty hurry and sign up though. The conference is just a month away.

2) Field Worker Security and Crisis Management Training

Crisis Consulting International (CCI) is offering field security training for Great Commission workers who travel, live or operate in higher risk environments, and crisis management training for faith-based organizational leaders to be prepared to manage crisis events that impact their Great Commission work. Both of these sessions will help individuals and organizations be better stewards of their workers.

3) Missio Nexus to Feature 70+ Presenters and 9 Workshop Tracks

Imagine a conference in which there are 70+ workshop presenters and 9 different workshop tracks, including Executive Leadership, Globally Engaged Churches, Global Strategies, Human Resources, Member Health, Mission Finance + Administration, Mobilization, Short-Term Missions, Training! And — if you’re imagining something in cold weather, think again. This year, it all takes place under one roof at the Caribe Royale Resort, Sept. 19-21, 2019. Learn more and register at…

3) Innovation Event Promises to Help Ministry Staff Get Innovation Done

It is easier to talk about innovation than to actually implement it. That challenge is the focus of the 2nd annual Innovation in Mission Live Web Event on April 24. This free learning event for nonprofit leaders is designed to provide the tools necessary to begin implementing innovation in their organizations. Register at and hear from Carolina Salazar, JD Payne, Rob Wassel and Jon Hirst. 

10) Discover "Future Mission" at This Year’s Missio Nexus Conference?

You might as well. Everybody else is. Hear speakers like Dr. Jay Gary, Ed Stetzer, K.A. Ellis, Prashan De Visser, James Kelly, and Andrew Brunson. Discover the challenges that future Great Commission workers will face — and help find Godly solutions. Watch the video, learn more, and register at…

2019 Mission Leaders Conference: Dr. Jay Gary, Ed Stetzer, K.A. Ellis, Prashan De Visser, James Kelly, and Andrew Brunson

9) Get B+ High Security Training, May 6-9, San Diego CA

Prepare yourself for living in or visiting places of high risk. Learn how to maintain security for yourself and others when being interrogated, how to avoid or survive kidnapping, and small things you can do to make a big difference in your level of risk. Register at


For more info contact

infoatinterculturalStudiodotorg  (infoatinterculturalStudiodotorg)  

8) Hurry! Time is Running Out on the Early Bird Price

SRS is staging a special Support Raising Leaders Conference on October 15-18 in Scottsdale, AZ. This conference will ignite within you a new hope and encouragement in the area of support raising. Register today if you are an executive, support raising trainer, coach or team leader, this conference is made especially for you! Check it out at…

9) Imagine One Billion People Inhabiting Virtual Worlds

Join D.J. Soto and LMichelle Salvant in AltSpace VR on Friday, March 29, 2019, at 8:00 a.m. Pacific (UTC -7.0) to learn how to use Virtual Reality in your ministry. View technology applications and hear discussions from a ministry application perspective. D.J. started the world’s first virtual reality church and L.Michelle founded, a company focused on helping Christian Faith & Educational Organizations. Register for this free online event:


1) Don’t Forget Emmaus Encounter

We mentioned last week that Emmaus Encounter is a debriefing ministry located in Montana (near Glacier National Park) for those in Christian ministry including missionaries, pastors and lay-people. It is a 5-day program offering listening space, time, and exercises that help you see Jesus in your journey, in the midst of pain, loss, injustice, confusion, disappointments, transition and weariness. This is a private, personal and sacred time together with only you (couple/single) and the debriefers. Don’t forget to contact them soon regarding upcoming debriefings that you might be able to attend.

2) You Can Help Others Overcome their Addictions to ****ography

Point them to this free 8-day online RESTORED Boot Camp hosted by former Hockey Canada player Matt Cline. His mission is to equip those caught in **xual addiction to live powerfully in the freedom that God has for them. Matt’s Boot Camp normally costs over $100. It is currently free for ministry workers. Register at:

(Note: Due to our mailing service’s stringent guidelines, we can’t actually say certain words in Brigada. If we do, the mailing service ends up blocking our newsletter. We hope you can get the meaning above though.)

4) Learning about Privacy Laws and Data Stewardship

Justin Schluessler (Data Protection Office for Compassion International) will be presenting on Data Stewardship at the ICCM-Americas conference June 26 -29 in Hannibal, Missouri. He will also be presenting breakout sessions on GDPR and current/anticipated US laws on data protection. Registration for the Americas Conference is still open at the reduced early-bird rate until March 31. Visit for more information.


or email

iccmamericasatlightsysdotorg  (iccmamericasatlightsysdotorg)  

8) Act now to GO Equipped as a Successful Tentmaker

This “GO Equipped” tentmaker course offers practical tools from experienced tentmakers to achieve proven results. Global Intent, Tent International, Operation Mobilization, and Scatter Global will present tentmaker training at the Operation Mobilization USA HQ, 285 Lynnwood Avenue, Tyrone, GA 30290 (20 minutes south of the Jackson-Hartsfield ATL airport) May 9-12, 2019. The early-bird discount ends April 9, 2019. For more information go to


or contact

registraratintentdotorg  (registraratintentdotorg)   

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