2) GRC is GodSpeedResources, Offering Hope and Help for You and Yours

GodSpeedResources (GRC) offers hope and help to you regardless of the particular challenge you’re facing. They offer counseling or psychiatry via online portals (like Skype and Zoom). All you have to do is complete a Service Request Intake Form then sit back and wait for someone to contact you and help you get started. So whether you are experiencing a trauma as a result of something in the field, or merely a relative low in your level of normal happiness, GRC might be able to help you process it. So fill out a form today at…

Start getting hope and help for your future, right away.


9) Dealing with Conflict

counselorIt’s one of the most frequent reasons for missionary attrition. But it doesn’t have to be. Conflict can be a tool for greater understanding between people. If dealt with in healthy ways it can actually enhance closeness rather than causing greater distance. Whether you’re experiencing conflict with colleagues, a spouse, kids, your boss, there can be a way forward. Care Port Counseling can help. Contact them at…

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