4) Here’s a Cool 30-minute Talk About Doing CPM in Urban Settings

At the 2018 Forum for the Global Alliance for Church Multiplication, Jeff Sundell shared lessons learned from his 10 years of experience in South Asia. Now you can hear the whole thing for free at…


(Thanks GACX!) By the way, the 2019 GACX is Sept. 24-27 in Dallas. Mark your calendars. More details will be released by GACX shortly.

8) Bali, Indonesia Azmera Haven Retreat 2019 (for Women only)

Azmera’s mission is to Impact Women Who are Impacting the World. If you are an English speaking, Kingdom-minded women (worker or business expat) serving overseas, Azmera would like to invite you to an encouraging, restorative, transformational, honoring haven retreat in Bali, Indonesia April 11 – 14, 2019. The cool thing is that they help make it affordable for workers by raising Haven Scholarships. Check out Azmera and register at

9) Check out Missio Nexus’s View of Trends In This Free 3-Hour Webinar

Curious about where we are in the status of the Gospel? Wondering where we need to go next? Wondering if we’re taking UPG and UUPG people groups off the maps? Want more innovation in missions? Want to learn more about mission strategies and structures? Would you like to hear about some unique opportunities? Wondering how in the world we’ll raise up the next generation of missionaries? These topics and more are the subject of a free (free to all) webinar being staged by Missio Nexus on March 13th, 9 am Pacific/10 am Mountain / 11 am Central/ 12 pm Eastern time in the USA. Take note: This webinar is open to mission leaders, church mission teams, missionaries, and anyone interested in global missions. There is no exclusivity whatsoever. In fact, you don’t even have to be a member of Missio Nexus to listen in. It’s free. It’s virtual. There are no meals to buy, no airfares to suck up your treasury, and no excuses. Just pure and simple answers. Trends. And more. It all starts here:


(Thanks for drawing our attention to this, Debra!)

8) Join Friends for a Gulf Arab Retreat at the End of March

Horizons International is staging a Gulf Arab Retreat that promises to encourage, inform, and inspire. Catch it in Orlando, Florida, March 30- 31, 2019. Participants will grow in discipleship and encouragement as they meet with other former Muslims with heritage from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Yemen, Kuwait, U.A.E, Bahrain, and Qatar (and their families).  The program in Florida includes time set aside for relaxation and enjoying the local sites. The cost is just $50, which includes flights, lodgings, and meals. Register now at


Please note: This retreat will be held in the Arabic language and is for North American residents only. Scholarships are available. For more information, email

href="kevinathorizonsinternationaldotorg">kevinathorizonsinternationaldotorg  (kevinathorizonsinternationaldotorg)  


14) The Last Bit: Are You Following the Ethne Conferences?

The most recent one just met earlier this month. Several regional and affinity teams, most affiliated with 24:14, have begun to form or continued to move forward: Eurasia, Persian/Turkic countries, Southeast Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Sports to Movement affinity, and Media to Movement affinity. The purpose of these teams is to seek total movement engagement in their region/affinity by 2025.

The Hubs workgroup explored what it will take to establish a global network of cross-organizational training hubs to more quickly and effectively equip workers. The team drafted a list of action items to implement over the coming year to build that network ranging from curriculum to logistics, tracking, and financing.

Finally, the prayer team was able to connect face-to-face with many of the leaders and teams they have been praying for, delivering powerful prophetic words and gaining a better familiarity with these teams to more effectively intercede for them.

Please pray that out of this time effective 24:14 teams form that result in an acceleration in engaging every unreached people and place with a movement strategy! Learn more about 24:14 by clicking to …

(Thanks to 24:14 for sharing this report with the Brigada audience.)

4) Legacy Conference Will Inspire You To Reach Muslims (36% off)

Sponsored by Horizons International, Legacy conference is a bi-annual gathering that promotes biblically sound mission principles and understanding of how to spread the Gospel message among Muslims. It provides comprehensive and critical insight valuable to missionaries, field workers, and home churches around the world. The upcoming 2018 conference will feature a distinguished line-up of plenary speakers, extensive breakout sessions, and Q&A opportunities. Register now for a 37% discount off the full price of admission! Legacy 2018 will equip you with practical tools and knowledge to bring Liberty to the Captives.

