1) Video Counseling Available

GRC is accepting new video counseling clients! With the addition of new staff members, GRC has the availability to take on new online clients through their secure video counseling service anywhere there is an internet connection. Their desire is to make care available to Global Workers around the world who have no access to mental health resources. Learn more and “Get Started” at


2) New Year Brings New Beginnings to GRC

The demand for GRC services consistently exceeded capacity throughout 2018. Beginning January 2019, GRC has expanded their team to meet the growing demand for professional mental health services within the global worker community. Additionally, GRC has transitioned to fee-for-service which provides clients the possibility of submitting to insurance for reimbursement. The objective is to make care affordable for more clients. To learn more and Get Started, visit…

8) Have you Ever Experienced “Compassion Fatigue?”

We’ve recently enjoyed the services of a great volunteer named David, who is helping some of our workers in stress. He was telling me the other day about a concept he’s been considering. He called it “Compassion Fatigue.” He described it as “a kind of exhaustion and numbness at times to the needs of the people being served.” He went on to explain that mental health professionals have observed that this syndrome can develop “when we give more of our hearts than we are able to replenish.” This results in grumpiness, being short-tempered, withdrawing socially, overeating and looking for excuses to avoid the necessary tasks of job and volunteer activities.” In fact, David added that it can affect one’s spiritual walk as well. What’s the solution? Often, a brief spiritual “strategic withdrawal.” He said, “In my brain, I see the projects that are undone and especially those on which I am kicking against a deadline. In my spirit, I know that my ability to complete those projects will be enhanced by taking some time to be replenished. In the physical, I want to be alone to work. In the spiritual, God is telling me to surround myself with Christian friends who will encourage and provide wisdom.” Have you experienced this phenomenon? If so, how do YOU avert it? If you can give any insight or testimony, please click “comment” following the web version of this item. And thanks to David for ‘bubbling this concept’ up to our attention.

10) More on Counseling Centers for Cross-cultural Workers

In the March 15th edition of Brigada, we mentioned that we were “Curious about Counselling Centers for Missionaries” (item #7 in that edition). Several users have responded (thank you!) with a growing list of centers for care:


Barnabas International

Barnabas Zentrum: Ministering to Those Who Minister

He Restoreth Ministries, Inc.

Heartstream Resources for Cross-cultural Workers

Le Rucher Ministries

Minnesota Renewal Center

Missionary Care from Caring for Others

Paracletos: Coming Alongside Missionaries

Servant Care: Caring for those who serve, and equipping Saints for ministry!

Honestly, I was surprised at the number of centers. If there are others, feel free to add them as a comment to this item in the web version and we’ll publish an expanded list in a future edition. Thank you!

7) Curious about Counselling Centers for Missionaries

RetreatMost missions strategists agree that member care is a significant part of missions and ministry health. This past week, we heard from a guy with a growing vision for starting a small business to provide a place for restoration, spiritual retreat and marriage and personal counselling opportunities for those working in Northern Africa and along the Mediterranean. He’s wondering if anyone would be willing to send him any current organizations or businesses operating retreat and/or counselling centres for missionaries (anywhere in the world) that he could use to investigate in his research.

6) Help with Loss When You’re Far from Home

Missionaries experience lots of it – loss of friends, support network, all that is familiar to them, even a loss of sense of self. If left unrecognized and unprocessed, it can affect us in body, heart and spirit, sometimes leading to anxiety or depression. It is a large reason so many missionaries are surviving rather than thriving. Care Port Counseling can help to process such losses, to help restore vision and hope. It’s a low cost, online counseling resource available to help missionaries, wherever they may be. Check it out at

8) Can A Pregnancy Crisis Center be a Means of Outreach?

Our new friends in Serbia think so. Our good friend, Wade, from College Heights Christian Church in Joplin, MO, introduced us to the coordinators. And last week, I had the chance to visit the center and hear the story. In fact, I’m kind of surprised we haven’t heard more stories about other, similar pregnancy crisis centers around the world. Do you know of one? Maybe we can help link them together? Got a website or a publicly-circulated email address (something like “infoatcenterdotorg”)? If so, please post it under “Comments” below the web version of this item. We’ll try to get them all in touch!

