6) Best Training Materials for Short-term Trips

We’ve been using Round Trip at the church where I’m an elder. It’s pretty great at preparing short-term teams for mission trips. But, for a while, we seemed to have lost it, once it became unavailable at the Christianity Today site. Now, suddenly, it’s available again here…

So glad. For $20 bucks, you won’t find a better cross-cultural training curriculum (complete with videos). (Probably couldn’t find anything any better than this at 10 times the price.)

4) What’s your Best Home School Curriculum Review site?

Got a favorite? Obviously, you can learn much at sites like…

But I have to believe you probably have your own favorite(s). Would you mind sharing one in a comment following the web version of this item? (If our anti-spam software fails to display your comment because you listed more than one site in your response, just be patient. We’ll catch it within 24-48 hours max — and over-ride the spam filter. Or, alternatively, you could just share your one best favorite site. Your choice.) Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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