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8) Free E-book by David Platt: “Follow Me”

FollowMePlatt_1920x1440To download “Follow Me,” by David Platt, you just have to click quickly. Browse to…


and enter your email address then click. After your email is confirmed, you’ll receive “Follow Me” as a gift. It seeks to answer the question, “What does following Jesus really look like?” In other words, it’s all about discipleship. But remember: to download it, you must act within the month of October.

7) IMB Announces Plan to Reduce its Missionary Force by 600-800

David Platt-SRead David Platt’s open letter here…


But the bottom line is — cutbacks. Brother Platt pointed out that, over the past 5 years, the IMB had spent $210 million dollars more than it had taken in. He emphasized that they just couldn’t go on spending like that. What’s your thinking on this move by the world’s largest missionary-sending agency? After reading the rather lengthy letter, do you have advice you would offer Dr. Platt? If so, click “Comment” after the online version of this item. How would you have done things the same or differently if you were in David Platt’s seat as the new Exec. Director? And here’s a companion question: Could this turn of events indicate that the centralized “salary” model of hiring missionaries doesn’t generate a personal “stake” in each missionary family’s funding? … so maybe the “deputized fundraising” used by faith missions throughout the globe might be a more effective model after all? Or is that conclusion completely irrelevant?

2) David Platt is the New President of the IMB

David_Platt_RGB_1The trustees of the IMB made it official this past week: David Platt is the new Prez. See the announcement at…


This is genius. Not only does Platt have the name recognition and the persona, but in addition, his rootedness as pastor’s pastor first, with a missions heart on top of everything else — it’s just brilliant. And we’ll all be better because of it. Hats off IMB! Another great decision.

7) Talk About a *Radical* Idea: How About Giving It All Away?

Radical-ministry-SIHHave you stopped by the Radical website lately? Sure — there’s a store. But the meat of the website isn’t the store. It’s the free resource section. Check it out at…


Literally hundreds of sermons, recordings, small group Bible studies, series, … I mean … the list goes on and on. No wonder they chose David Platt as the new President of the IMB!

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