5) Counseling Major Requests Your Input on Repatriation Adjustment —

Here’s an educational psych and counseling student at the Univ. of Oklahoma (in the USA) who would love to get your input on a survey. You only need to be over 18, have served overseas at least once and have returned to the United States at least once. Mission trip experiences are AOK too. The study reportedly can be completed entirely online in approximately 15-20 minutes. All information provided will be kept completely confidential. To take part, go to:

8) First Session of Online Counseling is Free —

Struggling with an issue? Need some unbiased input? Give it a try for free before deciding to continue. Care Port Counseling provides online video counseling to people working abroad. After the first session, fees are still minimal (and negotiable). All you need is fairly high speed internet (for video streaming), Skype and a webcam. Services are provided by a licensed counselor with 10 years’ experience counseling missionaries. For questions or more info check out

3) Online Video Counseling Available to Missionaries —

Care Port Counseling is an online video counseling ministry to those who work abroad, whether in missions or humanitarian aid. Donations subsidize the counseling, so that fees are minimal for clients. The counseling is done via Skype video, so relatively high speed internet is required for video streaming. Services are provided by a licensed counselor with 25+ years’ experience in Wycliffe Bible Translators as both a translator and counselor.  She is now counseling with Care Port to focus the ministry online and to broaden the availability to others working abroad. For questions or contact info check out –

8) We Get Mail

We’re humbled at the chance to serve guys like Les, who recently wrote to say, “You may not remember me but way back in 2000/2001 you helped to launch our site. Since then we have handled over 33,000,000 hits … with more on the way. Many hundreds of training schools and churches have opened all over the developing world, many in the 10/40 window and we are in fellowship with lots of them, and link them together. We followed the Lord into this new way of sharing Christ and training leaders, it was new back in 200 anyway, you and Brigada started it off, but we never imagined where it would all lead to. A thousand thank you’s, God bless you all and our warmest and very best wishes from all of us here.” Thanks, too, to the missions coordinator from Minnesota who recently gave a $15 gift to Brigada in the name of Barnabas Int’l

We also appreciated the gift of $50 from the Brigada participant in Kewanee, IL, and thanks for another $50 gift from The Glory Story in Southampton, Hampshire, UK.

14) The Back Page: Taking Initiative To Resolve Conflict

This past week, I was approached by a member of a partner organization. She had been hurt by something I emailed last week. Rather than sit on it, she chose to simply approach me and ask, “Is this what you meant?” The funny thing was – I explained what I had originally meant (which had her best interest at heart) and she *instantly* looked relieved. “My shoulders already feel lighter,” she reported. The thought occurred to me, “What if she had held this in?” It would have festered and, most likely, become a root of bitterness in her life.

Have you recently experienced hurt as a result of something someone said or did to you? Do you feel a distance between you and another person on your team? Not quite as close to that co-worker as you used to be? Here’s this week’s BackPage advice: Go to them. Talk to them about how you feel. Talk to them in terms of how you felt (rather than making a judgment about what they meant). Ask them what they meant. Maybe, just maybe, you misunderstood. If so, you’ll resolve a conflict and perhaps save some bitterness. If they meant it, at least you’ll help them see how much you were hurt by it. Maybe they’ll think twice before they hurt someone else.
Got a comment about this BackPage editorial? Just click “Comment” below.

20071202 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. CHE TRAINING IN 2008 — Are you interested in establishing a Community-Based Health Care Program which integrates the physical and the spiritual? LifeWind International’s (formerly Medical Ambassadors International) Training of Trainers I (TOT I) introduces people to Community Health Evangelism (CHE). The CHE strategy teaches concepts, gives vision and practical “How To’s” for implementing and managing CHE in your ministry. I TOT I-February 25-March 2, Asheville, North Carolina TOT I-June 15-20, Portland, OR TOT I-Sept. 15-20, Colorado Springs, CO

    If you are interested in attending one of our US trainings please email Kristin(at)lifewind

    (dot)org or visit

    [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . then reassemble the address onto one line.]

