12) Catch this Free 12-part Course on How to Be a Missions Mobilizer

Kenneth Ortiz put together these short-training videos on “How to be a Mobilizer.” What’s your take on them?


Ortiz is the Director of New Initiatives and Partnerships at Bethany Global University. He is also the Executive Director for their Gap Year Program. Check it out!


8) "Foundations of Media to Movements" Course Offered

Mission Media U (MMU) is an online learning platform designed to train Christians to be more effective in making disciples and establishing churches. Their course, “Foundations of Media to Movements,” is starting September 12 and running through October 10. Each week in the 5-week course requires 3 hours of work per week including a one-hour live instruction session. For more information, go to


2) Balancing the Sword is a Comprehensive Study Guide for the Bible

…and we mean the whole Bible. It literally asks you questions about every single chapter, beginning to end, Genesis to Revelation. Honestly, we can’t remember ever seeing anything so comprehensive in our whole lives. This would *especially* be useful for the business as missions type guy or gal who went to a university, but didn’t get to study at a Bible college. But it would also be SUPER for the Bible college or seminary grad because it would act as a cool review for the whole book! Check out the two books at…


and the reading planning software at…


2) Free video tutorials on GMAIL, Google Drive, and other Google Apps

You can get free video tutorials to help your ministry team be proficient in Gmail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Hangouts, Google Voice, Google Blogger and more! This gift is from the same friends at Christian Ministry Academy who gave us free access to their 200+ training videos on MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and more). Get started at… 


3) Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills in Ethiopia this November

This November 17-22, 2019 is a Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS) workshop, hosted by SIL Ethiopia. It is located near Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. If you desire biblical tools for improving your relational skills and creating life changes (in an interactive adult learning style), then SYIS is a great workshop for you. For more information on this workshop in Ethiopia, please contact Haimi at

haimidotwalteratgmaildotcom  (haimidotwalteratgmaildotcom)  

12) TESOL Training in Chiang Mai

Are you teaching English as a platform for ministry? Asean Center for TESOL offers an intensive, five-week certificate course in Chiang Mai, Thailand, including 10 hours practice teaching to non-native speakers! The next two course dates are the last week in August 2019, and then January 2020. To learn more, visit


or write

infothaiatactesoldotcom  (infothaiatactesoldotcom)  


1) GRC Announces Fall Group Sessions at Reduced Rates

Led by licensed counselors, these intimate groups meet on a variety of topics. The 10 week, 1.5-hour sessions are held over secure video for a fraction of individual counseling costs. They are designed as group process, not therapy groups. There will be an educational component and include an opportunity for group discussion and reflection. Topics include: Boundaries – Men, Boundaries – Women, and Help Me Help Others. Registration closes 8/31/2019. Learn more at…


6) Sharpen Your Interpersonal Skills Once and For All at This Conf.

This October 17-23 is a Sharpening Your Interpersonal Skills (SYIS) workshop, hosted by International Training Partners and SIL. It is located in south Dallas (Duncanville), Texas, USA. If you desire biblical tools for improving your relational skills and creating life changes (in an interactive adult learning style), then SYIS is a great workshop for you. For more information and/or registration, email

carolmatitpartnersdotorg  (carolmatitpartnersdotorg)   . (Thanks for alerting us of this conference, Jenny!)


8) It’s Not Too Late to Catch One of these Great PreConferences…

Check out all the great pre-conferences kicking off just before Missio Nexus. For example, how about the one on Wednesday, 1:00 – 9:00 PM, entitled, Standard Introductory Workshop, presented by Kathy Mort, Tory Ruark & Randy Schmor. The SIW is a seminar designed to help people understand how they can incorporate and achieve competence in all Seven Standards of Excellence, a code of best practice for short-term mission practitioners. MISTM-grid theory and the supporting principles behind the standards are reviewed. This workshop would be applicable for church and organizational staff members, mission committee members, and team leaders who want to take a comprehensive look at excellent short-term mission trips. Learn more at…


1) Online Evangelism and Church-Planting Training

Harvestime International Institute is web-based TEE training that is very easy for churches to implement in-house. Subjects only cost $7 each, the content is free, students only pay to do the online exams. HII is a 21 subject, two-year course resulting in an Associate Degree in Biblical Ministries. It’s designed for churches and individuals in the Majority World and has an emphasis on practical evangelism and church-planting. In addition to all that, it’s even mobile-friendly. Learn more at…


or email

johnedatcybermissionsdotorg  (johnedatcybermissionsdotorg)  


8) Raise Your Hand if Resilience Isn’t Needed in Your Job

Whoa. Nobody. Then … raise your hand if you’ve ever trained in it. Yikes. Nobody again. Want to fix that? It’s easy. Our Member Care Coordinator (thanks Jenny) recently told us about a resilience course we can take *online* without having to miss a thing. No travel. No skipped meals. No dorms. Do it right from your den. It’s a course two-week online course designed to give you tools to understand and grow in resilience and to keep your life and ministry true to your calling. And it’ll only set you back $50 bucks or so. See it at…


Get the whole shooting match — the content, community, consultation, and connections you need to harden your armor. It could save you (and your church or org) a bundle when you don’t quit prematurely. Try it. Let is know what you think in a comment, afterward. We’d love to hear from you.


6) Too Few Ministries Leverage this Device

Everyone has a mobile phone and this offers an amazing opportunity for Kingdom advancement. “Using Mobile Phones in Missions,” is a 5-week online course in mobile ministry basics. Instructor Keith Williams is the director of Mobile Advance and has assisted in implementing mobile ministry initiatives in more than 35 countries. Learn more and register here: 

2) Free Missions video series entitled Pathways to Global Understanding

Pathways, a Phoenix, Arizona based missions organization, just completed a series of 12 missions videos to help Christ followers discover their part in God’s Global Story. The curriculum is designed for use in small groups, classes or personal study. The videos are available free on line at…


It looks really good. If you have participated or your group has already taken part, please click a comment and share your testimony. Thanks to those who took part — people like Jon Hardin, Meg Crossman, and many others — in making it! Pathways to Global Understanding is available to you at no charge because the people who prepared it want you to know the lessons contained in it. Meet all the speakers at…


Learn more about the people who produced it at…


(Thanks to several who tipped us off on this, including Tim!)

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