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1) Video Counseling Available

GRC is accepting new video counseling clients! With the addition of new staff members, GRC has the availability to take on new online clients through their secure video counseling service anywhere there is an internet connection. Their desire is to make care available to Global Workers around the world who have no access to mental health resources. Learn more and “Get Started” at


2) New Year Brings New Beginnings to GRC

The demand for GRC services consistently exceeded capacity throughout 2018. Beginning January 2019, GRC has expanded their team to meet the growing demand for professional mental health services within the global worker community. Additionally, GRC has transitioned to fee-for-service which provides clients the possibility of submitting to insurance for reimbursement. The objective is to make care affordable for more clients. To learn more and Get Started, visit…

10) Zillions of Great Counselling Centers for Missionaries

african missionary5Speaking of comments, check out the wealth of great answers from the Brigada audience in response to, “7) Curious about Counselling Centers for Missionaries.”

This, along with several other threads recently, remind me how great the Brigada family is at participating in pulling together some of the greatest sets of resources ever. Truth is, we marvel at the collective wisdom of the thousands of Brigada participants. God bless the whole batch of you!

4) Child Safety Bibliography Updated

In 2006, we carried an item that included information about child safety. We were grateful at the time for the work of the Leveringtons (who serve with Wycliffe International Counseling Ministries) for their great input. Thankfully, today the Leveringtons have been kind enough to update their portion of resource listing. We give praise to God for their work and highly encourage any in related ministries to snag their great listing. Hats off to them for their willingness to share it here in Brigada so everyone can gain.

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