  2. GRATIS! FREE & EASY DOWNLOADS OF CALVIN’S INSTITUTES IN SPANISH? — Well now you’ve got ’em. Just as easily pick up the Reformed/Presbyterian Confessions (also in Spanish). Browse to..

    They’re in Windows help file format.

  3. A HOOT OF A MISSIONS BOOK JUST IN TIME FOR YOUR HOLIDAY — “The Great Siberian Rail Adventure” is the hilariously heart-stopping story of a missionary family moving by car, ship, and rail across Russia. Come along and you’ll find a dragon, an axe-wielding conductor, a supersonic clothes washer, and a van with a death wish. Packed with cultural insights, “The Great Siberian Rail Adventure” humorously celebrates a slice of life on the mission field. Expand your horizons this holiday season; give the gift of adventure. Order by contacting Bill


    (dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . then reassemble the addresses on one line.] Copies are $8.00 per copy (plus shipping).

  4. WORLD EVANGELISM USING FREE ENGLISH LESSONS — The FreeEnglishNow (FEN) website is reaching 53,600 visitors, distributing approximately 3,300 CDs of the entire 16-lesson course, and downloading 6,700 lessons in TXT and MP3 for Handheld use monthly. Spoken English lessons incorporate eight chapters from the book of Acts in modern English and include enough audio recordings for nine months of spoken English study. FEN reaches young professional and university students largely untouched by the organized church in 188 countries. FEN can provide a free CD of the entire course to missions wanting a tool for evangelism. FEN can also put your header and link on the CD to enhance your ministry. Just write FreeEnglishNow(at)europa

    (dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . then reassemble the address back onto one line.] or browse

  5. THE GOSPEL MESSAGE IN OVER 5,000 TONGUES — Global Recordings Network now has recordings of gospel messages and basic Christian teaching available in 5,693 languages and dialects. They have also placed 4,515 of these languages on their web site for free listening or downloading to your MP3. Check out their web site at:

    You can also write to info(at)globalrecordings

    (dot)net [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . then reassemble the address onto one line.] Readers in the USA can also call toll free 888-444-7872.

  6. CULTURE SHOCK RUSSIAN STYLE — Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? “Peterburgers” is a humorously piled platter that’s culturally insightful and spiritually challenging. Treat yourself to funny adventures in Russia told with culture shock training for missionaries (and their supporters back home) in mind. Order by contacting Bill iceshaper-books(at)yahoo

    (dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . then reassemble the addresses back onto one line.] Copies are $10.00 each (plus shipping).

  7. “BREAD of LIFE”: CLOSE-UP ON THE MBALANTU PEOPLE — Driving through Ovamboland in Northern Namibia, north of Windhoek, the plentifulness of the grain crop, muhango, was striking. Muhango is a staple of the diet in this area of Namibia, used as a type of porridge in most daily meals. It is millet in which the peoples survival depends, much as bread is a survival food in many other countries. I was struck by the much stronger need than this physical need here, the “bread” of life only given through Jesus Christ. Please pray for the tribes of Ovamboland which includes the Mbalantu people. Pray that they will soon be filled with the bread of life. Pray for someone to deliver that bread to them. Pray for harvesters in this ripe and fertile ground. For more information on how to become a prayer partner for the Mbalantu, please contact forgottenpeoples(at)telkomsa

    (dot)net [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . and reassemble the address onto one line.]