2) ITN’s International Conference on Turkey

It’s scheduled for February 21-23 in Mesa Arizona and it’s themed, “God’s New Day in Turkey: Opportunities and Challenges.” And it’s a fitting title. A new Turkey is emerging and God is at work. Join with others who share a passion to make Jesus known in Turkey. To learn more visit…

Sign up by December 15th if you want a discounted registration fee. See the postcard about the event at…

12) The Largest Ever Faith-Inspired Collaboration Event For Technology

hackathonWhen we saw that title, we thought, what in the world would that be? The subtitle read, “Code for the Kingdom.” Sounded even more interesting. Then we saw the fine print: “Leadership Network Hackathon.” And we thought, whoa. Is this legal? : ) From what we can tell, it is. Get the full story at…

The short answer is — it’s apparently the gathering of “a couple thousand of the brightest minds on the planet working together in 13 cities across The Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa for two straight days to create new technologies that would reclaim culture for the Church and God’s Kingdom.” Shouldn’t you be there? : )

8) Learn to See your Work as Worship at This Conference

wawnetwork_logo_newThis year’s “Work as Worship Conference” takes place on Friday, November 6th at Bent Tree Bible Fellowship Church in Dallas.
You will also hear from some of the most respected leaders and companies in the Work as Worship movement:
*** Tony Bridwell, Chief People Officer at Brinker International (Chili’s & Maggianos) and author of The Difference Maker
*** Greg Gilbert, Pastor of Third Avenue Baptist Church and author of The Gospel at Work
*** Matt Perman, author of What’s Best Next: How the Gospel Transforms the Way You Get Things Done and many more.

Online registration is now open. Tickets are only $49 but there are only 200 seats available. They are including breakfast and lunch in the registration price. For tickets, visit….

But better hurry. This conference is likely to sell out.

8) ECHO Asia Agriculture & Community Development Conference

The 5th Biennial ECHO Asia Agriculture and Community Development Conference is “Equipping Workers” and will offer a time for missionaries, agricultural workers, development agents, farmers, and organizations from across Asia to come together from October 6th – 9th in Chiang Mai, Thailand, for a time of practical learning, networking, and encouragement. Participants will hear from experts in the fields of agriculture and community development, learn proven techniques for small holder farmers, and receive hands-on training in sustainable agriculture. To find out more information and register for the event, please visit

4) How to Help Others Remember Your Message

written wordHats off to Global Mapping for recognizing the infographic nature of our world today. They staged a March webinar on “Making your Message Stick in an Infographic World” and I see they’ll be presenting on a similar vein at LittWorld in Singapore in November.

But if you’d like a taste (in infographic form, of course), just click today to an infographic like…

Hopefully, you’ll remember what you read there. :-)

8) Equipping Missionaries for Today’s World (April 17-18, 2015)

mcnw-care-connexion-logo-e1392675619618A conference focused solely on the subject of missionary care, Care Connexion is a catalyst for mutual encouragement and sharing of best practice resources in member care. It is an excellent opportunity to network with lay leaders, counselors, agencies and educators, all who are committed to missionary care. The guest speaker for this conference will be Dr. James Raymo. In addition, they’re offering, for those new to missionary care, a one-day intensive “Developing a Missionary Care Strategy.” For more information, visit

12) Lausanne’s Global Campaign for Creation Care and the Gospel

creationEd Brown and our friends at the Lausanne Creation Care Network are busy these days with a series of conferences around the world on the general theme of Creation Care and the Gospel. (If that seems like a strange juxtaposition to you, you need to read the Cape Town Commitment again!) Conferences are coming this year in East Africa (Nairobi, May 17-21), Canada and the US (Boston – Gordon College, July 27-31), Latin America (Cusco, Peru, September 8-12 – Spanish and Portuguese), and West Africa (Ghana, November 9-13, French and English). This is an ideal opportunity to get up to speed on one of the truly hot-button issues of our time by interacting with top theologians, scientists and practitioners. Check out the Global Campaign website here:

Use the link there to let Ed’s team know if you would like an invitation to one of these conferences. And a suggestion: Don’t put it off. Seats are going fast.

7) “Women in China Mission: History and Impact”

Hudson-Taylor-FB-Optimized-Made-For-MoreHere’s a Hudson Taylor Legacy Series Seminar (Celebrating 150 years of God’s Faithfulness). This OMF International seminar will be held at the Vancouver Chinese Evangelical Free Church, 3295 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC on Tuesday, February 24, 2015 (7:30 – 9:00 pm). For more information, contact
cadotbcdotrmcatomfmaildotcom or check out

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