  8. THAI COUNSELING CENTER SEEKS DIRECTOR — Cornerstone Counseling Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand is currently searching for a new director. The primary aim of the center is to provide assessment and counseling to missionaries who would otherwise need to return to their home country for therapeutic care. Cornerstone is a faith-based organization. Therefore, the director and all counselors raise their own support for living expenses and provide their services as volunteers (no fee for services). If you are interested in the director position or joining as a staff member, contact founding director Tim Friesen timothyf(at)cornerstonecounseling(dot)in

    (dot)th [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with . then reassemble the address back onto one line.] or phone (US Land Line: 616 452-9003 or Mobile: 616 915-8098)

  9. UNDERGIRDING BRIGADA UNDERGIRDS THE MESSAGE TO THOUSANDS — Would you ask your church, group, family, or your own bank account to chip in for Brigada, if not for you, then for someone overseas who can’t? If so, thanks!!! Just click on the “Sponsor/Donate” page:

    Really, we only need 92 more people, groups, or churches. Would you be one of those 92??? We have 6 more days left, counting today. If you *can’t* give, would you be willing to ask someone who might? We really only need *one* person to give $1000. Would you be willing to be that one person? As we say above, we’ve made progress, but still need the following gifts to meet our needs…

    1 of 1 more gift of $1000
    2 of 5 more gifts of $500
    8 of 250 more gifts of $250
    5 of 13 more gifts of $100
    |20 of 27 more gifts of $50
    56 of 70 more gifts of $25

    You can pull the money from your PayPal account or from any major credit card. Or if you prefer, send a check payable to Team Expansion to: Team Expansion (Brigada secretary), 13711 Willow Reed Dr., Louisville, KY 40299. (Team Expansion is a 501(c)3 incorporation so for USA citizens, your checks made out to Team Expansion are tax-deductible.) As always, be sure to let us know if you’d like us to promote any particular service or ministry, or if you’d prefer your gift be anonymous. And thank you in advance for helping.

  10. THE BACKPAGE: WHAT’S YOUR CAUSE WORTH LIVING FOR? — Whenever I meet someone new, I try to size them up and find out what jazzes them. For example, the young man beside me here on the plane is a ‘surfer dude’. He lives to surf. In fact, he’s traveling 4500 miles from his home just to find “tubular waves” (or whatever one calls them). Much of this flight, he’s been watching DVD footage of various surfing competitions around the world, including the surfing “world cup”. (I didn’t even know there *was* one!) Anyone can clearly see that surfing is what jazzes him. So my question is…

    What jazzes you? What do you wake up thinking about — and what engages your mind all the day long?

    My hunch is… to truly finish the job of world evangelism, we’re going to need a mighty throng of world-changers who are jazzed about Jesus… and *passionate* about unreached peoples.

    Did you ever attend a concert given by your favorite singer or band? Can you think back to the way you felt during that one special song, when all of your emotions and all of your mind swirled around that song’s message and music? Perhaps you were worshipping the Lord; or maybe it was just an awesome combination of musical talent that really connected with you. Did it practically bring you to tears? Did you find yourself crying by the time it was over?

    It’s *that* kind of passion we have to stir if we’re going to finish this task. It’s humongous. And it’s complicated. And it’s difficult. We need that passion. And we need that mobilization again. We need to recover that first love. How can we do that in every congregation, every small group, ever heart in every gathering…. How?

    Got any ideas? Because … when we answer that question, we’ll be able to expand the Lord’s kingdom like never before.

    Got an opinion of how to raise up that kind of concern again? It’s happened before. The Haystack prayer meetings, William Carey, even the apostles themselves. How do we create that kind of passion again? If you have an idea or a prayer, just log on at

    and click “Comment”. Tell us how you feel. Who knows. Your idea might spark the imagination of a person perfectly positioned to tackle your concept. Thanks for taking time to respond.

20060604 Brigada Today

In this issue…


  1. TRAINING IN CHRISTIAN MICROENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT & MICROFINANCE — The Chalmers Center for Economic and Community Development will conduct its next Christian Economic Development Institute (CEDI) on July 31 – August 5, 2006 at the Jumuia Conference and Country Home in Limuru, Kenya, located outside of Nairobi. This training institute is sponsored by the Anglican Church of Kenya along with Five Talents International. It is appropriate for anyone doing outreach or ministry among the poor in the Two-Thirds World – pastors, church planters, church members, ministry staff, missionaries, and relief and development workers. The institute provides training on practical, church-based strategies for ministering to the poor without creating dependency. Specific topics include how to implement a relief or development intervention for your community without doing harm, how to promote rotating and accumulating savings and credits associations, how to partner with microfinance institutions, and how to offer small business training to low-income entrepreneurs. Prior financial or economic experience is not required to attend the training. The cost for this CEDI is $550 USD and covers room, board and tuition. To register for the CEDI, visit and click on the Limuru, Kenya link located under the Christian Economic Development Institute heading.

  2. NOT TOO LATE TO HELP BRIGADA OR GET INSURED FOR SHORT-TERM TRIPS! -– It’s not too late to get travel medical, evacuation and trip insurance for summer short-term mission trips! PLUS, when you purchase insurance from Insurance Services of America on Brigada’s website, your purchase will help to support Brigada’s work with the missionary community! Coverage is available for any international need – short-term trips, career missionaries, trip cancellation, short-term teams and term life insurance. For coverage details, rates and the online applications of the Brigada sponsored plans, go to

    Insurance Services of America has agreed to help support Brigada from sales that are made on this link, so when you purchase on this site you will be helping to support Brigada! (It’s working! See below.)

  3. RESOURCE TO ENCOURAGE MISSIONARIES — A Bible study guide called, “Finding Strength for the Journey,” provides a tool for member care or personal encouragement. One missionary writes, “I have been able to relate to it more than any ‘stateside’ Bible study.” Author Janice Lemke drew from experiences as a missionary when writing this series of thirty studies that explores topics such as perseverance in hardship, dealing with depression, handling conflict, and benefit from trials. For Brigada readers, they’ve discounted the price to $5.00, plus shipping. There’s a bigger discount ($4.00 each) for orders of 20 or more. For more information contact

    cjlemke(at)cs(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  4. HOW TO DO ONLINE RESEARCH: “WISE UP TO THE WEB” — Want some free tips on doing research on the web? Check out:


    It contains a fantastic quiver of tools to track commercial and private flights. (Thanks to Mark and the Courier Journal for this tip.)

  6. COUNSELING AROUND THE KITCHEN TABLE — A new resource is available to help women working around the world as they counsel and help other women. Muriel Cook, a long-time missionary in Taiwan, and her daughter Shelly Cook Volkhardt, have just released Kitchen Table Counseling, a resource that takes the fear away from addressing difficult problems and empowers women to reach out to those around them. The book focuses on guidelines for kitchen table counselors and then provides help with specific issues. One of the most helpful pieces is the Topical Scriptural reference index that counselors can return to as they help others. Soon you’ll be able to visit

    to interact with the authors, schedule speaking engagements and purchase the book.

  7. THE CENTRAL MEETING PLACE: THE MBALANTU PEOPLE — These people of northern Namibia in Southern Africa build Owambo homesteads, which are circular, near spirallic arrangements of homes. The labyrinthine passages may weave in and out to confuse a stranger or an evil spirit, but all they all lead to the central meeting place, the olupale. Continue to pray that the center of these homesteads will one day welcome the Holy Spirit into their presence and that all will come to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. Pray that there will be no need to confuse strangers as the Truth is heard. Continually lift up the Mbalantu, an unengaged people, before the Lord. Encourage others to adopt the Mbalantu people for prayer by visiting

    or contacting those who are trying to reach them at lynchdp(at)iafrica(dot)com [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]

  8. WITH GREAT APPRECIATION . . . — Thanks to the anonymous donor who gave $10, with this note: “Thanks for all you do with Brigada! I wish I could send more, but I know every little bit helps. PS. I enjoyed the “mole” story!” Mark, that $10 meant more than you know! We’re running in the red this month, and $10 can mean a *lot*! Thanks! And thanks to Good Neighbor Insurance for the $183 they sent in recognition of folks like you who bought various kinds of insurance from them at:

    Thanks, too, to two different groups from College Heights Christian Church (Joplin, MO), and several other individuals, who bought trip cancellation insurance from ISA, resulting in a special gift of $306.31 from them to Brigada !!!! Please … next trip you take, consider their policy at:

    Just think — the more secure you become, the more you help Brigada!

  9. IF YOU USE HOMEBUILDING TO BUILD HOPE AND OFFER CHRIST… — Here’s a like-minded organization that would love to learn from your experience. They’re heavily involved in doing exactly that — building hope and help for the homeless. For example, they’re building dozens of homes for those who lost everything in New Orleans. If you have experience or ideas, please drop them a note at… rebuildneworleans(at)crossroadsmissions(dot)com See their website at:

    Crossroads Missions is based in Louisville, KY. They are partners with Team Expansion and Brigada and will be moving soon to Emerald Hills. Learn more about Emerald Hills at…

  10. THE BACKPAGE: SPEAK TO THE HEAD MAN — Most of us have watched enough missionary movies to know the importance of checking in with the “head man” in a village, prior to trying to start any work there. The same principle applies in our daily jobs. And the funny thing is — in a weird sort of way — I believe it applies in both directions across the organizational chart. See if you agree.

    I serve as the president of an agency with just over 300 full-time missionary workers. It’s set up in such a way that I coach just 4 workers (heads of departments). They, in turn, lead sub-team leaders in their respective divisions. If a sub-team *member* on one of those sub- teams comes directly to me with an issue… say… regarding a sub-team leader, I have a choice: I can a) try to fix it by going to the department head that I coach, b) try to fix it by going directly to the sub-team leader, or c) briefly mentor the sub-team member on how to fix it solo. The correct answer? You probably already guessed: I believe it is “c”. I have to apply the “go to the head man” rule — in reverse. I have to mentor that worker on the importance of going one-on-one with the sub-team leader to work out the issue. Then I let the process take its course and trust the respective leader to work it out.

    Imagine… if I go to the department head (the one that I coach), he first of all feels a bit embarrassed and ashamed that I became involved in an issue in his department — one of which he probably wasn’t even aware. But what’s worse, he now has to go to his sub-team leader and explain that this issue came to the president’s desk. He has to ask all about it . . . and the wild thing is… maybe the sub-team leader didn’t even *know* about it. So now the sub-team leader is mad at the sub-team member and all this is in *addition* to the original presenting issue. By this time, perhaps the *process* has become bigger than the original issue. By now the problem is bigger than life because people have emailed and met and phoned and… well you get the picture.

    So I’m convinced, after having made more than my share of errors on this part of the game plan… I have to say to the sub-team member, “Have you discussed this issue with your sub-team leader?” If the answer is, “Well … no.,” then my answer has to be, “Well trust me — that’s where this needs to start. If, after sharing it with your sub- team leader, you feel you can’t work it out, then explain to your sub- team leader that you’d love a chance to talk it through with your department’s head, with the sub-team leader present. If you still can’t resolve things, ask them if we can all meet — the four of us. Until you’ve taken those steps, trust me … you don’t want me to barge in like gangbusters to try to fix this.” Does this process sound familiar? I have found that it functions equally as well in the workplace as it does in Matthew 18:15-17. True — the passage deals with sin. But in everyday management and problem-solving, I have found it to function well in teams. Next week… what to do if the problem is with someone in a different department or team.

20050417 Brigada Today

In this issue…


1. TRAINING IN MICROFINANCE AND MICROENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT — The Chalmers Center’s fourth annual Christian Economic Development Institute (CEDI) will be held at Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, GA, June 13 – June 18, 2005. During CEDI, you will learn how to facilitate economic and spiritual transformation in low-income and disadvantaged communities. This training equips you with practical, church-centered, and field-tested economic development strategies and programs. These strategies and programs help the poor to become financially self-sufficient through their own work, while at the same time provide you with opportunity for outreach and evangelism. Training focuses on microenterprise development, savings-led microfinance programs, rotating savings and credit associations, providing small business training to low-income entrepreneurs, and developing partnerships with large microfinance institutions. If you are unable to attend the June CEDI, consider receiving training through their email- based distance learning classes. To learn more, visit their web site at You can also call them at 706-419-1805 or email chalmers(at)covenant(dot)edu [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address, please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
2. TALKING BIBLES – BECAUSE THEY NEED TO HEAR — Now you can learn more about the efforts of Talking Bibles International and its partner, World Mission. Just visit and click on the link at the far right, ‘See the Talking Bible in Action – watch the video’. Regardless of where you are in the world, you’ll be able to watch this ministry at work, providing entire New Testaments inside the Talking Bibles.
3. MISSIONARIES GET FREE BLOG SITES… — at You can choose from several templates, privacy settings, and more. Check it out!
4. MISSIONS PHOTOGRAPHERS: BE SEEN HERE! — Now there’s a great gathering place for Christian mission photographers to get the word out about their gifts and skills. Just log on at and you’ll see what we mean. Doesn’t matter what country you’re from or how much your camera cost. If you’ve got talent — show it here! Get noticed! (You can even sell some of your missions photos.)
5. MUSLIM MINISTRY TRAINING — Now you can take in a complete course on Islam in Boulder, Colorado taught by an international, multi ethnic team from Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Lebanon, and the USA from Muslim, Jewish and Christian backgrounds. The schedule looks like this:

June 6-10 Inside Islam, history, theology, Muhammad. June 13-17 Quran, Hadith, Sharia, Fundamentalism. June 20-24 Folk Islam, breaking strongholds. June 27-July 1, Culture, Church planting, Discipleship.

An evangelism workshop featuring case studies form different fields is offered daily. Introduction to Arabic language, daily. HIS-TIME combines the academic with the practical. The facility is close to the beautiful rocky mountains allowing for weekend recreational activities. Call 303-442-3333 or visit or email main(at)horizonsinternational(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
6. GET INTERNET-BASED COUNSELING AND MORE — Missionary Outreach Support Services (MOSS) is an organization under the leadership of the Regent University Doctor of Psychology program. MOSS seeks to serve Christian Missionaries and their families, both at home and abroad, by providing internet-based consulting and psycho-educational services. Psychological trainees provide the services under the supervision of licensed psychologists and in the context of a Christian worldview. The services are offered at a reduced rate to provide missionaries with quality care that they can afford to use while serving on the mission field. For more information:
7. WHERE DO MISSIONS PASTORS FIND OUT ABOUT OPPORTUNITIES? — We know about sites that let missionaries know about open doors and unreached peoples. But where do missions pastors find news about open doors for *their* skills? If you have resources or know where these folks find out about open missions pastor opportunities, write Mark about it: MarkStephensatadelphiadotnet He’ll share the final report with the rest of us. Thanks Mark!
8. ONLINE CLASSROOM FOR STUDENTS OF ISLAM — To help propel missions education into the 21st century, Caleb Project recently debuted an on- line classroom designed to augment the Encountering the World of Islam (EWI) course. The on-line classroom features additional relevant readings, extensive course resources, and an electronic forum where students can wrestle with the ideas of the course. As the Muslim world continues to headline global news through peace efforts, wars, and natural disasters, Caleb Project’s Encountering the World of Islam course has grown. The course is designed to help Christians understand Islam and prepare to interact in loving and authentic ways with Muslims. In addition to providing resources and readings, the on-line classroom facilitates these purposes by providing a secure forum for student interaction. EWI students can post thoughts and questions about the course, learn from each other, and pursue community after the course. The EWI on-line classroom is a prototype for additional on-line education efforts. Plans are underway for on-line supplements for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and Perspectives Exposure courses as well as Crossing Cultures, an eye-opening weekend workshop that will expose churches to the needs of ethnic communities in their neighborhoods.
9. HANDBOOK FOR HELPERS IN EMERGENCIES — Here’s a new handbook on debriefing, very relevant for the member care and mission community. “Working Through Trauma – Supporting Staff Responding to Emergencies” This handbook was written for People In Aid by Dr Debbie Lovell-Hawker, Clinical Psychologist at Oxford University and mission/aid consultant. The focus is how to cope with aid-sector trauma, and it includes specific reference to the Asian tsunami and practical tools. Costs: £7.50 members, £10 non-members. Contact: info(at)peopleinaid(dot)org [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
10. PC MAG TOP 100 WEBSITES – Now you can download the whole list of top 100 websites. (Actually, there are 3 versions… so close to *300* site.) Just go to: then click on the last half of the sentence, “Get our downloadable favorites file!” Then click on check plus “Download Now:”. Extract this file, then follow the instructions to add these sites to your presence on the web. This should jump-start your web-link library, … if you’re into that sort of thing. :-)
11. DAVID HACKETT JOINS VISIONSYNERGY — VisionSynergy announced this past week that David Hackett is joining its staff as associate director beginning May 1st. Based in Edmonds, Wash., VisionSynergy is a networking strategy ministry dedicated to helping churches and mission organizations around the world collaborate and network to maximize their potential impact for the global Church. “We are thrilled that Dave will bring his skills to the work of helping the local/global Church work together in Kingdom collaboration,” says Phill Butler, director of visionSynergy. … See or write dhackett(at)visionsynergy(dot)net for more information. [As a means of preventing spam for our contributors, in the preceding email address(es), please replace (at) with @ and (dot) with .]
12. URGENT NEED FOR TEACHERS IN THE PHILIPPINES — Joy Christian Academy, a small K-8 grade MK school based in Cebu City, Philippines is in desperate need for teachers for the 2005-2006 school year. Staffing levels are critical and the need is urgent. Teachers need to raise support but a single teacher could live comfortably on $1,200 / month. For any information or leads please contact Les jca(at)missionphilippines(dot)org
13. AMAZING FRIENDS HELP BRIGADA STAY AFLOAT — Thanks to the amazing friends who are helping us get Brigada out the door and onto your screen! This past week, hats off to the folks at Bellevue Baptist Church in Arlington, TN, who pitched $50 into the mix for the cost of Brigada’s website, our Brigada-sponsored secretary, and more. Thanks Bellvue!

Thanks, too, to the anonymous missionary in Africa who wishes to let other photographers (pro or amateur) know about the online community.” We appreciate you!

And finally, thanks to Visual Impact Design for their gift of $25. Their newest project is, where missionaries can find a free blogging site in a Christian blogging environment. Thanks Linda and all at Visual Impact!

Would you like to chip in to help make Brigada’s ministry possible? If so, just click here.
14. THE BACK PAGE: THE ART OF FINISHING — What’s the difference between “finishing” and the alternative? In soccer, sometimes it’s inches. The striker unleashes a rocket of a shot that misses by just inches and the whole stadium erupts in a sorrowful sign of regret.

In life, it’s the same.

The farmer who never quite finishes cleaning out the barn. The engineer who, in the end, never quite delivers the architectural drawings he promised to do for his local church. They finally give up and hire a “real” architect.

Are you in one of those situations? Always intending to finish writing that correspondence course… never quite time. You know you have to turn in information for your W-2, but you’re 3 months late and now you’re in trouble with Financial Director at the “home office.”

Well if you’re one of those statistics, take heart, for hope lies just around the corner. No matter how far behind you are, you can always wake up and make up your mind that today is a fresh start.

Last week, ladies and gentlemen, [drum roll] I finally finished the next stage of my doctoral dissertation. I can’t even remember how many years I’ve been meaning to complete these chapters. I’d start and restart, but something always took precedence. Then came March 2005. “Click.” Something turned on inside of me. And now, the past is the past… and the future is the future!

Is it a good feeling? Well — Duh! :-) As I sealed carefully written 100 pages or so and slipped them into the FedEx drop box, I was thinking, “Sure they’ll tell me everything I did wrong… but who cares! :-) I’m making progress now.”

How do we manage to get “off the mark” and churn through a project like this? Stay tuned for 5 tips next week. In the meantime, be careful out there. It’s a jungle that wants to suck in all your projects so you never complete them. :-)


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